Know When to Fold Them achievement in Fallout: New Vegas

Know When to Fold Them

Win 3 games of Caravan.

Know When to Fold Them0
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How to unlock the Know When to Fold Them achievement

  • CrazyMacGuyCrazyMacGuy35,994
    25 Oct 2010 27 Oct 2010
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    All Credit goes to the guys over at Achievement Hunter, in this case Jack.

    Pretty simple to get the 3 wins for this one as well for the 30 wins for the Caravan Master one as well, just build the deck Jack talks about and have some fun!

    This video helped me quite a bit... and really it makes money a non issue when I can win so many caps from people playing Caravan!!

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    Scenic Route 16They have patched/updated this making the game not winnable.
    Posted by Scenic Route 16 on 08 Feb at 10:17
    iGetHitmarkersXI can attest that the AH video posted above works perfectly. Follow his instructions and his cards exactly. Lay 10's across the board, then make 26 in the first column, 26 in the second column, and sometimes you'll have to also make 26 in the final column.

    Super easy, just a little tedious.
    Posted by iGetHitmarkersX on 27 Mar at 22:56
    Shadow XBLthe video worked perfectly. I might work on the 30 wins........ someday.
    Posted by Shadow XBL on 06 Apr at 05:00
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  • RadiantViperRadiantViper879,963
    19 Oct 2010 19 Oct 2010 09 Nov 2011
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    Your first chance to play Caravan is in Goodsprings, the town you start the game in. Go to the bar and talk to Trudy - she'll tell you about Ringo, who's at the gas station. Say you'll go talk to him and you can go into the gas station - one of the dialogue options with him is to play Caravan.

    One user has commented that you NEED to talk to Ringo in order to be able to play Caravan EVER. I am unsure whether this is a bug or a constant thing. Either way, just make sure to talk to Ringo before it's too late. Thanks Octobot Super.

    Ringo is not very good at the game so this is probably the best spot to get the achievement. Depending on your choices during his quest, he will then go to Crimson Caravans (East of Freeside) so you can play with him there too.

    Note: You can hit X when deciding how much you're going to bet - set it to 1 cap at first, then there's no risk if you happen to lose

    Caravan confuses the hell out of me, so here are some basic tips - I managed to get this achievement and I still have no real idea how to play. But if you're smarter than me, you can also read the holotape Ringo gives you - it explains all the rules.

    Basically, both you and your opponent have 3 piles - called caravans - of cards. The aim of the game is to getting the total these piles to be between 20 and 27, and to outbid your opponents caravans by having the highest value.

    General Info

    - Numbered cards simply add their value to the pile. To play a numbered card, it needs continue in the same numerical direction - ascending or descending, and/or be the same suit as the previous card. Jokers placed on a numbered card remove all other cards of this value from the table.
    - Aces add one to the pile. Jokers placed on an ace remove all other non-face cards of the aces suit from the table.
    - Jacks remove the card it's placed on. (Tip - Placing a Jack on a King will also take away the card the King is doubling)
    - Kings double whatever card you put them on.
    - Queens add no value - instead, they reverse the current direction and the suit of that caravan.

    How to Actually Win 3 Games

    The first 3 turns you must start your 3 caravans. Try to put either high or low value cards, since you'll be either ascending or descending. Remember, aim to get the value between 20 and 27.

    Also remembers you can put face cards on your opponents caravan. So if an opponent has a caravan with a value between 20 and 27, feel free to to put a King on and it will go over, or put a Jack on the highest value card to put it under.

    If you've got a bad hand, you can hit LT to swap out the selected card from your hand. You can also hit RT to remove an entire caravan if you please.

    So basically, just remember what face cards do, try to make all your caravans add up to 21-26, and put cards on your opponents side to 'sabotage' them. Since Ringo kinda sucks, it shouldn't be too hard.

    After you get this achievement, win 27 more games and you'll get another achievement:

    Fallout: New VegasCaravan MasterThe Caravan Master achievement in Fallout: New Vegas worth 84 pointsWin 30 games of Caravan.

    (Also, there's a challenge for losing caravan 5 times, it gives you some XP so when you're done with the achievement you can quickly go for that as well)
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    Octobot SuperI was like 50 hours into the game with hundreds of caravan cards before I realized that something had to be wrong, as the game was telling me that I didn't have a caravan deck every time I tried to play. Turns out you have to talk to Ringo or you'll never be able to play at all.

    I'm sort of wondering why no one else has had this problem, as the game doesn't MAKE you talk to Ringo. I feel that someone other than me has to have forgotten to enter the Goodsprings gas station. It's not that far fetched of a scenario...
    Posted by Octobot Super on 08 Nov 11 at 13:30
    RadiantViper^ So it's a constant thing, not a bug? Either way I just put an extra note in the solution. Better safe than sorry. Thanks for the tip :)
    Posted by RadiantViper on 09 Nov 11 at 02:43
    Octobot SuperTo sort of confirm, check this out:

    Looks like I'm not the only one after all!
    Posted by Octobot Super on 09 Nov 11 at 12:19
  • MFMegazeroxMFMegazerox151,944
    23 Oct 2010 25 Oct 2010 03 Aug 2011
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    This is not at all a hard achievment to get. First off, when starting off a game (after finishing Ain't That a Kick in the Head and Exiting the House) head to the gas station in Goodsprings. In there should be a man named Ringo, he will seem paranoid at first, but just simply tell him you mean him no harm, then proceed to say you will play caravan with him.

    Next, you will go to another screen where you will make a bet. You can either hit a to automaticly bet, or hit x to manually enter a bet. You will then be sent to a confusing screen with cards. All of the cards will be face up. You will want to flip over all the following cards with the a button: the 6s, 7s, 9s, 10s, and all face cards (jack, queen, ect.) and jokers face down. Then you will be sent to another confusing screen. Use the anolag stick to select any card and then hit left trigger to get rid of them. You can get rid of as many cards as you want until you play your first card. Get rid of all the cards exept the 7s, 9s, and 10s. Then hit a on a 10 and hit a again to play it. Do this until there is 3 10s on the field. If you don't have a another 10 at a point, then play a 9.

    Once you have a 10 (or 9) on all 3 areas, you can make a choice. Go place a 9 on a place your oponent is not working on above. To do this, go to a pile, hit up or down until your card turns green, then select it. Next chance, place a seven, on it. Do this on another pile then you will win. Do this for 3 games to get this achievment, then 30 to get another achievment.

    Please comment on how I can improve my solution. I am always open to suggestions.
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    KILL KR4ZYStill dont fully understand the rules, but used your solution and gained the first achievement about 2mins later, immensely helpful! Thanks ever so much for such an easy to understand solution, the others confused the living hell outta me :-/

    Positive feedback happily left :-)

    Now to win another 27 hands!
    Posted by KILL KR4ZY on 23 Oct 12 at 13:34
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