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No Gods, No Masters

Complete No Gods, No Masters.

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How to unlock the No Gods, No Masters achievement

  • BWchief117BWchief117182,494
    08 Nov 2010 09 Nov 2010 10 Jul 2011
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    [This is NOT a guide, just a helpful tip]

    A very easy way to nab this achievement (along with Wild Card obviously)

    If you have done the main story and followed Mr. House to the end, thus getting 'The House Always Wins' and 'All or Nothing,' AND if you have a game save just prior to accepting the final quest at Hoover Dam (when you talk to Mr. House and a large warning message pops up asking if you are really ready for the endgame), you have saved yourself a ton of time.

    Reload this save, and just go kill Mr. House (use the terminal to the left of his big screen). Assuming you have done everything correctly for the Mr. House quest line up until this point, that being:

    -Get Platinum Chip
    -Upgrade the Securitron army under Fortification Hill
    -Meet and deal with all factions i.e. [The Brotherhood of Steel, The Great Khans, The Boomers, The White Glove Society, and The Omertas]
    -Save the NCR president
    -Trip the switching station switch

    which I'm assuming you'd have to do to get the endgame question anyways, all you need to do is talk to Yes Man and get him installed onto the Lucky 38 computer. From here, you essentially do the same exact endgame sequence of events as you did for your play through of 'The House Always Wins,' with limited change in dialogue.

    Enjoy the easy cheevos!

    ###Also as a note, you can essentially come back a do the Yes Man ending from ANY of the other factions, but depending on which one, you may have a few more quests before the endgame sequence.

    For extra help with any of this quest, go to this website:

    All credit for the link goes to and its supporters. The site is amazing; it helped me a ton for Fallout 3. Just click the Vault Bottle Cap logo on the top left for the Fallout 3 stuff too!

    ***If need be, go read a solution (like the others on this page) for exact methodology to beat the quest. Since your this far I'm sure you can beat it anyways, so I'll save myself the typing...

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    Supertray17you can absolutely do the quest this way but just an fyi you must have completed the previous quests in the wild card quests otherwise it will not work. you and what army may be optional but the rest is not. after you kill house and return with yes man, speak to yes man again to be given the final quest. wild card will pop and then you can go to hoover dam.
    Posted by Supertray17 on 15 May 20 at 05:59
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  • FourthBig BossFourthBig Boss241,137
    27 Oct 2010 27 Oct 2010 04 Nov 2010
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    *************End Game Spoilers**************

    Just complete the Quest: No Gods, No Masters. This is the last mission of the Yes Man storyline, right after jumpstarting the Lucky 38.

    A few suggestions,
    Make sure you are well equiped to fight the legate, he is a tough enemy even for a lvl 30, he is also surrounded by Praetorian Guards which utalize balistic fists. You can also avoid the fight with him using a 100 speech option.
    Followers are quite helpful, I brought ED-E and Boone with me, they owned.
    Also heavy damage weapons such as a anti-material rife can punch through his armor, you can get some from dead legion members on your way to the camp.
    You can avoid a fight with the general of the NCR by having 85 speech and discussing the boomers, or going with the 100 speech option. But the securatrons should waste him easily so he is not a threat.

    If you are having problems check out
    search for No Gods, No Masters

    Have fun!

    Thanks to VoodooAK for some extra info about fighting the Legate.
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    UnstableGingerthanks for solution i was looking forever trying to find someone to give me this quest
    Posted by UnstableGinger on 29 Oct 10 at 13:04
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    I have to mention to the above post. You can AVOID fighting Caesar's Legate (I forget his name). You just need to have high speech, I had 100 and some of the options I know required 90 and there may have been a couple 100 options. If you choose the right words he will leave, though he did say he vows to return one day.
    I did reload a previous save and fight him to see what that would end as, I just used an Anti-material Rifle and shot him several times while backing up. The rifle that uses a 45-70 round is pretty good too since it can fire faster.
    I was level 30 and had no companions. I actually had more trouble with the dumb Praetorian Guards and their Ballistic Fists against my Power Armor.
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    FourthBig BossGood Point. I didn't experament with his speech options since mine weren't high enough. Thanks for the additional info.
    Posted by FourthBig Boss on 04 Nov 10 at 23:09
    BusyRichYeah. I laid a bunch of C4 down on the steps leading up to him, then backed up and sneak attacked him with my sniper rifle. As he ran down the steps towards me I switched to a detonator and sent him into orbit. Just don't go too far up the steps when you lay the C4 as this will trigger the conversation (and then the fight).

    Also worth noting that if you kill Lanius before he makes it all the way down the steps to the camp you only have to kill 2-3 other Legion guys, whereas if he makes it right down between 3 and 6 more guys appear and start to pummel you.
    Posted by BusyRich on 07 Nov 10 at 17:48
    If you choose the right speech options he will respect you and fight with honor by fighting 1 vs 1. Even after he dies the 2 Legion members will walk around the camp and not attack, I still killed them though...
    Posted on 11 Nov 10 at 19:12
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