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Multi Platinum! achievement in Rock of the Dead

Multi Platinum!

Aquire all badges on Thrasher difficulty.

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How to unlock the Multi Platinum! achievement

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    This is my first guide, so leave any advice.

    Personally, I used a guitar peripheral to play this game (I found it was the easiest), but a normal controller and a drum kit are also options.

    Completing all the badges on Thrasher will also unlock the achievements for the Hard and Normal difficulties.

    This will take a certain amount of skill, so all I can offer is advice and some strategies that I utilized in order to complete this.

    I would not suggest going for the Score,Combo,and Challenge badges until you have collected all the data crystals. It just makes it easier to have full powerups

    NOTE: You do not have to complete all 5 badges in one attempt, you could get 1 badge per run through and do a level 5 times if you want.

    Score Badge/Combo Badge: Each level has a score and combo that must be reached to unlock this badge. These are seperate badges, but the strategy for them is basically the same.

    The shield will be your biggest help in keeping your combo alive, which equates to more points. When I found myself getting swarmed, I would pop the shield and ignore blast for the following reasons:
    --Blast requires more energy
    --Blast only increases your combo by 1
    Then go through and kill those enemies with that shield up! If your shield is about to run out (with mutants still swarming) then it becomes a judgement call. You can use blast and wipe them all out, or spam the back button to make sure that shield activates asap. I usually opted for the shield option and would rarely get hit.

    For the timed enemies, it is random which sequence you have to play sometimes it easy...sometimes its brutal. Some times a difficult one would break my combo, Luck did play a factor here, but a very minor one

    Also, learn the levels. Figure out where the shield/blast is a must to conserve energy and where it is not needed.

    Accuracy Badge: Each level has a target accuracy that must be reached, these are usually over 90%. For this, all I can say is don't miss notes, and don't overstrum.

    Continue Badge: You must not use any continues to get this badge. This will probably unlock majority of the time without even trying. If you are dying, you can just spam notes and never die. Easier to spam with a Drum Kit.

    Challenges Badge: A level can have anywhere from 1 to 10 challenges. From Rescue, Kill and Pick-up challenges.

    If using a guitar, save Blast for challenges, most importantly the pick-up challenge because you literally get about 2 seconds to complete some of them.

    A drum kit can be very helpful to complete some of the later challenges.

    When you get to a challenge, spam the pedal and hit the Red/Yellow simultaneously with one stick and Blue/Green with the other. So your hitting all notes at once constantly. If you're doing this correctly, the mutants will die as soon as they spawn.

    Edit - From ticonderoga360 "if you spam with the drum kit, it's much easier to use the ABXY buttons than spamming the pads with sticks. I was using a world tour kit so that's why I tried it".

    Good Luck!
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    EarthboundXThere's no way in hell I'd be able to 1000 this game, I've pretty much just given up on playing the game normally, and I just spam buttons all the time.

    Maybe if I had a guitar, or played any of those rhythm type games, but all I got is a controller, and some of the button combos are pretty hard to pull off with just a controller.

    Something tells me not many people will ever 1000 this game.
    Posted by EarthboundX On 17 Jan 11 at 09:24
    Yeah, if you play with the controller you aren't getting far. Plus, I HATED the game when I first tried it, but I when I played with the guitar, it was easier and a hell of a lot more fun.
    Posted on 01 Mar 11 at 23:58
    ticonderoga360Thanks a lot for the guide. It really helped me complete those last few levels.
    Posted by ticonderoga360 On 18 Mar 11 at 02:50
    ticonderoga360I just remembered that if you spam with the drum kit, it's much easier to use the ABXY buttons than spamming the pads with sticks. I was using a world tour kit so that's why I tried it.
    Posted by ticonderoga360 On 07 Apr 11 at 10:12
    oxHARMONxoI have been thinking about this challenge for awhile now... I have 1ked every guitar hero, rock band and third party rock game... Is it really that hard?
    Posted by oxHARMONxo On 15 May 11 at 01:11
    wBRYCan you please tell me how to get the 4th challenge on the round " On the Beach " no matter what I do I can only rescue 1/2 survivors every time. wtf
    Posted by wBRY On 17 Jun 11 at 21:52
    Shand Alk3If you had a small TV...could you lay it on it's side 90 degrees counter-clockwise and play this without problem? wouldnt the frets look like guitar hero at that point?
    Posted by Shand Alk3 On 04 Jan 12 at 14:59
    KiNG Y0Y0I was thinking about what shand said, and I agree
    Posted by KiNG Y0Y0 On 25 Jan 12 at 23:55
    Karachi KingUsing the drums for the challenges on the last two levels was SO helpful. No way I could have done them on guitar. Cheers. :D
    Posted by Karachi King On 23 Apr 12 at 23:19
    Dingo SaladWTB the ability to make it scroll down instead of left. I cry.
    Posted by Dingo Salad On 13 Apr 13 at 07:51
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