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Complete all of the Tactical Challenges in VANQUISH.

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  • AhndhiAhndhi295,604
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    For stage 6, here's the method that worked for me.

    First off, be aware of where the important weapons are. There are three HMGs. One near where you start, one north of the statue and one south. There's a Lock-On Laser at the base of the stairs, and one far to it's east (if the statue is north). I try to save the lasers for round five, but you may want to use one for the Bogey in round two until you master it. There are some EMP grenades behind some sandbags southeast of the statue. These are all very important.

    Round one:

    A dozen red gorgies and a Crystal Viper. Pick off the gorgies with the Assault Rifle or Heavy Machine Gun, then finish the Crystal Viper with the Shotgun. Keep an eye on the radar for when the Crystal Viper rushes you and listen for his footsteps as well. Mash X to intercept him. Do not pick up the upgrade. Try to replace the shotgun with the LFE gun (one of the gorgies drops it) before the start of...

    Round two:

    Four red gorgies, 2 gold gorgies, 10 heli-bots, and Bogey. If the statue in the center is north from where you begin, then get ready for the bots spawning just southeast of the statue. you can hit them quick enough with a shot with the LFE you can take all three out. Next hit as many of the 5 heli-bots spawning near you as you can with the HMG. Scurry to the area behind the statue, where more heli-bots are spawning. Take out as many of them as you can. Until you can get to round 5 consistently, you should actually take out the helis with EMP grenades, since it knocks the right out of the sky. However, you'll need as many resources as possible for the final fight. Now you've got Bogey and a smattering of gorgies. Try your best to stay behind cover and pick Bogey apart with the HMG. Take out the gorgies when possible. When Bogey says "Aim carefully", either get away from him or go into AR mode and shoot the two little purple satellites he throws. They'll overheat you if you're near them.

    Round three:

    Five gorgies, two drill Romanovs, three range romanovs. Stand near where you begin and throw a grenade (non-EMP) at the spawning bubble in the center. Throw it just after the words "Stage 6: Round 3" disappear. This will destroy the five gorgies. Then immediately take cover behind the non-destructible cover to the right of the sandbags and edge to the right. Hopefully the flamer Romanov won't move. One of the drill Romanovs will walk right up to him, at which point, jump out and HMG the flamer's backpack. The explosion will take them both out, leaving three very manageable Romanovs. Shooting their faces off will blind them, making them useless. The surviving Drill Romanov will drop a Rocket Launcher, which I replaced my Assault Rifle with.

    Round four:

    Three ball-bots, 2 red gorgies on Gatling platforms, eight blue gorgies, 2 Scorpion robots. Be ready at the base of the staircase with the LFE. As soon as the ball-bots spawn, roll in and blast them. You should be able to get all three with one shot. Head quickly to the east edge of the map, and ready your HMG. A gatling will rise up from below the edge. Take him out and turn around. Scoot right through and past the blue gorgies. Keep moving and they aren't much of a threat. Keep an eye on the sky. When you spot the other Gatling gorgie, take him out with the HMG. Now dance around the map, leading the blue gorgies and scorpions, while picking the gorgies off one by one with the HMG. When they're gone, take out the scorpions. They absorb a lot of bullets, but they're easy once you get them alone. As you finish off the second scorpion, replace your HMG with one of the Lock-On Lasers and ready your EMPs and your LFE.

    Round five:

    Nine ball-bots. Alpha Bogey. Bravo Bogey. As the ball-bots spawn in, be there and be ready with the LFE. Take them out as quickly as possible. The LFE will kill them through obstacles, so use your radar primarily for this part to guide yourself to them. When its just you and the Bogeys, the suffering can really begin. Try to focus on the blue one since he drops a Rocket Launcher. Use your EMP grenades liberally. When you've knocked one out of the sky, or when he's hovering for an attack, blast him with the Rocket Launcher. Once you're out of ammo for the RL, pick up the upgrade the Crystal Viper dropped 15 minutes ago. This will replenish your rockets and decrease the lock-on time. At all other times, be firing the LOL. Six direct rocket hits will take out one of the bogeys, so the rockets and lasers should be all you need. Remember where the EMP grenades and spare LOL are so you can replenish them when you're out.

    So that's how to kill them. As for how to stay alive... That you'll have to learn the hard way. Stay moving constantly, but you'll need to try to find cover when you overheat. Cigarettes can distract the Bogeys, but you only get three. After that you'll have to rely on EMPs and/or luck.

    Know what you're getting into. This is the hardest achievement I've ever done by far, and I've completed Super Meat Boy. That was a walk in the park by comparison. Be ready to dedicate more time to this stage than you did to the other 49 achievements combined. If you can be content with a 950 gamerscore, this might be the time for it.
  • L33to IIL33to II123,629
    24 Nov 2010 24 Nov 2010 24 Nov 2010
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    Challenge #6 Walkthrough

    Beat it last night after 2 hours.

    * ALWAYS keep an eye on your radar and boost meter: inattention to either can be fatal.
    * MASTER boost-dodging
    * Have a plan and know your next move at all times
    * Your starting point (where you begin the challenge) is the best place to begin each wave.
    * Like in God Hard, luck is a big factor. Sometimes you will catch lucky breaks, sometimes you just won't be able to survive what the game throws at you. Just keep trying.
    * Besides the View Hounds in Wave 2, there is no firm rule on when to use EMP's. You have six total for this challenge (3 start and 3 to pick up), use them wisely and at your discretion.

    Wave 1: Boost over to the tan barricade on the right, near where all the red Gorgies spawn. As they warp in, toss 2 frags to kill a bunch straight off. Shotgun any stragglers then weave in and around the map picking them off with the shotgun 1 or 2 at a time. Stay constantly mobile! When the Viper is the last one standing you are in the clear as he is very easy by himself. Simply stay mobile and "entice" him into the sword-dash for the easy QTE. With practice, this should be an extremely easy wave. Do not touch the upgrade the Viper drops. Swap out shotgun for Lock-On Laser before Wave 2 starts, have EMP's ready and take cover behind the barricade you were facing at the start of the challenge.

    Wave 2: Have the LOL "folded out" and ready to fire (holding down RT) before Bogey appears. Hit him, diveroll back/to the side, AR (go into slo mo) and lock/fire on him again. Repeat as much as possible until he breaks off to the side. Make sure you don't get so preoccupied with him that the View Hounds (flying bots) sneak up on you! As soon as they begin to approach, toss an EMP in their general direction. As long as it lands anywhere in the general vicinity, it will take them all down. The Gorgies will usually not come up the stairs to harass you, but if they do, you must kill them ASAP. Regardless, your first priority is taking down Bogey. Continue the cycle of quick bursts of dodge, AR, fire, repeat until the LOL runs empty. If you hit him with most or all of your ammo he should be close to dead. Quickly finish him off with the HMG or assault rifle. Take cover and catch your breath, most of the time the remaining Gorgies will still be below the stairs trying to fire on you. Pick them off at your leisure. Swap the LOL for a shotgun, make sure your HMG is refilled, and get back to the start point. Again, not too difficult a wave as long as you aggressively take out Bogey and maintain situational awareness of the other enemies.

    Wave 3: As soon as "Challenge 6 Wave 3" disappears from the screen, toss your remaining frag into the center-most warp field from your start point. This should kill off the red Gorgies. Now here comes the tricky part. Roll + AR to the left and use HMG to destroy the turret on the left shoulder of the Rocket Romanov. Get back in cover then roll + AR to the right and blow the tank on the Flame Romanov when his drill buddy is near him. If the drill does not get close enough, kill the flame guy anyway, you don't have the time to waste. Your goal is to destroy the heads of all the Rocket/Drill Romanovs, once you do they are little or no threat to you. Use AR + HMG for this and watch your damn radar for those drills! Boost-dodging should get you up to the Rocket who stands near the statue. Use the statue as cover and blow off his head. Be careful for the drills coming in to join the party, use an EMP if in a pinch. Pay attention for the uber-missile fired by the Rockets as it is a golden opportunity to kill it and anything near it if you can AR and detonate the missile quickly enough. When the only things left are beheaded Romanovs, restock your ammo and swap the shotgun for an LFE. Pick up the 3 extra EMP's if you ran out, and get back to the start.

    Wave 4: The beginning will be pretty frantic. Use AR dodges and the LFE to kill off the ball turrets and blue ninja Gorgies as fast as you can. Keep an eye out for the gatling platforms and HMG them the instant they appear ASAP. When you are down to the double Bia's, resist the temptation to pick up the rocket launcher. Boost-dodge constantly, use cover, and wear them down with HMG and shotgun. The shotgun in particular is very effective against them at close range, but the risk matches the reward in that case, unless you can separate them. When they deploy their purple mini-turrets, go into AR and spray in a horizontal line with the assault rifle, usually this will wipe them out off the bat. Do NOT let them corner you or get in close in scorpion form, boost-dodge away from them constantly and HMG them. When bipedal you can be a little more aggressive with the shotgun. Once you are down to one Bia with little health left, start planning for the next wave. Ensure that when he dies you either have, or are ready to quickly pick up, the following: HMG, LFE, and the rocket launcher. Know where that upgrade cube from Wave 1's Viper is, as well.

    Wave 5: Same script as before with the ball turrets. Boost-dodge like crazy to avoid their fire and prevent the Bogeys from nailing you. Thankfully you need not be too precise with the LFE. I stayed on top of the staircase and let the ball turrets come to me then quickly took them out. Watch your radar; the instant you've killed all the balls, get out your rocket launcher and start pummeling Blue Bogey. Grab the upgrade to reload and decrease lock-on time and put those 3 rockets into his face as well. This should kill him or put him at the very brink of death. Immediately finish him off with whatever you have. The sliding-EMP trick works well if you can get them close enough for it (Throwing an EMP while boosting immediately detonates it around you).

    Now comes the hard part. Red Bogey will go utterly batshit and start flying/weaving like a mosquito on crack. You will have a VERY hard time hitting him with any solid sustained fire. Use your radar to keep track of him and never lose sight of him if you can help it. When he uses the massive death-ray laser, boost-dodge frantically as it approaches you and it should miss. When he spams the ridiculously long lasting barrage of homing lasers, it's time to boost-dodge from side to side like you never have in your freaking life. You will probably still get hit by a few, but hopefully not enough to put you into critical AR. The key here is not to be consumed by nervousness at trying to survive. You need to take advantage of every small opportunity you have to hit him. The longer he stays alive the more chance he has to nail you and you are starting the challenge from scratch. If you can grab the second LOL on the map and a full HMG you should be in good shape. BOOST-DODGE CONSTANTLY. I killed him with my remaining scraps of assault rifle ammo, and whatever HMG ammo remaining I could find. Any time he is semi stationary, AR and unload on him with HMG as much as you can. This is why it is critical you never lose sight of him or you will miss out on these chances. Good luck. It is one hugely satisfying feeling when he finally crumples and topples backwards. Congratulations you have finished one of the hardest and most intense gaming challenges in recent memory.
    21 Apr 2011 27 Apr 2011
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    Something that is a must do in these challenges to complete them is boost dodging,this involves pressing the boost slide move for about a second and then rolling out the constant use of this move when getting shot at makes it exremly hard for enemies to hit you and therefore making your life a lot easier.I tried to do challenge six for over a fortnight just using normal methods of shooting from cover and occasionaly sliding out to pick up weapons and ammo but it seemed that i would die everytime.I found that the key to beating this challenge is to always be moving very fast and then occasionaly stopping in cover if you feel its safe to recharge or reload for example,but the use of this slide doge technique helped immensly so i would advise anyone trung for this achievment/trophie to master this skill as you WILL need it
  • KetchupdomoKetchupdomo41,718
    07 Dec 2010
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    Voici des vidéos pour vous aider a finir les défis :)
    Pensez a économiser un maximum de munition.
    Et éviter autant que possible de finir la barre de RS!!
    Pour vous sortir des cas de figure catastrophique pensez a utiliser des grenades IEM pour "figer" vos ennemies. Ce qui vous laissera assez de temps pour prendre la fuite
  • eychereycher57,258
    27 Feb 2011 27 Feb 2011 27 Feb 2011
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    My path to getting this achievement was almost one month long. In the process I looked at all the posted videos and guides like probably everyone else, but the main advice I can give after finally completing this — play God Hard first.

    You would really save yourself a lot of frustration if you will think about this achievement as for both all challenges AND God Hard. Then it makes much more sense and is doable.

    There are two main reasons:

    1. In God Hard you get a shorter AR mode compared to Hard and to Challenges. It is maybe twice as short. This is excellent training before the challenges as you quickly learn to use the AR mode wisely and never overheat, which is key to beating the Challenges (especially #6).

    2. Also, the story mode has frequent checkpoints, you WILL die on God Hard a lot, but this is much easier psychologically then in Challenges where you restart from the beginning of the Challenge each time you die. So you can try some particular hard fight again and again in God Hard without the frustration of always first going though the previous easier parts (like in Challenges). This is great for learning too.
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    This was my approach to challenge #6. It's not going to get you the fastest time but it got me through it.

    General Tips:

    Go into Options and turn music completely off (it helps to hear the Crystal Viper's footsteps and what the Bogeys are saying to you). Also adjust the camera options - I set mine to all 60s but some people prefer 65s or even something like 60 70 75. Try different settings until you find one you're comfortable with.

    Resist the temptation to squeeze extra damage out of AR. Getting overheated is usually what gets you into trouble (or, if you're in trouble already, not being overheated is what helps you get out of it). It's far better to do a little damage, build up your meter, and then do a little more than to try and do too much and have your suit overheat.

    I watched a lot of videos and read a lot of strategies while working on this challenge. Some approaches may work better for you than others - research and experiment to find what works.

    Round 1 - 12 red robots and a Crystal Viper

    Start taking out robots with the assault rifle or shotgun (I started with the group on the left by the crashed ship). Listen for the Crystal Viper's footsteps - when he starts running start mashing X. You can shoot him when he's down or leave him until you've taken out the other robots. He will be far more aggressive about charging you if you shoot him when he's down though, which can make the round go a little faster. When he dies he'll drop an upgrade cube - I tried not to kill him in an area where I knew I'd be taking cover later since it's incredibly easy to pick up the cube by accident when you're reloading (I usually dropped him by the ship in the middle where the lock on laser is). Once you're down to one enemy start getting ready for the next round. I swapped out the shotgun for the lock on laser (I tried to get the one at the far end to save the middle one for easier access in the last round), switched to EMP grenades, and got to the top of the stairs to wait for the next round.

    Round 2 - Bogey, 10 helicopter robots, 2 gold robots, handful of red robots

    I had the lock on laser out and ready for the bogey. Lock on and shoot him, go into AR and do it again, and go into AR and do it a third time. Then get behind the railing into cover and watch the helicopter robots spawning from the left. Toss an EMP grenade at them and then boost roll over to the right and do the same thing with that group. If any survived then take them out with either the HMG or the assault rifle. You can take down the bogey with whatever you're most comfortable with. I ended up using the assault rifle to save the lock on laser ammo for the last round. Once he's down then I switch out the lock on laser for the disk launcher, equip the assault rifle, and switch to regular grenades. Go down to the ship on the left and swap the shotgun for the assault rifle. I like to stand a little to the left of where the shotgun is so the rifle will drop behind the ship. Start taking out the robots with the shotgun. When there's one left pick up a full assault rifle, kill the last robot, and get into cover behind the ship.

    Round 3 - 5 Romanovs, 5 regular robots

    The middle spawn is the group of regular robots - throw a grenade or two in there after the Round 3 lettering disappears (I like to give it a slow count to 2 before throwing the grenade). With luck and timing you'll take out all of the robots. Even if a couple survive they usually won't bother you - just keep an eye on them. You may have noticed that the Romanovs aren't moving. For some reason they can't see you behind this cover so you can take them out at your leisure. The cover is destructible though so if you cut off a drill Romanov's head and it shoots its drills at you and blows up the ship then when you move out every other robot on the map will start attacking. I would take out the first Romanov in front of me by shooting it in the back with the assault rifle. Once it's gone then I'd blow up the tank on the flame Romanov and then take out the rocket Romanov. At this point you'll be left with the two drill Romanovs. I would take out the far one with the assault rifle (you should be able to get through at least half its health before you run out of ammo - just pick up the assault rifle you dropped earlier to finish the job). For the last Romanov I'd equip the disk launcher and take off his head. As soon as his head was off I'd jump out of cover - often his first reaction would be to send a drill where the shot came from. One of the robots from the first round drops an LFE - swap out the disk launcher for the LFE and stand by the lock on laser to wait for the next round. The last Romanov will eventually self-destruct - if you want to speed up the process you can melee him a couple of times (I liked using the disk launcher for that - he usually did much less damage to the available cover that way). Make a note of where he is when he dies - he'll drop a rocket launcher.

    Round 4 - 3 ball turret robots, 5 flying robots with shotguns, 2 turret robots, 2 scorpions

    The beginning of this round is difficult, but if you can make it through getting the turrets down you should be okay. As the ball turrets spawn shoot a round from the LFE. If your timing is right you should stun them and/or take them out. I would shoot another round for good measure and then boost roll like mad to the right side where the first turret is spawning, switching to the HMG along the way. The main thing here is not to get thrown into damage AR, so I would try not to boost roll in a straight line and use my right thumb to hit up on the D-pad to switch weapons so I didn't have to take my left index finger off of LB. Go into AR as soon as you see the turret and take it out with the HMG. Once the turret is down then start boost rolling like mad the way you came and look for the other turret that spawned directly on the other side. As soon as you're in good range go into AR and take the other turret down. This is the only place I'd consider an exception for the "don't overuse AR" rule - taking out the turrets is essential. If you get into trouble you may want to use your remaining EMP but I preferred to save that for the last round. Once they're gone then you can start to breathe a bit easier. The next thing to take care of are the flying robots with shotguns. The scorpions will likely destroy at least a few of them for you, and you could let them go if you wanted to. The risk in leaving them alive is that some of the scorpions' attacks are so strong that you'll occasionally go into damage AR. If you keep your distance from the scorpions and take cover you should be fine, but the flying robots can cover the gap much faster and will take you out in one hit.

    Once you're down to just the scorpions keep your distance and keep shooting at them. They take a lot of damage. You can also start thinking about the next round. I liked to switch the partially used LFE for the sniper rifle, switch the sniper rifle for the rocket launcher the Romanov dropped in round 3, and then swap the rocket launcher for the full LFE at the top of the stairs. That way I have a full LFE for the final round and the rocket launcher is on top of the stairs for easy access. I also swapped out the assault rifle for the partially filled lock on laser left over from the second round.

    Round 5 - 9 ball turret robots, red bogey, blue bogey

    There are a couple of different approaches you can use for this round. Most people advocate using the rocket launcher on the blue bogey and applying the upgrade cube to it as you run out of ammo. Finish him off with the assault rifle or HMG, pick up the rocket launcher he drops, and start in on the red bogey. If you get into trouble you should have at least 3 EMPs and all 3 cigarettes - use them to buy yourself a little time.

    My plan for this round was simple. I really like the lock on laser because it's "safe" - all you have to do is lock on and you're guaranteed a hit, so you can go back to boost dodging without using a lot of AR. I was going to use the remaining ammo, apply the upgrade cube to refill it and increase the available ammo to 48, and then pick up the last lock on laser, which would have the upgrade applied and would also have 48 shots. In between I would use the rocket launcher when the bogeys were stationary and the HMG everywhere else. And then it all went wrong.

    To begin with, there are 3 spawns of the ball turret robots. I started with the group that spawn by the weapon holder that has an assault rifle in it. With the ball turrets it can be helpful to go into AR and then shoot the LFE at them - the little bastards like to dodge your shots and you really need to take them out as quickly as possible. Then I boost rolled up the stairs and shot at that group, and boost rolled around waiting for the others to show up. If you get into trouble use your remaining EMP, otherwise just shoot the LFE at the ball turret robots until they're gone. If you used your EMP head down to the right to get a refill.

    Once you're down to the bogeys you can swap out the LFE for the rocket launcher. The bogeys are frustratingly good at dodging the rocket launcher - the most reliable way to hit them is after they've said something and are hovering in the air about to attack. I used the rocket launcher and lock on laser until I was out of ammo for both. Like I said earlier, my plan was to refill the lock on laser but I accidentally applied the upgrade to the HMG instead. By the time I had run out of lock on laser ammo I had the blue bogey almost down and the red bogey down about halfway. I finished off the blue bogey with the HMG and picked up the rocket launcher he dropped. 2 out of 3 shots hit the red bogey, and I went the rest of the way with the HMG.

    This is an incredibly difficult achievement - it took me over a month just to complete the last challenge. Some of it's practice, some of it's persistence, and some of it is just luck. Keep at it and you can do it though - best of luck to you.
  • Love01082008Love01082008130,931
    02 Mar 2013 02 Mar 2013 03 Jun 2013
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    After viewing many videos and reading the above guides/tips I am throwing my hat it, because many of the videos I think some people are very skilled or very lucky, and you need a method that works for the average player.

    Rd 1, I simply boost to where the red robots begin to spawn, and AR mode head shot them, boost into the statue area and circle around killing all but one red robot. I have the music turned off to hear the viper foot steps and when I smash him I shottie him twice. Choose the location of where he dies, simply because the viper drops an upgrade, and if you make a habit of killing him in the same place you will play always knowing where the upgrade is. I personally like on the upstairs area where you begin the round. When you kill the viper that leaves one red robot, take this time to change weapons or breathe. When I first did this method I would swap the Shottie for the Lock on Laser, but soon thought it may be valuable for the last round. Stand on the right most staircase of where you begin the round, by the rubble and kill the robot.(My loadout Heavy Machine gun 200 rds, normal machine gun about 400 rounds, Shottie at 11-12 ammo, all three nades and emp.

    Rd 2. When the orb is 90% formed for the Bogey I throw a hand grenade. When it explodes it does perhaps 1/5 of his life which just makes killing him that much easier. I will AR mode and hvy machine gun him until I am at half the threshold of the AR mode. In this process I switch to EMP nades. In a matter of 10-15 seconds the first wave of flying copters should be in mid range proximity. Throw the EMP nade at them, in the majority of my attempts this would kill all five and stun the bogey. From the top of the stair case I would boost roll to the opposite side of the upper level towards the 2nd wave of copters and throw an EMP grenade, once again if you are lucky this will stun the bogey (you don't need to fire at him while stunned its just added bonus). Now it should be just gold and red bots hiding and shooting in the middle area or statue area with the Bogey flying around. Since you rolled to the side of the 2nd wave of copters, right near you is the yellow wall sand bags, this becomes your protective cover if need be. The robots generally won't swarm you and being higher elevation from them prevents them from getting clean shots. So its you, sand bags and bogey, I would simply AR mode Hvy MG the Bogey until he dies, if he gets close lick your lips and pull out the shottie as it does devastating damage to him. When the bogey is down hide behind the sand bags and just pick off the drones with the assault rifle, leave one red drone. Exchange the shotgun for the disk launcher gun, grab some assualt rifle ammo, I grab mine from the three weapons rack at the place the challenge begins. I then run to the half sand bags on the middlish staircase on the left side of where the challenge begins. See Rd 3 reference point. Kill the last red bot to begin round 3.

    Rd 3, now some people will tell you to hide behind a far right corner, use the LFE on the gas tank romanov, which pushes him back into the rocket romanov, you then have to shoot the tank with the assault rifle until it explodes, this may damage a drill romanov. I see multiple videos use this method, and when I try this method many issues occur, namely when you throw a grenade at the small 5 red drones it is hard to gauge the accuracy. Secondly after shooting the LFE gun and moving the romanov you have about 10 seconds to shoot the tank, at long range your accuracy needs to be spot on or otherwise this method fails and you are in a pickle because you have 4 romanovs trying to be your friend. The best method to conquer the 3rd round consistently is a youtube video by Dragenyo about 13:15 mins long, at 2:26 is where you should begin round 3. My loadout beginning this map is Hvy mg at about 130 rounds, 600 rd assualt rifle and disk launcher. I throw the hand grenade to kill the red bots like he does, if one gets away let him chill, as he will be the last to die and give you time to set up. You let the romanov with the gas tank get close to you and AR mode shoot his gas tank. You know you mastered this method that Dragenyo shows because it A) kills, the gas tank romanov b) it kills the purple laser Romanov, and c) heavily damages a drill romanov. When I enter AR mode it generally only takes me to half of it using the heavy MG to make the tank explode, thus giving me room to boost dodge. In the video Dragenyo uses the assault rifle and I think it costs him an extra 25% of his boost to do so. After the explosion I roll diagonal right from the current position and I sweep around to where the EMP grenades are sitting behind the sand bags. While doing this the rocket romanov is spraying his machine gun, hitting on a few instances, and a drill romanov may be chasing you. From this position I continue to boost around to the back of the statue in the center circle, perhaps before reaching the back I will AR mode, switch to the disk launcher and aim for the rocket romanov's head. Dragenyo does his variation which is boosting directly at the rocket romanov, I take the long way because a lucky hit or an elevated damage status and then a small hit can trigger overheat mode. When I am behind the statue I will swing out and shoot the disk in AR mode until the head is cut off of the rocket romanov, if I succeed before taking cover yay for me. Now there is a headless rocket romanov whose only real danger is his two small rockets which are heat seeking. At this point I am avoiding the drill romanovs, but looking for the one that is near death (due to the gas tank explosion). I will hvy mg him. You may say why not slice the head, and the simple answer is that if you kill him you remove a piece from the board. My current state is a headless rocket romanov and a full life drill romanov, now I will try decapitating the drill romanov. Once done the map has two headless romanovs, and I have 30-60 seconds to run around and acquire weapons for the next round. I replace the disk launcher with the LFE gun laying on the ground, dropped by some enemy, and restock the heavy machine gun. I will stand on the stair case of where I began round 3, with LFE equipped. (Load out so far, 200 HvyMG, Assualt, 10 LFE, 1 EMP nade, one regular nade.) Once the Romanovs burn out and die Round 4 begins, which for some is the most challenging because you are swarmed.

    Rd 4 Based on where I am standing I will see two orbs forming, the only one I am really concerned with is the rolling bots, I make sure I shoot an LFE round to end them. I will AR mode, to make sure this is done right. My goal is to sweep around to where the EMP grenades are and sand bag area, all the while I am briskly going in that direction and maybe once or twice I will AR mode and LFE the blue bots. After sweeping to the location of the EMP grenades, with a large chunk of boost remaining, I will AR Mode and HvyMG the 1st flying bot, this should bring me to about 25% boost. I then dodge boost to the back corner where there are sand bags and an assualt rifle. While you sweep in this direction, take note of your map, the blue bots when they chase you like to line up. When you see this and are in the sand bag/assualt rife area (reference You tube video Vanquish Tactical Challenge 6 by MoluJpn about 5:10 long (2:24-2:50). What MoluJpn did is what I based my movements off. Around the sand bag area my goal is just to boost dodge, AR mode and LFE the blue bots when they bundle up, it may take two shots to kill the blue bots, so don't mind firing rolling, rolling back into AR mode and firing again. When all the blue bots are destroyed at this point one of the scorpions is getting near. I will boost dodge, switch to HvyMG and move to a spot where I can AR Mode the 2nd flying gunner. Now it is two scorpions and myself. Now I have seen many videos, some cool, where you can LFE the scorpions get them close together and use the rocket launcher to finish them quickly. However, make it dull and HvyMg one of them to death. If you are dodging and moving the only real threat is the 4 purple capsules they release from their chest and head towards you like missiles. AR mode and eliminate those purple missiles when you see them. When it is just one Scorpion and myself I often use the Assault rifle to lower him to near death. Firing the hvy mg should have taken most of the clip to kill the 1st one, any remaining ammo I would use on the 2nd one scorpion. When the last scorpion is near death this is when you want to prepare for the next rd. As you can see throughout the 1st 4 rounds I didn't have use use the rocket launcher, the upgrade dropped by the viper, the 2nd set of EMP nades, or the two Lock on Lasers. At this point my method gives you the flexibility and firepower to deal with the bogeys. The first step is to grab the LFE refill, for me this is in the racks where the tact challenge begins, or may be on the ground depending upon which one you picked up. I would refill the Hvy MG near statue or upper level rack. And the assault rifle is going to get swapped based on what you want to have in hand, the Lock on laser or rocket launcher. Understand that when you deal with the rolling robots in the beginning of the 5th round your goal will be to change the LFE with a 2nd weapons, ie the choice you didn't take. When you are loaded up, HvyMG the last scorpion and be positioned at location shown 3:42 of MoluJpn tact challenge video.

    Rd 5 Positioning is key as you can quickly, within 20 seconds, roll, AR mode and eliminate the rolling robots with the LFE gun. The 1st two are easy as you are rolling/dodging and when they do appear AR mode and fire. Once the first two orbs have been dealt with dodge roll and AR mode to the other rolling robots, which should be near the vicinity of where the 2nd orb spawned rolling robots. Once these are dealt with you are exactly where you want to be for this challenge, you, 2 bogeys, and minutes of rolling firing to kill them. At this point it is about tips not a walk through, so below are key points.
    * Remember for defensive purposes you have at a minimum 3 EMP grenades, I had 4 (1 + 3 bundle) and 3 cigarettes. Many people in videos get in pickles and I don't see them take advantage of throwing a smoke, this sometimes can buy you 20 seconds of calm.
    * the attack that will get you when rolling and dodging, often triggering the overheat, making you do the above is the charge up linear laser blast. If you are behind cover stay there as it will NOT hit you. Many videos I see people roll out of cover to avoid it, this is a mistake. When I did my play through this was the one attack that had me scramble to throw an emp or cigarette.
    * Focus on one at a time, some people recommend lowering both at the same time, pure stupidity. Two Bogeys means more shots down range. More shots down range means you are dodging more and your chance of getting hit is greatly increased. Eliminate one of them turns it into 1vs 1, which based in round two you killed him solely with a hvyMG and a grenade, now you have Lock on laser and rocket launchers. I killed the blue one first just by chance, but know that he drops a rocket launcher, with the one you had, plus the upgrade you can get a total of 9 rockets. 9 rockets and one red bogey I think anyone can pull off that victory.
    * my preference is to AR mode and fire a Lock on Laser and continue rolling. The key strategy is boost consumption, if you stay in AR mode for a long period of time then you are reducing your total boost and when you get hit you will have less time to navigate to cover. So the weapons that you fire and then move are preferable. Every now and then I would hvy MG, especially when they are close range or talking smack chilling in the air. the lock on laser won't kill them as fast as certain weapons but it guarantees hits, quick firing and this allows you to continue to dodge while maintaining a high boost.
    * some videos show you how to wreck two bogeys with EMP, Shottie, Hvy Mg and melee. These are skilled players, however the point you take away is that don't be afraid of CQC. Often times the weapons you can take close will do more damage.
    *In round 3 the headless drill romanovs will be like bulls in a china shop, they may destroy a lot of cover, they may not. This will direct the number of "ohh crap hide" locations for this round, however my favorite covers are the in between walls of the stair cases for the upper level, if you learn to figure 8 them or travel from end to end it can often make rolling and attacking easier to implement.
    * get proficient with the lock on laser, in round 2 I used to kill the bogey with it, literally rolling AR mode firing, rolling AR mode firing back and forth I would drain him in about 20 seconds. This quick strike method can often kill a bogey that much quicker. I definitely would use this if I have the rounds and I am clear, and he is near death, ie 4/5 =16/20 hits for bogey.
    * When there is one bogey left it becomes incredibly easier to dodge, cover, and know where the attacks are coming from, I cannot state it enough, focus on one and kill.

    It took me about 20 mins to win this round, so patience is sometimes need. Following this routine I became accustomed to the actions I would take, knowing what weapons I would use, where to set myself up. The goal is to eliminate variables and exploit weakness of the enemy. The 1st 3 rounds I can do consistently, the 4th got easier when I stuck to the same tactic. 5th round beginning a few times didn't go my way, so I mastered how to eliminate them. When its u and the bogeys sometimes they get lucky shots. Your goal should be to master and dominate each wave, so you do the 1st and 2nd wave in your sleep. At times on the 3rd round if you hit the tank romanov he will keel back and block the tanks, in this instance your are screwed, so fine tuning each detail is going to allow you to conquer this challenge. Honestly people say this is hard, but I spent most of my time trying different methods, after following this process over a few times ie 3 hrs playing, fine tuning, controlling where enemies went etc, it required less skill on my part to accomplish this challenge. Someone says play God hard to practice for this, that is a waste, because the challenge reacts like Hard mode, so you might as well train in the arena you are going to fight in.
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    These are all tips for challenge 6:

    Last round is near impossible without boost dodging, so learn how to do it.

    Use emps to destroy flying robots at beginning of round 2.

    At beginning of round 3 throw grenade where foot soldiers spawn once the words "round 3" disappears from your screen.If timed correctly it should wipe out all the foot soldiers.

    Also at the beginning of round 3 shoot the flame robot in the back gas tank, it will explode. Shoot the shoulder mounted gun of other robot. Shoot all robots in the face until they are blind.

    At beginning of round 4 use LFE gun on the rolling robots and then focus on the flying drones.

    At beginning of round 5 use LFE gun on rolling robots.

    Save both lock-on lasers for final round and use upgrade on lock-on lasers to get ammo.

    Make sure the giant robots destroy as little cover as possible because it will be needed for final round.
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    Not a solution as there are plenty of videos and guides for this around. This is just a tip that could make the last round a bit easier, once you've got down to just you and the bogeys instead of concentrating on one bogey try to take them both down to as low health as possible (I had them both on about 5% health maybe less). Make sure you have a few rounds left in the LOL, now finish off one of the bogeys with an AR or HMG, doesn't need to be the blue one as you wont need the rocket ammo. As soon as one is dead switch to the LOL take the other out. If you got their health low enough one or two shots from the LOL should do the trick, this way you don't need to worry about the second bogey going off the rails when you kill his counterpart. Hope this helps.
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