Tactical Challenger achievement in Vanquish (Xbox 360)

Tactical Challenger

Complete all of the Tactical Challenges in VANQUISH.

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How to unlock the Tactical Challenger achievement

  • AhndhiAhndhi313,230
    14 Nov 2010 14 Nov 2010 14 Nov 2010
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    For stage 6, here's the method that worked for me.

    First off, be aware of where the important weapons are. There are three HMGs. One near where you start, one north of the statue and one south. There's a Lock-On Laser at the base of the stairs, and one far to it's east (if the statue is north). I try to save the lasers for round five, but you may want to use one for the Bogey in round two until you master it. There are some EMP grenades behind some sandbags southeast of the statue. These are all very important.

    Round one:

    A dozen red gorgies and a Crystal Viper. Pick off the gorgies with the Assault Rifle or Heavy Machine Gun, then finish the Crystal Viper with the Shotgun. Keep an eye on the radar for when the Crystal Viper rushes you and listen for his footsteps as well. Mash X to intercept him. Do not pick up the upgrade. Try to replace the shotgun with the LFE gun (one of the gorgies drops it) before the start of...

    Round two:

    Four red gorgies, 2 gold gorgies, 10 heli-bots, and Bogey. If the statue in the center is north from where you begin, then get ready for the bots spawning just southeast of the statue. you can hit them quick enough with a shot with the LFE you can take all three out. Next hit as many of the 5 heli-bots spawning near you as you can with the HMG. Scurry to the area behind the statue, where more heli-bots are spawning. Take out as many of them as you can. Until you can get to round 5 consistently, you should actually take out the helis with EMP grenades, since it knocks the right out of the sky. However, you'll need as many resources as possible for the final fight. Now you've got Bogey and a smattering of gorgies. Try your best to stay behind cover and pick Bogey apart with the HMG. Take out the gorgies when possible. When Bogey says "Aim carefully", either get away from him or go into AR mode and shoot the two little purple satellites he throws. They'll overheat you if you're near them.

    Round three:

    Five gorgies, two drill Romanovs, three range romanovs. Stand near where you begin and throw a grenade (non-EMP) at the spawning bubble in the center. Throw it just after the words "Stage 6: Round 3" disappear. This will destroy the five gorgies. Then immediately take cover behind the non-destructible cover to the right of the sandbags and edge to the right. Hopefully the flamer Romanov won't move. One of the drill Romanovs will walk right up to him, at which point, jump out and HMG the flamer's backpack. The explosion will take them both out, leaving three very manageable Romanovs. Shooting their faces off will blind them, making them useless. The surviving Drill Romanov will drop a Rocket Launcher, which I replaced my Assault Rifle with.

    Round four:

    Three ball-bots, 2 red gorgies on Gatling platforms, eight blue gorgies, 2 Scorpion robots. Be ready at the base of the staircase with the LFE. As soon as the ball-bots spawn, roll in and blast them. You should be able to get all three with one shot. Head quickly to the east edge of the map, and ready your HMG. A gatling will rise up from below the edge. Take him out and turn around. Scoot right through and past the blue gorgies. Keep moving and they aren't much of a threat. Keep an eye on the sky. When you spot the other Gatling gorgie, take him out with the HMG. Now dance around the map, leading the blue gorgies and scorpions, while picking the gorgies off one by one with the HMG. When they're gone, take out the scorpions. They absorb a lot of bullets, but they're easy once you get them alone. As you finish off the second scorpion, replace your HMG with one of the Lock-On Lasers and ready your EMPs and your LFE.

    Round five:

    Nine ball-bots. Alpha Bogey. Bravo Bogey. As the ball-bots spawn in, be there and be ready with the LFE. Take them out as quickly as possible. The LFE will kill them through obstacles, so use your radar primarily for this part to guide yourself to them. When its just you and the Bogeys, the suffering can really begin. Try to focus on the blue one since he drops a Rocket Launcher. Use your EMP grenades liberally. When you've knocked one out of the sky, or when he's hovering for an attack, blast him with the Rocket Launcher. Once you're out of ammo for the RL, pick up the upgrade the Crystal Viper dropped 15 minutes ago. This will replenish your rockets and decrease the lock-on time. At all other times, be firing the LOL. Six direct rocket hits will take out one of the bogeys, so the rockets and lasers should be all you need. Remember where the EMP grenades and spare LOL are so you can replenish them when you're out.

    So that's how to kill them. As for how to stay alive... That you'll have to learn the hard way. Stay moving constantly, but you'll need to try to find cover when you overheat. Cigarettes can distract the Bogeys, but you only get three. After that you'll have to rely on EMPs and/or luck.

    Know what you're getting into. This is the hardest achievement I've ever done by far, and I've completed Super Meat Boy. That was a walk in the park by comparison. Be ready to dedicate more time to this stage than you did to the other 49 achievements combined. If you can be content with a 950 gamerscore, this might be the time for it.

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    VoragaAfter about 13-14 hours over 2 days, a grenaded sacrificial controller (still haven't found the pieces), a nearly sprained hand, and discovering a new probably unhealthy level of rage, I beat it. Felt like I had to share my success.
    Posted by Voraga on 17 Jul 19 at 03:05
    Ok so not necessarily a guide but something I noticed when playing and trying to complete this achievment. So I noticed while playing on my xbox 1 it kept asking me to choose what system I played on last and I always chose cancel. Well i would always get to the 3rd or fourth round each time with minimal hassle and a few time to the 5the round. One time during the boot up I chose my xbox one console as the last played on and started up the 6th challenge and had at it. I was utterly destoyed during the first round and barely ever made it to the second round and once to the third. So after a week of this and wondering where my skill went I tried something out. I went back on my 360 console loaded up the game and synced my cloud and started the game and challenge. Messed around for a minute then exited out turned off the system and loaded up my xbox one again and started up the game. It asked me again what system I played on and I canceled it out and started up challenge 6. Not only was the game significantly easier but I was back to reaching the last stage of challenge 6 and ultimately beating it tonight. I hope this helps whoever goes after this achievment it was a serious pain and dont think I would have been able to complete it without this trick and of course the boost
    Posted on 29 Mar 20 at 01:19
    BrutexCHieftainCan someone explain to me why my challenge 1 is still lock even after finishing the campaign (twice) and unlocking challenge 2 - 5? I'm playing backwards compatible on the Xbox one.

    I replayed the first act in a new campaign without skipping the tutorial and that seems to have done it.
    Posted by BrutexCHieftain on 24 Nov 20 at 21:46
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  • L33to IIL33to II155,918
    24 Nov 2010 24 Nov 2010 24 Nov 2010
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    Challenge #6 Walkthrough

    Beat it last night after 2 hours.

    * ALWAYS keep an eye on your radar and boost meter: inattention to either can be fatal.
    * MASTER boost-dodging
    * Have a plan and know your next move at all times
    * Your starting point (where you begin the challenge) is the best place to begin each wave.
    * Like in God Hard, luck is a big factor. Sometimes you will catch lucky breaks, sometimes you just won't be able to survive what the game throws at you. Just keep trying.
    * Besides the View Hounds in Wave 2, there is no firm rule on when to use EMP's. You have six total for this challenge (3 start and 3 to pick up), use them wisely and at your discretion.

    Wave 1: Boost over to the tan barricade on the right, near where all the red Gorgies spawn. As they warp in, toss 2 frags to kill a bunch straight off. Shotgun any stragglers then weave in and around the map picking them off with the shotgun 1 or 2 at a time. Stay constantly mobile! When the Viper is the last one standing you are in the clear as he is very easy by himself. Simply stay mobile and "entice" him into the sword-dash for the easy QTE. With practice, this should be an extremely easy wave. Do not touch the upgrade the Viper drops. Swap out shotgun for Lock-On Laser before Wave 2 starts, have EMP's ready and take cover behind the barricade you were facing at the start of the challenge.

    Wave 2: Have the LOL "folded out" and ready to fire (holding down RT) before Bogey appears. Hit him, diveroll back/to the side, AR (go into slo mo) and lock/fire on him again. Repeat as much as possible until he breaks off to the side. Make sure you don't get so preoccupied with him that the View Hounds (flying bots) sneak up on you! As soon as they begin to approach, toss an EMP in their general direction. As long as it lands anywhere in the general vicinity, it will take them all down. The Gorgies will usually not come up the stairs to harass you, but if they do, you must kill them ASAP. Regardless, your first priority is taking down Bogey. Continue the cycle of quick bursts of dodge, AR, fire, repeat until the LOL runs empty. If you hit him with most or all of your ammo he should be close to dead. Quickly finish him off with the HMG or assault rifle. Take cover and catch your breath, most of the time the remaining Gorgies will still be below the stairs trying to fire on you. Pick them off at your leisure. Swap the LOL for a shotgun, make sure your HMG is refilled, and get back to the start point. Again, not too difficult a wave as long as you aggressively take out Bogey and maintain situational awareness of the other enemies.

    Wave 3: As soon as "Challenge 6 Wave 3" disappears from the screen, toss your remaining frag into the center-most warp field from your start point. This should kill off the red Gorgies. Now here comes the tricky part. Roll + AR to the left and use HMG to destroy the turret on the left shoulder of the Rocket Romanov. Get back in cover then roll + AR to the right and blow the tank on the Flame Romanov when his drill buddy is near him. If the drill does not get close enough, kill the flame guy anyway, you don't have the time to waste. Your goal is to destroy the heads of all the Rocket/Drill Romanovs, once you do they are little or no threat to you. Use AR + HMG for this and watch your damn radar for those drills! Boost-dodging should get you up to the Rocket who stands near the statue. Use the statue as cover and blow off his head. Be careful for the drills coming in to join the party, use an EMP if in a pinch. Pay attention for the uber-missile fired by the Rockets as it is a golden opportunity to kill it and anything near it if you can AR and detonate the missile quickly enough. When the only things left are beheaded Romanovs, restock your ammo and swap the shotgun for an LFE. Pick up the 3 extra EMP's if you ran out, and get back to the start.

    Wave 4: The beginning will be pretty frantic. Use AR dodges and the LFE to kill off the ball turrets and blue ninja Gorgies as fast as you can. Keep an eye out for the gatling platforms and HMG them the instant they appear ASAP. When you are down to the double Bia's, resist the temptation to pick up the rocket launcher. Boost-dodge constantly, use cover, and wear them down with HMG and shotgun. The shotgun in particular is very effective against them at close range, but the risk matches the reward in that case, unless you can separate them. When they deploy their purple mini-turrets, go into AR and spray in a horizontal line with the assault rifle, usually this will wipe them out off the bat. Do NOT let them corner you or get in close in scorpion form, boost-dodge away from them constantly and HMG them. When bipedal you can be a little more aggressive with the shotgun. Once you are down to one Bia with little health left, start planning for the next wave. Ensure that when he dies you either have, or are ready to quickly pick up, the following: HMG, LFE, and the rocket launcher. Know where that upgrade cube from Wave 1's Viper is, as well.

    Wave 5: Same script as before with the ball turrets. Boost-dodge like crazy to avoid their fire and prevent the Bogeys from nailing you. Thankfully you need not be too precise with the LFE. I stayed on top of the staircase and let the ball turrets come to me then quickly took them out. Watch your radar; the instant you've killed all the balls, get out your rocket launcher and start pummeling Blue Bogey. Grab the upgrade to reload and decrease lock-on time and put those 3 rockets into his face as well. This should kill him or put him at the very brink of death. Immediately finish him off with whatever you have. The sliding-EMP trick works well if you can get them close enough for it (Throwing an EMP while boosting immediately detonates it around you).

    Now comes the hard part. Red Bogey will go utterly batshit and start flying/weaving like a mosquito on crack. You will have a VERY hard time hitting him with any solid sustained fire. Use your radar to keep track of him and never lose sight of him if you can help it. When he uses the massive death-ray laser, boost-dodge frantically as it approaches you and it should miss. When he spams the ridiculously long lasting barrage of homing lasers, it's time to boost-dodge from side to side like you never have in your freaking life. You will probably still get hit by a few, but hopefully not enough to put you into critical AR. The key here is not to be consumed by nervousness at trying to survive. You need to take advantage of every small opportunity you have to hit him. The longer he stays alive the more chance he has to nail you and you are starting the challenge from scratch. If you can grab the second LOL on the map and a full HMG you should be in good shape. BOOST-DODGE CONSTANTLY. I killed him with my remaining scraps of assault rifle ammo, and whatever HMG ammo remaining I could find. Any time he is semi stationary, AR and unload on him with HMG as much as you can. This is why it is critical you never lose sight of him or you will miss out on these chances. Good luck. It is one hugely satisfying feeling when he finally crumples and topples backwards. Congratulations you have finished one of the hardest and most intense gaming challenges in recent memory.
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    o0PixelJunky0ocheapest challenge in gaming history,i'll get it,but it will leave a big srain on my Vanquish experience,this IS bad game design..2 bad
    Posted by o0PixelJunky0o on 04 Jan 11 at 13:31
    SlitheThanks for the guide, helped a great deal in getting the chiev!
    Posted by Slithe on 14 May 11 at 21:27
    lidddlol definetly not bad game design ha ha
    Posted by liddd on 16 May 11 at 23:52
    21 Apr 2011 27 Apr 2011
    17 0 5
    Something that is a must do in these challenges to complete them is boost dodging,this involves pressing the boost slide move for about a second and then rolling out the constant use of this move when getting shot at makes it exremly hard for enemies to hit you and therefore making your life a lot easier.I tried to do challenge six for over a fortnight just using normal methods of shooting from cover and occasionaly sliding out to pick up weapons and ammo but it seemed that i would die everytime.I found that the key to beating this challenge is to always be moving very fast and then occasionaly stopping in cover if you feel its safe to recharge or reload for example,but the use of this slide doge technique helped immensly so i would advise anyone trung for this achievment/trophie to master this skill as you WILL need it
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    THT1COUNTSASMYNjust persevere with them you will do them eventually trust me,i nearly gave up many times but i still carried on lol
    Posted by THT1COUNTSASMYN on 24 Jul 11 at 19:42
    LeeVEGETA@ Lord Terentius, the challenges can be unlocked by playing normal difficulty as well. Not sure if its they can be unlocked via Casual/Casual auto, but my first play through was on normal and I unlocked them that way.
    Posted by LeeVEGETA on 15 Sep 11 at 14:12
    KJer25The method described in the solution above is known as the boost cancel. It is essential to learn if you are going for this achievement.
    Posted by KJer25 on 13 May 18 at 14:19
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