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Undead Nightmare Pack

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Undead Nightmare Pack

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Spinning Plates

Have every territory saved at the same time during the Undead Nightmare.

Spinning Plates0
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Achievement Guide for Spinning Plates

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    There are 13 in U.S.A. and 10 in Mexico. They are the games main towns and settlements. It would probably be a good idea to unlock Mexico before going for this but I found that you have plenty of time as I wasted a lot of time looking for undead horses and was still able to get it. Make sure you don't save or fast travel as both waste lots of in-game time. Get one undead horse, War is best, and ride. Alternatively if you have already beaten the game then you could clear these with Death which is considerably easier.

    Here is a list of all the locations:


    West Elizabeth towns
    1. Blackwater
    2. Cochinay
    3. Manzanita Post
    4. Pacific Union R.R. Camp

    New Austin towns
    5. Thieves Landing
    6. MacFarlane's Ranch
    7. Twin Rocks
    8. Armadillo
    9. Fort Mercer- Always safe
    10. Plainview
    11. Ridgewood Farm
    12. Rathskeller Fork
    13. Gaptooth Breach


    1. Escalera
    2. Nosalida
    3. Tesoro Azul
    4. Chuparosa
    5. Las Hermanas
    6. Agave Viejo
    7. Casa Madrugada- Always safe
    8. El Presidio- Always safe
    9. El Matadero
    10. Torquemada

    Fort Mercer, Casa Madrugada and El Presidio are always safe but you still need to go to these places. If your map doesn't show the ? Status Unknown then simply ride near a town and they will be added to your map. The ones that are safe will show a crucifix and towns under attack will have an undead hand.

    If you are unsure what to do next or how to get to mexico just do all the available survivor missions. Start> Journal> Survivors. After about 48-72 hours in-game time the towns will come under attack and if you don't help they will eventually be overrun and survivors will start to die. This achievement will still unlock if any town is overrun and all survivors are dead.

    Edit: Some people have reported that even though they had 13 in N. America and 9 in Mexico saved the achievement didn't unlock until they finished up with the story. This is because Escalera also needs to be done for this achievement. It can be done before or after the story. Thanks to africansk8er for pointing this out.

    Another quick note courtesy of RazgriZ FX is that to do Las Hermanas you will need to talk to the Nun just outside of town to gain access. Just so no one wanders around the town trying to figure out how to save it.

    Edit: A few people have had some problems with Torquemada. To save Torquemada you must ride around the east side and up to the top to save the town. The little unknown symbol isn't exactly accurate.
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