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Undead Nightmare Pack

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Undead Nightmare Pack

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Mad Marston: The Trail Warrior

Attain Rank 5 in all Undead Nightmare Challenges.

Mad Marston: The Trail Warrior0
03 November 2018 - 3 guides

How to unlock the Mad Marston: The Trail Warrior achievement

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    There are four challenges in this dlc:

    Four Horses of the Apocalypse:
    Pestilence is often found in Tall Trees, I found him where you finish Birth of the Conservation Movement mission. War is located somewhere between Gaptooth Breach and Armadillo, I found him just south of Twin Peaks. Famine is in mexico around Torquemada or Chuparosa or Perdido, and you get Death for completing the dlc story. After you complete this challenge you will earn the Bloodpacts (deeds) for all four horses.

    Undead Hunter:
    For the kill 2 Bears, 3 cougars, and 5 wolves with the torch simply get on Pestilence or Death and swing the torch around with RT. You can find all of these animals in Tall Trees. Cougars and wolves can also be found just east of Torquemada as Guugley was kind enough to point out.

    Undead Sharpshooter:
    For Rank 3 equip a henry repeater and then open you inventory and equip Phosphorus bullets and get 5 head shots in one dead-eye meter. I did this at Jorge's Gap in U.S.A. To get phosphorus bullets you have to select them from your kit. But first you need to collect 5 desert sage and 5 violet snowdrops and give them to Nigel West Dickens during the first task of his mission A Cure for Most of What Ails You.
    For Rank 4 You need to kill one of very kind of undead in one dead-eye meter. They are the Big Bruiser types (chubbies) Retchers which are greenish, Hunters or Bolters, which are the very skinny undead that crawl on all fours and the Normal undead. At least two of each will spawn at El Presidio
    For Rank 5 Since you are already at El Presidio just stay far enough away that the undead won't rush you and snipe as many heads as you can within 8 seconds. You only need 5, not too hard. *JCKellner had a clever way to do this one: Run up to the undead with a sniper rifle and execute them by simply tapping RT when you are close enough. You will do an execution which is a guaranteed headshot.* Thanks for the info!

    Treasure Hunter:
    To find a map visit the cabin in Aurora's Basin or stop at any camp site with a chest. Be sure to kill the guy there or he will shoot at you for stealing his shit. I'll leave a link to a great video on the locations of treasure.
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    ThunderPeel2001 Additional: It took me FOREVER to find Cougars. I searched and searched and searched. Eventually I found one in the Fort Mercer area (actually south of Fort Mercer, but others say they found them north). Eventually one will appear. Just make sure you kill it (it doesn't matter how) and others will spawn.

    It seemed the spawning worked faster if I searched the corpses, but that might just be random timing and nothing else.

    Now doesn't this guide cover Rank 5 of hunting??

    Edit: Ok for Rank 5 you need to kill the legendary Chupacabra. I just rode between Chuparrosa and Las Hermanas and I was alerted a mythical creature was in the area. Super easy to kill while riding Death!
    Posted by ThunderPeel2001 on 30 Sep 18 at 23:23
    ThunderPeel2001 I can verify that all the solutions, including the phosphorus bullet one, work absolutely fine. The sniper rifle RT trick was especially good. I did both of these in a few minutes outside El Presidio.

    One thing to note with the phosphorus bullets is that they don't last a huge amount of time, and when you change gun, they seem to stop. So my advice is: Get a gun that can fire at least four bullets without reloading. Reload to ensure you won't break Dead Eye to reload. Then go outside El Presidio and make sure you can see all four zombie types.

    Then trigger Phosphorus bullets from your Kit menu, and then go into Dead Eye. Shoot several of some types just to be absolutely sure. It should be VERY easy.

    Just treasure hunting and that damn cougar/torch one to go. Thanks!
    Posted by ThunderPeel2001 on 01 Oct 18 at 11:26
    SiRFaPaLoT420 Seriously can’t find pestilence
    Posted by SiRFaPaLoT420 on 22 Nov 18 at 09:25
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