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Undead Nightmare Pack

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Smoke that Skinwagon

Make it to wave 15 in Undead Overrun Gametype in Multiplayer.

Smoke that Skinwagon0
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Achievement Guide for Smoke that Skinwagon

  • Lt DavoLt Davo176,974
    03 Nov 2010 03 Nov 2010 03 Jun 2012
    93 3 16
    This is a time-limited game. The faster you work, the further you will get. When the coffin appears, everyone should rush to it together. One player opens it while the others provide cover. Kill the hordes as quickly as possible. When a teammate goes down, revive him as soon as you safely can, because you need him/her to be killing zombies instead of laying on the ground. If your goal is to progress as many levels as possible, you have to work as quickly as possible.

    Use your dynamite and other thrown weapons. They are very powerful. Dynamite, in particular, is in long supply; there's no reason to save it for a special occasion.

    All that being said, the secret to winning this achievement has only two words: casual aim. Go to Options, Config and change your multiplayer targeting mode to casual. This setting causes you to automatically lock on to targets' heads, which is exactly what you need when fighting the undead. You can always change it back to normal or expert after winning the achievement. Get your teammates to do the same, and you should have no problem making it past level 14 and well beyond.

    EDIT incorporating some of the comments:
    1) You can expect it to take about 10-15 minutes to complete level 14.
    2) The Long Shot class works really well.
  • Shadow ScythianShadow Scythian136,714
    28 Oct 2010 29 Oct 2010
    40 0 6
    This Achievement can be tricky to obtain since the time limit you have and the further the waves the stronger the Undead are.

    The Best bet is to have 4 people in your game, and always run for the coffins straight away since you gain an extra 1 minute and ammo for weapons, you can also obtain either Undead Bait or Holy Water from Coffins so keep them. I suggest using a Shotgun or a good rifle to pick of the Undead. The First 10 waves are easy to pass by just all try to kill as many Undead as possible and fast and go for headshots. Once you reach around Wave 11 or so, it becomes tricky as you will have probably lost alot of time, try and save your undead bait and holy water for later rounds as they are key to success, since around wave 13 there will be hundreds of Undead, simply use a Undead bait to lure them in and Holy Water to strick loads down.
    If any teammate gets down don't pick him up straight away unless you know theres no Undead around you, if theres loads simply throw an undead bait and revive your team mate.

    Hope this helps anyone.
  • End FuhzEnd Fuhz81,487
    16 Mar 2011 16 Mar 2011
    29 2 5
    To add on to everything else that was stated;
    switch your aim to casual.(go into options and switch multiplayer aim to casual)
    trust me. I did it with randoms and i got 250+ kills with 40,000 points myself. Also use dead eye alot. It poped for me at round 14 when i went into sudden death and died. So I can confirm you can get it in round 14
  • KeanuReedsKeanuReeds343,813
    11 Mar 2011 23 Jun 2011 11 Mar 2013
    20 2 0
    this achievement is very simple
    first of all change your multiplayer aiming to casual (that way you will autolock to the head)
    i personally suggest using the long shot class and using the rifle that comes with it, because it can kill a zombie with 1 shot to the head
    you can easily do this in a public lobby with randoms
    i got 100,000+ points and it unlocks once you complete round 14 you do not have to complete round 15
  • Exalted EntityExalted Entity492,618
    24 Apr 2012 24 Apr 2012
    15 1 1
    Get 4 players together, first and foremost. They do not need to be pros, they just need to know how to shoot, and how to not run into zombies.

    Always open the Coffin. Use Bait if you have to for the Zombies (Press LB, select Dynamite, move D-pad to the right once or twice). It gives you more ammo + time. If you run out of time, you will go into sudden death, and unless you are a pro at "circling" Call of Duty: Black Ops style, you will die. Of course, my strategy is for people who are complete noobs at this game, so please, just open all coffins.

    The first 11 waves are just surviving and clearing. Stay around the periphery of the map (do not stay near the buildings, go run as far outward as you can). If you are near the buildings, the Zombies will spawn in a circular formation and converge in on you. If you are all spread out around the periphery, then the zombies will have to spread out and look for you. Use the Close Range weapons, and blast them away with the pistols, dynamites, and shotguns.

    As soon as the 11th wave starts, spread out. Do not go near your team mates. If one of them is down, leave them (this is not harsh, I will explain why soon). Try to kill as many as you can, and then throw bait when you are being overwhelmed. Follow that quickly by 2 dynamites to cover the entire horde that just ran to the bait (you can throw the bait as far as you want, the zombies will all go there). While you are throwing the bait, and before or during you throwing the dynamite, have another team mate go revive anyone that is down. If you have 3 team mates up, use the 3rd one to help kill / bait the zombies too.

    Continue this until you complete the 14th wave, and the achievement will pop.

    Congratulations, you won.
  • Pixel Smash 93Pixel Smash 93185,219
    31 Jan 2011 29 Aug 2011 16 Sep 2011
    14 2 2
    The Undead over run game type was made harder with the last title update.

    Edit this has now been put back to old settings It is now very easy to obtain the achievement

    When you get down to sudden death Either by running out of time or being the last guy standing
    The game automatically spawns Retchers These things spew explosive stuff at you and will destroy your team in an instant

    They spawn anyway on later waves but are no where near as aggressive or powerful.

    So a few tips and some good news.

    In undead over run you fight unlimited waves of stronger enemy's Sound familiar ?
    Sadly A button cover isn't available here.

    As said above set your aim to casual this is a great help as you can often shoot the undead from afar.

    I like the long ranger as Bolt rifle head shots are quick kills.

    The coffins are key to both ammo and time which = overall survival.

    Blackwater ( cant remember the name ) Is a good map for it
    As its a nice big open space with fair coffin spawn points.

    Holy water is a great friend of yours but its in tiny supply .
    Make sure no team mate is near by where you are going to throw it as they will go down with the fireworks too.
    Throw it at waves stuck close for a nice display and some easy kills.

    Try and guess where the coffin will spawn as on later waves the timer is close to just 30 seconds

    Ultimately working as a team is the best way to go.
  • IllustriousYetiIllustriousYeti205,923
    06 Jul 2014 07 Jul 2014 07 Jul 2014
    6 1 0
    Got to wave 33 with 4 people. 2 friends and 1 random. All you have to keep in mind is to save your bait for the run to the coffin each round. Where most people go wrong is ignoring the coffin so they don't get extra time added.
    Then using your semi auto shotgun when slugs are loaded will make it much easier.
    If it helps, I never ran out of ammo with the Mauler class & we did it on the map in the Blackwater cemetery
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