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Kingpin achievement in Red Dead Redemption


Fight off 8 unique players during your time on top during Land Grab in Multiplayer Free Roam.

28 June 2019 - 5 guidesOnline Game ModeVersusPlayers Required

How to unlock the Kingpin achievement

  • Lt DavoLt Davo203,187
    11 Nov 2010 11 Nov 2010 27 Jul 2011
    103 3 9
    "Fight off 8 unique players during your time on top during Land Grab in Multiplayer Free Roam."

    Just in case the requirements of this achievement aren't clear, you have to:
    - Start a Land Grab match in normal or hardcore free roam. Friendly free roam doesn't have Land Grab. It can be either a private or public session.
    - Kill 8 unique attackers in that match while you're in possession of the land. If you lose your claim during the match, you can reclaim it and continue where you left off. If the match ends before you get 8 unique kills, you'll have to start over in a new match.
    - "Unique" attackers means 8 different players. Killing the same player more than once won't count.
    - Players in your posse don't count as attackers.
    - To maintain your claim on the land, you have to stay inside the blue circle, but the attackers don't have to be inside the blue circle when you kill them. (Thanks to DeceptiveTen for the info.)

    One way to unlock the achievement is for 9 or more players to boost it together in a private free roam session. You can probably get 2 or 3 or more players boosted during one Land Grab match. After the first match is over, the whole group will have to transport over to another town and start another match. It should only take about 30 minutes to get everyone boosted, assuming everyone has headsets and is working together. (Afterward, you may want to make sure everyone has the "Posse Up" achievement before everyone goes their separate ways.)

    If you want to earn this achievement legit, I wish you luck, because I don't think it will be easy. The biggest problem with attempting this achievement in a random public free roam is that you can't count on 8 players challenging you. Even in a full free roam, a few players are probably going to be clearing hideouts, working on public enemy challenges, or whatever, and they won't drop what they're doing to play Land Grab with you. Unfortunately, you have no control over this, and it's why boosting might be necessary.

    If you still want to try getting it legit, first make sure you have decent weapons: dynamite, high power or Mauser pistol, etc. Don't try this at rank 1 with nothing but a Cattleman revolver and a melee knife. If your rank is low, get weapons from hideouts or from killing higher-ranked players. Also, it wouldn't hurt to clear out one of the Liars and Cheats hideouts first, so you can bring the explosive rifle with you.

    It will also help to use casual aim, to boost your ability to lock on to targets. This is no time to be an auto-aim snob! To do this, go to Options, Config and change your multiplayer targeting mode to casual. You can change it back to normal or expert after unlocking the achievement.

    As you get kills, invite the players you've killed to join your posse. One reason for doing this is to help you keep track of who you've killed and who you haven't. The other reason is that if they join your posse, they may decide to stop trying to kill you, and you may even be able to convince them to help you.

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    EthigyGreat solution!
    Posted by Ethigy on 02 Jan 18 at 19:19
    RadgetaLooking for 4-5 more to boost this and other RDR MP achievements. Have a group of 3-4 currently.

    If interested please message me on Live. My GT: is Radgeta. We will see if our schedules work to make it happen.
    Posted by Radgeta on 15 Mar at 20:47
    nufc connorDM me to boost
    Posted by nufc connor yesterday at 13:25
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  • MitchOssMitchOss229,906
    26 Oct 2010 09 Nov 2010 09 Nov 2010
    51 4 9
    This cheevo is extremely hard to get without boosting. So find 8 other players and start up a Private Free Roam session. Go to a Land Grab marker on the map (my group used Blackwater) and group up there. Have 8 ppl hug each other and the person who wants the cheevo has to start the Land Grab and throw a Dynamite stick at the 8 ppl.. They should all blow up instantly and your cheevo should pop :D. When everybody respawns go back to the Land Grab marker and its the next guy's turn. Easy as pie.

    If the timer runs out before every one gets the cheevo, wait a few mins for the Land Grab marker to reset, or go to another one.

    With this method it took my group about 10 minutes for every one to get the cheevo. You can also shoot the 8 players or kill them in what ever way you like, Dynamite is the fastest tho.
    We were not in a Posse, i dont know if it matters for the cheevo. A big thanks to the people who helped me get it :D
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    eL JuN1oRanyone still trying to boost this msg me if you do or are willing to help out please i cant find enough players and it seems no one is boosting this anymore thanks
    Posted by eL JuN1oR on 11 Jun 12 at 18:00
    Oceans 4 RansomStill looking for this one... trying to boost but its getting slim out there.
    Posted by Oceans 4 Ransom on 04 Oct 15 at 21:34
    FellAnubis1986Anybody who's up for this one message me
    Posted by FellAnubis1986 on 16 Aug 16 at 05:02
  • M I K 3 IDM I K 3 ID561,287
    19 Aug 2013 27 May 2014
    15 0 0
    This achievement is obviously harder then it was before , now that the servers are shocking!
    Even trying to get your friends in a free roam for this achievement is difficult, these are the problems you mite encounter. This solution is for people wanting to boost the achievement.

    .It taking you more then five minutes to get in a public free roam
    If it takes more then 5-10 mins then I recommend you dashboard it and try again or try go into single player then go to multiplayer , or try get all your team into a friendly free roam , I Haven't had it were it has taken a century to load into a session on that mode , if you manage to get all your friends in there then posse up and search for a public session :)

    .Joining in sessions (not having a gun in your hand or you or your friends or players in the session being invisible)
    There are ways you can fix this problem , try going into the transport system and then cancel transport or just keep killing yourself with dynamite or jumping in the river or off a cliff and hopefully you will come back and have your guns and be able to see your team mates , if that doesn't work then try going into private match with your team then try going back to public free roam. Or go to one of the towns e.g. Armadillo and go into a Shootout game , should be a icon in town you can click on to get in one , then your team joins that then back out into public free roam with your team and hopefully you should all be fine.

    .If your mount doesn't spawn when you call it
    This one pretty much the same as the last one , just cancel transport or kill yourself.

    The only other problems are the town foke and lawmen not spawning but that won't be a problem. Good luck getting your achievement and I hope this has helped some of you ! :D
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