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Man of 1,004 Holds

Perform a total of 1,004 signature and finishing moves in any mode of play (Offline).

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  • TaffMasterTaffMaster181,145
    01 Nov 2010 01 Nov 2010 30 Dec 2010
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    Man of 1,004 Holds - 100GS - Perform a total of 1,004 signature and finishing moves in any mode of play (Offline).

    Unfortunately it isnt confirmed whether this has to be done in one match, or one session without turning the xbox off, or with one superstar.

    This is the way I got the achievement, so I can confirm it works.

    This method takes between 1 and a half to 2 and a half hours. I read the other guides for this but didnt feel they went into the details enough that can help you get this quicker.

    First go to my WWE - > Options - > Gameplay options -> Match Options - > In game options and change the difficulty to Easy, and make sure the stamina system is turned off. Then Click A. Your settings will save.

    Now choose Gameplay Balance Options - > AI Reversal Balancing and reduce all sliders to as low to the left as they go. This will prevent any reversals in the match

    Next change Damage Balancing and turn Finisher Strength as high as it will go. This helps you get to a quicker

    Click B till you get back to the main menu, and choose Play. - > One on One -> Ladder. The reason we do a ladder match is so it prevents any freak pins by your opponent ending the match.

    Choose to play as Sheamus (due to his good signature and finishing moves),

    As your opponent pick either the Druid (if youve unlocked him), or Santino Marella. These are the weakest characters in the game

    A pop up may now come up asking if you want to schedule this as the first match on the card for WWE Universe - CLICK NO. If you click yes then you run the risk that there may be interference during the match.

    Next click match creator and change the momentum bar charge speed to Fast. This will help us get finishers quicker.

    Click play and the match will start....

    But as soon as it does pause! Go to visual presentation in the pause menu, then camera cuts, and make sure these are off. These can really slow you down.

    Now start the match

    Quickly attack your opponent and as soon as you have a Special use it by clicking Y when your opponent is groggy in front of you to perform a side slam. Pick your opponent up straight away by clicking up on the right stick, then take a step back, hold LB and point towards your opponent and hit Y. Seamus will do a jumping Brogue kick.

    Once you get to 3-4 minutes in your opponent will be so worn down that you can pick him up, tap x three times to perform a series of punched, then Y straight away to hit your signature move, pick him up clicking up on the right stick then step back hold LB and point towards your opponent and hit Y. Repeat for approximately 2 hours and the achievement is yours.

    The achievement is unlocked as soon as you hit the count, you do not have to finish the match and as soon as the achievement pops you can quit.

    Please note - other achievement guides suggest changing a superstars finishing moves - this could possibly make it quicker so may be worth doing, but I havent fully tested this myself.

    EDIT - To make it even faster Benjy666 reccomends editing the finisher and signature moves of your wrestler to Boxing Ground Punches. After your opponent is worn down enough you can get into the following loop:

    (Standing at your opponent's head with them lying down on their back)
    Right stick left/right (Shamus lifts their head and punches it a few times, this is already his move) -> Y (Boxing Ground Punches signature move) -> Y (Boxing Ground Punches finisher) ...and repeat. This loop can be achieved every 10 seconds, making the achievement unlock within 2 hours.
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    QUICK NOTES: According to some gamers, this achievement has to be done in one match. I, for one, did not do this because I did slightly over 800 in a match and the achievement unlocked, it would make sense that this achievement is tallied.

    CONFIRMED: This is a tally achievement, it does NOT have to be done in one match despite what people tell you, If you go to the main menu or dashboard without saving any data, you will lose all your tallies. Make sure Auto-Save is on and double save to make sure. People just do this in one match anyway and say that it has to just so you will do it.

    DESCRIPTION ANALYSIS: It says you must do 1004 signatures and finishers in any match type, some think you must do 1004 of each, some think its 1004 between the two. It is not confirmed yet but I doubt I did 1004 of each when I achieved this.

    Step 1: Create a Moveset
    - Assign a Superstar or a CAW with Knee Drop 5 (has the quickest animation) as a signature move and a finisher move.
    - Assign any other attack (preferably a quick one also) to ground facing up grapple.

    Step 2: Option Tweeking
    - Go to Game Balancing and adjust all sliders for AI Reversal Rate to the lowest (left)
    - Set the sliders for Momentum gains for attacks to Max (right)
    - Set Difficulty to EASY
    - Turn Stamina OFF
    - Set Momentum Charge to FAST
    - Make Sure KO is turned off and Time limit is NO LIMIT

    Step 3: Match Making (1p vs CPU) (Note: Does not work with 2 players)
    - Go to a Normal Match and choose your tweeked character
    - Fight against anyone of your choice (druid is the weakest)
    - Attack him with regular attacks for the first few full momentum gains, you will now have your momentum at the highest charge speed.
    - Knock your opponent to the ground, use your signature move, you will then gain a special move, use the special move, after finisher use your regular ground grapple to instantly get another signature. RINSE and REPEAT (You will get one signature and one finisher off every 8-9 seconds if done fast enough)
    - The opponent will not counter you at all.

    CLOSING STATEMENT: You will get this achievement in roughly in hour and a half, it took me an hour because I only did about 800 between signatures and finishers and the achievement unlocked, I recommend this being the last achievement you attempt.
    Also, put on some music, or talk to someone while doing this, you will have it in no time at all.
  • Nefarus FoxNefarus Fox220,666
    23 Jan 2011 23 Jan 2011
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    Hey guys just finished this achievement - it does not need to be done in one match but if you got the time go for it. I did it with the Rock and the Druid. I did a hell in a cell match and if you can corner him in a corner without stairs just do the punches and then signature spinebuster and rock jumps up by his head and his finisher outside the ring is a knee drop.

    I played an 60-90 minutes today and counted out 650 sigs and finishers and the achievement finally popped. But I also had played with the rock quite a bit before hand so that helped.
  • skier13skier13192,688
    22 Feb 2011 22 Feb 2011
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    THIS DOES NOT NEED TO BE DONE IN ONE MATCH!!! although its alot easier to do it in bunches. I did 250 signatures and finishers a day for 3 days then did about 230 on the forth day when achievement popped. So this IS cumulative in wwe universe, however i dont believe road to wrestlemania is included
  • HordrissHordriss87,195
    23 Oct 2011 23 Oct 2011
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    I can confirm that for me, I did not need to do this in one match. However, I do believe that all 1004 sigs/finishers need to be done with the same wrestler.

    I was doing a mammoth session assuming I'd need to do it in one match, and the achievement popped when I got to move number 867.

    However, if you want to go for it in one match, here's what I recommend (seeing as I had to do nearly 900 in one go, it might as well been the full 1004!). The 867 took me about an hour and 15 minutes (according to the in-game clock as shown on the highlights screen).

    First of al l, make sure you're not tired and the room you're in is fairly well ventilated. I'm totally serious about that, is doing it in one hit gets so monotonous, you will start feeling sleepy! I had to fight it off for sure.

    Secondly, I recommend getting a powerful wrestler and amending their moveset so all their signatures and finishers are the Boxing Ground Punch. Also, amend their head grapple move where the opponent is on the ground facing up is the Knee Drop 2. Once you've hit a few signatures and finishers, that knee drop will automatically get the momentum bar back up to the level needed for a signature move after you've done your finisher.

    Finally, for the match itself, in the game options, put all damage and momentum sliders up to full, and CPU reversal sliders to minimum, and set the difficulty to easy.

    Make sure the match is in the hell in a cell, cage or elimination chamber, as this will ensure you will have no run-ins in the match. Also make sure options such as KO's and first blood are turned off.

    Good luck!
  • Removed Gamer
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    I have read various guides on how to do this and having now done this twice on two profiles I have actually figured out what to do. It's pretty simple.

    1. This must be done with ONE Superstar. The title of the achievement is a give away on this. I used Sheamus, but anyone rated 90 or above is suitable to get this done quick.

    2. It IS accumulative. You can turn your Xbox off as long as you save your progress (the game does this if you win a match anyway, but it helps to save in the menu manually). I did my second run in three sessions.

    3. It is recommended to use someone on the actual roster and modify their moveset to do this. I have read various things about CAWs ruining this cheevo so steered well clear. Try at your own risk. For Sheamus, I used the Boxing Punch and Knee Drop 5. This way you could keep the opponent grounded and minimise animation time between moves. Turning off Camera Cuts is useful for this too.

    4. It took me 2 hours to get the cheevo in total over 3 sessions. Good luck with this. Having done it twice now, I would not wish this cheevo on my mortal enemy. Once you get a rhythm going though, it pings pretty quick.
  • BlackDragon3980BlackDragon3980258,787
    17 Mar 2017
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    i have read that it dose not have to be in one match
  • mcvizzlerizzlemcvizzlerizzle106,452
    04 May 2011 04 May 2011 23 Aug 2011
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    First and foremost, I would like to say that this achievement is either glitched, or very poorly worded. I have played hundreds of matches, and it still took me 1004 sigs/finishers in one match to get this achievement. This leads me to the conclusion, based on what others have said previously, that this achievement has to be done in one sitting (without exiting the game, turning off the system, or going to the dashboard.)

    The quickest method is to set your fighters sigs and finishers to boxing ground punch. Make sure his ground stunned grapple move is a quick one, and not a sub or something. Turn AI to easy and all the AI sliders down. Turn up all the momentum sliders up. Before you start the match be sure to turn the momentum meter to fast. Also, turn camera angles off, this can be done in the match. Now just beat your opponent until you get in the ground stunned grapple/sig/finisher loop. It took me about an hour and a half. I counted. It took all 1,004.

    This was miserable to try and get, mostly because it wasn't cumulative. If it had been cumulative it would have been cool, but oh well.

    Hope this helps.
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    Just a few tips. I would recommend setting the ground facing up head grapple to Knee Drop 5, as it has a quick animation. The Boxing Punches work well for the finisher, as they are also quick. I found that when I did the knee drop, my momentum did not always fully give me a signature, so I had to do the following loop. Knee Drop, Stomp (x), Boxing Ground Punches (sig), Boxing Ground Punches (fin). It took me about 90 minutes.
  • HighT3chR3dn3ckHighT3chR3dn3ck929,165
    01 Sep 2011 01 Sep 2011
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    I would just like to add, that on various websites some gamers are claiming they had to do it in one match, and some are claiming it is cumulative. It seems pretty 50/50.

    I for one had to do it in one match. It was NOT cumulative for me. I HIGHLY recommend doing it in one match. I tried doing it cumulative and it did not work. I had on auto-save and I saved an extra time after each match.

    It doesn't seem that anyone has established a reason for why some it's cumulative and for others it's not. I just strongly recommend that you do it in one match, and the achievement will pop once you've completed your 1004th signature/finisher.
  • MutionMution71,075 71,075 GamerScore
    04 Jun 2013 05 Jun 2013
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    Mine took me 50mins to do, i guess i already had done alot from playing it before.

    below is a short video i made to show you how i got it
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