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Complete all goals in the progress log.

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How to unlock the Goal Getter achievement

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    There are a total of 24 goals in the game. Completing all of these will not only earn you the achievement but also unlock the Osiris jetpack, the best wings in the game which allow you to gain altitude without the use of thermals. For any goals which require challenges to be completed, see “World Traveler”.

    1) All Blue - Collect all of the blue crystals to unlock Sporelle.
    2) All Pink - Collect all of the pink crystals to activate the Ascension Fan.
    3) All Gold - Collect all of the gold crystals as part of the gate activation process.
    See “Crystal Collector” for information.

    1) Sun Flare – Complete the Lakebed challenge to drain the lake and reveal the Sun Flare. You do not need to beat the goal time.
    2) Varblat’s Coupler – Inside the Snow Cave described below.
    3) Snow Cave – Equip the phoenix wings and from the gold platform fly left past all of the windmills. Next to the end of the village, before you hit the side of the mountain, there is an iced over cave. Just fly towards it and it will melt giving you access.
    4) Power the Gate – Place all six Dimensional Relics (Varblat’s Coupler, Oslanium Sequencer, Spark Housing, Ethereal Harmonic, Tome of Mechanics and Quantum Shifter) in their cradles next to the Dimensional Portal by flying close to them. From the gold platform this is to the left, past the windmills and next to the Squeebil village.
    5) Open the Gate – After completing Power the Gate, fly near the switch next to where you placed the Dimensional Relics to open the gate.
    6) Enter the Portal – Once the gate is opened, descend into the hole next to the previous two goals to complete this final goal.

    Spiral Heights
    1) Sun Flare – Complete the The Wheel Goes Round challenge to reveal the Sun Flare. You do not need to beat the goal time.
    2) Oslanium Sequencer – After completing the Converge goal in Ascension, this will be revealed at the highest point of Spiral Heights.

    1) Sun Flare – Fly through the gap near the top of the temple.
    2) Raising the Dead – Collect all four Sun Flare Crystals and mount them on the smaller temple. Do this by flying close to each pillar around the temple in the bay. This will raise the temple and complete the goal.
    3) Spectral Lens – After completing Raising the Dead, fly through the newly revealed tunnel in the smaller temple to find the Spectral Lens.
    4) Spark Housing - Head through the tunnel on the front of the temple where the water is coming from, then turn around and fly through the back passage, carefully manoeuvring through the sliding doors. It is behind the Squeebil statue.
    5) Collect Fiery Key – Complete the Gathering the Flock challenge to reveal the Fiery Key. You do not need to beat the goal time.

    1) Sun Flare – Complete the Room to Grow challenge to reveal the Sun Flare. You do not need to beat the goal time.
    2) Spectral Lens – From the gold platform fly directly downwards. It’s on a rock at the bottom of the pit.
    3) Ethereal Harmonic – Head to the bottom of the pits and from the Squeebil village fly through the tunnel without the boost next to it. It is through a fairly narrow gap (Dark Tunnel extra) to the left of here.

    1) Spectral Lens - From the green platform head forwards and down and you’ll see it.
    2) Tome of Mechanics - Past the Fiery Gates (described below), on the right hand side of the cave.
    3) Fiery Gates – From the gold platform, head straight down and to the right. To unlock them use the Fiery Key found in Oasis.

    1) Converge – Collect all three Spectral Lenses and mount them on the poles in Ascension. From the starting gold platform, you will find these by flying to the right. All three poles are on the same asteroid and so are hard to miss.
    2) Quantum Shifter – On top of the dome in the middle of the central structure.
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