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Reach New Heights

Complete all goals, challenges and extras in Spiral Heights.

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How to unlock the Reach New Heights achievement

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    Personally, i recommend you completing the game before finishing off Spiral Heights, specifically the red, green and blue platform challenges. Reason being, upon completion you get the Osiris Jet Pack which doesnt loose speed and doesnt require thermals to gain altitude.

    I was originally just going to leave it as the above, less of a guide and more of a hint because i wasted an hour or two buggering around with the Phoenix Wings (without success) trying to complete the affore mentioned challenges but i thought id compile a list of exactly what you have to for this achievement and make it a bit more of a guide.

    All this was written post completion and alot of it from memory so be easy on me - just hope it helps a little.

    So here's what you need to do:

    - Through The Roots - Complete the red platform challenge in 1.10.00 or less. I hated this one, it sucked ass. Why the hell do they make the starting point so far down? I did it about 8th attempt once i had the pattern. I misses a ring, had to circle back round to get it and still beat the time on my successfull attempt so there's room for error.

    - Top to Bottom - Complete green platform challenge in 2.05.00 or less.

    - Into the Heart - Complete blue platform challenge in 1.45.00 or less.

    - Feathered Fiasco - This is the white platform challenge that requires you to collect feathers. I got 32 on my first go and passed so i dont know the minimum requirement on this yet. Anyone with an answer is welcome to comment and this will be updated with due credit.


    - Sun Flare - Complete the Wheel Goes Round challenge. This the Purple platform challenge. Easy way to find it is by flying from the water wheel located at the edge of the lake on the surface of the huge main rock, following the water as it becomes a stream and falls off the cliff face, fly straight for 5 seconds then turn 180 degrees (so your facing back where you came from) and you'll see the big golden hole in the side of the rock on your right. Fly in there and you cant miss the platform. Pick up the spinning wheel just in front of you (by flying just above it) and take it to the water wheel where you just came from.

    - Oslanium Sequence - appears above the big mountain after you have placed all three Spectral Lenses in Ascension. There will be a cut sequence showing it appear in Spiral Heights.


    - Collect all Blue, Pink and Gold crystals.



    - Spiral Landing - Land on the gold platform which is essentially the starting platform. You can jump off it, circle around and land back on it. A stupid extra.

    - Buzz the Squeebills - For this extra you have to fly by the Squeebill Village at terminal velocity. The village is a group of building on the surface with the little flying idiots gathered above. Just fly as high as you can above the village and then dive bomb. I actually crashed in to the middle of the village at full speed and the extra popped up as complete.

    These three i did naturally whilst doing the coloured platform challenges:

    - Top Tunnel - 'Fly through the top entrance of Spiral Heights to enter the inner cove'. You do this naturally for the purple challenge as described above.

    - In the Roots - 'Fly around the twisted stalks at Spiral Heights'

    - Lower Tunnel - 'Fly through the Inner Cave in Spiral Heights'

    If you didnt get them naturally let me know via comments how you did it and i'll put it up.


    Thing is with this game is that alot of the achievements are gained from just pretty much finishing the whole game 100%. I could go into immense detail but i had to start and stop somwhere, but this is the one i had the most trouble with so i hope this helps someone. Again i curse the starting point of this bloody level.
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    illdizzog Thanks Worhammer, hope that helps Andrew, i havent played this game for a long time.
    Posted by illdizzog on 02 Oct 12 at 07:27
    Paulfc Flying Fox wings are definitely the way to go for the Through the Roots Challenge. After attempting it multiple times with the Osiris wings and missing checkpoints due to speed, I got it first time with Flying Fox. :)
    Posted by Paulfc on 14 Nov 12 at 15:41
    CrysisWarXX3 Yeah the flying fox wings are the best
    Posted by CrysisWarXX3 on 02 Sep 19 at 20:37
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