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Glory to the English in History - Great Battles Medieval

Glory to the English144 (50)

Win the English campaign

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English Battle Card Guide

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This is just a guide to show where to find the Battle Cards during the English Campaign. Having the right Battle Cards in your deck can be the difference between victory or failure. It is also important to make sure your general has his tactics skill at max, so that you can utilise 8 battle cards per mission.

Mission 1
Battle of Cadsand - Nov 1337
Reward: Estoc Sword
The first mission is simple enough & you shouldn't have any trouble with this.

Province Picardy - Raid The Border Villages
Battle Card Rally - A routing unit can be returned to the line
You will either grow to love or hate this side mission. This mission should be farmed as much as possible to ensure that you have a full army & that your army is levelled up enough for the challenges that lie ahead. Once I was finished farming this mission, my army consisted of 8 level 10 archers, level 9 mounted general, 2 level 7 heavy infantry & 5 level 7 dismounted knights. I went slightly overboard farming this side mission, but I suggest you farm this a lot so that later battles don't frustrate you too much. Because half my army is made up of archers, I always use a defensive strategy & make sure that my archers do the bulk of the work. If I don't go into detail on how I beat a certain mission you can go ahead & just assume that I used a defensive archer strategy to wear down my enemy.

Prove Ile De France - Raid The Enemy Heartland
Battle Card Rabbit Warren - A hidden obstacle, only revealed at the last moment. This counts as difficult ground & can disrupt cavalry charges

Province Reims Champagne - Raid Enemy Town
Wagon Captured

Mission 2
Battle of Morlaix - Sep 1342
Reward: Goedendag, Heavy Infantry

Province Rouen Normandy - Peasant Uprising
Battle Card Stand Fast - Increases defensive abilities

Mission 3
Battle of Auberoche - Oct 1345
Reward: Hammer
Battle Card Kill The Leader - The unit will actively seek out the next enemy unit's leader it meets in combat in an attempt to cause a leadership crisis

Province Perigord - Escort Convoy
Battle Card Inspirational Rhetoric - A units morale is lifted by an inspiring speech
In this mission you have to defend your wagons as they move from the bottom of the map to the top. I sent out several archer & cavalry units ahead of the wagons to clear the way while I used my infantry & general to protect the wagons.

Mission 4
Battle of St Pol de Leon - Jun 1346
Reward: Cutting Sword, Pole Axe
Reward: Men At Arms

Province Guyenne - Ambushed
Battle Card Good Fortune - A happy chance raises morale

Mission 5
Battle of Blanchetaque - Aug 1346
Reward: Warhammer, Partizan Spear, Archers

Mission 6
Battle of Crecy - Aug 1346
Reward: Mace, Pointed Shield, Knights In Mail
I used my 8 level 10 archer units to form my frontline & placed my infantry units on the flanks. My archers destroyed both waves of French knights & I used my infantry units to deal with any stubborn enemy units.

Province Rouen Normandy - Raid French Villages
Battle Card Drunk - The unit is fighting drunk. While it has an increased attack, its aggressiveness makes it almost uncontrollable & prone to unwise attacks
I placed 2 infantry units in the frontline & put archers on the flanks & behind the infantry. I used my infantry to charge the enemy & my archers to kill the French archers. Once I had dealt with the enemy infantry, I used my infantry to attack the charging French cavalry. Once the initial enemy units were dealt with, I sent my archers around the battlefield capturing victory squares before the mission ended.

Province Argentan Normandy - Fight Off French Raiders
No Rewards
I placed my 4 best infantry units in the squares beside the victory square in the village & ordered my other units to run to the village. I used my infantry to hold the victory square, while I sent 2 archer units along the left side & my general & remaining units along the right. I used the archers to deal with the French archers & harass other enemy units. I used my general & troops on the right to deal with the French cavalry units and to flank the enemies attacking my units in the centre of the village.

Province Maine - Raid The Enemy Heartland
Battle Card Taunt - An enemy can be drawn into an unwise advance by catcalls & taunts

Mission 7
Battle of Lunalonge - 1349
Reward: Battleaxe, Large Shield, Wagon Captured
I placed my general & 1 archer unit beside the wagon to protect it. Straightaway I sent 3 more archers units to protect the wagon. I used my remaining archer units to form a defensive frontline on both sides of the house in the middle of the map. I placed my infantry units on the flanks to protect them. My archers destroyed most of the French cavalry & I used my infantry to deal with the rest. The archers I sent over to protect the wagon dealt with any enemy units that went near it. I then sent my solo cavalry unit to capture the victory square on the top right (this unlocks the tournament side mission) Once this was done I sent a unit over to destroy the French wagon on the left & finish the mission.

Simple, just use your general to destroy the knights.
Battle Card Good Omen - The armies morale is lifted at the start of the battle
Battle Card Sudden Panic - A moment of confusion can easily turn even the most staunchest troops into a rabble
Battle Card Well Fed - A unit's morale and strength are increased after being well supplied

Province Gascony - French Town Revolts
Battle Card Bad Omen - The largest unit's morale is lowered from the start of the battle
I placed my archers in the frontline of my army on the right side of the map & then I sent my smaller army over to join the army on the right. I then used my archers to destroy the enemy while my infantry protected my flanks & dealt with any stubborn units that got through my barrage of arrows. I moved my line of archers forward towards the village to deal with any units that were out of range. Then used them to kill the French knights to end the mission.

Mission 8
Battle of Saintes - Apr 1351
Reward: Halberd Bill
The object of this mission is to try & stop the enemy army from capturing the victroy square in the bottom right. I just placed all my archers in the frontline and used them to destroy the French army as they advanced towards my army.

Province Perigord - Night Attack
Battle Card Bad Luck - A terrible chance occurs, causing a morale crisis
This is probably the side mission I had the most trouble with. I eventually beat it using a combination of infantry equipped with large shields & archers. I used my infantry to charge the enemy & had my archers deal with the French archers. I was still dealing with the initial enemy units when the French knights charged me. My infantry units eventually managed to rout the enemy infantry & I used my remaining units to surround the enemy knights & attack them from all sides.

Mission 9
Battle of Ardres - Jun 1351
No Rewards
The object of this mission is to protect your wagons as they move from the middle of the battlefield to bottom. I sent out two of my archer units & my cavalry ahead of the wagons to deal with the French units on the bottom of the screen. I used the rest of my archers & my infantry as a defensive wall in the middle to stop enemies getting through

Province Perigord - Assassinate Nobleman
Battle Card Aim For The Weakspot - A voice calls out from the ranks identifying a weak spot in the opponents armour. The unit receives an attack bonus
In this battle I used my highest levelled archer unit along with my general. I sent my archers over to the right to destroy the 3 French units guarding the wagon. I then used my archers to kill the French archers up on the hill overlooking the wagon. I had my general destroy the wagon then moved my army up the hill. I moved my archers through the trees towards the nobles & killed them to end the mission,

Mission 10
Battle of Mauron - Aug 1352
Reward: Bardische Axe
In this mission you have to hold the hill. I just used my defensive archer strategy again. I placed my archers in the frontline & my infantry equipped with spears on the left to counter the French knights.

Province Perigord - Surrounded
Battle Card Recieve The Charge - By careful timing, the impact of a charge is reduced
In this mission I placed 2 archer units on every side & just let the enemy attack my army. Any enemy units that weren't slaughtered by my archers were cut down by my infantry.

Mission 11
Battle of Poiters - Sep 1356
Reward: Lance, Knights In Mail & Plate
I put 3 archers on the left & 3 on the right with 2 archers in the middle. I put my infantry on the flanks & used my general & my calvalry to harass any French units that survived my arrow barrage. The French Order of the Star unit was one of the very first to be destroyed by my archers,

Province Guyenne - Raid French Camp
Battle Card Starvation - The enemies supplies have run out and their troops are weakened by lack of food
I just used my defensive archer strategy to destroy the French as they marched towards my army.

Province Quercy - Loot Wagons
Wagon Captured
This mission involves fighting two mini battles. The first battle was simple enough & I just used my archers to rout the enemy. Then I used my general to capture the first wagon. In the second battle the enemy has cannons, so I direct assault is out of the question. I split my army in two & had them go up each of the flanks & attack the enemy from the left & right.

Province Roueroue - Raid French Villages
Battle Card Target The Horses - An experienced hand knows that the cavalry's weakest spot is their mounts. Attack bonus against cavalry
In this battle your army is split into 3 groups. I used my defensive archer strategy to defend my mini armies from attack, then captured the victory squares one by one. I then combined my armies & attacked the remaining French units in the top left of the map to end the mission.

Mission 12
Battle of Auray - Sep 1364
Reward: Great Sword
The object of this mission is to capture the victory square at the top of the map. I didn't do this, I just used my defensive archer strategy again & let the enemy come to me. Any units that managed to survive my arrows were easily routed by using my infantry & cavalry to attack them from behind as they engaged my archers in melee combat.

Province Perigord - Break French Siege
Battle Card The Flux - Dysentery runs through the enemy army. The enemy unit's attacks are weakened
I just used my defensive archer strategy to hold the hill & kill anything that came near my army. Once the French army was destroyed I just sent out my cavalry to destroy the French siege weapons.

Mission 13
Battle of Lussac - Jan 1370
Reward: Cavalry Shield
Out of all the missions in the campaign, I found this to be the hardest. My defensive archer strategy resulted in defeat after defeat. So I just used CheshireMulisha's strategy of moving a few archer & knight units over to the left & crossing the river to capture the victory square while the rest of my army was battered by the French. It was touch & go with this mission because the French units kept coming back after I had routed them.

Province Orleans Orleanis - Protect Artillery
Battle Card Looting - The spoils of the surrounding area prove too much for the enemy. A unit is removed from the enemy line

Mission 14
Battle of Chiset - Mar 1373
Reward: Pike, Handgun
With my 8 archer units in the frontline & at the sides this mission was quite easy. My archers destroyed pretty much everything that came my way. I did have to use my infantry units to clear enemies from the frontline but once this was done my archers just slaughtered the remaining French waves. Once the French army was destroyed i took 3 units & moved them up the left side, past the French guns to the victory squares.

Province Orleans Orleanis - Rescue Hostages
Battle Card Caltrops - Hidden spikes, strewn on the ground, cause casualties to units moving over them
I placed my archers in the frontline to deal with any enemies & quickly moved my army over to the right. I then moved my army (with the archers in the front) forward and rescued the hostages. I then used my archers to pick off the remaining enemies, while I used the infantry to protect their flanks.

Mission 15
Battle of Mercq - May 1405
Battle Card Prevailing Wind - The wind aids the player by increasing the range of their arrows
I had all of my archers equipped with handguns & placed them in the frontline & at the sides. They destroyed all the enemy units that even came close to my army except the enemy archers who stayed out of range. I had to send out my cavalry & infantry to kill the enemy archers. Once the French army was destroyed, I sent out a few units along the left side to capture the victory square and destroy the French guns.

Province Perigord - Gunpowder
Battle Card Take Cover - This increases the unit's resistance to incoming projectile fire
I took 1 cavalry unit & 2 archer units equipped with bows along the left side of the map & attacked the enemies left flank. This caused the enemy to send out its army to attack my main army. I had the 6 archer units that made up the frontline of my main army equipped with handguns & they destroyed everyone that the enemy sent over. I then used my army on the left to destroy the enemies guns sweeping from left to right.

Mission 16
Battle of Agincourt - Oct 1415
Achievement Unlocked - Glory to the English
For this battle I equipped 4 of my archer units with handguns & the other 4 with longbows. I put all my archer units in the frontline & made sure that they alternated, so that there was a bowman then a guman, then a bowman, then a gunman etc. I put 4 infantry units equipped with spears in the other slots in the front row. I used the battle cards well fed, starvation, good omen, bad omen, prevailing wind & the flux right at the start of the battle. I had the sudden panic battle card in reserve but I never needed to use it. My archers & gunners destroyed everything that came near my frontline & I only lost 5 troops in this battle.
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