Juggernaut achievement in The Harvest (WP)


Complete the game without dying.

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How to unlock the Juggernaut achievement

  • thesecondsfadethesecondsfade14,183
    16 Apr 2011 16 Apr 2011 18 Apr 2011
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    I used the Falcon to complete it. Because the Falcon is really fast, I beat the game in less than 2 hours without being killed.

    I did not focus on any particular stat when leveling up. I just hit "Auto" every time.

    The most important thing with the Falcon is to level up quickly at the beginning of the game. Explore the entire first area, kill as many enemies as possible, and complete all of the level 1 objectives. Doing this will level you up enough to make the rest of the game much easier to complete without being killed.

    The hardest part to stay alive in the first area is in the upper part of the map when you activate the transmitter with the Asp. The enemies are the strongest there and there are a lot of them. Just freeze them with the ground pound and be liberal with your healthpacks. Don't let your health fall below 25% during this battle cuz this is the hardest battle of the entire game. Make sure you have the Asp with you when you go there for extra help (it's part of the objective to bring the Asp to the transmitter anyway).

    The only objectives I completed after the first area were ones that I had to in order to advance in the game, or that were quick and convenient for me to complete along the way.

    By the time I reached halfway through the second level, I was kicking almost every enemy's butt usually before they even had a chance to attack me.

    Don't be too cautious to use healthpacks. The hardest part to maintain a lot of healthpacks is during the first level. If you get through the first level, you'll probably always have enough healthpacks so don't be too worried about using them. I only found myself waiting around for my health to regenerate a little bit during the first area in order to conserve my healthpacks, but I did not have to do that too much after the first area.
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  • Jahman7Jahman750,798
    23 Mar 2011 23 Mar 2011 04 Apr 2011
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    Here are a few rules to play by so you can finish this game without dying:

    1) Use the SCARAB

    2) ONLY use a health pack when you are in a fight, otherwise wait around and let your health regenerate.

    3) When you get low on health, wait till close to the last moment to use a Health Pack

    4) Watch to make sure you are not holding on to the same model of chips. The number of the chip is the chip model, the letter that comes after the number is the version. Always keep the newest version (the one with the highest letter) and assimilate the other one.

    5) When you level up, focus most of your points on the two middle stats (HP regen and Endurance). I would always make sure to give the most points to the middle stat. For instance: most of the time I would give one stat 1 point, another 2 points, and the middle one 3 points.

    6) Most of the time you can allow for auto use of upgrade chips. However, be aware of what upgrades you need, and use the chips accordingly. It's ok to put a color chip in a place you wouldn't normally place it. For instance, a blue chip on a green spot, as long as it's needed and the numbers are high enough to work better than any of the other green upgrade chips. When roaming around fighting the little enemies, use the upgrade chips that boost your XP (if you've got them), unless you're fighting a large wave of enemies, then you may want to use HP/Energy boosting chips.

    7) You should NOT have to use your Health Packs more than maybe 5-8 per level.

    8) When exploring and fighting minor enemies, use XP boost chips as much as you can. The faster you get to level 20, the better off you'll be.

    Boss Fighting Strategies:

    1) Use Ground Pound when the boss does not have a shield up.

    2) Before your fight, be sure the appropriate upgrade chips are being used. Focus on energy boosts and HP boosts.

    3) When fighting the last two major bosses (at the end of the last two levels), turn your sheilds on at the appropriate times.

    4) You will use Speed Boost a lot for the second (arachnid) and third bosses. I used speed boost a lot for the second and less for the third. However, use Ground Pound when possible to inflict the most damage.

    5) By the end of the game (right before the last boss - Marduk) you should have your endurance stat FULL. All you'll need to do is make sure all your upgrade chips are energy boosting related, and then turn your shields on BEFORE entering the arena, and leave them on the entire time. I took -1 damage for every hit, which barely did anything to my energy bar which took all of the damage.
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