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How to unlock the サブイ様信者 achievement

  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm362,814
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    This is not really a complete guide. It's intended as a cross reference list for English speakers to keep track of the EZI items. Since this must be done on a second play-thru, one has a good familiarity with the game. The main difficulty is keeping track to make sure nothing is overlooked. Most of the items are in katakana transliterated from English. I've annotated the ones that are not by stating whether they are written in kanji or hiragana.

    Edited: 22 June 2018. When I first wrote the guide, we could not use Unicode so Japanese text would not display. Now that it does, I am updating it so that players can compare the items they have and/or need with the below list. The equivalent to EZI in the English game is sabui-sama written サブイ様 with the sabui in katakana and the sama in kanji. So, when you come across サブイ様, mentally replace it with EZI.

    Sembei: -- Cracker.: せんべい -- Play Score Piece 2 in Forte City
    Ninteisho (Kanji): -- Certificate: 様認定書 -- Play Score Piece 5 in Glissando Cliffs
    Bromide: -- Photo: ブロマイ -- Play Score Piece 20 at Lake Reverb
    Scarf: -- Scarf: スカーフ -- Play Score Piece 4 in pirate ship
    Ito Denwa (Kanji): 様糸電話 -- String phone: -- Play Score Piece 1 in Baroque Castle
    Hohoemi (Hiragana): ほほえみ -- Smiling: -- Play Score Piece 6 in Baroque City
    Tamago: -- Egg: 卵 -- Play Score Piece 14 in Sharp Mountains
    Sakuranbo (Hiragana): -- Cherry: さくらんぼ -- Play Score Piece 3 in Ritardando (fountain)
    Pajama: -- Pajamas: パジャマ -- Play Score Piece 11 in Baroque castle
    Oshioki-bou (Hiragana): -- Paddle (Lit. punish stick): おしおき棒-- Play Score Piece 7 in hotel room in Baroque City
    Hankachi: -- Handkerchief : ハンカチ -- Play Score Piece 18 in Baroque City
    Manjuu (Hiragana): -- Bun : まんじゅう -- Play Score Piece 28 in Elegy City
    Rainbow (transliterated from the English): -- Rainbow: レインボー -- Inside urn in Elegy City
    Chapel (transliterated from the English): -- Chapel: チャペル -- Play Score Piece 13 for stone head in Noise Dunes
    Elite (transliterated from the English): -- Elite: エリート -- Play Score Piece 21 in Tenuto
    Pendant (transliterated from the English): -- Pendant: ペンダント -- Play Score Piece 27 in Ritardando
    Small (transliterated from the English): -- Small: スモール-- Play Score Piece 29 in Agogo Village
    Laughing (transliterated from the English): -- Laughing : うっふん -- Play Score Piece 9 in Hanon Hills
    Techou (Kanji) : -- Pocketbook (lit. notebook): 手帳 -- Play Score Piece 13 in Cantabile Inn
    Shuuhan (Kanji) magazine (transliterated from the English): -- Weekly (Lit. weekly magazine): 週刊マガジン -- Play SP 16 in Baroque City
    Swimming (transliterated from the English): スイミング -- Swimming: -- Play Score Piece 15 in Chorus Plains

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    QuickMythriltesting japanese character support: "The ?????? achievement in Eternal Sonata (JP Ver) worth 488 points????????????????????? (Secret)"
    Posted by QuickMythril on 08 Sep 15 at 14:01
    AllgorhythmUnfortunately, just a series of question marks. This is the same issue I experienced when I tried to create a true cross reference list that included the original JP text.
    Posted by Allgorhythm on 09 Sep 15 at 11:17
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  • DwaggieniteDwaggienite2,404,449
    22 Sep 2013 22 Sep 2013 22 Sep 2013
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    This is the japanese version of the two achievements below:
    Eternal SonataSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Eternal Sonata worth 998 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement
    Eternal Sonata (EU)Secret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Eternal Sonata (EU) worth 925 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement
    You cannot get this achievement on your first playthrough, so don't even try. You must get all of the following items on your Encore (2nd) playthrough.
    The list of items, and how to get them, are as follows:

    Chapter 2
    EZI Cracker - Play Score Piece 2 for the Gentlemanly Pop in the square of Forte City.
    EZI Certificate - Play Score Piece 5 with Wiseman Maracas in the Glissando Cliffs.

    Chapter 3
    EZI Photo - Play Score Piece 20 with Lonely Pitch at Lake Reverb.

    Chapter 4
    EZI Scarf - Play Score Piece 4 for Captive Congo on the Pirate Ship Dolce. (3F-NW Door)
    EZI Egg - Play Score Piece 14 for Killer Bell Lyre in a hidden cave in the Sharp Mountains.
    EZI String Phone - Play Score Piece 1 for Celebrity Marcato in Baroque Castle. (2F-East)
    Smiling EZI - Play Score Piece 6 for Contrary Marimba outside Hotel Ensemble in Baroque City.

    Chapter 5
    Cherry EZI - Play Score Piece 3 for Worrywort Horn by the fountain in Ritardando.
    EZI Pajamas - Play Score Piece 11 for Shallow Sweet in Baroque Castle. (2F-West)

    Chapter 6
    EZI Paddle - Play Score Piece 7 for Granny's Girl Quena in the upper room of Hotel Ensemble in Baroque City.
    EZI Handkerchief - Play Score Piece 18 for Conceited Choir in Baroque City.
    Elite EZI - Play Score Piece 21 for Solitary String (cat) in Tenuto.
    EZI Pendant - Play Score Piece 27 Methodical Gospel in Ritardando.
    Small EZI - Play Score Piece 29 for Precocious Flute by the cave in Agogo Village.
    Swimming EZI - Play Score Piece 15 for Twilight JuJu in the Chorus Plains.
    Laughing EZI - Play Score Piece 9 for Strolling Ghost Note in Hanon Hills.
    EZI Pocketbook - Play Score Piece 13 for Tenacious Coronet in the left room of Cantabile Inn. -IMPORTANT!!! - There are two children in this room that BOTH give you items for playing Score Piece 13. You MUST play Score Piece 13 with the purple-haired girl near the window who is NOT walking around the room. In this version of Eternal Sonata, only she will give you the EZI Pocketbook, the other child will give you a different item.
    Weekly EZI - Play Score Piece 16 with Gentle Harp in Baroque City.

    Chapter 7
    Rainbow EZI - All the way to the east of Elegy City, inside a small urn. It is in front of the steps that takes you to the dunes.
    EZI Bun - Play Score Piece 28 for Glamorous Oboe in Elegy City.
    Chapel EZI - Talk to the four statues outside the entrance to the Double Reed Tower of Sand. Only one will talk to you at the start, but once you've spoken to him, talk to the other three. Then move back towards the single stone head in the middle of the area. Play Score Piece 13 for Desolate Saburo in the Noise Dunes. As soon as you get the Chapel EZI item, the achievement will pop.
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