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Not Dead Yet achievement in The Sims 3

Not Dead Yet

Resurrect a Sim.

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How to unlock the Not Dead Yet achievement

  • xFallenCastielxxFallenCastielx9,547
    12 Dec 2010 16 Dec 2010
    23 0 1
    There are three methods for returning someone from the dead, using Ambrosia(which takes a level 10 chef), an opportunity(which I believe comes up from medical, but I'm not sure) and the easiest way, through the Karma power "Divine Intervention."

    To use Divine Intervention, you must first have completed the achievement "I double Dare ya" by having visited the Catacombs at night, and have bought the power in the "Challenge Shop". Then, simply wait for one of your Sims to die, and visit the Catacombs(if the ghost is not home) after midnight, look for the ghost of the Dead family member, and spend the 75 points to use "Divine Intervention".

    If you want to speed up the death of you Sim, make sure you have "Enable Aging" turned on, and set the lifespan to "brief". then have the Sim you want to die blow out birthday candles till they are elderly(you can only blow out one candle a day), and once they are elderly they should die pretty soon.

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    SincereSeeker6The easiest way I found for them to die is just make them sleep indefinitely. (you can only go until 6AM but you can reset it for 6AM the next day once that's finished.) And also, when everyone in the house is sleeping, time will go a lot faster. Then eventually he will get too hungry and expire.
    Posted by SincereSeeker6 on 05 Jun 21 at 18:35
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  • Scoochi2Scoochi2313,003
    11 Nov 2010 12 Dec 2010 07 Feb 2011
    17 2 15
    There are several ways to resurrect a Sim. By far the easiest way is to use the karma power 'Divine Intervention'.

    1. GET POWER

    First of all, pick up the following [easy] achievements (first is a MUST, rest give you challenge points towards buying the power):
    The Sims 3I Double Dare YaThe I Double Dare Ya achievement in The Sims 3 worth 8 pointsExplore the catacombs after dark.

    The Sims 3Happiness... It StacksThe Happiness... It Stacks achievement in The Sims 3 worth 17 pointsGet 5 positive moodlets at the same time on one Sim.

    The Sims 3Be Excellent To Each-otherThe Be Excellent To Each-other achievement in The Sims 3 worth 17 pointsReach the maximum potential Karma.

    Then, press the back button and go into challenges (far right). Now press the X button to go to the challenge shop. At the top it will tell you your available points.
    If you have less then 125, you'll need to go and take a tour of the military base, the science labs, the city hall and the movie theatre (press back whilst playing and go to the town map, press A on each of the above and select "tour of ....").
    If you still have less than 150 challenge points, now go to the graveyard at night and talk to a ghost.
    If you followed the above steps, you're all set!

    Go back to the challenge shop and scroll down until you find "Karma Power: Divine Intervention". It's worth 150 and comes shortly after a bunch of outfits. Buy it.


    Now if you're using a household with only 1 Sim, you'll have to convince someone to move in with you. Or you could just go and start a new game with at least 2 Sims in it (make one an Elder).

    The achievement will unlock when you use that new karma power on a dead family member sim. There are a few ways to kill Sims. The easiest way is simply to make one of your Sims an elder when you create the household and turn the aging up to the maximum (press start, go into options and slide the 'Sim Lifespan' bar to the right). Keep playing for a few days and your Elder sim should eventually die of old age, and will be replaced with a ghost.
    If you can control the ghost like a normal Sim, you did it right.
    Press back button and go into karma powers. Select 'Divine Intervention' and cast in on the ghost.
    Achievement Unlocked!

    Note that Divine Intervention costs 75 karma to use. You should get this much just by playing the few days it takes for the sim to die. If not, the ghost will hang around for five in-game days, so try to complete a few wishes for extra karma.
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    Great PuhweehwaYou said there are several ways to resurrect a Sim but you only mention Divine Intervention. What are the other methods???
    Posted by Great Puhweehwa on 24 Feb 11 at 18:28
    Scoochi2The ghost can eat Ambrosia (needs maxed out cooking skill and I think knowledge of EVERY other recipe to make it, and possibly high gardening/fishing skills to get the ingredients).
    I've also heard of a random opportunity that can revive ghosts (NOT the 5k science lab from the PC version).
    Posted by Scoochi2 on 24 Feb 11 at 22:38
    iMaginaryy+1, Divine Intervention is by far the easiest way, i think.
    Posted by iMaginaryy on 09 Jan 14 at 02:19
  • PeAchyLe4PeAchyLe4473,518
    04 Oct 2012 31 Oct 2012
    8 0 0
    I found for this achievement the easiest and fastest way to kill a sim is to use the karma power that rapidly decreases your sims moods and build a swimming pool without a ladder and make your sim get into the pool. once your sim is in the pool go into build and buy mode and build a wall completely around the pool and your sim will die a lot faster than trapping them in a room and letting them die of starvation.
    Before attempting this make sure you have 100 karma so you can use the divine intervention power and resurrect your sim right away because the sim only stays as a ghost for a couple of days.

    Hope this solution helped you guys out :)
  • SaturatedPigSaturatedPig159,204
    02 Mar 2011 02 Mar 2011
    6 0 2
    I found out that after your sim dies you can challenge the grim reaper in a game of chess for your life. It is simple, once you die and he shows up wait till you can control the dead sim but not wait to long to where the grim reaper is gone. Be the dead sim then click on the grim reaper and chose play chess for your life.

    For this you must have a chess board with 2 chairs
    It probably helps if your sim is good at logic skill (mine was at 10)
    i did this and won the game within a minute real time, but if your skill is low i dont know how long it would take

    Hope this helps
  • You So ShadyYou So Shady173,372
    31 Jul 2011 31 Jul 2011
    6 1 1
    The easiest way I found was to create a sim and get their handiness up a few levels. You will also need to make sure you have unlocked the "I Double Dare Ya" achievement, which will unlock the Divine Intervention Karma Power.
    Find a room in the house big enough to place a sprinkler in, turn on the sprinkler and wait for puddles to appear.
    Once there are puddles, place the stereo so that it is on an area of puddle and make sure there is a puddle in front of it which your sim will stand on.
    Once you've done this, get the sim with the handiness to go up to it and "Tinker". Leave them there for a while and they will get electrocuted once and stop tinkering. Make them return to tinkering the stereo and they will get electrocuted again and die. When their ghost is controllable, hit the back button and go to Karma Powers and choose Divine Intervention, highlight the ghost of the dead sim and click a. This should then make him return to life, therefore unlocking the achievement :)
  • JGoDzzz1JGoDzzz1449,563
    22 Jan 2011 25 Jan 2011
    4 0 6
    You must have divine intervention unlocked from the challenge shop. Start a new game and create 2 sims. Traits and wishes don't matter. move into 110 Easy st. Now keep one sims hunger higher than the other. If the one sim you are trying to kill goes to eat on his own delete the activity by pressing b then y to delete the activity. Once one sims hunger is down to nothing and the other is at least at half go to build buy mode and sell the refrigerator and the stove. Highlight them and press y. I don't know if you gotta sell the stove but better be safe then sorry. You one sim should die of hunger, and when death comes and you can control the ghost of your sim switch to the other sim and use the karma power divine intervention on the ghost. Make sure you have 75 karma points. Once your sim is back to life CHEEVO pops up.
  • VvWhiteFangvVVvWhiteFangvV222,164
    12 Jan 2013 15 Jan 2013
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    The easiest way i Found to do this is
    1. Start a new game with 2 sims (the one not going to die make them a neat freak)
    2. Move into the 110 Easy Street
    3. Have one sim go into a small room
    4. Press the back button to pull up the menu go to Buil & Buy and sell the door to that room
    5. Now pull the menu up again this time go to Karma Powers and use Cosmic Curse and the stats should drop
    6. Now you play the waiting game you should have enough for Divine Intervention but they wont die instantaniously so just complete the few wishs that pop up for the other.
    7. The sim should be dead by now and death will teleport the dead sims ghost into the main living space. Have the other sim talk to him/her to get the challenge out of the way.
    8. Use Divine Intervention achievement should pop

    (i tried the pool trick but the sim ended up gliching and not being able to be resurrect the sim)
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