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    Episode 1 Chapter 1

    AREA 1

    The mission begins when you jump off your speedboat. Head directly forward (NNE) and just in front of the first tree you come to you’ll find some plasma grenades. Keep moving forward (NNE) through the water and out the other side onto land. During this section you’ll encounter some flying Akrid (Trilids,) which are easy to dispose off with machine gun or shotgun fire. As you leave the water you’ll see a data post in front on you and just in front of it is a shotgun on the ground. After activating the data post the path will light up in front of you on the mini-map, so follow it Northwards.

    Watch out for a clearing on your left-hand side where you’ll find another data post that will help you find your way forward. You’ll also find some ammo right next to it. Follow the path slowly forward. You’ll see some red blobs appear on the map, indicating enemy activity. There’s two spawn pods here and some Akrid to deal with deep in the forest, so take out the pods with persistent machine gun fire, a few blast from the shotgun, or a couple of well placed grenades. Aim for the spawn pods first then you can deal with Akrid without worrying about more turning up.
    Keep moving forward to rendezvous with your team-mates. You’ll reach a clearing where a helicopter hovers above and drops off back-up. You’re about to face your first large Akrid (Chryatis.) You’ll know it’s coming because you’ll be warned to be on your guard. Aim for the orange parts on its legs to disable it. The shotgun is the ideal weapon to use here as it’s more powerful than the machine gun and it will take less effort. Don’t get too close though to the Akrid otherwise he’ll bring his sharp pincers crashing down on you. Remember to pick up the Thermal Energy left behind by the dead creature.

    In the very centre of this area, just in front of the tree, there’s another datapost to activate. Do this and then head back into the forest following the only pathway that you can move forward. Move forward slowly and once again you’ll see red marks appear on your map indicating enemy activity. You’re introduced to a new kind of land-based Akrid that launches itself at you and stings you. There’s quite a few of them to deal with so machine gun fire seems to be the most effective way to get rid of them. If you use the shotgun you’ll be spending time waiting to reload. There’s also some spawn pods again, so aim to destroy them as soon as possible. A few well placed grenades will do the trick.

    Keep pressing on forward following the pathway lit up on the map. You’ll see a waterfall on your left. There’s nothign left to do in this area. Move forward (NW) and the area will be complete.

    AREA 2

    In this area you start off in front of a body of water. There are two specific objectives you need to carry out in this particular area.

    1) Break Through Enemy Lines
    2) Run The Gauntlet Akrid

    They branch different directions, but it’s easier to attack the Akrid objective first and Break Through Enemy Lines second. Across the water you’ll see some burning torches that mark an entrance to Objective 1; ignore them for now. Head North until you see a waterfall. Just on the left hand side you’ll see a shotgun, gum and plasma grenade. Just in front of these items is where you’ll Tun The Akrid Gauntlet, which basically involves killing loads of Akrid within a relatively small area of the jungle.

    Move forward North East and you’ll see red blobs indicating enemy activity up ahead. There are five spawn pods sat on the side of a small cliff face. Launching grenades from a distance is the easiest way to dispose of them, though persistent machine gun fire will do the job just as well. Concentrate on these points and kill any of the plant-like Akrid that leap toward you with your machine gun or shotgun. Move in front of the cliff face and round to the left hand side. You’ll still be fighting off a few Akrid at this point. As you make your way up the side of the small cliff/hill you’ll see a VS Suit. If you get to it quickly you can then easily use it’s shotgun weapon to take out any remaining Akrid. There’s quite a lot of them to kill so you should easily be able to rack up a decent VS Kill Streak here.

    It’s likely you’ll run out of ammo with the Shotgun on the VS as there are so many Akrid. If you hop out of your suit and make your way to the top of the hill you’ll find a broken VS Suit with a machine gun attached. You can pick up the machine and attach it to your VS Suit. Head back down the slope and look out for the opening on your right. This is where you exit the area. You’ll fall down a drop and it will tell you that you’ve survived running the Akrid Gauntlet. Now it’s onto the next area to complete objective 1 (Break Through Enemy Lines.) There’s no creatures here, you’ll just face a lot of human enemies.

    Straight in front of you you’ll see a data post. Activate it and you’re mini-map will immediately show red markers all over the place. You’re about to enter an encampment with one building with two floors directly on your left and a number of wooden huts on your right and in front of you. You’ll be shot out from the buildings and the upper floor of the left hand building and the bridge that joins it. If you’ve brought along the VS Suit from Run The Gauntlet you shouldn’t have a problem despatching these human enemies with the machine gun on it. Just keep moving and keep one eye on your mini-map to spot enemy positions. Your suit will, however, take damage. So if you notice it’s getting low, move behind cover or back out of the area, jump out of your suit and use the repair facility to mend it.
    You can just as easily take the baddies on without using the suit. If you move immediately up the stairs of the left hand building, there’s a guy in the room who should be able to take out easily. Move across the bridge that leads onto this room and not only will you have prime position over the area, but you’ll see a Rifle to pick up at the end of the bridge and be able to pick out enemies easily from a distance. There are some explosive barrels dotted around so they do come in useful to blow up enemies. Alternatively, you could head to the second wooden building on your right (straight opposite the bridge) where you’ll find battle armour, machine gun and shotgun ammo that will give you a fighting chance.

    If you head toward the torches this is the entrance to the camp, and you don’t need to head that way any more. Head back to where you came from, the far side of the camp. You’ll see on the mini-map that it’s the only way you can go (North.) Head into the forest and you’ll see a control panel to activate a gate. Just before that there’s a VS Shotgun if you’ve stick got the suit. Activate the gate and you’ve completed the area. Onto the final stage.

    AREA 3
    The is the final area and the most difficult. You need to destroy the mine but you’ll be up against a lot of human enemies armed to the teeth and mounted turrets that have excellent range on their weapons and can spot you from afar. First up you need to Activate The Generators. This part of the mission requires you to find five generators and, like the data posts, activate them by tapping Circle or B. The mining facility has two levels to it, which we’ll call Ground Level and Level 1 (where you start the mission.) There are three generators on level one and two generators on ground level. It’s fairly easy to work out where they are because your mini-map will highlight them as yellow poles.

    There’s a ton of weaponry that you’ll come across, a lot of it situated on ground level and in corridors on level one. You shouldn’t need to weapons or ammo at all. Move forward, hugging your left hand side until you come to the first opening. Before you move into the corridor be careful. There’s a mounted turret that will shoot at you immediately. You can take this out with any weapon, but a grenade or rocket launcher is the quickest way to take it out. Keep moving down the corridor (rocket launcher to pick up along the way) and toward an opening. You’ll see the generator right in front of you just up some steps, but it’s guarded by another turret. Once again, you’ll need to take this out before you can activate it. Activate it. You’ll see a couple of disc grenades next to it. It’s worth picking these up. You can throw these a long way and they’re very accurate. You’ll find disc grenades next to all of the first level generators. They’re there for a reason. To help you take out some of the other mounted turrets that will spot you as you move around the first level perimeter of the mining facility.

    Head back to where you came from, back to the corridor where you saw that first turret. Take an immediate left out of the doorway, toward another doorway. Up the steps and you’ll come across another mounted turret. A disc grenade will immediately take it out and you’ll see the next generator behind it. Activate it. Keep to the left again and you’ll see a gap that you have to leap in order to reach the platform that has the third generator on it. Wait though! The platform has mounted turrets and guards ready to take you down. Disc grenades are ideal here, as is a rifle, allowing you to safely take them all out from a distance. Jump on over and activate the generator. Time to head down to ground level. Remember you have an anchor (grappling hook) so don’t be worried about leaping off the platform, you won’t die, you’ll automatically take out your anchor and can slide down to safety.
    There’s one generator right in the centre of the facility and there’s one that’s roughly under the platform where you jumped down. You’ll see them easily enough on your mini-map. Once again you’ll face stiff opposition in the form of human guards. Short range weapons are most effective here as you’ll be fighting at relatively close quarters. It’s worth totally clearing the area before you attempt to activate any generators. There’s some battle armour on this lower level as well and a guy in a VS Suit is also hanging around waiting to take you down. If you’ve still got your VS Suit now is a good time to use it. Activate the remaining two generators.

    You now need to keep control units on for 90 seconds. You’ll be defending the area from waves of enemy attacks. First of all though, you need to activate the control units. You’ll see them coloured and numbered 1-4 on your mini-map. As you try to activate them on the lower level you’ll get attacked from the first level and enemies will keep trying to get to ground level to attack you. Remember you can use your anchor to hoist yourself up to reach the first level again. Activate all control points and then you’ll see the countdown timer start to tick down from 90 seconds. Brace yourself. Hopefully you picked up that Battle Armour on ground level!

    You’ll get attacked by waves of enemies some of whom are wearing VS Suits, target these first as they cause the most damage. A rocket launcher or some well placed grenades will be most effective. They all seem to attack from lower level so it might be worth heading to the first level and making use of the vantage points to lob grenades or take rifle shots from safety and you’ll also be able see if team-mates are in trouble and jump down and join them if need be. With four of you on the team, it shouldn’t pose too much of a problem killing them all, just be wary of your team-mates positions and work together to take out the guys in VS Suits or those equipped with heavy weaponry first. After you’ve fended them off for 90 seconds, a cut scene kicks in. End of Chapter One.

    Episode 1 Chapter 2

    AREA 1

    Head North East up the pathway. You’ll see the Sepia Akrid up ahead and some Trilids flying in the sky. Halfway up the pathway you’ll notice two spawn pods nestled into the cliff face opposite each other. Take these out first before moving through the opening. Machine-gun fire will easily get you through this short section. Take a right as you move through the opening and you’ll see two more spawn pods sitting on the metal structure. Take these out. There is a ladder right next to the lower spawn pod which takes you up the structure where you’ll find some heavier weaponry. Right in front of the lower spawn pod at the end of the platform you’ll see the first datapost which will also be indicated on the map. There’s also a rocket launcher and a shotgun just in front of it.

    Move west across to the other platform and into the forest avoiding the water for now. Right in front of you you’ll face some new dragon-like Akrid that let out a high pitch screech as they attack you. Just aim for their heads. One or two shotguns to the face seems to do the trick very nicely. A little way up the path, hidden under some trees on your right you’ll spot some battle armour. This will come in handy for the larger Akrid you’re about to face. You should now see the second datapost flagged on the mini-map. It sits just in the water. Anytime you approach or activate a datapost from this point forth you’ll be attacked by Akrid so be on your guard. Along with the smaller Akrid that are easy to dispatch you’ll be attacked by the larger Cryatis that you fought in Chapter One, requiring you to shoot at his orange glowing limbs to disable him.

    Just to the NE of the datapost is a ledge that you can grapple to, you should see that it has T-Eng regenerator here which allows you to stock up on Thermal Energy when you stand close to it. Jump back down and head straight opposite this ledge (SE) to another ledge (it’s the only way you can go.) When you jump up you’ll be attacked by the spinning Godon Akrid. The best thing to do with these creatures is to stand back and wait for it to spin toward you. When it stops you’ll have a few moments to shoot at its glowing orange tail. You’ll see it turning red until it explodes. Shotgun is more effective here then your machine gun. Or one blast with the rocket launcher should do the trick. You should now see the third datapost on the map.
    Move forward ensuring that you take the spawn pod out on your left hand side. When you activate it some more of the dragon-like Akrid will descend on you so get your shotgun equipped and get ready to blast them away. There’s a rocket launcher right next to this post so use it if you need to. Move forward NW towards and through the pathway through the mountains. Move slowly forward and a spinning Godon Akrid will come hurtling toward you. Stay out of its way and wait for it to be still before you shoot at its tail to kill it. You’re nearly at the reservoir now where you’ll rendezvous with some of your colleagues. Datapost four is just up ahead. Be prepared for another brief fight when you activate it – nothing a few blasts from your machine gun shouldn’t sort out, and move ahead. Area Complete.

    AREA 2

    In this section you’ve reached the reservoir where you’ll need to:

    1) Defeat the Category G Akrid
    2) Activate 4 Dataposts

    On the map you’ll see datapost number one. As you head towards it a giant Akrid will emerge from the water. This is your first major battle. This Akrid (The Queen Cryastis) has two large pincers which he’ll use to swipe at you sometimes knocking you straight into the water where you’ll die. Stand well back. He also has eight smaller leges coming from his midriff. Your best bet here is to aim for the orange segments on his large pincers. If you keep sustained firing on one pincer at a time you’ll get the job done far quicker. The limbs of the Akrid will glow red when they’re about to fall off, so if you do see another limb about to fall off it’s worth switching your tactics to take it down. When you shoot off a limb the Akrid will come crashing to the ground for a short period of time. This is your chance to blast the large orange spot on his head with everything you’ve got. There are disc grenades lying around the perimeter of this area and plenty of grenades and ammo. You’ll have to do this numerous times before you defeat him.

    When you defeat him a new area will open up which takes you around the perimeter of the reservoir. Move to the East and through that area. You’ll see two VS Suits straight in front of you. One is armed with rocket launchers and the other has a machine gun. Above them, if you move up the steps you’ll find a stationary gun and rocket launchers. From this height, if you’re not in your VS Suit you’ll get a clear view of the area and be able to use the heavy weaponry to take out a lot of the surrounding Akrid to make the area clearer for you to move on. If you move back down to the bottom of the steps and continue the way you were heading you’ll see a lot of Akrid in front of you. You really do need to use the VS Suits to clear the path, quickly and efficiently. Datapost three is just up ahead. Just before you activate it, two spawn pods will take you by surprise by crashing through the ground. They’ll spurt tiny spider-like Akrid that are easy to dispose of with machine gun fire. You’ll spot another stationary gun mounted on a platform just to the left of the datapost. This is worth jumping into to clear the area ahead. There’s only one way you haven’t been so far, so follow the pathway around the reservoir and you’ll come across datapost four. Activate it.

    You’ve completed the chapter, but it’s not entirely clear where you need to go from here. Head back to the area between datapost three and four where you’ll see a huge metal door. Move toward and you’ll exit the chapter.

    Episode 1 Chapter 3

    AREA 1

    There are two main objectives in the first area:

    1) Infiltrate the base
    2) Activate any dataposts along the way

    First up, you’ll need to break through the front line. As you move forward through the jungle there are two ridges either side. If you climb up the right hand side ridge as soon as you can you’ll be able to flank one of the jungle soldiers. If you head right down the middle toward the first datapost you’ll get attacked from both sides and the bridge in front of you. So, head up the ridge on the right and take out the first soldier. You’ll then be in prime position to take out the guy on the bridge. There’s another soldier on the opposite ridge so make sure you take him out before you continue. Just across the bridge you’ll find a cylindrical crate (opened by firing T-Eng.) It contains a shield, which is excellent and big enough to shield you and your team-mates during the next section where you’ll find manned turrets. You won’t be able to fire though when it’s equipped. If do decide to take the shield you can enter the base ahead from lower ground moving underneath the bridge and going straight ahead. There are snipers, machine-gun equipped soldiers and a manned turret to deal with in this section.
    We didn’t bother with the shield. We headed up the left hand ridge moving forward. You’ll pass a rifle which comes in very handy for taking down the man on the turret and the snipers. Keep moving up the ridge and you’ll see a building in front of you. There’s two soldiers that you can shoot through the window. There’s a Thermal Energy regenerator and a cylindrical crate housing a rocket launcher in there, but you can’t get to it from here, you’ll have to drop down and make your way around. From this elevated position though you can snipe enemies and throw grenades at the turret or into the complex below. Once the coast is clear drop down into the complex and make your way to that room on the map by using your grapple or the stairs. Make your way to the very top of the building as far as you can go to the highest level platform. You’ll see the opening on your map. You need to take out dataposts and keep an eye out for turrets. If you picked up the rocket launcher now’s going to be the time to use it.

    As you move into the opening you’ll see a VS Suited soldier right in front of you and a soldier operating a turret on his left hand side. You can improve your chances of killing them swiftly by moving immediately through the entrance and taking a right into the warehouse. You’ll have to kill a couple of soldiers here, but you’ll also find a VS Suit and a VS Rocket Launcher that you can clip on the suit. Focus on destroying the enemy VS Suit and the turret first before the foot soldiers. Move forward to the gate and open it. Area Complete.

    AREA 2

    1) Activate data posts to acquire Intel on enemy forces

    As you move foward toward the facility directly in front of you, you’ll get attacked by a mounted turret from above. It’s worth taking him out first before you progress using the power of your VS Suit, or if you armed with a rocket launcher. If you head to the room directly in front of you, up the steps, you’ll find plenty of ammo, including a VS Rocket launcher and some battle armour. Move up the next flight of steps and get ready for a confrontation with another VS Suited enemy and some foot soldiers. If you’ve picked up the rocket launcher from the room below these should provide no problem. You should now see the three dataposts that you need to activate highlighted on the map.
    This is a good time to stock up on grenades and any heavy weaponry that you’ll see lying around. Head for datapost 1. You’ll be attacked from soldiers below and another VS Suit. The second datapost is on that level below where you just killed that soldier. To get to the third one, just head back to datapost 1 and grapple your way up onto the roof. You’ll be able to drop into the room where datapost 3 is held. This is the toughest one to secure Throw a couple of grenades in before you jump. It is guarded by a VS Suit and a lot of infantry so you’d be wise not to go in there alone and to go in with some grenades and a rocket launcher to take the VS Suit out. All dataposts activated. Area Complete.

    AREA 3


    1) Engage the Jungle Pirates
    2) Find the multi-seat VS
    3)Activate the data posts

    You’ll spawn right next to VS Suit. In this suit you can fly for a short period of time with its boosters. It also has a Gatling gun, but as you move across the bridge you’ll also find other attachments that may come in handy. Straight opposite where you spawn, across the river, there’s a turret. Take this out while you have superior firepower. Head across the bridge on your right and you’ll come up against Jungle Pirates and a VS Suit. Use the power of your VS Suit to take out the big guy. On the bridge are disc grenades, rocket launchers and rifles. There are snipers in the distance taking a pop at you on the bridge so be sure to take cover and take them out as soon as possible. You’ll also see another enemy VS Suit on the other side of the bridge, so those disc grenades can come in very handy.

    You’ll be prompted to find the multi-seat VS. If you head straight forward from where you leave the bridge you’ll see a room. The VS Suit is just to the right, outside of this room. It fits three people! On top of the room you’ll also find a rocket launcher that you can attach to it and in the room is a Thermal Energy Regenerator to stock up (you’ll need it.) Move Northwards in the multi-seat VS and you’ll face four enemy VS Suits that come out of the buildings. You’ll need to throw everything you’ve got at them. If you’ve picked up the VS rocket launchers you should have enough firepower, but if you’re VS Suits looks like it might explode, move backwards to a safe area, jump out and repair it. Once you’ve killed them the area is complete.

    AREA 4


    1) Activate Data Posts
    2) Kill Cateogory G Queen Gigantic Beastie!

    You’re in the mountains for the final battle. At the time of publication we don’t know the name of this Akrid. It has four legs and moves like an alligator, albeit a bloody great huge one! As you move forward the area opens out and as you stand on the ridge in front of you, where you’ll activate the first datapost, you’ll see the other dataposts dotted around the map. You can see the dataposts without even checking the mini-map. You’ll need to activate these and deal with the big beast that is about to emerge out of the water. This is quite a battle, but there are many areas to hide from the beast and re-asses the situation if you keep to the lower ground. The area has a raised platform right in the middle opposite the first data post. To give you an idea of how the beast moves: if you stand in the area it will circle around that piece of raised land. From here you’ll also be able to jump on his back where he can’t hit you back. He has orange cores on his back which you can take down with simple machine gun fire, though it’s worth using heavier weaponry to dispose of them quickly. Once you’ve targeted and destroyed the cores on his back go for the the orange cores on his legs. You’re better off getting onto lower ground for this. If you stay on higher ground you’ll soon get pushed off.

    There are areas on the lower ground where you can hide safely away from the beast. Target his legs and when he opens his mouth fire in a rocket launcher of grenade. Try to stay in front of him, or stay in one safe position and wait for him to do a lap of the arena and blast him each time he comes around. You can actually get into his mouth where you’ll see loads of other Akrid that he’s swallowed. You’ll cause him damage by doing this. This is all about persistence, it can be a long battle. Just stock up on ammo, keep in a safe place and blast him at every opportunity. When he’s dead you’ve completed Chapter 3 and the whole of Episode 1.
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