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No Stone Unturned achievement in CSI: Fatal Conspiracy

No Stone Unturned

Complete a case with 100% Thoroughness.

No Stone Unturned0
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How to unlock the No Stone Unturned achievement

  • marklynxmarklynx1,717,827
    29 Dec 2011 29 Dec 2011
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    I found this video on Youtube which is brilliant and was made by NeedtoAchieve. It goes through CASE 1 and is a little over an hour long. But it will get you 15 achievements in total including:

    - Thanks For Playing!
    - Under the hood
    - Reading is fun
    - I like to watch
    - Not up to code
    - Fool me once
    - Flashbaked
    - Human Polygraph
    - No stone unturned
    - Research Grant
    - Cant get fooled again
    - Thorough enough, darn it
    - Technically Perfect
    - Test tube washer
    - Close enough counts

    All credit goes to NeedtoAchieve for this video!

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    itsDraggyI used this video, piece by piece, and only finished with 81% skill... Played it a second time following oiece by piece what the video does, and it happened again. I don't know if anyone has had this problem as well, but after 2 playthroughs following the video piece by piece, I will try for the 90% and 100% skill achievements on another level. Everything else was great, just the skill. I'm not blaming the video, but because of 2 playthroughs with the same result I won't vote positive or negative on the solution. Thank you for posting.
    Posted by itsDraggy on 25 Jul 14 at 23:32
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  • Ramon4815162342Ramon4815162342334,524
    28 Oct 2010 02 Nov 2010
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    To complete a case with 100% thorougness you will have to look absolutely everywhere. Also make sure to go all the way to the left and right of the screen to make sure you've looked at all the places. Zoom in on everything you can and then again look left and right.

    Also when in the morgue and the lab, don't forget to look there too. For the morgue: Look at the table near the head of the victim. And for the Lab: look further down the hall.

    As long as you keep zooming in on everything you can looking both the left and the right side you're fine. You can check your percentage when clicking the ''Case File'' tab on your PDA and check the statistics.

    Good luck!
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    fightclubdollThat's exactly what it was, too... the tray table in the morgue. And saving before running DNA, etc... it's tedious but you really do have to pan left and right for EVERY camera view and don't forget that tray in the morgue. (The cunning score was pretty much intuitive...but the thoroughness and skill scores can be tricky.) Then it's all 100's....
    Posted by fightclubdoll on 03 Feb 12 at 08:38
    VCS 2600 AtariOut of the 5 cases which one is the best to complete this on? I have done the first 2 cases and could only get 97%.
    Posted by VCS 2600 Atari on 01 Sep 12 at 01:40
    BEEFENCEThe tray table took me from 94 to 97%
    Posted by BEEFENCE on 10 Oct 16 at 02:51
  • LGS I HitmanLGS I Hitman1,084,788
    30 Aug 2011 20 Mar 2012 28 Nov 2012
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    Use This Guide As It Shows You How To Do All Toughness, Cunning And Skill On Case 2.
    All Credit For The Guide Goes To jaime1000013


    Location: L'avventura Hotel and Casino, Lobby

    Evidence 1: Hard hat

    It is directly in front of you when you start the case, on the floor in a mound of mud.

    Evidence 2: Shoe print

    This is in front of the victims hand, use the camera to detect it.

    Evidence 3: Marcus Kunchai's Shoe print

    This is given to you by Marcus Kunchai after you speak to him.

    Please go to Location 2, as the rest of the evidence cannot be obtained yet.

    Evidence 4: Marcus Kunchai's Fingerprints

    You will get these off of him after doing 1-4 of the Skill section. Back to "Skill" 5.

    Evidence 5 and 6: Plant and fertilizer from plant

    To the left of where the victims body was you should see a blackened plant pick it up.Then examine the bottom of this plant to find fertilizer. Location Searched!

    See "Skill" 9.

    Location 2: L'avventura Hotel and Casino, Balcony

    Evidence 1 and 2: Industrial power cable and fingerprint from cable

    Located underneath the ladder, to the right of the locked office. Swab the cable's top plug and you will get a fingerprint.

    Evidence 3:Blood

    This is on the balcony's railing.

    Evidence 4: Balcony Fingerprint

    This is on the balcony's railing, above the blood stain.

    See Location 3 morgue next because evidence 5 and onwards requires you to have access to the office.

    Evidence 5:Zachery Lynch's shoe impression

    You get given this from him after you talk to him.

    Evidence 6:Blood

    This is found on the keyboard of the computer in the office.

    Evidence 7:Fingerprint

    This is found on the right side of the same keyboard as above.

    Evidence 8: Desktop

    Just pick up the desktop left of the keyboard.

    See "skill" 6.

    Evidence 9,10,11:Fiber,empty money wrappers, and laptop

    These are all easily spotted in the safe underneath the carpet.

    See "skill" 11.

    Location 3 Morgue:

    Evidence 1 and 2: ligature marks on neck

    Click on the victims body and then take two photographs of his neck.

    Evidence 3 and 4: Victims DNA and fingerprints

    The doctor will give you these.

    Evidence 5,6,7: Victims clothes, forged suicide note, suicide note fingerprint

    The doctor will also give you these. Check the top of the suicide note for a fingerprint.

    See the "Skill" section for what to do next

    Location 4:Interrogating Todd Stuart

    Evidence 1: Todd Stuart's DNA

    Given to you by Todd Stuart after you ask for it from him.

    Evidence 2:Todd Stuart's foot print

    Take a picture of his feet when he has them on the desk.

    See "Skill" 10.

    Location 5:Mark Kunchai's office

    Evidence 1,2,3:Mark Kunchai's drain snake,fiber,photo

    This is on his toolbelt,located in the far left corner of his office. Inspect it and take a picture of it and also collect the fiber on the top of it.

    See "Skill" 12.

    Location 6: Mark Kunchai's interragation

    Evidence 1,2,3,4: Mark's DNA, gloves, epithethelial tissue, blood

    While interrogating him he will give you his DNA and gloves. Inspect the gloves to find the Epithelial tissue and blood stain. ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED SCAVENGER HUNT!

    See "Skill" 15.


    1.Compare the victims blood with the blood from the railing.

    After this make sure your skill statistic is at 100%. To check this PDA>Case file>statistics. If it is I would recommend making a save at this point and after using each bit of equipment successfully.

    2.Compare the larger ligature mark photo with the power cable, using the microscope computer.

    3.Match the victims fingerprints to the fingerprint from the railing, bottom right of the fingerprint.

    4.Match the victims fingerprints with the fingerprint from the power cord, top left of the fingerprint.

    See the Thoroughness section, Location 1: L'avventura Hotel and Casino, Lobby, evidence 4.

    5.Search the fingerprint from the suicide note, you only need 3 distinct features, it will match up with the 3rd one down and the print matches up on the bottom left side.

    Now see the "Cunning" section 1.

    6.Search the fingerprint that you found on the keyboard by finding three distinctive features, the top right of the first result is the correct one.

    7.Use the computer analysis to analyze the desktop, same computer used as above.

    8.compare the blood from the keyboard to the sample of the victims blood.

    Now see "Cunning" 2.

    9.Make a chemical search on the brown substance that was on the plant. Pick 2,5,6,8 to match it correctly.

    See "Thoroughness" Location 4:Interrogating Todd Stuart, evidence 1.

    10. Match Todd Stuarts shoe up with the shoe print from the crime scene.

    See "Cunning" 4.

    11.Analyze the computer.

    See "Cunning" 5

    12.Compare the photo of the drain snake to the photo of the small ligature mark found on the victims neck.

    13.Find out what one of the fibers is on the CHEMICAL? computer, 2,3,7,8 is the solution.

    14.Compare both the fibers together

    See "Cunning" 6.

    15.Compare the victims blood to the blood from Mark's gloves.

    16.Compare the Epithelial tissue to Todd Stuart's DNA. This is quite annoying try to only use the longer DNA strands before using the smaller ones.

    See "Cunning" 9


    1.Go get a warrant to search Zachery Lynch's office and present the fingerprint from the suicide note (make sure it's ticked).

    See "thoroughness" Location 2: L'avventura Hotel and Casino, Balcony, evidence 5.

    2.Arrest Warrant for Zachery Lynch, pick the middle option, Zachery's fingerprint on keyboard.

    3.When interrogating Zachery and you ask him if he wrote the note, back this up by showing the Desktop (computer) as evidence.

    See "Thoroughness" Location 1: L'avventura Hotel and Casino, Lobby, evidence 5.

    4.Ask Todd Stuart if he has ever set foot on the crime scene and then use the photo of his shoe to contradict him.

    See "Thoroughness" Location 2 L'avventura Hotel and Casino,Balcony, evidence.

    5.Obtain a search warrant by showing Brass the Laptop.

    See "Thoroughness" Location 5:Mark Kunchai's office, evidence 1.

    6.Ask Brass for an arrest warrant for Mark Kunchai and present the Drain snake as evidence.

    7.Ask Mark Kunchai what he was doing on the night of the murder, contradict him by showing the photo of the drain snake.

    8.Ask him why he lied about not being fired, and contradict him by showing the laptop as evidence.

    See "Thoroughness" Location 6: Mark Kunchai's interragation, evidence 1.

    9.Arrest Todd Stuart by showing the Epithelial tissue. *Make a save here if you don't have 100% thoroughness.* Then see my second post for tips on this.

    10.Tell Todd Stuart you believe he strangled the victim and show the Epithelial tissue again.

    11.Tell him you believe he stole the money, and show the fiber from the gloves.

    12.Say he killed Mark with the gloves and show the blood stains.

    If your thoroughness isn't at 100% by the end of the case you will need to go to each location and view every location there, by clicking the bold blue arrow. Mine was at 92% at the end of the case.

    NOTE! Look around the CSI lab even down the corridor to get at least 8% thoroughness!! This is what I was missing.This is stupid how this contributed to thoroughness but there you go.

    Hope This Guide Helps You.

    Also If You Give Negative Feedback State Why In The Comments And I Will Try And Improve It.
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