Planting Evidence achievement in CSI: Fatal Conspiracy

Planting Evidence

Complete Case 2: Planting Evidence.

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How to unlock the Planting Evidence achievement

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    This guide is from I asked for permission to post this guide from the author, so all the credit goes to him.

    4.2.) Case 2: Planting Evidence

    On to the next case!
    Now this one is a much tougher cookie.

    L'Avventura Casino & Hotel, Lobby
    Suicide? Murder? Time will tell.

    Start by looking up for thoroughness to see from where he fell from. You
    should also look to the right and the left of the garden for 2 spots. Then
    check the yellow hat on the ground to the right to pick up VICTIM'S HARD HAT.

    Approach the garden. Go closer to Greg for thoroughness. Approach the
    body. You'll see 2 shoe tracks. Photograph the left one for PHOTO OF FOOTPRINT

    Finally, question the man who found the body. He's Marcus Kunchai. Question
    him until you can't and get PHOTO OF MARCUS KUNCHAI'S SHOE PRINT.

    Surprisingly, we're already done with this scene. I know, no checkmark. Don't
    worry, it'll be completed later.

    Let's continue by visiting the usual spots for thoroughness : The lab, the
    interrogation room, the morgue & Brass just like the previous case. Then visit
    the next crime scene.

    L'Avventury Casino & Hotel, Balcony
    To start off, you should be at 58% Thoroughness right now. The office is
    locked so we'll have to find other stuff with the section available.

    Approach Greg for points. Then take the yellow cable for INDUSTRIAL POWER
    CABLE FOUND ON BALCONY OF CONSTRUCTION OFFICE. Process its power outlet to get

    Approach the balcony then the railing with blood. Process it to get BLOOD FROM
    RAILING ON BALCONY OF CONSTRUCTION OFFICE. Check the top of the metal bar to

    We're done here. Drop by the lobby again.

    L'Avventura Casino & Hotel, Lobby
    Talk to Marcus again to get MARCUS KUNCHAI'S FINGERPRINTS. Off to the morgue!

    Talk with Doc Robbins. You should get REFERENCE SAMPLE OF VICTIM'S
    NOTE. Check the neck wounds to get PHOTO OF THE SMALLER OF TWO LIGATURE
    AROUND THE VICTIM'S NECK. Lastly, check the suicide note to find FINGERPRINT

    Whew. Off to the lab!

    Main Lab
    We have a ton of stuff to process. Let's start with the fingerprints.

    Quickly check Marcus Kunchai's fingerprints to confirm his employment record.
    Check the victim's fingerprints to find his name is Mark Ensign. Compare to
    fingerprint on the railing. Match!
    Compare Mark's prints with the ones on the power cable. Match!
    Do a search on the fingerprint from the suicide note. Match to....

    Zachary Lynch! So we now know that his boss wrote the suicide note! After the
    chat with the FBI Agent, we learn he was to be an informant and that his boss
    was an ex-lawyer to the Salazars! But first things first, back to the lab.

    Go to DNA and compare the blood from the railing to the victim's blood. Match!
    Go to the microscope and compare the power cable with the larger ligature
    mark with x10. Match!

    Let's go see Brass and ask for a warrant to see the office. Use the suicide
    note fingerprint as evidence.

    L'Avventury Casino & Hotel, Balcony
    Check the boxes and the Ez Coil machine for points. Talk with Zachary Lynch to
    get PHOTO OF ZACHARY LYNCH'S SHOE PRINT. Claims he simply touched the suicide
    note. Yeah right.

    Approach the table and take DESKTOP COMPUTER FROM CONSTRUCTION OFFICE. Process
    the blood on the keyboard to get BLOOD FROM KEYBOARD OF DESKTOP COMPUTER AT
    CONSTRUCTION OFFICE. Check right above the Num Pad to find FINGERPRINT FROM

    Talk with Lynch again and then leave to the lab.

    Main Lab
    Do a search on the fingerprint on the keyboard. It's Lynch. No surprise there.
    Do a computer analysis on the computer.
    ... Written 8 hours after Mark died. Sloppy.

    Finally, compare the keyboard blood with Mark's DNA. Match!
    Warrant available. So let's go see Brass and break some nuts. Use the
    keyboard's fingerprint as evidence.

    Interrogation room
    Ask him if he wrote the suicide note and pin him with the desktop computer.
    Continue questioning him.

    What?! The cactus wasn't supposed to be there? Let's go check it out!

    L'Avventura Casino & Hotel, Lobby
    Go to the garden and take the plant close to Greg for PLANT TAKEN FROM CRIME
    SCENE. Go to evidence and process the root of that plant to find BROWN

    Location searched! Off to the lab!

    Main Lab
    Do a chemical search on the brown substance. 2,5,6,8. Turns out it's some
    fertilizer. Seems to have been planted to delay construction even more. Let's
    see Brass about that. A new suspect appears.

    Interrogation room
    Don't contradict him! You don't have enough to do so on either of the two

    Main Lab
    Compare his shoe print with the one found at the garden. Match!

    Interrogation room
    Ask him if he set foot on the property. Contradict with his footprint.
    Well, well, well. Turns out little Marcus wasn't telling us everything.
    But let's find out about this safe first.

    L'Avventury Casino & Hotel, Balcony
    Enter the office and approach the rug. Open the safe. Pick up LAPTOP FROM
    MONEY WRAPPERS. Location searched! Thoroughness at 87%

    Let's now go to the lab.

    Main Lab
    Do a computer analysis on the laptop. Ignore Brass and go back to the lab.
    Do a chemical search on the fiber. 2,3,7,8. It's from a work glove.

    Go see Brass and get a warrant for Marcus's office with the laptop evidence.

    Marcus Kunchai's Office
    Enter Marcus's office. Check his desk for points. Approach the corner of the
    room. Look at his plumbing tools on the right. Pick up DRAIN SNAKE FROM MARCUS
    KUNCHAI'S TOOLBELT. Location searched! 100% Thoroughness as well.

    Go back to the lab.

    Main Lab
    Compare the fiber from the safe with the one from the drain snake. Match!
    Do a macroscope comparison at x60 of the drain snake photo and the larger
    ligature mark. Match!

    Looks like we have a winner! Go to Brass for a warrant and present the drain
    snake evidence.
    Contradict his first statement with the drake snake again.
    Contradict his second statement with the laptop computer.
    Continue questioning him and obtain MARCUS KUNCHAI'S WORK GLOVES & MARCUS
    KUNCHAI'S DNA. Examine at the work gloves and process the blood on the top
    glove for BLOOD FROM MARCUS KUNCHAI'S WORK GLOVES. Check the inside of the

    !!! Award unlocked : Scavenger Hunt

    Back to the lab.

    Main Lab
    Go to DNA and compare the blood on the gloves to Mark Ensign's DNA. Match!
    Finally, match the skin tissue inside the gloves to Todd Stuart's DNA. Match!

    Seems like we have a pretty clever killer. Then again, the title of this case
    is "Planting Evidence", so who didn't see this coming?

    Let's go finish off this guy! Go see Brass for a warrant and use the
    epithelial evidence.

    Interrogation Room
    Contradict his only statement with the epithelial evidence.
    Contradict his next lie with the work glove fiber.
    My god, he's such a terrible liar. Use the blood on the gloves to refute him.

    Enjoy the confession!

    !!! Award unlocked : Planting Evidence

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    SandmanDr3am3rGreat guide..helped me pull 1000 g's off in a few hours.
    Posted by SandmanDr3am3r on 06 Aug 11 at 03:43
    takuto nekotytyty!!
    Posted by takuto neko on 23 Sep 11 at 12:36
    fightclubdollgreat guide... ty ...but somehow I'm coming out with 97% thoroughness... haven't figured out why yet... =-/
    Posted by fightclubdoll on 03 Feb 12 at 04:37
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    This guy is playing the pc version of CSI fatal conspiracy but he collects all of the evidence in this video that`ll get you the scavenger hunter achievement in the Xbox 360 version of the game.
    CSI: Fatal ConspiracyScavenger HuntThe Scavenger Hunt achievement in CSI: Fatal Conspiracy worth 36 pointsFind all evidence in Case 2: Planting Evidence
    Credit goes to the guy that uploaded these 4 videos LauryIsGhost. I did not make and upload these videos.
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    III JONESY IIIJust used it worked perfectly. Thanks.
    Posted by III JONESY III on 08 Aug 12 at 09:24
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    I got this guide from PS3 Trophies, but I've made some adjustments to make it more accurate. I got the achievement yesterday, but somehow is not updating my cheevos.

    Ask marcus all questions at the start. After asking him all the questions, look to his left by a yield sign and you will see a yellow hardhat to collect. Next, click on the garden in the middle, click on the footprints near the body in the dirt and take a picture. Zoom back and click up at the top of the screen to look up at a balcony. Open your PDA and head up to balcony.

    Scroll right and click on ladder, pick up the cable from underneath it. Click on where the victim fell from and the bar where the tape is waving in the wind, spray the blood with the fluids spray. Later, click on the top of the poll and collect a finger print. Go back to lobby and talk to Marcus to get his footprint and dna sample then head to the morgue.

    Talk to Dr. Robbins, and then click on the victim. You will have to take two photographs of his neck, then ask the doc some additional questions. Head off to the lab.

    Open your PDA, evidence folder and select suicide note. There is a fingerprint in the around the middle of the note (check both sides). Use the fingerprint spray to collect it. Next, select the power cord and get the fingerprint off of where you plug a cord into it.

    Go to the database computer, select the fingerprint from railing and victims' fingerprint - it will match with the one at the bottom right. Choose fingerprint from suicide note and hit prepare search. It will match the bottom left side of your only result.

    Go to Brass’ office and talk to the FBI agent. After that, ask Brass for a warrant for Zachary Lynch.

    Go to casino balcony and click on metal gate, go in and talk to Zachary, ask him all questions. Click on computer and then onto CPU to collect it into evidence; next click on the keyboard and swab the blood on it. Then, in the top right corner of the keyboard, there is a fingerprint to collect.

    Ask zachary more questions and head back to lab. Use the database computer, computer analysis and select desktop computer form construction office. Then, go into fingerprints and select the one off the keyboard; prepare search and click on 5 different spots then search, it will match the top right square.

    Go to substance analysis and compare blood on keyboard to victims' blood, then compare blood from rail to victims' blood. Go over to the microscope and select the power cord compare it to the larger of the two ligature mark photo. Amplify it 60 times, and adjust focus.

    Go to Brass office and ask for a warrant for Zachary, choose bloody fingerprint on keyboard. Ask all questions to Zachary and confront him with hard drive evidence. Ask the agent all the questions then return to the hotel lobby.

    Click on the flower garden and then the plant in the back left that looks like its dead. Head to the lab and Greg will update you on the plant. Open your PDA, then evidence, and select the plant. Collect the fertilizer at the bottom. Go to your substance analyzer and put in the substance, choose the 2nd, 5th, 6th, and 8th choices. Head to Brass’ office and ask for a list of buyers.

    Ask Todd all questions, he will put his feet on table after asking for his shoes; click on them and take a picture, head to the lab and compare his shoe photo with the photo in the dirt from the crime scene. They will match. Head back to the interrogation room and finish asking him questions, confront him with the shoe evidence.

    Go to the balcony and click on the rug to remove it and expose the safe, then click on the safe to open it, go inside it and click on the money wrappers to collect a fiber then collect the laptop and the money wrappers, after this head to Marcus’ office. Head back to the lab and analyze the fiber you found. Choose the 2nd, 3rd, 7th, and 8th options. Head into database computer and go to computer analysis choose laptop from safe and search. In Brass’ office, ask for a warrant for Marcus and choose laptop then head back to Marcus office.

    In Marcus office, look around his desk then go to the back corner click on his tool belt and take the drain snake out of the bottom right pocket, look around some more and head back to lab, open your PDA and select the drain snake in the evidence folder take a picture of it. Go into the microscope and compare the picture with the photo of the smaller of the two ligature marks on the victims' neck (amplify 60 times). Adjust the focus and you will have a match.

    Open your PDA and bring up drain snake. Click on the top to collect a white fiber; go to the substance analysis and choose the 2nd, 3rd, 7th , and 8th options. Go to Brass’ office and ask for an arrest warrant for Marcus based on drain snake. Ask Marcus all questions. After you get his gloves and DNA (the DNA will be available only after you ask him all the available questions, please be careful), head back to lab, open your PDA and get blood off Marcus’ gloves. Then, collect the epithelial tissue from inside the glove.

    From this point on, I suggest you create a save back-up. Some of my achievements for completing the cases didn't unlock at first, so I had to load the game and redo the last steps of the case.

    Go to substance analysis and compare blood in Marcus' glove with the victims' DNA. It will match. Then, match the epithelial tissue inside the glove to Todds' DNA and it will match.

    Go to Brass' office and ask for an arrest warrant for Todd. Ask Todd all the questions available and case solved.
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