That's What I Call Teamwork! achievement in Kinect Adventures

That's What I Call Teamwork!

Play all levels with multiple players

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How to unlock the That's What I Call Teamwork! achievement

  • WolfVelocityWolfVelocity429,675
    07 Nov 2010 07 Nov 2010 13 Nov 2010
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    This secret achievement is called:

    That's What I Call Teamwork! for 50 gamerscore.

    I have confirmed that you can get this by playing coop on all the free play levels and it took me roughly about 2 hours to complete.

    You just have to complete the level coop, you do not have to get a platinum or gold. You most likely will obtain a medal of some kind in coop anyway though.

    I could not see anyway to track which ones you have already done so make sure you either write them down or start at the very beginning and work your way through everyone of them.

    Credit to FreedMania for confirming you can do all these online with another player also. Details in the comments section of this solution.

    If you find this solution useful please don't forget to vote positve. Thank you and good luck!

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    Posted by NeverUnlucky#344 on 28 Feb 13 at 13:30
    WcbezoekerI did this online yesterday and it takes more than two hours if you take some brakes to get a drink or take a rest. We did it in approximately 3 hours.
    Posted by Wcbezoeker on 05 Jun 13 at 09:31
    Hmizzzthis is soo boring ...
    Posted by Hmizzz on 11 Jul 15 at 11:10
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  • C00KIE D0EC00KIE D0E768,325
    31 Mar 2012 01 Apr 2012
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    This is possible to do by yourself. I heard about the pillow trick, but I could never get it to work. You'll have to trick the kinect sensor into thinking there is another person there.

    I used a bar stool and a candle stick on top of it with a blanket thrown over top. You can use just about anything. Stack things up on a chair. Use mic stand...etc

    This works fine for all levels except reflex ridge. On reflex ridge you have to start by putting your arms out and pulling backwards and is obviously not easy to do with a bar stool. So for these levels start them by yourself and right after you start move your object into view by ducking down behind it. The kinect will think that is you. Then move to the side and it will connect you as the second player.

    You do not need to have two players from start to finish. I finished every level with two players just to be sure. The kinect sometimes loses the object or you, this does not matter because you can join in the middle of the level and it will still count. Also does not have to be done in one sitting.
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    Maukki TIt worked! I stacked four big ikea boxes and as soon as I threw cardigan over them Kinect recognized it as a blonde girl... :D
    If Kinect lost the "teammate" I took the cardigan and threw it back on the boxes to get her appear again. To start reflex ridge I grabbed the handles and then pulled the cardigan shoulders up to imitate my teammate grabbing the handles.

    My favorite picture Kinect took while doing this is the one labeled "How low can you go?" where I stand next to the boxes reading a book which is on top of the stack.
    Posted by Maukki T on 13 Oct 13 at 16:01
    BSquad56That's hilarious I have to try this!
    Posted by BSquad56 on 10 Jan 14 at 02:58
    Firstmate FizzI managed 4 platinum medals on rally ball with my chair person.

    I actually did manage to use my chair person for reflex ridge. Once a player puts both hands on their bars they stay there until the countdown. I held the sleeves of my jacket I was using for my chair person up and managed to swing them so the game though my "second player" swung their arms.
    Posted by Firstmate Fizz on 25 Jan at 21:34
  • CandidFever3CandidFever3336,808
    09 Jul 2017 04 Dec 2017 04 Dec 2017
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    As WolfVelocity suggests, this can be done in around 2 minutes from scratch if you have a partner with you. if you've already made some, progress, it will take less time. If you want to also get the Platinom Nom Nom achievement, I'd recommend trying to get platinum medals on all of the freeplay levels together with your partner, so that once you're done obtaining this achievement, you won't have that many to improve on. If you can get platinum medals on all activities with your partner, then you'll obtain this achievement and Platinom Nom Nom, requiring no later score improvement. Playing together with a partner makes it much easier to get platinum medals in the more difficult Space Pop, Rally Ball, and 20,000 Leaks where you need to cover different parts of the screen quickly.
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