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Decorated Veteran in Pinball FX2 (Xbox 360)

Decorated Veteran90 (30)

Collect all 10 medals or beat 10 Friends' score on Earth Defense! (Single player only)

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Achievement won on 26 Dec 12
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Posted on 10 January 13 at 01:13, Edited on 15 January 13 at 15:51
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There a two ways to get achieve the decorated veteran achievement and they are to beat 10 friends scores or collect the 10 medals by completing a series of objectives.

The first way, and the way which probably most people have tackled this achievement and that's by beating 10 friends scores. This can be done by having 10 friends who play Pinball FX 2 and beating their scores. If you have a lack of friends you can go over to the Zen Forums in the Pinball FX 2 section and add some friends from the sticky and post "Let's add some friends..!". If you're unsure on how to get a good score to beat your friends; read on.

The Second way is to collect all 10 medals, this guide may appeal to those who are up for the challenge of receiving the achievement the hard way or for those who want to understand the table in depth so they can get a higher score to beat their friends and receive the achievement by beating 10 friends.

Press X on your gamepad to analyze the table in more depth, so you can point out each orbit and lane. There are a total of 4 ramps; left highway, right highway, center overpass ramp and the spiral flyover ramp. 1 lane; tactical strike lane and 2 orbits; right tunnel and an unnamed left orbit.


•Dot Matrix Skill Shot - Before launching the ball, on the dot matrix display you will see a cross-hair, if you press A when the cross-hair is in line with the robot you receive a skill shot award. The reward is random and can be anything from; Points, Lock Lit for Airstrike Multiball, +1 Threat Level Reduction, +1 Increase on Millitary AI, Cannon Opened, Reinforcements (x2 Multiplier), Right Kickback and Bot Guard Elimination.

•Bot Guard's - 3 targets that guard the mission hole, eliminating all three will give you a "deactivated" bonus. The bot guard's are situated in front of the robot on the playfield. Once a mission is complete or the ball drains, the bot guards will return. You may receive a Bot Guard Elimination as a reward for completing a "Dot Matrix Skill Shot".

•Mini-Boss' - These are like the bot guard's but are not guarding the mission hole. One is situated on both left and right of the bot guards. These targets are required to be hit twice, you receive points for eliminating one, the points is then doubled each time you hit the mini-boss sinkhole(s).

•Cannon - The cannon is the small cannon based on the left side of the table. It is activated by allowing the ball to pass through the further left in-lane at the bottom of the playfield and then by hitting the right tunnel ramp. To enter the ball in to the cannon hit the subway. The cannon plays a role in receiving the achievement; Artilleryman. You can view Spletchie's achievement guide by clicking the artilleryman achievement link below;
Pinball FX2 (Xbox 360)ArtillerymanThe Artilleryman achievement in Pinball FX2 (Xbox 360) worth 9 pointsFire with the Cannon on Earth Defense! (Single player only)

•Reinforcements - Reinforcements on this table is another word for gaining a multiplier, the highest the you can reach on this table with a multiplier is x20. A reinforcement is gained by hitting the three targets with stars on them, on the mid left side of the playfield. You can get a better view of these before you launch the ball.

•Rescue Sinkole - The rescue sinkhole is the hole situated at the top left of the playfield. This hole is close to the tactical strike lane and "save me" target. It is used for mission Salvation in order to rescue 10 people and also to lock three balls in order to start Airstrike Multiball. It is also used to rescue civilians, when a mission or multiball isn't active.

•Subway - The subway is a sinkhole located on the left side of table and has subway lit next to it. The subway is always lit and open. You can gain subway bonuses which reward you with points. The subway can be upgraded. If you select X on your gamepad to examine the table you will see at the bottom right of the table there is in an in-lane that has subway located above it which is left of the in-lane that drains the ball down the right of the playfield. If you hit that in-lane subway will become lit above it, you will then need to do the same on the bottom left side of the playfield. On the left you will see the in-lane that starts the activation for cannon, to the right of that in-lane you will see a lane that has subway above that, you will also need to get the ball through that in-lane. When both in-lanes have subway lit send the ball in through the subway to upgrade it. You will need to do this 5 times in order to fully upgrade the subway. When the subway is upgraded, you can select where the train will drop your ball off. Here are the destinations:

18th Avenue: Will send the ball through the right kickback.
Central Park N: Will send the ball to the top right flipper.
Lenox Hill Hospital: Will send the ball through the rescue sinkhole.
Lexington Ave: Will send the ball back out through the subway sinkhole.
Prince St: Will send the ball out through the left orbit.

18th Avenue is useful if you want the ball on the right flipper, Central Park N. is good for hitting the left orbit or spiral flyover ramp and can help with attempting the rage combo. Lenox Hill Hospital is good for rescuing civilians and a good aid for salvation mode. Lexington Ave. is good for holding the ball on the left flipper. Prince St. is good for hitting the rescue sinkhole or hitting the tactical strike lane.

•Invasion Mode - this mode starts when the the counter on the dot matrix display reaches 0. The mode can be delayed by hitting the captive ball situated on the left side of the playfield. Once started you have 10 seconds to hit the rescue sinkhole. If you hit the sinkhole within the 10 seconds the mode is over. If you fail to hit the sinkhole after 10 seconds another robot appears and you are given another ball. The idea is that one ball will eliminate one of the robots. If you fail to hit any of the two balls in to the rescue sinkhole then a third ball is placed on the playfield and another robot will appear on the dot matrix display. You will then have 10 seconds to eliminate one of the robots or the mode ends. You have unlimited ball savers during this mode. You can receive the Eternal Hope achievement by completing the invasion mode. You can view Funkdog's achievement guide by clicking the eternal hope achievement link below;
Pinball FX2 (Xbox 360)Eternal HopeThe Eternal Hope achievement in Pinball FX2 (Xbox 360) worth 49 pointsWin the Invasion Multiball on Earth Defense! (Single player only)

•"Save Me" Mode - This mode is started when hitting the red target with an image of a blonde haired woman in a dress. Presumably it's an image of the blonde haired woman on the playfield holding the man's hand whom is wearing a blue shirt. Once started you have 10 seconds to hit the ramp, lane or orbit that is flashing. If you complete this shot, you will receive bonus points and a right kickback. There are 3 "Save Me" targets situated on the table. One is next to the subway, the other is next to the rescue sinkhole and the other is underneath the top right flipper.

•Tactical Strike - A lane which encounters for a mini-skill shot, which can be completed by sending the ball around the robot by using the top left flipper.



*This does not have to be completed to gain the achievement. Therefore you can skip the assignment section and scroll down to the medal section. This is for those who want to achieve a higher score or understand the table.

Assignments are completed by hitting the left and right ramp. To start an assignment you will need to hit one of the ramps, either that be left or right. You will then hear "you have a direct order from the president" and you will be given a codename on the dot matrix display. For example If you hit the right highway ramp, you will then need hit left highway ramp in order to complete the assignment. (or vice versa). The left and right highway ramps both have a staff sergeant insignia flashing by them. If you're unsure what a staff sergeant insignia, then please use Google images to see what one looks like. Each time an assignment/codename is complete the insignia's will gain +1 color stripe. The insignia has four stripes so that's 4 assignments per color. There are three color tiers to go through; green, blue and red. The assignments/codename are as follows;

To avoid repeating myself for most of these assignments you will be hitting left highway ramp and completing the assignment by hitting the right highway ramp (or vice versa) like explained above. For Assignment(s)/codename(s) 1 of the green tier, 3 of the blue tier and 3 of the red tier you will encounter a small battle with the giant robot. This mode will give you 20 seconds, you will have to hit the designated (flashing) lane, ramp or orbit in order to complete the assignment. The robot will shoot continuously through the 20 seconds which may cause distraction and alter the movement of the ball.

Green Tier Assignments:

1. "Killer Light" - *Giant Robot Battle - Reward: 100.000 Points

2. "Angels of Fire" - Reward: Lock Lit to start Airstrike Multiball.

3. "Cunning Fox" - Reward: +1 Increase on Military AI.

4. "Golden Age" - Reward: 3 million points.

Blue Tier Assignments:

1. "Decoy Duck" - Reward: +1 Threat Level Decrease.

2. "Wise Owl" - Reward: Invasion Prevention.

3. "Piercing Beams" - *Giant Robot Battle - Reward: 2 Million Points.

4. "Total Evasion" - Reward: +1 Threat Level Decrease.

Red Tier Assignments:

1. "Artificial Intelligence" - Reward: +1 Increase in Military AI.

2. "El Dorado" - Reward: 7 Million points.

3. "Beta-ray Army" - Giant Robot Battle - Reward: 5 Million Points.

4. "Home Sweet Home" - Reward: +1 Threat Level Decrease.

After the final red assignment is complete, the assignments are reset and you can start it all again. Draining a ball will not lose your progress with the assignments. However starting invasion mode will reset your assignment progress.



There are 10 medals to collect those being; City destroyer, Threat Level Reduction, Increase Military AI, Airstrike Multiball, Panic Multiball, Survivor, Data Bowl, Artillery, Salvation and Rage Combo.

The modes below show the medals in the correct layout as they appear on the playfield. Each time a medal is complete, the medal will light up on the playfield.

Left of Playfield
1. City Destroyer (Question Mark Medal)

2. Threat Level Reduction (Peace Sign Medal)

3. Increase Military AI (Tank Medal)

4. Airstrike Multiball (Airstrike Bomb Medal)

5. Panic Multiball (Three People Running Medal)

Right of Playfield

6. Survivor Survivor (Military Soldier Medal)

7. Data Bowl (Computer Medal)

8. Artillery (Three Rockets Medal)

9. Salvation (First Aid Medal)

10. Rage Combo (Rage Face Medal)

I will explain how to receive each medal in more detail;

1. City Destroyer (Question Mark Medal) - This is a mission and can be started by eliminating the three bot guards and hitting the mission hole. With this mission you have to keep the ball situated around the robot, basically the top half of the playfield. You need a combined time of 10 seconds in order to complete this mission. You will know when you're close enough to the robot because everything will stop flashing on the playfield. Where as if you're not close enough to the robot the playfield is flashing, alerting you basically to hurry up. When you're not close to the robot you have 5 seconds to get it back to the top of the playfield otherwise the mode will end. Completing this mission will give you +1 on your Threat Level Reduction.

2. Threat Level Reduction (Peace Sign Medal) - This can be gained by completing the City Destroyer Mission three times and having +3 your threat level reduction. It can also be gained by doing the advanced assignments. +1 can also be rewarded for completing a dot matrix skill shot. Failure to complete invasion mode can give you -1 on your threat level reduction and if you have already attained the medal by having +3 on your threat level reduction, the medal can be revoked. This means you would have to gain another +1 again.

3. Increase Military AI (Tank Medal) - This can be gained by completing the Data Bowl Mission three times (see number 7) and having +3 increase on your Military AI. This also can be gained by doing advanced assignments. +1 can also be rewarded for completing a dot matrix skill shot.

4. Airstrike Multiball (Airstrike Bomb Medal) - This can be activated by completing the assignment; "Angels of Fire", which is assignment 2 in the green tier. It can also be activated by trying your luck with a Dot Matrix Skill Shot. You will then need to lock three balls in the rescue hole. You will receive the medal as soon as the third ball is locked and the multiball starts.

5. Panic Multiball (Three People Running Medal) - This mode is activated by hitting the spiral flyover ramp. To hit this ramp, complete a tactical strike shot, and then send the ball up the spiral flyover ramp using the top right flipper. The robot will be seen guarding himself from helicopters, after it he will place his hand on center overpass ramp, hit the center overpass and the ball will be placed in his hand, he will then lock the ball in his arm. All you have to do then is shoot the ball up the center overpass again, this will start "Panic Multiball". You will have two balls active on the playfield you have to send one ball in to any one of the sinkholes flashing. You will then be given a random sinkhole by the computer which will be flashing, send the ball in to the sinkhole to gain the Panic Multiball medal. If you faill to hit the correct sinkhole you will be given another opportunity until you drain one of the balls.

6. Survivor (Military Soldier Medal) - For this medal you will need to stop the ball from draining from the right and left of the playfield. What you need to do is activate the cannon and launch the ball from it. You will also need to open the right kickback by completing the "Save Me" mode. To activate the cannon this can be done two ways, the first way; you can start by going for this first and using the dot matrix skill shot in order to activate it for you (keep restarting the game until it unlocks). The second way is by activating it yourself. This is completed by hitting the furthest left in-lane on the bottom of the playfield. When the ball enters through this in-lane a red target will be lit on the in-lane and the right tunnel (orbit) will be flashing, this lasts about 5 seconds. You have to hit the right orbit in order to activate the cannon. Once complete send the ball through the subway, the ball will enter the subway and down in to the cannon. Launch the ball on to the playfield. See the "Save Me" Mode paragraph in they key section above to see details on how to start and complete this mode.

7. Data Bowl (Computer Medal) - This is a mission and can be started by eliminating the three bot guards and hitting the mission hole. This mission does not give you time but instead 4 lives. The mission is based were the bot guards and mini-boss' are situated. All that is needed to complete this, is to hit 5 of the targets that pop up, and you will gain data sequence. Failure to hit a target to which the ball lands in a sinkhole, you will lose a life. Hit 5 popping targets to gain this medal. Completing this will also give you +1 Increase in Military AI, completing it three times will give you the Increase Military AI medal.

8. Artillery (Three Rockets Medal) - This is a mission and can be started by eliminating the three bot guards and hitting the mission hole. This mission starts with you selecting one of the ramps to hit; center overpass, left highway, right highway and spiral flyover. Chose the ramp you're most comfortable hitting, preferably the center overpass or the left highway. Once you select a ramp of your choice, you will have 20 seconds to hit that ramp. Once the ramp is hit, the mode is over and you earn the artillery medal.

9. Salvation (First Aid Medal) - This is a mission and can be started by eliminating the three bot guards and hitting the mission hole. This mission starts with 40 seconds you have to hit the rescue sinkhole in order to gain civilians on board the transportation. You can gather as many as you like (as in hit the ball in the rescue sinkhole as many times as you can before time runs out) and then hit the center overpass to transport them safely. Hitting the center overpass will reluctantly reset the timer everytime. Best way to hit the sinkhole is to hit the right tunnel orbit and then use the top left flipper to knock the ball in to the rescue sinkhole. If this is proving a little difficult as the left flipper does feel stiff, you can use the right flipper to directly knock the ball in to the rescue sinkhole. Hold the ball on the right flipper and when it meets 25% towards the end of the flipper hit the ball. You will find attempting to do this may increase your amount of reinforcements rather than successfully hitting the sinkhole. It requires a little practice but is very achievable. If you have the subway fully upgraded then hit the subway and keep selecting Lenox Hill Hospital, and the ball will automatically hit the rescue sinkhole. This will make the mission a lot more easier. You can keep resting the timer by hitting the center overpass. If you don't have your subway fully upgraded this mission can prove difficult and time costly.

10. Rage Combo (Rage Face Medal) - To perform a rage combo you will need to hit the left orbit 2 times one after the other. You will notice when you send the ball around for the first time, the word rage will be flashing in red and the robot will look down at the table rather nervously, hit the orbit the second time and the robot will enter rage and will grab the vehicle close to him and slam it down to table which will cause the table to nudge. After this all you have to do is hit the spiral flyover ramp. You're not timed and have the rest of your game to complete the shot. One good way to make this combo is by shooting the right tunnel orbit and using the top left flipper to hit the tactical strike lane and then using the top right flipper to hit left orbit. Timing is then the key to hit the ball around for a second time. Once again repeat the process but then aim for the spiral flyover ramp. Of course if you have your subway upgraded then take advantage of that and select Central Park N, which will directly send the ball towards the top right flipper.

Once all this is complete the achievement should be yours, with all medals complete.

You can also check the rule sheet by pressing Start, selecting Help & Options and then finally selecting Rule Sheet.

Good luck!
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