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Lock two balls in the Oil Tanker and the Skyscraper on Agents! (Single player only)

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Achievement Guide for Infiltrator

  • deexordeexor239,345
    30 Oct 2010 30 Oct 2010 15 Jan 2011
    92 1 25
    The easiest way I can see:

    1) Make the skill shot (ie. hit the moving target) on your first ball. If you got the "lock is lit" award, the Skyscraper should be lit, and you're good. If not, restart the table and try again.
    2) Use the middle ramp to lock the ball in the Skyscraper.
    3) Get the ball in the mission hole and choose the Sniper mission. (This mission requires you to lock balls in the Oil Tanker.)
    4) Use the right ramp to get the ball in the Oil Tanker and the achievement should unlock.

    Losing balls during the process should be fine, you can get the skill shot on the first ball, lock it in the Skyscraper on the second ball, and the Tanker on the third. You can't lose a ball between steps 3 and 4, as losing a ball ends the mission; if you do, hit the mission hole again.

    Thanks to Campotech for confirming that a single locked ball in the Skyscraper is enough, you do not need to have two in there (the wording on the achievement, prior to getting it, is a little ambiguous).

    If you have clarifications, questions, or if there's a simpler way, please leave a comment!
  • The RechThe Rech55,035
    21 Dec 2011 21 Dec 2011 21 Dec 2011
    10 0 1
    The description for this achievement is WRONG. The actual achievement's description says "Snuck into both the Oil Tanker and the Skyscraper on the Agents table." Thus, you only need ONE locked ball each for both the Skyscraper and the Oil Tank.

    Building on deexor's solution, here are some other tips, you should consider:

    You HAVE to lock a ball in the Skyscraper BEFORE you can start a Sniper mission. If you start the Sniper mission first, it will be impossible to carry your locked balls because you have to finish your mission or die before you see the "lit" Skyscraper again.

    When doing the skill shot (dot matrix grid on the top left corner) at the beginning of the game, there are two kinds of "lock is lit," one that is just that and will light up the Skyscraper, and the other that comes right after the words "Triple Jackpot" that starts the Oil Tanker/Sniper mission. Like I wrote previously, you need to lock a ball in the Skyscraper first before you can do the Oil Tanker/Sniper mission.
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