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Legatus Legionis achievement in Pinball FX2

Legatus Legionis

Seize control over the garrisons at least seven times or start FRENZY on Rome! (Single player only)

Legatus Legionis+1.3
2 guidesOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.

How to unlock the Legatus Legionis achievement

  • LonesquiffLonesquiff450,751
    20 Feb 2012
    20 0 4
    FRENZY mode is activated after successful completion of all six garrisons in one game. However, as the description states, this achievement can also be obtained by completing any seven garrisons.

    To start a garrison mission you must first spell out the word CONQUER in the center of the table by making ramp shots, left or right. After the word is completed the Janus hole will light up. Sink the ball here and select a garrison to complete using the flippers. Anytime you hit the Janus hole, have your right flipper extended to catch it.

    There are a few obstacles on the table to be aware of that can hinder your letter progress.
    1) Hand of Jupiter- This is activated by two consecutive upper left orbit shots. When active, the next shot to go up the right ramp will be stopped by Jupiter who will bless it (giving you a temporary score multiplier) this shot will not advance the conquer letters.
    2) Janus Ramps- While spelling out CONQUER if you prematurely hit the Janus hole you will hear "Shoot the ramps" and start a score countdown mode. During this mode the ramp lights will change to yellow and you will be unable to spell further letters. Let the ball sit in the right hand flipper until it ends. If you let it idle it will end aproximately the time that your 4th place local highscore is shown. You will know it is over as the ramp lights will return to blue.

    Below is a list of each garrison and the requirements for completing it.
    Upper left orbit (hit using the upper left flipper)
    Romulus sinkhole (left sinkhole)
    scale sinkhole (located to the right of the left ramp, there is a roman soldier standing on it)
    Janus sinkhole (center sinkhole)
    Left and Right ramps (these are the two ramps on each side that you will hit to spell the conquer letters)
    Left and right orbits (these are on each side indicated by a small white arrow-shaped icon)
    Siege Tower target (located between the right ramp and right orbit, there is a trapped ball here along with several targets)

    Northern- Fight the Advancing Army. This mode has no time limit and can only be failed with a drain. In this mode you will have to make orbit and ramp shots, avoid sinkholes and targets. After several successful shots it will progress you to the next "wave" of enemies, there are three in all. If you hit a target or hole by mistake it will go against your ramp count to progress to the next wave but it will not revert you to a previous one. Take your time and line up your shots. Once you finish wave three the mode will end. While it can be long, this is one of the easiest garrisons to complete.

    Eastern- Defend from the Attacking Hordes. Four shots light up: right ramp, left ramp, right orbit, and the upper left orbit (from upper left flipper). In this mode you have only 10-15 seconds for each shot. The counter in the dot matrix will tell you how many shots you need to progress to the next wave, there are five in all. Unlike other modes, after making a shot, that lane does not stay "off". For example if you hit the left ramp it will go dark, but it will become active again after a shot on another lane.

    Western- Attack the Gates. This is a 2 ball multiball mode where you must hit the flashing increase the power of your battering ram. The dot matrix will display the current power amount vs the goal. Once you have enough power hit the lit sinkhole to fire. There are two gates to destroy so repeat the same process for the 2nd gate.

    Southern- Gain control of the Scale. Three sinkholes light up: Janus, Romulus, and scale. Five shots are required for phase 1 of this mode, they can be made into any of the three sinkholes. There is a sixty second timer for each shot, it will restart after each successful shot. In the dot matrix you will see how many out of 5 shots you have made. Once all five shots have been made a new countdown will start and the Janus hole will move to the left. In this 2nd phase you must get the ball up to the left hand flipper and sink it into the Janus hole (as you would for a skillshot).

    Central- Attack the Outposts. Five lanes will light up: left orbit, left ramp, upper orbit (from upper left flipper), right ramp, right orbit. In order to defeat the outposts you will need two shots on 4 of the flashing lanes. You will have 30 seconds for each shot, the timer will restart after a successful shot. After one shot the lane will blink faster indicating it has one "hit" left.

    Coastal- Destroy the Enemy Galley. Four shots light up: Janus sinkhole, Romulus sinkhole, Siege Tower target, scale sinkhole. There is a 60 second timer for each shot. After a successful shot, a ramp will extend to the catapult and the right ramp will light up. Shoot the ramp and the catapult will fire at the galley on the right. During this mode there is NO TIME LIMIT. After the galley has been hit a new ball will enter play and the 60 second timer will start again. After all four catapult shots are made, hit the right ramp one last time to finish the galley, and the mode.

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    R3NEG4D3Great guide, +1. Got the achievement using it.
    Posted by R3NEG4D3 on 14 Apr 12 at 21:34
    Pvt KeoghSolid guide. I got the achievement today by doing the Southern Garrison 7 times. It's one of the easiest to do in my mind. Offers from 3.5M to 12 million points each successful completion
    Posted by Pvt Keogh on 03 May 12 at 18:25
    bmlortzExcellent guide. I ended up getting it via 7 garrisons. Although I completed most of them while skipping the Western one in order to keep track of where I was at during the process. I ended up doing the Southern Garrison mission 3 times to get the achievement, plus the other 4.
    The kickbacks are rather easy to keep lit up. My biggest frustration was having a ball go to the top of the right ramp and come speeding back down the center and drain. There is a YouTube video here showing a player dealing with it:
    And Shoryuken To The Chin's guide in PDF format here:
    Posted by bmlortz on 23 Oct 15 at 12:39
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  • Weedstar DeLuxeWeedstar DeLuxe68,739
    05 Jul 2011 06 Jul 2011
    13 2 5
    first:sry for my bad english

    you need to hit the ramps to get the conquer letters on / then when the head is lit you have to hit the hole in the head in the middle of the table/ you can chose now your garison you wants to play/you have to win 7 times this garison but you can make 7 times the same garison /chose for you the easiest and finished this garison 7 times

    thats it

    deutsche anleitung:

    beleuchte durch rampenschüsse die conquer buchstaben / sind alle an, blinkt der kopf in der mitte vom tisch/treff das target vom kopf/ nun kannst du dir eine garison aussuchen du musst sie nur 7 x schaffen/du kannst sogar 7x die gleiche garison machen das ist egal hauptsache du schaffst diese 7x/suche dir einfach die einfachste aus

    das ist alles
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    Pookie TDoes anyone know how to start FRENZY mode??? Looked on the Rule Sheet but doesn't say anything about it!!!
    Posted by Pookie T on 08 Jul 11 at 10:03
    FiscalCliff2013I think FRENZY mode is the table's wizard mode. You have to beat the 6 different garrisons, then hit the right ramp to Jupiter. It's a multiball mode with big points for every shot. So your options are basically, beat a total of seven garrisons of your choice, or beat all six once each.
    Posted by FiscalCliff2013 on 23 Jul 11 at 21:11
    XI AlphaMale IXSouthern? Thanks Joe.
    Posted by XI AlphaMale IX on 05 Nov 11 at 23:20
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