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Blood Stone Elite

Obtain the '00 Agent Mission' medal in online ranked multiplayer

Blood Stone Elite-0.3
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    To obtain this achievement, you must complete all 10 levels of the 00 Agent Status Medal. Most can be boosted with one other person. Though the Level Seven medal will require a second person so you can get the assist.

    I suggest searching in Objective late at night, I didn't have any issues with randoms joining my game. Here are all 10 medals that you must obtain. You can see what each medal is while looking at your stats. You hit RB till you see stats, then move your joystick to the right once and hit A to view all of your medals.

    Level One
    -15 Standing Fire; Assault Efficiency; Assault Specialist in 1 round

    Level Two
    -15 Long Range; Sniper Efficiency; Sniper Specialist in 1 round

    Level Three
    -15 Point Blank; Shotgun Efficiency; Shotgun Specialist in 1 round

    Level Four
    -15 Pistolero; Pistol Efficiency; Pistol Specialist in 1 round

    Level Five
    -15 Run and Gun; SMG Efficiency; SMG Specialist in 1 round

    Level Six
    -7 Survivor Awards in a single round

    Level Seven
    -5 Defender, 1 Guardian, 5 Assist, 1 Conspicous Gallantry in 1 round

    Level Eight
    -Operator Efficiency Medal, Combat Excellence Medal, Commander Efficiency Medal in 1 round

    Level Nine
    -20 Kill Medals, 1 Standing Fire Medal, 1 Long Range Medal, 1 Point Blank Medal, 1 Pistolero Medal, 1 Run and Gun Medal, Combat Efficiency Medal

    Level Ten
    -1 Operator Efficiency, 1 Combat Survival Medal, 1 Combat Excellence Medal

    Good Luck!
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    First or all thanks to McDurbin for the list of requirements and Pyro Endy for the method of how to make it so you are able to kick people.

    You need 2 people for most of it except one level where you need 3. One of you start up a game in Objective, this must be a ranked match and not a private match. Once you are in a lobby on your own then invite one of your friend’s, now once he joins it is your turn to leave the lobby so the host migrates to the friend and they are now able to kick randoms from the lobby. Now rejoin the lobby and invite the other guy in. Strictly speaking you only need three people for level 7. After each attempt at getting the level just check in your Stats>Medals section of the menu that the very last medal is on the next one.

    First round starts and the team with one person just grabs an assault rifle and takes cover just outside the team of two’s base. This person then kills the other team members until they have 15 standing fire kills, this is done when you kill them whilst aiming and you are standing still or using cover, once this is done you can quickly run through the objectives to end the round.

    Second round starts and one person from the team of two kills the team of one until they have 15 standing fire kills. Now the team of one then switches to a sniper rifle and kills the team of 2 from a long distance 15 times so that they have the long range kills. Run through the level quickly, if you are running out of time before someone is finished then do an objective and it will give you another 10 minutes.

    Third round starts. The last person from the team of 2 that has not killed anyone yet gets his 15 standing fire kills, the person who got the standing fire kills gets the sniper rifle long range kills and then the person that is on his own gets a shotgun and kills the team of two 15 times at point blank range.

    Fourth round. Everyone moves forward one more, to save explaining too much everyone just moves forwards until I say other wise. Now the lone person uses his pistol and head-shot kills the other team to get 15 pistolero medals.

    Fifth round and everyone moves along again. Team of one gets the SMG and whilst running has to kill the opposing team without aiming, the easiest way I have found to do this is by injuring them before you run and whilst aiming to save ammo and then run’n'gun to finish them off.

    Sixth round now everyone has to catch up so the lone guy does not do anything and the other 2 move up.

    The same goes for the seventh round but this time the person that just got their SMG kills does not do anything as does the lone person.

    Eighth round. You now need to change the game mode to last man standing. You also need to make sure that the person going to it needs to be on a team by their-selves, this is where you need to be changing your preferred teams in the load-out menu. Basically just make stay alive as each mini round ends and once you get to 7 the stop.

    Ninth and tenth round. Repeat above process for the other people.

    Eleventh round. From now on the person getting the level needs to be on their own and on the attacking team. To switch teams in the menu push RB until you get to Customize and then push right on the d-pad and push A until you can select what team. So the lone person gets a few kills until they have around 90 points, then one of the other team kills the lone player and they should re-spawn and get a Command medal and be dressed in a suit. Now the lone person just runs through the level taking all the objectives.

    Same for the twelfth and thirteenth rounds but the other 2 people.

    Fourteenth round. The lone person needs to get 20 kills and have at least one of every weapon speciality medal, so long range/run and gun/standing fire/point blank/pistolero and then end the round.

    Once again same for the fifteenth and sixteenth rounds but the other players.

    Now onto the last level, this one is a lot easier than some of the other medals which does not make any sense at all. You should know by now the lone person is getting it and you need to switch teams to make that possible, the lone person also needs to be attacking and not defending. So, rather simple, just kill the other team and then run through the level taking all the objectives and finishing the round.

    Congrats!!! You should have just unlocked Blood Stone Elite. If you can see a faster way of doing it, then just let me know and I can update this and give credit’s wherever necessary. It took me and 2 other’s 5-6 hours doing it all, but we were trying to figure out how to do some of the stuff.

    NOTE: I have been told that some of the efficiency medals do not unlock for some people. If this happens to you then all I can suggest is that someone else gets a couple of kills with the same weapon, or gets a couple of the base medal for the efficiency you are going for.
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