Full Debrief achievement in 007: Blood Stone

Full Debrief

Collect all the intelligence items using Bond's Smartphone

Full Debrief+0.1
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How to unlock the Full Debrief achievement

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    **Thanks to Guttsu-87 at PS3 Trophies.org. These are the same for the 360. **

    When using this list of intels, the number listed as the header for the intel is the chronological order you find the pieces in. The number in parentheses is the order in which the intels are numbered within the in-game intel screen. Chronologically, the intels are numbered by chapter section. The in-game numbering is by chapter alone. These numbers are usually different.

    (There are no intels in Athens)


    "The Key to Crack the Code"

    Weapons Crate (#8) - After you dispose of the first two guards in the construction site, head around the backside of the crane. The Intelligence is on a pallet near the truck. You will pick up an MP7 Silenced when you approach the crate.

    Forman's Log (#5) - After you and the girder fall underground. check behind you in the back right corner. The Intelligence will be on the ground.

    Body of Deceased Male (#2) - At the end of the first underground tunnel, check the room to the right (where the two guards are talking). Take out the guards, and then scan the dead hostage in the wheelbarrow.

    E-mail Correspondence (#3) - When you reach the cave area with a large well in the center of the room, move around the small wall perimeter (to your right) to locate a laptop that you can scan.

    Audio Surveillance Device (#1) - As you make your way to the track switch, you will reach an intersection with an elevator to your left and a room to your right. Scan the audio device on the ground infront of the elevator.

    History of Istanbul dig site (#6) - After the drill sequence, you reach the catacombs chamber. Take out the lone guard and check to the right for a laptop.

    Last Thoughts (#7) - Once you reach the prison chamber, check the first cell for a dead prisoner. Scan the cellphone near the body.

    E-mail Correspondence (#4) - Once you reach the ruins area, you will have to jump over a gap in the catwalk. After this first gap, look to the right of the first column for a laptop.

    "Who are You Working For?"

    Crash Truck (#11) - After the driving sequence, scan Bernin's vehicle.
    Archaelogical Notes (#9) - When you reach the area with the broken crane bridge, look for a laptop on the large stone block on the right, before you climb the ladder.

    Armored Vehicle (#10) - Scan the armored truck after taking out the three guards.

    MP5 (#13) - After taking out the guards in the arena area, there is a wooden ledge you can climb onto near a broken column (to the right of where you entered the area). Continue forward to find an MP5 case you can scan.

    Helicopter (#12) - Once you clear the amphitheater, scan the underside of the helicopter.


    "Your Basic Russian Oligarch..."

    Brass Nude (#2) - As you ascend the stairs, there will be a statue to scan on the second landing. The statue is to the right of the path, where several people are watching the fireworks.

    Stone Lantern (#5) - After Bond tells Nikki to "stick to the plan", head through the gate and follow the short wall to the right. Scan the large lantern to your right at the end of the wall.

    P99 Silenced (#4) - Once you pass a barrel storage room, you will come to a gate to the next area. Follow the walkway to the left (you will hear two guards talking about a "smoke break") to reach a utility room. Inside the room is a gun case.

    Ornate Money Clip (#3) - Once you reach the third floor of the casino (after using the lift), look for the money clip on the security counter.

    Architect of Casino (#1) - When you reach the museum hall, clear the area of guards, then look for a bust (statue head) on the right side of the room.


    "Not All Fun and Games"

    Bernin (#1) - After exiting the first parking shed, head to the second shed to your left and access the door lock. Enter the backroom and look for the computer on the desk.

    Statue of the Industrialist (#4) - When you reach the courtyard (where the two women are talking), scan the large statue in the middle of the area.

    History of the Refinery (#3) - When you reach the second floor of the Pomerov Industries building, look for the large model of the refinery.

    AK-74 (#2) - After taking out the guards in the snowy courtyard, look for a weapons case under the stairs to the computer center.
    "Keep the Car Running"

    Hybrid Anthrax Formula (#7) - As you make your way to override the exhaust system (the left path), keep your eyes peeled for a computer on your left in the hallway.

    Exhaust Pipe (#6) - As you make your way to override the exhaust system (the left path), you will exit the building, climb an exterior stairway, and then reenter the building. You will exit the building again to a catwalk. Look for the blue crate by the large pipe. Scan the side of the pipe.

    Coolant Container (#5) - As you make your way to override the coolant system (the right path), when you reach the first refrigerated warehouse, scan the first explosive container.

    Modified Truck (#9) - As you make your way to override the coolant system (the right path), in the second refrigerated warehouse, scan the first truck.

    M3T (#8) - After you exit the room with the erupting flames, check for the weapon case.

    "By Any Means Necessary"

    Hovercraft Information (#11) - When you reach the inside of the hovercraft, search out the computer room. On the left wall you will find a computer to scan.

    UMP (#12) - In the large cargo hold section, search for a weapon case in the middle of the area.

    Anti-Missle Turret (#10) - When you reach the Anti-Missile Turret on the deck of the ship, remember to scan it after the shooting sequence against the S.A.V.


    "An Uneasy Alliance"

    Murdered Security Person (#1) - On the fourth floor of the aquarium, right before you exit via the stairwell, scan the dead security guard by the stairs.

    "One More Step and You're Dead"

    Assassin's Order (#2) - After taking out the first gunman of the section, drop down into a smokey area. There is an intel on the ground near the opposite wall.

    G36 (#3) - Check the far right corner of the rundown building for a weapon case. There will be a "Tassels Night Club" sign to your left near this intel.

    Police Orders (#4) - After dropping down from the scaffolding infront of the large neon sign, take out the two guards in the bar area. On the bar behind you is a laptop to scan.

    "Old Friends, New Enemies"

    PCR-1000 (#5) - At the end of the police roadblock area, check for the weapon case on the ground to the right of the gate.

    Police Profile: Rak (#6) - After you drop down from the plank onto the police truck, scan the truck.

    Ship's Log (#8) - After Bond's converstaion with Silk, keep an eye out for the storeroom on the right of the area. The intel is on the ground inside.

    12 Gauge (#7) - In the alley with three guards and the blue truck, check the weapon case behind the last short wall, to the right of the truck.

    "You're In Burma, Mr. Bond"

    Bond (#1) - After you find Bond's cellphone, go back down the stairs and look for the laptop.

    Nicole (#4) - After crossing the bridge and clearing the first guard camp, check for the laptop on the crates.

    Imported SUV (#3) - Also in the first guard camp, scan the SUV.

    Combat A.R. (#5) - Also in the first guard camp, scan the weapon case on the ground.

    Grenade Launcher (#2) - In the back of the airfield camp, check the top of the stairs of the shelter. On the ground is a weapon case.

    "The Beautiful and the Damned"

    DSR-1 (#8) - As you approach the building, check behind the truck in the corner of the shipping yard for a weapon case.

    Contruction Notes (#6) - Once you enter the inside of the dam, check in the left end of the first hallway for a laptop.

    Dam Contract Worker(#7) - As you exit the hallway lit by red light, look for the dead body to the left.

    "I Already Know..."
    M24 (#10) - In the building with the dam switch, check the back corner of the area for a weapon case.

    M1 (#9) - When the firefight on the lift ends, look for a weapon case at the end of the balcony, near the "Engine Room 01" sign.

    Rak's Helicopter (#12) - When Rak's helicopter arrives, take cover at the corner infront of the elevator. Scan as the vehicle flies low at the corner. The window of opportunity to scan is very short. Be sure to clear all the enemies from the area before the helicopter arrives.

    Pressure Controls (#11) - After Rak's helicopter arrives and you take the lift to the top of the dam, the last intel will be directly ahead of you.
    (There are no intels in the Epilogue.)

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    DA CYBER ZOMBIEGood guide, cheers. it helped with a few i were missing
    Posted by DA CYBER ZOMBIE on 27 Apr 11 at 15:28
    BSquad56i can go back and get these with chapter select?
    Posted by BSquad56 on 02 Mar 14 at 23:50
    Ginuwine AI3Been awhile since I played it, but I do believe so.
    Posted by Ginuwine AI3 on 03 Mar 14 at 04:34
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    Text guides are good but some people like me prefer video guides. Here are a set or 5 videos all credit goes to TudorVII from achievementhunter.com
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    A little note that these are ordered in the way they are seen in the menu screen and not the order you find them.

    1 On the ground, by the broken elevator, a the T-junction near the control room.

    2 Inside the room on the right at the end of the first underground tunnel.

    3 On the round well ‘s short wall. While you’re at it, shoot the elevator engine in this well for an achievement.

    4 Right after the first catwalk jump in the ruins. Near the column to your right.

    5 Right behind you, as soon as you begin the underground rail passage.

    6 On a laptop in the guard chamber you drop down into after the drill machine challenge.

    7 on the body of the dead prisoner in the first cell.

    8 Behind the crane, just after the cabin drops.

    9 to the right of the ruins area, under a makeshift crane bridge.

    10 In the armored truck, after it smashes through the wall and debouches its troops.
    11 In Bernin’s abandoned vehicle at the beginning of the mission.

    12 Once you’ve cleared the amphitheater of the first wave of enemies, scan the helicopter.

    13 Climb up the wooden scaffold on the right side of the ruins area, before the amphitheater entrance. The intel is on a raised walkway.

    1 Scan the statue in the last battle room of the casino, to the right.

    2 M16 Analysis Brass Nude The first statue you come to at the beginning of the mission, on the second landing, before you enter the gardens.

    3 On the counter in the security room, at the top of the elevator to Pomerov’s office.

    4 Right after you leave the first garden, follow the walkway to the end and look inside the utility room.

    5 After you’ve been called into the Garden and asked about Pomerov Not showing up, go through the gate, through the porch window, and down some stairs. The Lantern is located at the bottom.


    1 Scan the computer in the second parking lot shed.

    2 Under the computer center stairs, in the snowy courtyard.

    3 Scan the large model of the city on the second floor balcony, on the top of the spiral staircase.

    4 The large statue in the middle of the courtyard at the beginning of the mission.

    5 To your right, right as you first take cover in the warehouse

    6 While standing on the exterior catwalk, scan the large, red Exhaust Pipe.

    7 Scan the computer on the desk, in the recessed area, right after leaving the computer center hub.

    8 On the corner crate in the weapons cache room, just before the large, exterior battle.

    9 First truck in the second refrigerated warehouse.

    10 Scan the anti-missile turret on the deck of the ship before attacking Pomerov’s S.A.V. with it.

    11 Scan the computer on the left wall of the computer room, next to the room with the cargo door switch in it.
    12 Scan the weapon case sitting in the middle of the line of cargo in the hold.

    1 Dead Security Guard in the exit stairwell, on the top floor of the aquarium.

    2 M16 Decryption Assassin’s Orders Just after you encounter your first enemy in this level. Drop down into the lower section and use the smartphone to find it in the back corner.

    3 M16 Armory Report G36 Scan the weapon case in the back corner of the building, right before you jump off the neon sign to the bar.

    4 M16 Decryption Police Orders On the counter of the bar, just after the neon sign jump.

    5 Scan the weapon case on the ground, to the right of the second gate, in the area with three taser-wielding cops.

    6 Scan the police truck you drop down onto.

    7 Weapon case, to the right of the truck in the gate switch area.

    8 Piece of paper on the floor of the small storeroom on the right side of the first area.

    1 Go back to the first floor after finding your smartphone and scan the laptop the guard was using.

    2 Scan the weapons case in the shelter at the top of the
    stairs, where you battle the APC.

    3 Scan the vehicle in camp, near the exit.

    4 Scan the laptop in the first camp, where four guards were located.

    5 Scan the weapons case on the ground in the first camp, under the shelter in the back left corner.

    6 Scan the laptop at the left end of the first dam hallway.

    7 Dam Contract Worker - Scan the dead body in the hallway, just before you get to the end of the red-lit hallway at the end of the level.

    8 DSR-1 - Scan the weapons crate behind the flatbed tractor-trailer, before you take out the first plane.

    9 Scan the weapon case at the top left end of the upper balcony, near the terminus of the funicular lift.

    10 Scan the weapon case in the back corner of the dam switch buidling, near your sniping position.

    11 Scan the first pressure control console on the top floor, while you’re trying to bring Rak’s plane down.

    12 Scan Rak’s helicopter right before you ride the elevator up to the top level.
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    IMPETUSThanks for putting them in the menu sequence - exactly what I needed!
    Posted by IMPETUS on 16 Aug 11 at 05:00
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