Mai Thai achievement in 007: Blood Stone

Mai Thai

Complete the Bangkok chapter on the 007 difficulty

Mai Thai0
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How to unlock the Mai Thai achievement

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    So the achievement asks you to complete the Bangkok chapter on the 007 difficulty. This achievement is attainable, but it may take a lot of tries before eventually conquering it.

    The first part of it involves having you look for three seperate bugs, in the aquarium, using your Smartphone on them, then having to disable it. After that, you'll meet up with General Ping, who is unfortunately assassinated by a man who works for the main villain, Rak. Your job, at this point, is to go after him.

    This is going to be tougher than you think, due to the fact that it's on 007 difficulty and you can get shot in one or two bullets and die very quickly. So checkpoints are your best friend, as it has been for every difficulty.

    From the time you start chasing after him to the point of where you will have to do another car sequence, it's all about the gunfighting between you and a slew of enemies that await you at every corner. In the video link that I have with me, it's all about finding good cover and knowing when to hit your enemies dead-on. Try to get a lot of head shots in there while you can. Some will be perched on balconies, making them hard to hit sometimes, but you can kill them too.

    Once you exit the aquarium, you'll be pursuing your assassin on the rooftops of Bangkok. Eventually, you'll get into more fights too with his men, so make sure to use excellent cover and pick off your targets, one by one. Do not rush into this section or the section before it with guns blazing, because you will get killed within seconds. Trust me, I've tried and I've failed. So be smart about this!

    Once you are done with the rooftops, off into the car chase you go! This is a pretty easy section to go through, so you won't have to worry about dying. It may take a few tries, because you'll come across unexpected bumps on the road, so don't worry about it. Just make sure to keep trying again and again until that part of the section is completed.

    Next, you'll be dealing with the Bangkok police. You won't have a gun on you, so you'll have to rely on the worst gun in the game; the stun guns. But I prefer silent take downs as much as possible here, because it's quicker that way. It can get frustrating if you try to use it on them and it fails, only to have them stun and kill you in return.

    Once you meet up with your acquaintance, it's nothing but gun battles from that point on. Use the advice I gave earlier in this...chose your cover spots wisely and gun them down as fast as possible. The guards can be cheap and throw grenades your way, so if that happens, get out of the way until it explodes, then quickly return to your cover and continue firing back at the enemy. The final gunfight may take a lot of retries, due to not them throwing grenades at you, but because you'll be surrounded very quickly if you are not quick on your toes, so always watch your back and kill them as quickly as possible.

    You'll know you are the end of the level when all the guards, in the last gunfight, have been killed, and you'll see Rak calling them "fools" or something like that as you chase him down to a spot that leads him nowhere...until he gets the last laugh for the moment.

    If you want to see how this achievement can be earned, check out the video link I attached along with this point. Credit goes TheSeraphim17 for creating and posting this video. It may be long, but trust me, it gets the job done. Have fun and good luck!
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