Master at Arms achievement in 007: Blood Stone

Master at Arms

Kill with all the available weapons

Master at Arms0
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How to unlock the Master at Arms achievement

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    This achievement is pretty straight forward, and you can probably pick it up without even trying as most of the weapons appear in later levels. There are a total of 16 weapons you must pick up, and kill someone with. The list below contains the weapon, the level, and wherein the level they are approximately first located. This may contain spoilers.

    MP7 - Dropped off guards.

    MP5 - Dropped off guards, and found behind truck after jumping out of the office.
    Grenade Launcher - Found in catacombs.
    12 Guage - Found on 3rd of 4th guard after car chase.
    AK74 - Same area as 12 Guage.

    G36 - Found in the last room toward the end of the level. I found only a couple guards had it here.

    M3T - Found off guards in refinery while turning the valves.
    DSR-1 - Found next to intel, and toward the end of the refinery before Nicole picks you up.
    UMP - Found on guards on Hovercraft.

    PCP-1000 - Stun gun. Found off first cop you takeout, after the truck chase.

    M9 - Found on first guard after you escape your cell. This seems to be the only place this gun is located. Kill the guard in the next room with it to get credit.
    M1 - Found on guards shortly after you leave cell area.
    Combat A.R. - Found shortly after the M1.
    M24 - Found next to intel around the area you hit the switch to lower a lift, toward the end of the level.

    All Levels:
    The P99 and Silenced P99 are Bond's default weapons, and you will start the levels with either, so make sure you get at least one kill with each.

    This accounts for all 16 weapons, and again they appear various times again with exception to the M9 and the stun gun. You should be able to get this achievement no problem.

    If you leave negative feedback, please explain why so I can fix the write-up. Thanks.
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    Jabba BalboaThe DSR-1 was the hard one to find for me. The way I got it was, on the second-to-last Burma mission, right after you wreck your plane you will wind your way through the jungle then encounter a few bad guys. After you dispatch them you will get into a larger firefight with a ton of baddies. In the back left corner of that area there will be a flatbed truck...behind the truck will be some intelligence and a DSR-1. Just don't kill everybody before you get it, and you should be able to pick up a kill with it easily. If you get to the part where the plane is shooting at you, you've gone too far.
    Posted by Jabba Balboa on 31 Dec 10 at 20:30
    i have played that level and looked everywhere for that sniper but i never found it
    Posted on 14 Mar 11 at 01:12
    OmegaPredator92jason u can also get th dsr-1 in the aquarium thts wer i gt th kill, i nd 1 mor gun but idk wat 1 it is, is the a way ov finding out?
    Posted by OmegaPredator92 on 20 Apr 11 at 16:47
    oO maur1c1o OoGreat Guide thanks a lot
    Posted by oO maur1c1o Oo on 15 Aug 11 at 12:47
    CrankyBauer24Just got it was having trouble with the G 36 good guide
    Posted by CrankyBauer24 on 21 May 12 at 14:38
    BondxGirl@realfox81 Thanks for mentioning the weapon found on the guard after you escape! This was the last one I needed! :D Also, thanks for the guide, kael7.
    Posted by BondxGirl on 04 Jul 12 at 02:35
    sonnyliston1M9 what a cheeky little gun.
    Posted by sonnyliston1 on 26 Aug 12 at 23:00
    eHeadachesgood guide, m9 it was here also, i think its because you tend to think stealthy takedowns and by the time you actually need to shoot you already have a much better weapon you never use it. cheeky m9 indeed.
    Posted by eHeadaches on 23 Dec 12 at 00:42
    Krows GraveyardGreat guide! Also people will randomly give negative feedback just to troll you, no real reason at all. Good feed from me though!
    Posted by Krows Graveyard on 01 Apr 16 at 16:39
    AGGT002There is also a USP handgun that i found in burma somewhere between the m1 and combat AR, just before u enter a cave and climb up a box, i dont see the USP on the list and it was the last one i needed
    Posted by AGGT002 on 02 Aug 16 at 05:30
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