Speed Run achievement in 007: Blood Stone

Speed Run

Finish the Istanbul driving chase in under 2 mins 59.4 secs

Speed Run0
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How to unlock the Speed Run achievement

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    Some tips i found in ps3trophies.org


    Originally Posted by ToxicMegacolon
    See? This one totally sucks. And not being able to track your time in-game is completely unforgivable.

    But I finally just got the trophy a few hours ago (at least it wasn't glitched!)... and here are some tips:

    1. Don't use the handbrake, unless you're really comfortable with it, as the car's reaction to using it is not consistent and it's really easy to spin out. I never used it, but rather braked hard at the two spots where the game indicates you should use it.

    2. I used what I think of as a "double-brake" technique. Since there's no force-feedback that gives you an idea of how fast you're going (and no speedometer, which is also beyond stupid), it's hard to get the braking down and often you either don't brake hard enough and hit the wall, or overbrake and kill your speed. I found if you hit L2, let go completely, and then hit L2 again, it would always decrease the car's speed to the point where I could take most turns without over- or understeering. I'm not sure why "braking while braking" worked so well, but it's probably the only thing that gave me a chance at this trial. Give it a shot and see if it helps.

    3. If you somehow race well enough to catch up to the Hummer, BACK OFF a little bit. The game is programmed to keep the Hummer on a certain track and, if you happen to be next to it or in its way, it will absolutely destroy your chances of winning. I was spun out or sent to a complete standstill every single time I caught up to him near the beginning of the docks.

    4. The first time you meet the two white armored cars (after the u-turn tunnel) , you can squeeze past the first one on the right without too much trouble, and you can also squeeze past the second one on the left near the wall. It's strange, as the armored car will approach you but will not usually pinch you off on the wall... it will just let you go.I was able to bypass these two every single time without problems.

    5. Watch the video in your guide and pay attention to the player's tail lights.... in other words, note when he brakes and when he doesn't. I realized that there were turns where I was braking out of fear of crashing, when I never really needed to brake at all, and was able to both maintain control and keep my speed up.

    6. When you first hit the docks, you'll be chasing the Hummer and one white car. Ride this white car around the first hairpin turn (just like in the video, it's actually really easy to do). At the second turn, the white car slows down significantly, and you can easily cut by him on the right and blow by him. As long as you keep your speed up, you'll never see him again. But be warned, if you drop your speed unnecessarily, he will probably hit you and spin you out.

    7. Don't bother trying to pass the second set of two white armored cars... it's almost impossible (I only did it once and it was on the far right side). I also tried to avoid running into the back of them, as it seemed to slow me down more than if I just tapped R2 to keep my top speed down a little.

    8. Keep trying, over and over. There is a lot of luck involved and random events happen far more often than they should, unfortunately (such as so-called scripted events where a car doesn't fly through the air over your head, but rather gets bumped directly in your path, which stops you and ruins your run)

    9. Don't be like me and get frustrated by watching the video and seeing how that guys make two HUGE mistakes and still earns the trophy. I flawlessly completed the race several times and still didn't get the trophy. Just keep trying.


    Heres another video too i found on youtube, a bit better than the first one.

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    DutchDemonsJust got this today,

    The U turn trick and geting in front of the (first) two white cars definitely help out. Difficulty level doesn't matter. Got it on recruit.

    Good luck!
    Posted by DutchDemons on 28 Dec 17 at 18:11
    Seamus McLimeyThe achievement pope before the final jump (through the concrete pipes). If you don't have it by then, restart the level. Saves you having to skip the cutscene and restart from the main menu.
    Posted by Seamus McLimey on 18 Feb 19 at 01:29
    MADRADDGAMERIt is doable, I did it, I stayed up till gone 5 am in the morning UK time but I did it.
    Posted by MADRADDGAMER on 20 Jun at 04:08
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  • LJParnellLJParnell760,206
    16 Sep 2012 30 Oct 2012 30 Oct 2012
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    The solution by V0CALICMAX is very good and you should follow it. I only have one item to add that *might* help. This achievement seems glitchy, but there may be a way to help avoid the glitchiness.

    I finally got this achievement after trying many times. The weird thing is that I had two or three flawless runs and did not get the achievement. I probably had six to eight runs that were better than the run where the achievement popped.

    BUT, the achievement popped on my run that immediately followed a run where I fell into the water and got the 'blood on the screen' death. So I was thinking...(I know a dangerous thing), I constantly forced a restart of the level when I made mistakes and I am guessing that this *manual restart* has a bug in it such that the clock does not always reset. So if you are getting good at this level but still no achievement, then drive into the water or let the bad guy get away so the game will end and you can then restart the level that way. I think the clock will correctly reset after this for your next run.

    Again, this is what *seemed* to be what I experienced. If some people can confirm / deny this, I would appreciate it. If this idea is wrong, I will remove this solution. I just thought it might be helpful for this troublesome achievement.
  • SSCPSSCP825,435
    02 Aug 2011 03 Aug 2011 04 Aug 2011
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    As with all the games i record i put them up here on TA - This run is pretty much perfect - This is a tricky achievement to get as there is no timer - I never use the handbrake as it slows you down to much - Any questions msg me
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    xXITzMoSSYXxThis Game Is Really Hard
    Posted by xXITzMoSSYXx on 02 Sep 12 at 21:33
    SSCPMy solution was autohidden for a low vote ratio - Are you fucking serious. What is wrong witht he solution?
    Posted by SSCP on 02 Sep 12 at 22:09
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