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Cross, Back, Step, Front! achievement in Dance Central

Cross, Back, Step, Front!

Successfully pass EVERY Jazz Square in the game.

Cross, Back, Step, Front!0
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How to unlock the Cross, Back, Step, Front! achievement

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    To quote NathAttack: "Hopefully this maintains its ABSURDLY high TA-Ratio forever ;D
    Even though I know it won't, not actually difficult at all. Still, man can dream, right?"

    Well, he's right! Each Jazz Square is basically the same move. The clue is in the name, you make a square with your feet...I have no idea why it is called "Jazz", I don't imagine doing that move to Jamie Cullum.

    Enough digression! Each jazz square has the same basic steps. From your starting position, cross your right foot over your left, then bring your left foot behind your right foot, then bring your right foot in line with your left, then left foot back in its starting place. If your having trouble, practice away from the game. On each step the arms are doing something different, but that depends on which of the moves you are doing.

    In "Hey Mami"
    Jazz Square slow is basically the Jazz Square at half speed and comes right at the start of the song (on Hard at least). Arms are slightly up and bent, the arm needs to be pushed out slightly on every beat.
    "Hella Good"
    The Jazz Square here is the fifth move in (on Hard), exact same thing with feet. But your arms are curling (like a bicep curl) on every beat.
    "Push It"
    The Jazz Square is after # Working up a sweat! # . Exact same as Hella Good's but goes in the other direction. That's left leg over right first. For Jazz Square and I do only the first two steps before jumping into the 'I'.
    The Jazz Square is near the beginning of the song on easy. A normal jazz square but make "hook" arms.

    This video is not the game, simply an instructional video on how to do a Jazz Square. If you still cant get it after breaking it down or through the song, practice by yourself using that video.

    Warning: that instructor is telling you to do an extra step which you don't need to do in game!

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    This games high ratios have boosted my ratio from 1.9 to 2.0
    Posted by KinectKid333 on 17 Sep 14 at 23:55
    KanchanaburiI confirm you don't need to pass the move, and it counts for a success in slow mo. I got jazz and I in slow mo and never passed the move and got the achievement.
    Posted by Kanchanaburi on 18 Dec 14 at 06:29
    TwobbyI'll confirm what Kanchanaburi said about slow mo with Jazz and I. Achievement popped at the end of the song at the menu.
    Posted by Twobby on 01 Mar 16 at 17:35
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  • Xaero HourXaero Hour248,402
    21 Nov 2010 21 Nov 2010 21 Nov 2010
    18 6 10
    Songs that have Jazz Squares in them:
    Hey Mami (not on easy)
    Hella Good (not on easy)
    Push It (not on easy or medium)

    Due to the order I traced this down in, I dont' know if you have to pass all squares on all difficulties and in Break-it-Down of if you just have to pass all the jazz squares on each song in any mode on a difficulty where they show up. I suggest using Break-it-Down on these songs to nail the squares on hard to see if it unlocks and if it doesn't, then at least you've got pratice for Perform-it.
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    NathAttackMake sure to get the "Jazz Step and I" move down as well, it is in Push It, and I can confirm that it DOES count despite what the other guide says.
    Posted by NathAttack on 12 Jan 11 at 05:42
    BluEyedBellaI have been trying for months to get this cheeve to pop and it wont... Im so frustrated with it!
    Posted by BluEyedBella on 23 Apr 11 at 04:23
    HARMZOOOJust did them in break-it down mode. Completed it with check marks and diamonds and failed some in the recap and it still popped. Thanks for the guide!
    Posted by HARMZOOO on 25 Jan 12 at 22:45
  • zI Un4given IzzI Un4given Iz303,249
    30 Jul 2011 30 Jul 2011
    9 0 1
    This achievement works the same way as all of the moves related achievements, it can be done in Break It Down mode, where you have to get only one(!) green check on Jazz Square moves, the rest of the song's moves can be failed.
    The songs with Jazz Square are:
    Hey Mami (medium or hard)
    Hella Good (medium or hard)
    Push It (hard)
    Brickhouse (easy or harder)
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    AxelSteel15When you say one green check, do you mean you only have to pass it once and then you can quit out? Or do you have to get the full check (3 passes) and finish out the break it down session for it to count?
    Posted by AxelSteel15 on 19 May 16 at 18:00
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