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Been There, Done That

Play on all tracks in offline play

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    28 Dec 2010
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    As you play through the game you will get fans. More tracks unlock as you acquire more fans. You need to play each track available in each event at least one time offline. Here is a list of all the available tracks broken down by event:

    Pro / Battle Race
    Lighthouse Loop
    Great Dragon Road
    Rocky Road Speedway
    Aviator Ranch
    Boathouse Bay
    Forbidden Fortress
    Cannon Crossover

    Crimson Gorge 1
    Paradise Pipes 1
    Crimson Gorge 2
    Paradise Pipes 2
    Crimson Gorge 3
    Paradise Pipes 3

    Badlands Freeway 1
    Coastal Highway 1
    Badlands Freeway 2
    Coastal Highway 2
    Badlands Freeway 3
    Coastal Highway 3
    Badlands Freeway 4
    Coastal Highway 4

    Cloudtop Temple 1
    Desert Drainage 1
    Cloudtop Temple 2
    Desert Drainage 2
    Cloudtop Temple 3
    Desert Drainage 3

    Sunset Harbor
    Perilous Peaks
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