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Super Marathon

Get behind the wheel for 10 hours in offline play

Super Marathon+0.6
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  • PerpaliciousPerpalicious160,487
    26 Dec 2010 25 Dec 2010 25 Dec 2010
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    This is 10 hours of game time, which means you will need 10 hours worth of race, battle, stunt, drift, and/or trick activity.

    The trick to this is to simply just sit in front of Kinect while in a race. The car shouldn't move (as long as you don't move too much) and you will rack up a lot of time. I personally just sat and did work.

    Another great solution (thanks to Scrapdaddy) is to have a cardboard cut out or construct something Kinect will mistaken for a person. Once you have done that, use your arms to start the race then move out of the way without having the Kinect detect you. This should allow you to go do a lot of other things like groceries, movies, etc. This did work for me but I could not use the technique since I have two kittens. They both ruined it multiple times.

    The level you pick is entirely up to you. If you can't keep yourself from driving then the last level is the best since it is decked out with several turns.
    10 Apr 2011 10 Apr 2011
    7 1 10
    Perpalicious is right. I used a vacume cleaner on top of a bar stool, then draped a blanket over it and put a mask over the top, the whole thing was the same hieght as me then I just stood behind it using my arms around the sides to start the game, then i went to bed, when I woke up the 5 hour achievement had popped, so I restarted the process waited in one race pinned against a wall untill the time was 300 mins then finished the race, the achievement popped after the race was over. hope this is usefull.
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