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Ahead of the Curve

Perform a double or triple escape (Multiplayer Only).

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  • xFallenCastielxxFallenCastielx9,228
    18 Nov 2010 17 Dec 2010
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    To gain this achievement, you have to first do well enough in the match to where you have multiple pursuers(you can tell by the amount of red diamonds in the upper left hand corner.)Typically in an 8 player match, the top 2 have multiple pursuers. Then once you have 2 or 3 pursuers, simply start running around like mad. If you run on top of the buildings you are less likely to get surprise killed. Once you have gotten an escape message, wait until you see two diamonds behind you(or three), then begin trying to actually hide. My preferred message is to turn a corner, hit disguise, and step into a crowd.

    If boosting, get four other players, and have only the person boosting for the achievement get kills, until they have multiple pursuers. Then just have the pursuers run around the booster until the escape scene, and leave each other.

    edit: Also note, if you are having a tough time getting to the point where you have multiple attackers, you can do this in team play as ell, where you almost always have two or more people going at ya.
  • TexasHONZTexasHONZ261,876
    20 May 2011 20 May 2011
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    connectmeplease has a good method, but a bit of it comes due to the other players (your pursuers) desperation or lack of skill.

    Most good players won't immediately chase you if you run to trigger the chase. They'll wait back and target you then hidden gun kill you from afar or just wait till you get close in your running to kill you or smoke bomb you.

    I found an easy way was once you're doing well enough to have multiple pursuers (1st is the best, because you'll get three and increase your chances) is to morph in a walking crowd at the end of the match. I just blended and at the last minute of the match people started getting desperate and running around. I just waited till I saw red diamonds running at me then smoke bombed after a chase was triggered And tried to stun/run away as best I could.

    I got two double escapes in about 45 secs using that method.
  • HeyMrBassmanHeyMrBassman308,837
    02 Oct 2011 03 Oct 2011
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    If you're going for this legit, the other guides here suggest doing this during the Wanted game mode. To be honest, you have to be doing well to get more than one pursuer and they will usually be all over the map, meaning the likelihood of two of them triggering a chase sequence is slim. I quite often escaped from one enemy, only to run into another to ruin my day.

    I got this achievement in Manhunt, where for half the game you're guaranteed to have up to 4 pursuers on your tail. Blend in and watch your surroundings for enemies - other players will likely run to your location and then stop just as they appear in your view, so they'll still show a red arrow for a short period of time. Once you have two or more players engaged in a chase sequence, run away the best you can.

    I found the smoke bomb and the sprint boost to be the best way of escaping. Don't attempt to smoke and stun your pursuers as quite often, you won't have enough time to stun them all, or one of them will be smart enough not to run into your smoke. Instead, use chase breakers and drop your smoke bombs in alleyways without chase breakers to slow your opponents down while you run around a corner and either blend or hide. Stay off the rooftops, it ultimately only slows you down. ‘Reset cooldowns’ is also useful to ensure that once activated, you’ve always got a fresh smoke bomb and sprint every time you respawn.

    No doubt about it, this achievement requires a fair amount of luck to set up, so prepare yourself for quite a few near-misses before you get it right. Once particularly frustrating thing is your pursuers will often start to chase you but they don’t actually trigger a chase sequence. While it may seem tempting to rush at two or more of your opponents in the hope they will start a chase, quite often one will have a gun/knives/poison or a hidden ally will be around to knock you down. If you really must try to engineer it this way, run past them just as they’re killing one of your allies, as this limits the chances that they have abilities to spend on you.

    Good luck!
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