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Capture the Flag

Remove All Borgia Flags in Rome.

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  • GillesdeRaisGillesdeRais522,690
    28 Jan 2011 28 Jan 2011 07 Jan 2012
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    If you are like me, you have spent a considerable amount of time with the map simply going to the flags and claiming them with whatever crazy jumping is necessary. The one flag that I had difficulties reaching, however, is the one far south in Antico, in the previously restricted section to the west of Terme di Caracala. The area seems to be blocked off by some high rock walls except for at a broken bridge which somehow needs to be jumped. That bridge cannot be jumped across, even with the standard jump and then grasp (B) or jumping and deploying a parachute immediately afterwards. The key, as I eventually found out, is to grab a horse (you can whistle for one with Y) and gallop across the gap. Grabbing the flag after that is nothing special. Hope that this helps if you're like me and tearing your hair out.

    Edit: Thanks to sarahhillery for pointing out that armored guard horses WILL NOT work for jumping the gap. Get an ordinary horse. If you need a new one, whistle for one with Y.

    Edit: Thanks to ozmosis82 for pointing out that it is in fact possible to jump from the rail of the bridge and then immediately deploy your parachute, thus just barely making the leap safely. It might still be easier to go for it with a horse but that is definitely a welcome update!
  • NoRmAlMaNzzNoRmAlMaNzz90,315
    31 Jul 2011 31 Jul 2011 31 Jul 2011
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    This is not a solution. The solutions above do a great job in helping everyone find the flags. I especially liked the Achievement Hunter hidden items map. It really helped me to keep track of the flags.

    This is just a note for the people missing flags.
    You can check where you are missing flags!!

    DNA > (Go to the far right) > Additional Memories >
    then you can click into BORGIA FLAGS either in ROME or in SECRET LOCATIONS.
    Click in once more and you can see which region or secret location you are missing flags from!!

    I was missing ONE flag so this helped alot.
  • RaginTigressRaginTigress117,101
    19 Apr 2011 15 Apr 2011
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    All the flags can be easily located after completing the game. Goto your nearest art store and purchase map to flags.

    If you didn't get all the flags from the lairs of romulus in your first playthrough, to replay the lairs of romulus memories, hit start, go to DNA, then go to Secret Locations and you can replay 5/6 lairs. To play the sixth lair, go to sequence 2, memory 7.

    When you get all flags on map check the lairs=
    Here is good guide i found:
    Romulus Lairs - 18 Flags
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