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Reach Level 50 (Multiplayer Only).

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    ***If you vote negative, please comment as to why, it's my first guide, so constructive criticism is appreciated. ***

    I no longer have this game, so I can't help you boost, sorry.

    Stun Boosting

    Download Complete Boosting guide

    You must get 650000XP to reach level 50.

    For a breakdown of the math of this method, check the comments below.

    Credit goes to: The mystery people who told ToughICNJ24 who in turn told me about it. Also Floppy Chong, ultimatedra, xKarxFreddy, and several others who helped me prove it worked. Also Zacry072 for his poison tip!

    The simplest method to boost XP in AC: Brotherhood is to have 6 people enter an Alliance (unlocked at level 5) game in Player mode.

    At the start of the game EVERYONE runs to a central location, then you divide in to two groups of three, with one person from each team per group. Lock on to the person chasing you, and stun. Then the person you're chasing stuns you, and is in turn stunned by the person you stunned. It works out to two triangles of people just punching the crap out of each other nonstop for an entire round. At the start of round two run back to the exact same spot, and now comes the hard part....knock out the person who knocked you out in round one. Yep, that's honestly the hardest part...but really, the entire method consists of lock on, push B, get up, push B, get up, push B, repeat ad nausea.

    A few tips for making this go smoothly, at level 27 Resistance unlocks which reduces your knocked out time from 5 to 3 seconds, making this method even quicker. DO NOT use disguise, morph, firecrackers or anything else that can break lock because it slows everyone down. Mute is okay, I personally thought smoke bombs screwed up the rotation, because that second you are coughing is a second that affects everyone. Keep your fingers off the X button, as an inadvertent kill will cost your fellow booster about 900 points given re-spawn and return trip times.

    NEW TIP: Zacry072 brought to my attention that @ lvl 29, all players could equip Poison and the x2 bonus for 5 contract losses. Near the very end of each round (approx. :15 seconds left), break lock on your pursuer and quickly poison your target for a nice overall increase in score. Zacry072 noted that he was averaging 17-18K per game, and players not doing so were floating around the 15-16K mark. So, lvl 29's and above, MAKE SURE YOUR FELLOW BOOSTERS KNOW THE PLAN and then poison them with 15 seconds left (everybody who has poison should be able to get one in, even if they are themselves already poisoned, before it takes effect) for a great score boost. Thanks Zacry072!

    Good luck, hope this helps.

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    M1ST3R BAC0NSame, would like to boost for the multiplayer achievements
    Posted by M1ST3R BAC0N on 23 Apr at 05:36
    crazycrispI have not played the multiplayer on this game but would like to boost for the achievements
    Posted by crazycrisp on 23 Apr at 08:34
    VoadisAvailable for boosting, playing on 360
    Posted by Voadis on 26 Apr at 16:05
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    (Disclaimer: I am willing to admit that I have upper-medium skill in MP, and didn't get 8000 points or something every game. However, as the general response has indicated, these tips work. I haven't covered every single ability or perk because I find certain ones more effective.)

    Two words: Play Manhunt. There are several reasons I like Manhunt:
    - You alternate hiding and hunting, so you'll know what persona* your pursuers have (unless they have Disguise of course).
    - When hiding, you earn points every few seconds from blending (more if team members are blending with you).
    - You can switch your target by pressing left or right on the D-pad. So if two teammates are being idiots and getting 100 point kills by running around, you can go for your own target and hopefully get a good kill before they show up and ruin it for you.
    - You can have one profile set for defense and one for offense, instead of trying to balance the two in one profile.
    - There is a 50% chance of getting either Good Start (be winning after the first round) or Team Win (win the game). Also, depending on how well other people are doing, you may get Podium (be one of the top players), Survivor (least amount of deaths), or Average Kills (highest points per kill). These are in addition to co-op bonuses like Multi-Kill, Knock Out, Diversion, etc. or even Lure if your pursuers suck.
    As you continue to play and get better, you'll get more points, but even when I started out I was getting 1000-2000 points average PER GAME. On a good day I can get 3000+ points just from kills.

    - Be stealthy! As long as you're not in high profile at the moment you press X, you should get either Silent, Incognito or another bonus depending on how you killed the target. You can only use RT so long before your controller starts to vibrate, the incognito meter goes down, or both. If the target is far away, hold A (fast walk) and then tap RT to get there faster. When the silent meter goes down, you get a red marker above your head, which might as well scream "Watch out! I'm trying to kill you!"
    - If you get good kills and get a decent amount of bonuses while hunting, a stun and/or knock out (two stuns within 10 seconds - this CAN be done by one player) will unlock Variety on top of those, earning more points.
    - DO NOT RELY ON STUN. I cannot say this enough. Even if you are behind your pursuer, they can trump your stun will a kill 90% of the time. Only do it if you have otherwise incapacitated them with an ability (Smoke Bomb being the obvious example).
    - If both abilities are in cooldown, RUN. You have nothing to aid in a stun, and you WANT your pursuers to go into high profile and get a kill that's worth 200 points MAX.
    - Following the last tip, if your target is running around, you probably want to wait or go for someone else. Winning a chase gives you few points, and there's always the chance that they escape anyways and get 100 points (instead of you).
    - If you are playing Manhunt, as soon as the round starts and you are on defense, find a group with at least one other NPC who looks like you. If they are moving, blend will let you automatically move with them, freeing up your attention to possible pursuers nearby.

    Smoke Bomb - The go-to defensive ability. If you see someone with your pursuer's persona nearby, use it when they're close (but NOT close enough for a kill), then stun them, or try to run if the whole team is after you. Long Lasting and Strong bombs last one second longer and cover one more meter of ground respectively, so it's a bit of a toss up which one to go with.

    Firecrackers - My go-to offensive ability. This will both blind your opponent and make every NPC crouch down (apparently they're scary?), revealing the target. Just be careful that A) you don't press X near the wrong person and B) you don't get hit by the usual counter-smoke-bomb and get stunned. This will also blind pursuers if used right, so you can experiment with it on Defense.

    Charge - This is either a guaranteed stun or kill, as long as you aim the Charge in the right direction. Try to use it at the very last second when killing so you get a bonus, and if you can use it right after blending you'll get the Hidden bonus. The smoke bomb counters it though!

    Mute - Works well for both def. and offense. This will keep any player nearby from using an ability. If your pursuer is being obvious, use it next to them, press B to stun, and run away.

    Decoy - This depends on how good your pursuer(s) is. Lock onto an NPC with LT (preferably one who already looks like you), press the button, and they'll run away, usually getting an overly anxious player to kill it and give you Lure (which, btw, is when someone kills the wrong persona/NPC within 10 meters of the CORRECT target). If someone is glowing, they are using Templar Vision and won't fall for it. DON'T BOTHER. RUN OR USE SOMETHING ELSE.

    Morph - Timing plays a big part in this - it will make several civilians nearby your duplicate. As long as one other civilian already looks like you, you can try and fool your pursuers, or use it to reveal your target.

    If you want a surefire way to know which persona is your target, you can use Templar Vision, but remember that you'll be glowing and therefore obvious. I would recommend Mute in conjunction to guarantee a kill, but then you're using both abilities at once.

    PERKS: These are another reason I recommend being able to concentrate on defense or offense at one point. You can only have two at a time, so use two that work for what you're doing.
    Recommended perks:
    Resistance - Reduces the amount of time you spend lying on the ground after being stunned. If you're stunned and lucky, your target won't even run around much, and will be nearby for you to kill them not long after getting up. Unlocks at level 27.

    Blender - Remember the tip about finding a group with someone who looks like you? This does it for you. Blend with a group and this will automatically change one NPC into your duplicate. Unlocks at level 30.

    Fast Getaway - If you follow my tip about running, sooner or later you'll be in a chase. This reduces the amount of time you need to hide to get the escape. Unlocks at level 33.

    Chase Expert - This will improve your running speed, but apparently only in a chase (which once again doesn't get you many points). Still, it can be useful. Unlocks at level 38.

    Overall Cooldowns - It doesn't unlock until level 40, but boy oh boy is this an awesome perk. It will significantly reduce the cooldown on both abilities, meaning you don't have wait long or get stunned 3 times to get them back (i.e. 3 loss streak giving you Reset Cooldowns). Use this when hunting and you can almost always get one ability back when have found your next target.

    Challenges - Lastly, there are challenges. Many of them come from using X ability so many times, or miscellaneous actions like killing the current leader, getting kills with each of the available characters/personas, etc. If you use any ability enough, you'll complete one, and get either some decent XP or an improved ability. Some will come naturally with time, but if you want to rank up faster, take note of them and try to complete them.

    Good luck! You could just boost, but ranking up only becomes a bit of a pain in the last 12 or so levels. Unlike Gears of War 2, you CAN reach the top rank without boosting and still have a life, it just takes a while. Lastly, it's fun, save for some obvious problems. Feel free to comment with questions, and I obviously took some time to write this up, so please say why if you vote no.

    Multiplayer unlock list:
    * A persona is the Priest, Doctor, Courtesan, Harlequin, etc.
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    ToxicTechnetium+1 good guide
    Posted by ToxicTechnetium on 24 Aug 13 at 21:41
    Octobot Super"- You can switch your target by pressing left or right on the D-pad. So if two teammates are being idiots and getting 100 point kills by running around, you can go for your own target and hopefully get a good kill before they show up and ruin it for you."

    Worst part about Manhunt. I've already been so close to high-score kills more times that I can count when some moron runs out of nowhere, bashes into me and staggers me, and I get the message that they got a 300 point kill or something. I can still get like 2,000 ish points during these matches, but I really don't think I can keep dealing with these dipshits for the full 650,000.
    Posted by Octobot Super on 24 Oct 13 at 11:17
    DragonSilverDWRAlso up for boosting.
    Posted by DragonSilverDWR on 07 Jan at 09:01
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    There is some misinformation about the Alliance game type that is being spread around like some nasty virus. You DO NOT have to be level 5 in order to play in the Alliance game type. Only the person hosting the game has to be the required level. After the lobby is open the host can invite players of any level to the game. I can personally confirm this as I played in some one else's Alliance game as a level 1 player. Please push this to the top.
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    MorMor GunI want to boost this
    Posted by MorMor Gun#5467 on 31 Jul 20 at 14:18
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    Here is a video I made for the method most people use to boost this achievement.

    6 players required in a private alliance match, all meet up in an agreed spot on each map, then take it in turns to boost, when the countdown get to 20 seconds each player can poison there opponent formore points. Special thanks go to Spindles88, Jimmyshilling, NOKELBEAST, Fists of steele and Static Prodigy. If this video helped please give it positive votes :)
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    right level 50 on this is a peice of cake, it just takes time and a little bit of luck.
    However there are a few tools to the trade that can help you get there faster, these are little tricks and strategies i used on my way to level 50. they might work for you, they may not.

    First of all i played almost only manhunt, personally i find Wanted to hectic and doesnt really reflect the whole stealth aspect and i wasnt playing alliance with a randomer so it was the logical choice. I also found that it was also fairly exp heavy as you could get just as many kills in the hunter round and then get a fair amount whilst hiding.

    Secondly stealth is your greatest ally. it not only gets you some of the biggest bonuses but also stops you being noticed by your target and so less likely to get stunned or ran away from.

    Thirdly, and i cant stress this enough, its quality not quantity!! there is no funnier sight than having a leaderboard with someone with 3 less kills having 1000+ more points, remember there are loads of extra bonuses that you can get so if you have the time to get them go for it. my favourite example of this is when i might know who my target is in a crowd so id go and walk to the opposite side of his crowd,dont stop AI's never stop so its a big give away, then l lock on and can get focus, hidden, and silent/incog. so a good 600/700 points form 1 kill, its just a case of assessing the situation and doing everything not to stand out by doing something AI dont.

    Finally, this is more specific to manhunt than the other 2, sometimes you will have a target just stood on an open rooftop waiting for you to try and chase them. basically ignore them, they're not getting any points up there and there are probably easier targets that you can get more points for.

    Abilities are all very fine and well but you have to be smart when using them or you can very easily give yourself away. Here are my personal thoughts on a few of them

    Templar vision, yes its very useful as it tells you exactly where multiple targets are but it is also very very good at giving you away. no more obvious clue than someone following your crowd whilst glowing bright white. so use from a rooftop or slightly out of sight so there is less chance of being spotted.

    Poison, a very good bonus 200 points for standard, however it is very easy, if you're not careful, to get intercepted. Either use it on a target that only you are hunting or with plenty of time for other people to notice so they dont kill them by accident.
    you can also focus poison for the extra 150.
    Be wary of the incredibly short range though, as a number of times i swear i was close enough but it didnt poison someone,

    Charge, possibly my favourite ability, very useful whether hiding or hunting. very good for combating templar vision, you see a glowing person its going to be hard to stun them normally but if you suprise them by going offensive with a charge then you might get a tasty 200 points.
    Also very effective against morphed crowds, especially if you can manage to join the crowd for a hidden bonus, although be wary of joining next to your target who just turn and stun you.

    All in all, have fun, be stealthy and go for the bonuses not just kills. if you think ive missed anything or have some more tips/tricks feel free to comment.
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