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Job skills

During Open Conflict, kill your target and escape (Multiplayer Only).

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Achievement Guide for Job skills

  • CYDude 808CYDude 808164,432
    03 Jan 2011 07 Jan 2011 04 Oct 2011
    51 0 2
    Have used this method to help get a few friends the ach very quickly...not 2 people, not 4 people, but 3 people playing Alliance in private.

    This achievement requires open conflict, which is your target being chased by you, while you are being chased by a pursuer. Super simple to boost, just meet somewhere on the map and all 3 of you run around in a big circle until everybody is both chasing and being chased. Stop running (so long as you stay within site of each other, the open conflict situation will continue), hit x to kill your target, hit b to stun your pursuer and achievement unlocked. Repeat 2 more times dying once, and getting knocked out once, just remember to get into open conflict (chasing and being chased).

    This method works great to get it done very quickly (all three players should be able to get it within the first minute of Round 1).

    This will also unlock the Fast Learner achievement if you do not already have it, so long as you stun within 10 seconds of getting the kill.
  • N33dleInTheHayN33dleInTheHay1,823
    18 Nov 2010 18 Nov 2010
    36 4 4
    This method requires at least 4 people to do. To get this the easy way, just get three others who are willing to help you, and begin a player match in the Wanted mode. Have everyone say who their target is so you know who you will be going after. Who ever is pursuing you will need to chase you, so that you are in open conflict. Once you are in open conflict, run up to your target and kill them. Have your pursuer stand in one spot while you go run and hide somewhere. After you get done hiding and have escaped, the achievement should pop!

    If this is unclear for anyone in any way, please post a comment and I will try my best to make it easier to understand.
  • QFingersQFingers183,438
    05 Jan 2011 07 Jan 2011 07 Jan 2011
    23 0 0
    I was able to get this just playing with 1 friend. Group up, and play a game of Wanted. When your friend gets you as a target, have them say so over the mic. Have them follow you as you approach your target. When you are a few seconds away from killing your target, tell your friend so they can run around to enter "Open Conflict". AFTER you are in Open Conflict (chase mode), kill your own target, then hide from your friend. When you escape, achivement should pop.

    Not as guaranteed as having 4 people boosting, but sometimes its tricking finding 4 friends online at once. Also, I like this game so I didn't mind that I didn't get it on the first try.
  • HeyMrBassmanHeyMrBassman308,850
    28 Sep 2011 29 Sep 2011 29 Sep 2011
    20 0 0
    If you can't/don't want to boost, I was able to do this legit (and also unlocked Fast Learner) by doing the following:

    Play a game in wanted and attract the attention of your pursuer. Once the chase has started, start chasing your own target so that you're effectively chasing and being chased at the same time.

    Catch up with your target and assassinate him/her - during the animation, try to determine how far behind your pursuer is. Quickly deploy your smoke bomb at close range to halt your pursuer, then press B to knock them out. This instantly counts as an escape.

    I appreciate it may take a fair amount of luck to get yourself into this situation, but seeing as most of the guides here are geared towards boosting (credit to the guys who have provided good guides here already), I thought I'd put this out here so people know what to do if they have the opportunity.
  • x DJ JEZ xx DJ JEZ x523,348
    16 Aug 2011 16 Aug 2011
    16 1 0
    How to get job skills and fast learner together. I found it easier look at a video guide before i tried to get the achievement

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