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Rome in Ruins in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

Rome in Ruins21 (20)

Complete DNA Sequence 2.

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Complete Sequence Two - A Wilderness of Tigers
Sequence Two provides an introduction to Rome, and some of the new game play mechanics. It introduces 'Full Synchronization' as well. If a mission has a 'Full Synchronization' objective, you must meet this secondary objective to achieve full synchronization. They are generally not too difficult. Especially early on in the game like this.

Memory One - As Good As New...
Full Synchronization: Do not drop below 1 health square
The memory starts very simply. Hurt, you must locate a doctor. Unfortunately, Etzio is too injured to do anything but walk. Fortunately, the doctor is nearby, and the indicator on the map will lead you straight to him.

Once healed, your objective becomes 'Climb the Church Tower'. This is where Full Synchronization comes in. Although you will not be in any real combat danger, you will be climbing and free running. Be warned that falling from height will injure you, and likely fail the full synchronization objective. Keeping that in mind, move towards the church, indicated on your map.

You should be able to climb most of the way up from the base of the main door. When you can not go any further, move to a column along the side to get to the roof. From the roof, you can pretty much climb the tower from any side. Move onto the viewpoint, and hit Y to clear the area of fog on the map. Now jump forward to perform a Leap of Faith.

When you land in the cart of hay, wait and eavesdrop on the Borgia guards. Watch as they walk off, and tail them.

- If a soldiers indicator starts turning yellow, he is curious, but not aware. Curious soldiers may come after you, so be prepared to have a quick escape or hiding spot.
- If a soldiers indicator starts turning red, he is becoming aware of you. If it hits full red, he will detect and desynchronize you.
- If you lose line of sight to your target, you have 25 seconds to regain it before losing them.
- If you jump out the left side of the cart, after being directed to follow them, you can jump off the ledge into another bale of hay. The targets will even walk past at the bottom of the ramps, so you can keep still and observe.
- When the Borgia walk past the second bale of hay, there is another to the left of the direction they walked that you can jump in. They will walk near this one, but turn off and walk away so be prepared to follow.
- You can easily use the rooftops at this stage to stalk your prey. Just be prepared to assassinate guards stationed around the rooftops if or before they see you. Chimneys provide great height advantage for air assassinations, and the hidden gun can be used for ranged kills without alerting the Borgia along the street.

Eventually they will come to an open area and start attacking a man. You have to defend him. This is a lot easier then it sounds, as the Borgia are pretty distracted with their fight. You can easily walk up to several from behind with the hidden blade and assassinate them, before picking the last few off using counters and executions in combat. Defeating them completes the memory. The second can be started by talking to the grieving man you defended.

Memory Two - Well Executed
Full Synchronization: Kill your target with the hidden blade.
A simple assassination mission. Your first objective is to make it up to the hill-side villa.

- The passage to the right of the grieving husband leads to a lift that will take you most of the way there. From the top, you can climb up the house to the right to get onto the hill.
- To make this real easy, once you get to the top of the mountain, run straight for the house and scale its walls to the roof.

When you get to the villa on the hill, the target will be identified on the map, as well as some of his guards. Full Synchronization requires a kill with the hidden blade. This can be done in several ways;

- Rushing in and killing everyone in melee combat, with the hidden blade equipped;
- Climbing up to the roof of the house undetected, moving along the beams overlooking the guards and air-assassinating him.

When you have killed your target, either escape or dispatch of the nearby guards to complete the memory. Locate your next memory on the map, started by talking to Niccolo Machiavelli.

Memory Three - New Man In Town
Full Synchronization: Throw the Borgia Captain into the scaffold to kill him.
Follow Machiavelli through Rome. He will take you to a Blacksmith and give you some gold. Speak to the Blacksmith, and purchase the Stiletto from the Small Weapons and the Roman Spaulders from the Armor section.

Continue following Machiavelli to an abandoned stables to be introduced to the Borgia Influence and Property mechanics. Your objective is to now assassinate the Borgia Captain of the local Borgia Tower.

The tower is straight ahead. As you move ahead, you will notice two Borgia guards standing by an entrance. The construct directly past them is the scaffold we need for synchronization. Pick a fight with them and the Captain will come out from just behind them. As soon as you can, grab the captain with B, and throw him into the scaffold, bringing it down, and crushing him. Finish off any other guards, and return to Machiavelli.

Head back to where you killed the Borgia Captain. Looking back on the tower, you will see a ladder you can take up the building to the left. It will take you to the roof where there is another ladder leading to a wooden walkway along the tower. Follow the walkway along to the right, and another ladder will take you to the top of the tower.

Before you do anything, look for the viewpoint and synchronize it. Every tower has a viewpoint, and its better to get them done before you have to leave. This viewpoint is on the side overlooking the fog on the mini-map. Once you have done this, approach the middle and interact to torch it.

Finally, follow Machiavelli to the stables. The memory will complete in proximity to them, but you will need to renovate them to access the next memory. Don't worry about currency; at the moment your dealing in pittance, and to top it all off, your first stables is free.

Memory Four - Easy Come, Easy Go
Full Synchronization: Don't lose any health.
Jump on a nearby horse (or call your own), and follow Machiavelli. Eventually, you will enter a cinematic, during which a thief steals Etzio's coin pouch. Chase after the thief, and when you are near him, use B to tackle him and reclaim your money.

You can easily catch up to the thief within seconds of the chase using your horse. The only thing that should stop you achieving full synchronization is falling damage. Should you fail to catch the thief before he does, he will climb up and run around the rooftops. Still fairly easy to catch him. Just make sure not to tackle him off a roof.

Use the map to locate the next memory sequence.

Memory Five - Who's Got Mail?
Full Synchronization: Catch the Borgia courier in under one minute.
Follow Machiavelli on horse. He will lead you to the Colosseum where you will find his contact in a bit of trouble with Borgia soldiers.

Kill the three soldiers, and chase down the courier like you did with the thief in Memory Four.

The courier is running through the Colosseum, but if you give chase straight away you should start off just behind him. Follow him as he darts through the arches, and when your close enough, go in for the tackle to steal the message and complete the memory.

Memory Six - Crepi Il Lupo
Full Synchronization: Don't lose any health.
As soon as you start this memory, you will enter a cinematic were you are set upon by the Followers of Romulus. This memory is easily the trickiest to synchronize of Sequence Two, as there are 13 followers, and one hit will desynchronize you. You have two options to follow;

If you think you have mastered counter-executions and kill streaks really well you can just engage the attackers and finish them all off.

If you think your counter-executions and kill streaks could use a bit of work, immediately escape down the small stairs to the left of the direction Etzio is facing. Turn left, and climb the short wall and drop down into the dead end. The followers will follow you, but will be 'turtle necked' and only be able to join the fight at a fairer pace.

Keep several things in mind:
- If you move too far away from the followers, or attempt to scale a wall, they will throw rocks at you. Rocks are annoying more then anything, but one hit and full synchronization failed.
- The followers can easily be finished off with a fluent kill-streak, however keep an eye out for flashing health bars above the followers indicating an attack. You want to at least counter every attack, as even if a clean hit is not enough to take away a block of health, it will still do enough to fail full synchronization.
- If you think you can master the kill-streak executions, this is a good place to get the Serial Killer achievement for scoring a 10+ Kill streak.
- If you get hit, you can always come back later, or go to the menu and select restart memory. The cinematic is not too long, but if it gets repetitive can also be skipped through the menu.

Once you kill all the Followers of Romulus, you should complete the memory. If you are still in the spot where they attacked, look directly left for the entrance to their lair and the next memory.

Memory Seven - The Halls Of Nero
Full Synchronization: Complete the memory within eight minutes.
This memory introduces the Lairs of Romulus. They are scattered all across the map, and are all required for full synchronization. This one is story related, however the rest are all secondary memories.

This entire memory is pretty much a free-run puzzle. If you happen to fail the 8 minute timer, and do not mind coming back, once you have a feel for where you need to go the time limit is trivial.

Discover the Shrine of Romulus in Terme di Traiano by completing Sequence Two, Memory Seven: The Halls of Nero

To 'discover' any of the Lairs of Romulus, you have to complete the level. You do not have to achieve full synchronization, remove all of the Borgia flags or loot all the treasure chests. Just get to the end, obtain the scroll, and leave.

This is the first lair you will come across. It is part of the main story, despite the rest being secondary memories. It follows Memory 6 of Sequence 2, and if you are going for full synchronization, you need to complete the entire level in 8 minutes. Not a difficult feat as long as you don't waste time or fall too much. Easier still if you have already been through the level, and are familiar with the routes.

01: Climb up the broken pillars directly in front of you.
02: Scale the bigger pillar and hang along the break at the top. Shimmy around the pillar to the left.
03: Back eject to the broken pillar standing on the left corner of the pool.
04: Jump across to the damaged pillar with the hand recesses, and climb up to the broken balcony.
05: Turn immediately right, and free-run to the first lever.
Activate it.
06: Turn around, and free-run in the opposite direction to the lever in the second corner. Activate it.
07: Turn left, and continue around to the third corner, free running across the wooden beams and the small roof. Activate the third lever.
08: Turn left, towards the last corner, and jump down towards the broken pillar to the left of the gap.
09: Turn and face the wall, and jump towards one of the hand recesses. Shimmy along to the left until you can get up.
10: Jump to the last corner, and activate the final lever.
11: A cinematic should play, showing the four fountains flowing. A pillar will fall, and break through the pool floor to the next room.
12: Make your way to the ground and dive down the hole.

01: Go through the passage on your right.
02: Head around to the right, and at the dead end, climb the urn.
03: Jump up at the small ledge closest to you along the left wall, and continue shimmying right until you come to the inside of a big arch way.
04: back jump to the other side of the arch, and grab on to the ledge.
05: Continue shimmying along to the right until you come to a beam, and pull yourself up.
06: Jump at the hanging urn to swing over the next gate.
07: Head right around the passage, and climb up the urn.
08: Face the next gate, and jump to the wooden beam.
09: Jump to the next beam, and to the hanging urn to pass the gate.
10: Jump to the next beam, and again, a swinging urn, to land on a final beam just past the final gate.
11: Jump down and activate the glowing switch to continue in to the halls of fire.

01: Jump up the rubble Etzio is facing.
02: Scale the pillar as high as you can, before back jumping onto the first statue.
03: Jump to the statue head, and use the height to jump to the beam on the other side.
04: Scale the pillar, and continue shimmying to the left until you stop.
05: Back jump to the outstretched arm of the second statue.
06: Run along the statues arms, and jump off to a ledge on the other side of the room.
07: Shimmy left and jump up to the beam.
08: Jump to the pole and swing down to the fallen column.
09: Run along to the broken pillars next to the last statue, and climb up them.
10: From the top of the broken statue, jump to the pillar of the same height, and again to the broken part of the wall.
11: Shimmy along to the right until you can get up.
12: Head right, jumping up the rubble to a ledge a bit higher up.
13: Continue shimmying around to the other side of the piece you are on, jumping to the other side.
14: Jump up a ledge, and shimmy around to the left until you reach the end.
15: Back jump to the pole, swinging down to broken rubble. Jump to the ground.
16: When you reach the broken roof-ledge, shimmy to the left, continuing around until you can drop down onto the roof of the gate below.
17: Jump to the other side of the roof, and to the broken wall. Shimmy to the left and down to reach a hole in the wall with the flag.
18: Jump on top of the rubble near the gate, and use the height to jump over in to the next room.

01: Ignore the first opening you see and head for a hole in the wall directly behind the pillar. You will have to climb rubble to reach it.
02: Once through the hole, continue jumping down using the urns and a swing pole.
03: Turn right, and run up the rubble and onto the next urn.
04: Turn right again, and jump at the pole to swing to the next urn.
05: Jump towards the ledges along the right side of the wall. Shimmy along till the end.
06: Back jump to the ledges on the other wall, and shimmy through the broken part in the wall. Continue along until you reach the ring on the wall.
07: Jump up to the second ring, and jump back onto the broken bridge connected to the support column.
08: Scale the support column, and shimmy around until you can not go any further.
09: Jump backwards to the pole, swinging over the gate. Keep moving forward, and swinging poles will take you down to the ground level of the throne room.

01: Run at the throne, and just it to jump up to a ledge.
02: Shimmy to the left until you reach a beam, and climb up.
03: Jump to the next beam, and scale the wall to a third beam higher up.
04: Use the pole to swing to the next beam, and jump again to the last.
05: Jump on to the two bridged columns running aware from the beams end.
06: Jump to the balcony on the parallel wall, and climb on top of the ledge.
07: Run left, jumping across a beam, a broken balcony and on to a broken pillar, which you will scale.
08: Scale the wall up to the recess, and shimmy along to the next beam.
09: Jump to the pole and swing to the next balcony. Run along the ledge, and jump to another pole and balcony.
10: Move as far along the ledge as you can, and look into the center of the room. Jump down onto the broken pillar, and again onto the one closer to the middle.
11: Jump along the pillars leading along the right side until you get to the wall feature.
12: Jump towards the wall feature, and when you grab on to it, scale it.
13: At the top, shimmy right and pull yourself on to the beam. Scale the wall higher to reach another beam.
14: Turn left, and use the two singing poles to get down to the target balcony.

Entering into the room, you will be greeted by lots of treasure chests. The big one in the center is the target, and you can simply open the chest and leave up the ladder to the right, however if you have enough time on the clock, be sure to loot all the other treasure chests. If you do not have the time, leave them. Its easier to come back for another completion then another eight minute completion.

Memory Seven - Roman Underground
No Synchronization Requirement
A short sequence finale. Walk with Machiavelli to the tunnel entrance, and use it to relocate to the Tiber Island Hideout. The rest will play out through cinematic.
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