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Strong Closer

Take the lead 10 seconds before the end of a session and go on to win (Multiplayer Only).

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  • UbiSubject17UbiSubject17206,899
    16 Mar 2011 21 Apr 2011
    49 2 0
    A friend recommended I put some of my AC Brotherhood walkthroughs on here, so here's a small video walkthrough I made on how to get this achievement in a Private Manhunt session.
  • SadBlokeSadBloke86,238
    28 Nov 2010 28 Nov 2010
    38 6 8
    If you prefer not to boost, then you should be aware that a large portion of this achievement rests on luck. I can, however give you a few tips:

    -In order to get this, it would behoove you to be neck and neck with the leader. I tried to keep myself within 100 pts.

    -When it comes down to the last ten seconds, you don't have to necessarily run around and try to kill your target. I got this because my pursuers were actually running around like idiots and I evaded them and hid in a bale of hale and got the last 200pts right before the match ended. Other effective methods would be to smoke and stun your pursuer if you think they're around or lure your opponent into attacking a civilian by using the decoy ability. Killing your target would probably be the most difficult, but obviously, if you get the chance go ahead and kill him.

    Again it's mostly a luck based cheevo but there are some things you can do to sway the odds in your favor. Also, I got this in Advanced Wanted.
  • xSPx MclovinxSPx Mclovin236,854
    03 Feb 2011 03 Feb 2011
    28 3 7
    Easiest way to do it that I have seen is just go into a private match with a friend on manhunt and play around for a bit. But in the last minute or so, make sure that the person after the achievement is within 200 points so that in the last ten seconds they can take the lead and the achievement is yours.
  • N33dleInTheHayN33dleInTheHay1,823
    18 Nov 2010
    34 9 11
    I obtained this achievement in a player match in Manhunt mode, you may be able to win it in other game modes, but I can not confirm it. The easy way to get this is to get a group together who also needs the achievement, I believe you need at least 2 or 3 - I did it with a group of 3. Decide who is going to be obtaining the achievement and put them on a team by themselves. Find a meeting spot on the map that everyone can agree on, and have a player on the team that is not going for the achievement do something that gets them a small amount of points such as jumping in a hay bale. This should then put the person going for the achievement in 2nd place. In the last 10 seconds, let them kill or stun the other team so they are in first place. The achievement should then pop at the stats screen, so wait a few seconds after performing the maneuver to determine if you got the achievement or not.

    Note: I believe this has to be done in the second round for it to count, so don't do anything to screw up the lead in the first round.
  • o JLR Ninja oo JLR Ninja oThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    19 Apr 2011
    19 7 0
    In a private match set it to Alliance and let one of your friends kill you while they are in open conflict or with the gun. Wait until 8 seconds left to kill your target while incognito.
  • CheckyoshelfCheckyoshelf417,277
    20 Jul 2015 20 Jul 2015 20 Jul 2015
    6 0 0
    This achievement IS NOT limited to one player per match. In our private Wanted game of 4 people we had one pair do an open conflict kill (150 points) at 9 seconds remaining to take the lead, and the other pair do a focused incognito kill (more than 150 points) at 5 seconds remaining to overtake the first killer's lead. Also, all 4 players were tied at 0 when the first player killed. Both players unlocked the achievement, and saved us from an additional 10 minutes of endless clone monotony. Theoretically, if you have supreme timing and/or organizational skills, 3 or even maybe 4 players could unlock this in one game provided you can acquire the appropriate point increments i.e. Open conflict kill (150) at 9 seconds, stun (200) at 6 seconds and an incognito kill (750?) at 3 seconds. Be creative and have fun.
  • TexasHONZTexasHONZ261,877
    26 Jun 2011 10 Jun 2011
    5 4 1
    SadBloke had a good strategy but it wouldn't work for me.

    Obviously, a lot of this is luck. The best setups and chance at getting it for me was in Wanted. If you get a very average group skill wise (I got pretty close with some games of all level 50s) its easier to get.

    But go up early in the match and stay there, try and be about 1000-2000 points up then just blend in a walking group and try and lure/stun pursuers while letting the others gain ground on your score. About 1:30-1:00 left in the match one or two people should get really close. Then it's an issue of just manuvering yourself to take the lead as soon as you drop to second place. I've had about 5 matchs where I took the lead with less than 20 seconds but more than 10 seconds left in the match just TODAY by using this method.

    I use poison, mute, the blender perk and reset cooldowns. Slow-acting poison gives you a 300 point bonus and takes 6.5 seconds to kill them, so you could a lucky huge point boost at the end if they're all running around like idiots and gives you a little more time to take the lead. Mute is great for stunning opponents while you're blend-hiding in the lead or at the end when people are running around trying to get they're last kill. 200 points for a stun is pretty nice.

    Playing with the other methods I had maybe 1-2 chances to get this achievement in a whole day of playing. Playing this way gave me about 5 chances in a couple hours of playing. Good luck, hope it helps.
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