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The hardest achievement of the game, now made easier with macros! I've written down specific tips for each challenge and noted how I beat them, but what makes my guide unique compared to other guides for this game is that I don't expect you to have played fighting games religiously for the past 10 years! There will be no cryptic code-talk in this solution, just easy tips everyone can do and understand.

Here's how to read a macro: they're just a list of what blocks you use and where, in the macro creation screen. So if it says "D, DF, F, LP" you want to input a down arrow, down-forward arrow, forward arrow and the LP icon. If it says something like "D[5]," you need to edit the frames value (by pressing X) on that block and change it to 5. If something includes an "S=(LP+LK)[5]," you need to use the S block to make your character perform multiple actions at once (like pressing A and B at the same time), and then change the frames for the S block to 5.

See my solutions for the acheivements The King of Fighters and Unnamed Challenger for tips on how to create a macro.

For the early challenges where you perform a lot of cancels and counters, keep in mind that you can change the button mapping for LB and RB to be the moves you need for each specific challenge.

I have culled this information from all over the internet; x360a, GameFAQs, japanese websites, forums, etc. If a solution to a challenge is lifted directly from someone, I give them credit, but most of this was researched by myself. I spent hours tweaking macros for this so give me a thumbs up!

If you're having trouble, be sure to check the comments for alternative tips from JMJimmy.

One of the hardest ones! I found the timing incredibly hard to master and just played until I got to play against a character this was easier to do against because their attacks are very easy to see and are pretty slow. Shermie was the one for me. Can be made easier by making the evade a macro:


Just mash A+X every time you're about to hit the ground.

You need to break the blue meter under their lifebar, which you just do by pummeling their guard until they've had enough.

This one is a very set-up challenge as it's always against Billy and he keeps spamming the same attack. Right from the start, just hold back to guard and when you see your character take a defensive stance, hit FORWARD and X+A at the same time.

Just crouch and block on the left-hand side and when the opponent is about to attack, mash Y+B.

This challenge has an unlimited attack gauge, which means you can use any character you like and give them a macro for a very powerful MAX attack and just spam it.


Use Terry and the following macro:

SP, N[5], D, DF, F, D, DF, S=(R+SK)

Use Terry and enter this macro:

SP[8], N[3], R[4], S=(R+LP)[8], LP, N[2], D[5], DF, F, LP[9]

(Credit for the macro goes to OmegaDL50 on GameSpot; though I modified it to remove the SDM he used in his.)

Use Andy, get close to the opponent and use the following macro:

SP[5], N, S=(LK+SP)[5], N, SP[5]

Credit for method to Ash The One; macro by me.

Use Ryo and enter this macro:

D[7], F[2], UF[4], N[15], SP[12], N[10], S=(F+SP)[4], F, DF, D, S=(D+SP), S=(DF+SP)[2], S=(F+SP)[3]

(Credit for the macro goes to OmegaDL50 on GameSpot again.)

Finding this macro was pretty much the hardest thing I had to do in this game, so I'm going to take this moment to complain about it! I really don't understand exactly what the frame setting does so I had to fiddle around for a very long time to find this macro, which will complete the challenge perfectly. Use Kyo and input:

D, DF, F, LP, N[5], S=(LK+SP)[5], N[5], D, DF, F, SP, N[10], S=(LK+SP)[5], N[10], D, DF, F, LP, N[10], S=(LK+SP), N[10], D, DF, F, SP, N[10], S=(LK+SP), N[10], D, DF, F, LP

Note that the second of four S inputs does not have the same frame setting as the first two! That's very important; if you make it all symmetrical it will not work. Also keep in mind that you have to press RT to activate MAX before you press LT.

You must use K' and perform his not-entirely-original uppercut punch, which you can do with this simple macro:

F, D, DF, LP

This opponent is extremely aggressive and pesky, but you need to push close and just keep spamming that macro as soon as she jumps. You lose the chain if you miss or if you accidently use another attack, so this one might take a couple of attempts even though it's simple.

Create and use the following macro for Kyo:

D, DF, F, D, DF, F, LP[200]

(It probably doesn't need to be set to 200 but it's just to charge the attack to the max, so I set it to something super high and it worked.)

An easy way to do it is to just re-use the macro you used with K' for Challenge 13. Just get in there and spam it. You can, of course, use any character you want and play with or without macros, though making a macro of a good special attack obviously makes it easier.


For this one, you're supposed to know that Takuma has a shielding-type move. You perform it by pressing D, D+LP in quick succession, and you punch that in as soon as you gain control. Then time runs out and you clear the challenge.

Use the following macro:

U[16], N, B[3], DB, D[4], DF, F, FU, U[4], BU[2], BD[2], D, S=(D+SP), SP[7], N[91]

It will complete the challenge perfectly. Credits to Ash The One for this macro. (The macro is for Vice, whom you must use for the challenge.)

Use Ryo and the following macro:

SP[5], N[5], S=(LK+SP)[5], N[5], D, DF, F, D, DF, F, S=(LP+SP), N[160], D, DF, F, DF, D, DB, B, S=(LP+SP)

See CHALLENGE 15. Krizalid is a bastard, but not really that hard.

Use the following macro for Shingo:

D, DF, F, D, DF, F, S=(LP+SP)

Run the enemy to the opposite corner and then press LT. Try to press LT again right as the enemy is at the apex of their "jump," then do the same again (but with different timing as they fly higher the second time) to juggle them twice and finish them off.

Made very easy with a turbo controller and the macro.

This challenge has some kind of weird secret or something. I mapped Kenshou's fireball ability (D, DB, B, SP) to my macro but it turned into the meat bun eating move if I did it during the first 10-20 seconds of each round, meaning I got more life and an easier time beating the challenge. Eating didn't give any life on the third opponent, though.

These guys are much worse bastards than Krizalid was. I found the easiest method was just to spam a fireball at them and then do a low kick if they got close. Heidern, Athena, Kensou and others have fireballs. Even that method is far harder than it sounds and you need to be alert!

Use Lin, activate MAX (by pressing RT) and then stand right next to the opponent and pull this macro:

D, DF, S=(F+LP)[5], N[20], F, DF, D, DB, S=(B+LP)[5], N[5], F, DF, D, DB, S=(B+SK)[5], N[90], F, D, S=(DF+LP)[5]

Credit to Ash The One for the macro.

Use Ralf and perform his Galactica Phantom attack by doing D, DF, F, D, DF, F, LP two or three times to hurt the opponent - I hit it twice and then hit the opponent 2 or 3 more times with regular slaps to get my attack gauge up - and then perform his HSDM with this macro:

D, DF, F, DF, D, DB, B, LP

Use Ralf, create the following macro and spam it;

D, DF, F, D, DF, F, SP

Use Choi. Immediately when the match starts, Benimaru almost always dashes at you using the special he just activated. Jump over him and run to the opposite corner and crouch with DB held down. When he gets close, quickly press UF and jump over him. Repeat for 30 seconds.

This is just a joke challenge or something. All directions are reversed, but the AI hardly puts up a fight at all so it's still ridiculously easy.

Right as the match starts, use Chang and mash X to swing his ball in the air, which will hit Choi and cancel his attack. Then, right before Choi gets back up and does it again, start mashing X to swing the ball again. Repeat one more time for success. The timing can be tricky and you may need to cancel Chang's attack (by pressing A+B+X+Y) right as it hits Choi in order to have enough time to launch the swing again before he gets up.

This is made much easier with a turbo controller with all face buttons set to turbo.

Apparently, these bosses are very sensitive to Heidern's "Neck Roll" ability. You need to abuse his Cross Cutter and Neck Roller moves. It doesn't really matter which one you macro, as they're made in the same way:

Cross Cutter
B[30], S=(F+LP)
Neck Roller
D[30], S=(U+LK)

Personally, I found Cross Cutter easier to do myself while I let the macro do the Neck Roller.

For Igniz, you can just rely on the Cross Cutter into Neck Roller strategy of tossing the Cutter first, then launching into the Roller while Igniz is busy blocking the Cutter. You can beat him without taking one hit with this method.

For Omega Rugal, the same strategy still applies but is far harder to pull off. So I just threw it out of the window and used nothing but the Cross Cutter constantly. I'd try to time it to hit him if he was on the other side of the screen, and if he was getting aggressive and pushing forward (which he does the second you let up) I'd start spamming it relentlessly to push him back. Cheap and cheesy tactic for a cheap and cheesy boss!

This last challenge is the toughest in the game and cannot be beaten by a simple "win challenge" macro like many of the others. You don't have to use Heidern and should probably just use whichever character you feel most comfortable with.
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