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Complete the campaign on Hardened or Veteran difficulty.

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Achievement Guide for BLACK OP MASTER

  • DevissDeviss223,971
    10 Nov 2010 10 Nov 2010
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    Not providing a level specific guide here, just a few key pointers to help you on your way. Here are some rules to remember when attempting this game on Veteran.

    1. Be prepared to die. A lot. This goes without saying.

    2. Look at your surroundings, look for where the enemy might flank you from. Don't just rush in head first. Experiment in trying out different hiding spots where you can take out the enemy. If you're dying a lot and keep going to the same place, it's probably time to change where you're hiding.

    3. At certain points in the game, the enemy will endlessly spawn. A prime example is in the level SOG when you're pushing the NVA back down the hill, the enemy will constantly spawn at the bottom and run to the nearest cover. When you encounter parts like these in the game, kill as many enemies as you can then run forward to the next piece of cover before they can spawn again. Rinse, repeat.

    4. Practice makes perfect. It's all about knowing where your enemy is going to be, and in what order you should kill them and where the best place to take cover is.

    5. Smoke grenades and Flash Grenades are your best friend. Since the AI on your side is generally useless (no change from other CoD games then..), use your equipment where you feel is necessary. Clearing rooms or getting down corridors is where you'll need them most.

    6. Having trouble on a certain part of a level and want to spare yourself the price of buying a new control pad? No problem. Press pause during the game and change the difficulty lower to get through the level. Once you've familiarised yourself with everything in that level, retry on Veteran.

    7. Weapon of choice really comes down to your level of play style. But try to generally stick to a close range weapon like an SMG or Shotgun and also a long/medium range Assault Rifle, preferrably with a Grenade Launcher attachment.

    Hope these tips help you guys, and Good Luck.
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    Finished the campaign in about 6 - 8 hours. It wasn't very difficult at all compared to the other COD's. I would say just a little bit harder than MW2. I would like to specify 3 specific parts of the campaign that you are bound to get stuck on one.

    1. First Part: (Executive Order) The toughest part is where you come in and to the right is this office space. (End of Mission) Then you have to make it down this corridor that reminds me of the Mission in No Fighting In War Room. Then you make a left to the door that ends the mission. This part was DEFINITELY the hardest in the game. Tips for that part:

    First things first, come around the corner and chuck 2 grenades into the office space. Quickly go into prone. There will be some guy to your right, blast him. Crawl left and keep crawling. Pop up right and shoot 1 - 5 enemies around the bend of this stove you are crawling behind. Gaze left and dive underneath this other rectangular structure. Pop up here and there to take out the rest of the enemies in the room. Listen to what your AI say. Typically during that part they might shoot out something like "Behind the Table." That indicates that you look in the back of the room and there is some guy hiding beneath a table, simple.
    The second part of this section is a bit more difficult. Now you will see a lengthy corridor. Take out all enemies within about 10 yards. Then throw a flashbang into the room. On the left side, there is a box run behind there and prone. Take out the nearest enemies then move up behind some kind of small vehicle. Again, take out. There is a small opening in the wall to your left. Take more out. Advance. To your right is a room, in front of you is a hallway. Look right into the room and take out 1 - 2 guys and then sprint into the room. Go to the end and prone. A few guys have shottys, so stay back a bit and pick your shots. Clear the room. You now have corridor and office done. You might get a checkpoint now. Take out 1 - 4 enemies behind some more vehicles. The rest is cake, but take your time if you didn't get a checkpoint. Once you are at the door at the end of the hallway the mission is over. THIS PART IS AS DIFFICULT ON HARDENED. Follow those steps and you got that part out of the way, probably the hardest part.

    Rebirth Tank: Round the corner to the right. Grenade launch the two vehicles, then switch to the turrets to take out the guy out. The turret guy will down you about 40 % of your health, but no worries. Now, you will have 4 -6 seconds that your health will be regenerating. While doing so start your aim at the guy in the corner left on a little balcony. After hes done, switch right and take out the RPG's and additional enemies/trucks. For the rest of the way, zoom in and nade the from one side to another. You'll get a checkpoint once you exit the tank.


    That part took me a half an hour to complete, and the tank took me 5 min. I found some videos that could help you through it. Here are videos for each of them, they are not mine. The first video is the one with knocking the two barrels down the hill, the second one is the tank sequence on Rebirth, the 13th mission. VOTE POSITIVE, COMMENT IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS. YOU CAN ALSO MESSAGE ME FOR ANY QUESTIONS WITH THE VETERAN CAMPAIGN, I WILL HELP! THANKS!
  • BanterClausBanterClaus44,179
    31 Jan 2011 30 Jan 2011
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    I think I've worked out the problem of why this is glicthing for some people.

    If you get a patch when you've got your game saved half way through a level it glitches the achievement counter for that level after going on and completing it after the patch.

    So to simply get around this you have to think when you may have patched when you had a level saved half way through.

    I worked this out after I got up to SOG in December then left the game until a day ago, just after a patch. Then I didn't get the achievement for completing SOG and The Defector on veteran.

    I've tested my theory and I believe I am correct. Could be a coincidence though. Comment if anyone wants to expand on this.
  • maximilian14maximilian1456,910
    15 Nov 2010 05 Dec 2010
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    Most of this game is rather easy on veteran compared to the other games, it's a little harder than modern warfare 2, but WAY easier than cod4 or Waw, there are 2 parts of the game that can be very difficult to pass though

    1. the last corridor in the level "executive order", this is definitely the hardest part of the game,this is one of the few parts where the enemies are infinitely re-spawning and there is a serious lack of checkpoints, it is easier if you save the smoke grenades for this part.
    2. the part just after getting through the nova gas on "rebirth", there are many enemies on the buildings that be hard to shoot before they shoot you first, they'll also often flank you without you realizing if you stay in one spot for a long time

    there is only one part where you're timed, but you get just as much time as the other difficulties so it's not exactly challenging
  • kukardakgoyalkukardakgoyal114,233
    27 Dec 2010 23 Apr 2011
    23 3 0
    The technique I used to get through all these veteran difficulty levels is pretty simple.

    All you do is go through and get "trigger happy".

    First you need to make sure your AIM ASSIST is turned ON.

    From there you need to just rapidly start TAPPING the LT and RT repeatedly when you come across enemies.

    The LT will automatically, for a split second, AIM at a given enemy's neck on screen and the RT will FIRE a bullet or barrage of bullets at that spot. If you do it fast enough, the sight will focus only on the enemies on screen.

    If you see an enemy or two up close just take your time (if you want) and kill them.

    This technique really helps for taking down large groups of enemies that are hidden behind cover with only their heads showing or arms showing.

    I would use the trigger technique for every enemy just because some of the AI is broken and "headshot"s you from cover.

    If this explanation isn't clear, please leave a comment so I can improve this.
  • SoundgoodizerSoundgoodizer240,314
    23 Jan 2011 11 Jul 2011 11 Jul 2011
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    This solution helps fix one of the "glitches" that causes the achievement not to unlock. It is not really a glitch. If you entered the "3ARC UNLOCK" cheat in the terminal, it erases all of your campaign progress. That means if you have done any missions on veteran prior to entering the code, you will have to redo them on Hardened or Veteran. For example, I did Operation 40, Vorkuta, U.S.D.D. (which counts), and Executive Order on Veteran and later on entered the code not knowing the consequences. After I completed the other missions, I soon figured out all of this and went back and did those missions on Hardened (because I had already gotten the veteran achievement for those missions) and the achievement unlocked after I finished. Apparently there are actual "glitches" with this achievement, but this is a solution to the problem I experienced.

    I would appreciate feedback, good or bad, in addition to the votes so I can improve my future guides.
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    I beat the game the morning after it came out and all I did to beat it was: take your time, throw grenades, and if you have a pistol secondary switch it out for enemy weapons this will help. Any slight bit of moving forward will help you because it will cause your useless AI's to move forward ... They will kill people ahead of you to their ability but I had problems with enemies running right by them and killing me =( annoying. The new run dive ability really helps in this campaign because you can risk almost getting killed and dive into cover. The hardest part for me was when you are defending Khe Sanh and you are pushing the people back getting to the barrels. I would grab the China Lake right once you fall down the hole and that helped me clear out areas. I went for the barrel on the left before the one on the right. Run and dive into any cover that you can, picking off people from atop the hill helps you move forward because it takes a little while for them to respawn. When you need to get the barrels go prone crawl up to them hold X go prone again turn around and run ... it took me 2 trys after i figured that out. For some reason there did not seem to be many checkpoints in this game but after you get the one barrel make sure you eliminate any enemies before running to the other barrels! If you die you will be very angry... trust me... when you get this barrel you should be fine because all the enemies die. Which then takes you to the part where you go up the hill which i found nowhere near as challenging
  • Carmine CatCarmine Cat60,269
    12 Nov 2010 14 Nov 2010
    13 6 1
    About half way through the SOG level you'll reach the top of a hill where there are trenches at the bottom and you are told to push the enemy back down the hill. What is VERY unclear is that halfway down the hill you have to press X on 2 barrels of napalm which will clear out all the enemies below, letting you progress through the level. When i did this level for the first time (on veteran) I didn't realise and ended up sprinting down through the bottom of the trenches after clearing out a few enemies (only for them to respawn 5 seconds later) and i got lucky and did it without the barrels. But because I didnt kick down the barrels I didnt reach a checkpoint so the game didnt give me the achievement for finishing the SOG and The Defector on veteran.
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