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Burn Notice

Complete "Rebirth" and "Redemption" on Veteran difficulty.

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  • PSUConnPSUConn179,483
    01 Dec 2010 01 Dec 2010 02 Apr 2019
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    Something to add for the Rebirth tank part. It is really annoying and your machine gun overheats way too fast, so keep your fingers on the grenade buttons (RB LB I believe) to keep shooting them as quickly as you can. You don't have to keep pressing them just hold them down. Fire your machine gun in bursts if you can. If you keep dying at one spot try to change the order you are targeting your enemies. For example right after the first helicopter the 2 guys on my right were doing way more damage than the 5 guys on my left.

    Also for Rebirth once you get out of the tank your health regenerates but your suit health does not, which is mentioned in the video before. If you are going for the No Leaks achievement as well (I got it on veteran it isn't that hard) make sure to save and quit as soon as your guy reaches up for his face, that means you're about to die from the gas. If you do it before he drops to the ground and reload your check point it won't take away from your achievement.

    Other than that the posted videos before this really help.
    24 Nov 2010
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    Mission #13: "Rebirth"

    Mission #15: "Redemption"

    Spiderbite from NextGenTactics shows you the best way to get though these levels and the best way to get past the hardest part of these levels.
  • kukardakgoyalkukardakgoyal114,237
    02 Jan 2011 23 Apr 2011
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    The technique I used to get through all these veteran difficulty levels is pretty simple.

    All you do is go through and get "trigger happy".

    First you need to make sure your AIM ASSIST is turned ON.

    From there you need to just rapidly start TAPPING the LT and RT repeatedly when you come across enemies.

    The LT will automatically, for a split second, AIM at a given enemy's neck on screen and the RT will FIRE a bullet or barrage of bullets at that spot. If you do it fast enough, the sight will focus only on the enemies on screen.

    If you see an enemy or two up close just take your time (if you want) and kill them.

    This technique really helps for taking down large groups of enemies that are hidden behind cover with only their heads showing or arms showing.

    I would use the trigger technique for every enemy just because some of the AI is broken and "headshot"s you from cover.

    If this explanation isn't clear, please leave a comment so I can improve this.
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