Cold Warrior achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops

Cold Warrior

Complete "Operation 40," "Vorkuta," and "Executive Order" on Veteran difficulty.

Cold Warrior0
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How to unlock the Cold Warrior achievement

    15 Nov 2010
    58 2 8
    "Operation 40"(Mission #1)

    "Vorkuta" (Mission #2)

    "Executive Order" (Mission #4)

    Thanks to Spiderbite from NextGenTactics he will walk you through all three of the levels required to get this achievement. It is a great guide and will walk you through any spots you are having trouble with by providing tips. This must play these levels through on veteran to get the achievement.

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    OverChunk143877I covered the corridor (minute 19:30) with 3 smoke nades until the door to the right (minute 20:30) and threw the last smoke inside this room. This way worked best and I survived.
    Posted by OverChunk143877 on 14 Oct 14 at 12:37
    Julz D 01I was really fooled into thinking this was a good game up until I decided to try it on veteran. This level will show you just how bad the AI and infinite respawning system are . Not to mention the horrible check points at the end of executive order this game is going back to game fly today and I will not attenmpt a single motherfkn achievement. The AI is worthless. It can barely hurt the enemy. The AIA gets in your way and get you killed. Sometimes the AR I will not move where it is supposed To. The enemy ai has aim bot like capabilities and can shoot around corners and Insta kill you. The entire design is cheap. Imagine this as a game that wants to eat corners like an old arcade game. This is that kind of design. Very poor. Thank you. Goodbye. Good riddance.
    Posted by Julz D 01 on 10 Feb 16 at 00:39
    Gilbert PrimeFor me the hardest part was in Executive Order getting from the hallway into the control/observation room because of that one guy who is triggered to meet you at the doorway. I threw a tactical grenade and then used the grenade launcher to take him out.
    Posted by Gilbert Prime on 12 Aug at 06:08
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  • Kovy88Kovy882,080,134
    19 Dec 2010 11 Nov 2010 21 Dec 2010
    46 3 24
    Operation 40 and Vorkuta are not that hard to do, just take it slow, use cover and let the AI players kill some of the enemies, they will constantly rush forward most of the time. Don't save and quit in middle of a mission, cause the achievement might not pop because of that. This happened to me.

    In the end of Executive Order there will be a long part with no checkpoints, you need to get to a room on the right side of the corridor and the enemies will respawn continuously, save some smoke grenades for this part.

    The enemies can't respawn when they are alive inside the smoke cloud, also they mostly won't shoot you. I recommend saving at least 2 smoke grenades for this corridor. Throw the other one after you have reached the room on the right, then you will see a small room on the opposite of this room (far left of the long corridor). Lob the other grenade there and rush to this room. You might hit a checkpoint and after that, it is easy to finish the mission. Note: in this room there is usually a couple enemies there, so be ready.

    Watch this video by NextGenTactics for more help.
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    JoeySJ95i did like the first 7 missions on veteran and still nothing?? i only s+q on the executive order mission cos that was almost impossible
    Posted by JoeySJ95 on 15 Aug 11 at 13:08
    Gonthorian III beat all 3 of the missions on veteran but i didnt get the achievement. WHY?
    Posted by Gonthorian II on 02 Jan 12 at 17:34
    Lil Miss Cherryspent the last 4 hours stuck down that bloody corridor, stuff it! -.-
    Posted by Lil Miss Cherry on 10 Jan 12 at 00:42
  • pompeyladbfppompeyladbfp269,236
    10 Aug 2011 10 Aug 2011
    32 0 3
    executive order level, struggling in the tunnels?

    you shoulkd have not used your smokes until you got to this level, ok clear room at bottom of the stairs, peek around corner clear a few russians that move forward... use explosive crossbow on lift in far room (just peek around the corner) when safe move up to barrels on left down corridor and use 2-3 smokes in front and to the left. move up and mp5 the 2-3 bad guys and hide behind barrels on left, beside the lift. reload and clear forward. (checkpoint) now the next hard part is clear forward and in rooms with exploding computers... now this is the sneaky bit....

    before going down the next horrible corridor of doom, re trace level to where you start the tunnel, swap crossbow for enlarge mag submachine pistol and pick up another 3 smokes off the silver table!

    this makes the last bit a peace of piss

    good luck!
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    Tuxie DuckThis was an excellent tip.

    After the server room, I lobbed in two greenades and two smokes in the corridor, then ran into the small alcove on the left. One more greenade and one smoke more, and I dashed to the room on the right, killing the two enemies inside. Meanwhile the friendlies proceeded on the corridor. At the back of the room was another exit to the corridor, I threw in one smoke and one greenade and dashed to the locker room, killing the two guys inside. Checkpoint reached.

    I'm not sure if I've ever seen such a frustrating point in a game before :) Thanks for the great tip.
    Posted by Tuxie Duck on 26 Feb 12 at 16:27
    pompeyladbfpno worries... had similiar annoying bit at end of mw if i recall... lol
    Posted by pompeyladbfp on 27 Feb 12 at 20:00
    MC0REBEThanks for this solution, really helped me!
    Posted by MC0REBE on 31 Jul 12 at 21:08
  • kukardakgoyalkukardakgoyal119,965
    31 Dec 2010 23 Apr 2011
    28 6 2
    The technique I used to get through all these veteran difficulty levels is pretty simple.

    All you do is go through and get "trigger happy".

    First you need to make sure your AIM ASSIST is turned ON.

    From there you need to just rapidly start TAPPING the LT and RT repeatedly when you come across enemies.

    The LT will automatically, for a split second, AIM at a given enemy's neck on screen and the RT will FIRE a bullet or barrage of bullets at that spot. If you do it fast enough, the sight will focus only on the enemies on screen.

    If you see an enemy or two up close just take your time (if you want) and kill them.

    This technique really helps for taking down large groups of enemies that are hidden behind cover with only their heads showing or arms showing.

    I would use the trigger technique for every enemy just because some of the AI is broken and "headshot"s you from cover.

    If this explanation isn't clear, please leave a comment so I can improve this.
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