Give me liberty achievement in Call of Duty Black Ops

Give me liberty

Escape Vorkuta.

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How to unlock the Give me liberty achievement

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    "Vorkuta," or as I refer to it as "That Prison Mission," is the second level in the game. Beating it on any difficulty will unlock the achievement.

    I did it on Veteran and didn't find it THAT challenging. But if you are attempting it on Veteran, here are some key tips:
    (Im doing this by memory so bear with me)

    (Might have spoilers?)
    - When the two guys are pushing the coal cart, STAY BEHIND IT. I went on the side of the cart, big mistake. Enemies will try to flank you (usually two at a time) but your allies will inform you ("enemies, right flank!"). Be sure you picked up a pistol, obviously.

    - When you get to the part where the chopper flies overhead, there'll be a corridor with a truck at the end. Blow up the truck to eliminate the enemies nearby, and WATCH OUT for the rpg guy on a roof to the right. This part is right before you shoot the harpoon gun at the chopper.

    - When you have to go into the armory (when the guy holds up the door for you), crouch as soon as you open the door for your comrades, or you'll get slaughtered. Take it fairly slow in this part.

    - When Reznov (did I spell that right?) picks up the blow torch, two riot control guys (as I call them) come through the wall. These guys have shotguns and will rip you apart on Veteran. Two of your own shotgun blasts to the face will take them out.

    - On the way back to the door you have to open, there are two enemies on the roof outside and two on your way there. Watch out.

    - When Reznov is opening the door with the blowtorch, enemies will flood in. Your allies will keep them at bay, EXCEPT for the shotgun guys; they'll rip your allies apart. Get up close and blast them in the face, but be careful about it.

    - Once you get the chaingun, DONT sprint ahead. Just take it slow once you're outside and watch the higher areas for enemies. I preferred the AK-47 for this part, just because it was easier to see the enemies.

    - When you start the part on the motorcycle, you're almost done. You can shoot at other motorcycles with the LT (think of the snowmobile level in MW2 if you played that), and that shotgun has RANGE.

    - When you jump to the truck is the hardest part IMO. You have several enemies coming at you, including 2 trucks and a chopper right away. Kill the trucks FIRST, THEN the chopper. Don't worry about any enemies on platforms, focus on the vehicles. This may take a few tries on Veteran, but you'll get it down sure enough.

    - Once you jump to the train, you're done.

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    Some players experience a glitch when trying to board the motorcycle near the end of the level where, upon mounting the cycle, it shoots in reverse and cannot be counteracted. If this happens, just save and exit, then resume from last checkpoint via the main menu. It will place you in the same room and you should be able to board the motorcycle with no errors this time.
    Posted on 23 Nov 10 at 23:01
    LIBERT4DI ran into a glitch before the juggernaut part... Reznov DISAPPEARED. I really hate the Call of Duty campaigns. Horrible, horrible gaming.
    Posted by LIBERT4D on 05 Mar 11 at 07:07
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    This achievement is done on Mission #2: Vorkuta. If you are having trouble with this achievement then you can use the following guiders from Spiderbite from NextGenTactics and he will walk you though the level and give you tips on how you should get past the part.

    (Regular Difficulty)

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    mad madness 034WTF????! in mine Reznov never goes to the room where you have to protect him, and i have no clue where he went so i have to restart the mission
    Posted by mad madness 034 on 26 Nov 10 at 15:39
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