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Hands Off the Merchandise

Kill the Pentagon thief before it can steal your load-out.

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  • p0iz0nedp0iz0ned109,736
    12 Nov 2010 12 Nov 2010 18 Nov 2010
    225 13 66
    Just got this finished. Mostly luck will get this achievement, except for the guide from XCVii007r1 (which was done very nicely I might add).

    I finished with 2 other guys, we had 1 hobbler running around and when we felt we were ready (we had a feeling the Thief was coming out after the last zombie died during this round as the power had been turned on for a level before) we killed the last hobbling zombie to start the Extra Thief Round. Right after killing the hobbling zombie, he dropped the Death Machine. One of our team retrieved the Death Machine and the thief popped up to only be shot down in 1 sec from the Death Machine.

    Now onto the non-luck howto guide:
    In the below video, Upon hearing the alarms going off (which only happens when the thief will appear), XCVii007r1 in essence is killing himself (while having a Revive) with a cooked grenade. The thief then appears seconds later. While your dead, you have dual laser grenade launcher pistols (very very high damage), and within mere seconds the Thief is downed.

    Many thanks goto XCVii007r1 for the below video guide. Enjoy and Happy Hunting...
  • xProwler450xxProwler450x107,523
    16 Nov 2010 16 Nov 2010
    65 11 10
    A very easy way to get this achievement is to start a solo zombies game. As soon as you start buy quick revive (you dont need the power on.) Now save all the money you can until the end of round 4 spending only what you have to on a gun. Make sure you try to get a "crawler" or at least one zombie alive. Now open everything nessasary to turn on the power. Now take the elevator from level 3 (bottom level) to level 2. Kill your last zombie on round 4. Stay between the lower elevator (that goes to level 3 and where you turn on the power) and the portal. As soon as round five starts cook a grenade and put yourself down (the quick revive you bought will pick you back up without two people also the pistols you get while downed are stronger that anything else on the game.) As soon as the "thief" comes through the portal in front of you start shooting him. He should die before he reaches you as long as your far enough away from the portal. Note some people have to wait until round seven if this happens just wait until then.
  • JuicyRumpSteakJuicyRumpSteak116,819
    13 Jan 2011 13 Jan 2011
    34 5 0
    Ok, so I found this easiest to do in Solo.You need Quick Revive for this solution to work. By about round 4-5 you should be looking at turning on the power. When the thief round comes along, get into the war room and then wait for him to come through the teleporter, then cook a grenade. This will down you, meaning that the pentagon thief will just be standing there. Shoot him a couple of times and the achievement will pop up. ;)
  • FuzzyRabbidDoggFuzzyRabbidDogg306,055
    19 Nov 2010 29 Apr 2011
    30 3 3
    easiest to get by yourself:

    you can get this by yourself:

    1) buy quick revive
    2) turn on the power
    3) sit in the elevator that takes you downstairs to the power, and wait for the scientist
    4) If the thief appears at the end of a round, the screen will turn blue and an alarm will sound. This means the thief is coming. Cook a grenade to down yourself to use the special effect of the Quick Revive. Once you see him, shoot at him with the dual wielding pistols to kill him. This should unlock the achievement before he comes up to you and steals your weapons.
  • 34 8 1
    you can get this achievement with 4 of your friends easy. just use the crawler technique until level 10 or 15 or 19(thats when he popped up for us every time). all u have to do is hold down the death con room(2 people watch the front door and 2 watch the windows) until yal have enough to get 2 upgraded starter pistols and 2 ray guns or 1 pistol 3 rays or any combo with the freezer gun as long as one person upgrade their starter pistol. then do the XCVii007r1 method where yal all wait in the elevator and soon as he come out the portal let loose. we killed him every time. claymores in from of the elevator dont hurt none.

    the 1st video is the way to hold down the death con room. 2nd is the XCVii007r1 method
  • PlayboiCamerronPlayboiCamerron78,949
    06 Jun 2011 17 Jun 2011
    25 0 1
    This achievement requires you to kill the pentagon thief before he can steal you gun. This is done on the zombie map FIVE. This can be done solo or co-op. In solo you need to buy quick revive. At round five you need to turn on the power . After you turn the power the next round the thief will come. As soon as he comes down yourself with a grenade and you'll have a pack a punched m1911. Fire about 6 shots at him and he'll die and you get your acheivement. For co-op the achievement is mostly luck. I got the achievement because after I turned the power I killed the last zombie. The zombie dropped a death machine and then the thief appeared. As soon as he apeared I shot him with the death machine and I got my achievement. Also if you kill the thief before he steals your gun he drops a bonfire sale causing all teleporters to take you to the pack a punch machine and it will cost 1000 points instead of 5000 points to pack a punch your weapon. If you kill the thief after he takes your weapon everyone gets there weapons back. If you don't kill the thief he will drop a max ammo in the power room.
  • LukeyBaby93LukeyBaby93492,670
    14 Nov 2010 22 Nov 2010 22 Nov 2010
    31 7 3
    I was helping some friends to try and get the achievement when one of them did a glitch that made it really easy to get.
    This video has some glitches in it to show you some ways to get the achievement

    Thanks to skippy9191 for the video hope that it helps
  • Loco InK2kLoco InK2k147,216
    15 Dec 2010 15 Dec 2010 15 Dec 2010
    25 4 0
    Yeah, the videos are great, but I prefer to play with friends. This achievement is about 30% skill and 70% pure luck. My friend and I stayed in the starting room for the first 4 waves getting as many knife kills as possible and only buying the M14. At the start of round 5 we headed to the elevator and made a straight shot to the other elevator cleared it and fought off the wave down to 1 or 2 zombies bought the shotgun on the wall, then hit the button to go down. We bolted down the hall to turn the power back on and booked it back to the elevator.
    Now that the 30% skill is over, here is the 70% luck. Once we got into the elevator we continued to fight off the wave. Any time it got even close to being over ran we hit the button and went up and repeated. Now, on the second floor at the end of wave 6 one of the zombies dropped the Death machine upgrade, I grabbed it and my buddy hit the button and down we went and as soon as the doors open the alarm sounds for the Thief to show up. As soon as he appears I went Mac from Predator on his ass and the achievement popped!

    The very next round we did the exact same thing, the only change was we were in the basement when we killed the last zombie of wave 5 and it dropped InstaKill. My buddy picked it up and the alarm sounded for the the Thief. It turned the corner and my friend fired one round....pop achievement!

    So we both unlocked this in back to back rounds but only with extreme luck that got us a Death machine and then an InstaKill.

    *Last minute tip. Staying in the elevator is our best routine. Being able the shut the doors and get a moment to reload is reassuring. Everytime the Thief came we were in the elevator at the basement level.
    *Also, the best we can figure out, the Thief only comes for one person at a time and only the person he targets can see him. The others only see a faint red mist where he is.
  • WoodsWoods145,505
    12 Nov 2010 31 Dec 2011
    18 0 0
    This is me x Arklight posting another vid to help you out with this achievement so feel free to comment on it cause its my vid!!!
    *If your doing this in co op both players need to shoot the theif to obtain the achievement
  • Krows GraveyardKrows Graveyard523,350
    26 Oct 2012 06 Nov 2012 19 Nov 2013
    18 1 4
    Hands Off the Merchandise - 20G (Original Achievement)

    Difficulty: Medium

    Estimated Period of Time: Long

    By far the easiest way to do this is playing a round of Solo Zombies on "Five".

    The first thing you must do is spend your initial 500 points on Quick Revive nearby seeing as you do not need the power to be on to get it. (Make sure you never go down before I say to below.)

    The next step is to raise 500 again sometime before Round 4 and buy either the Olympia or M14 (whichever you prefer, I suggest the M14 as head shots are easier to get and give 100 points.), use this to keep you alive until you are at the end of Round 4 and one zombie is left alive. Most people suggest making a crawler at this point by tossing a grenade at the zombies feet and blowing off its legs, but usually it just kills the zombie for me so i'd suggest having your last zombie be the slowest one you can find.

    Once you have your Slow/Crawler Zombie, buy everything that's needed to get to the Power Switch and turn it on (750 Points to open the door, 1000 Points to open the Elevator, 250 Points to use the Elevator, 1000 points to clear the debris leading downstairs, 1000 points to clear Elevator 2, 250 points to use Elevator 2, Turn on Power, 250 Points to go back up Elevator 2. So that's about 4,500 points you'll need.

    Once you reach the top of Elevator 2, find and kill off the Slow/Crawler Zombie and start Round 5. Wait inside Elevator 2 and look at the portal directly in front of you. If the area turns blue and you hear a siren going off, then the Pentagon Thief is coming so pull out a grenade and cook it to down yourself. Quick Revive will automatically start to pick you back up, but in the time you are down the Thief will come running out of the Portal ahead of you. Quick Revive also gives you two pistols that work like Grenade Launchers, so simply blow him away to get your Achievement and a free Pack-a-Punch Coupon.
  • SinistrBetrayalSinistrBetrayal96,429
    17 May 2011 09 Jun 2011
    18 1 0
    I had a ton of trouble with this solo. The theif never came no matter what i had all the defcon switches on and nothing. The easiest way i found to do it, is do everything you would solo but with samo friends who also need the achievement. theres a widow to the left of the elevator (if you are looking at it from the teleportor) in the defcon room where the window climbing glitch still works. Zombies can hit you here but the Pentagon Thief cannot. Now the boards have to be repaired in a certain order. As long as there is no board acroos the top you should be fine. Now on to the hard. Hit all of the defcon swithches and at the end of r=each round have the window and the guy gettin in the window ready. By this i mean have him be the closest to the teleportor. The second he sees the lighting turn blue, have run and get in the window. Now the thief will run into the corner under him unable to hit him. So now everyone shoot and have the window guy at least throw a grenade under himself to hurt the thief. As long as everyone at least damaged the thief everyone will get the achievement.
    Good luck!
  • Eddie GMNSEddie GMNS113,413
    07 Jan 2011 09 Dec 2011 22 Dec 2011
    17 1 1
    Here you go.... for those who speak Portuguese take a look at my version on How to get this achievement... You might figure it out too even-though you don't speak it...
  • Sku11ySn1p3rSku11ySn1p3r36,559
    13 Dec 2010
    22 14 0
    This isn't my video but I found that it really helped. All praise goes to ImmenseZ for the video and tips. The video also has tips for other BO achievements
  • rusty guy500rusty guy500131,669
    11 Jan 2011 11 Jan 2011 13 Jul 2011
    9 2 2
    First off attempt to clear your cache and see if this will remove the patches if this doesn't work like in my case then this solution is for you.

    This solution is not for people who hate glitches or ways of getting around patches, instead it is for those people who are having extreme difficulties with obtaining this achievement. All credit for the idea goes to my friend WaviestDouble07.

    First you are going to need a xbox memory card or a USB. If you are using a USB then you have to format it for the xbox. This can be done by going to my xbox> system settings> select memory> and then press y on the usb. From here you can either configure the whole thing or a portion of it. Don't worry this can be undone once you have finished. If any of this was unclear see this site:

    Now that u have another storage device you are going to go to My xbox> system settings> memory> the device your gamer profile is on> gamer profile then select your profile and move it to the other storage device.

    Once your profile is on the other storage device turn your xbox off, remove your hard drive or what ever everything is saved on and disconnect your xbox from the internet.

    Now you are going to start up your xbox and load your gamer tag from the other storage device. None of the patches will be on the game now and you are able to get on the table and easily get this achievement by jumping on the table that is seen in the video below from GrynarGaming. You need to obtain about 6-7 thousand points then leave one zombie and turn on the power. Then return to the top, jump back on the table and continue to play until the thief shows up and kill him.

    If there are any problems with this guide or something is not clear just leave a comment and i will answer your question or adjust the guide accordingly and please before voting negative please leave a comment as to why.
  • Andre BigBoss 2Andre BigBoss 2756,693
    06 Jun 2016 15 Jul 2016
    4 0 0
    Call of Duty: Black Ops - Achievement\Trophy - Hands Off the Merchandise - Xbox 360
  • 20 18 2
    DO THIS BYSELF, SO MUCH EASIER AND YOU DONT HAVE TO DEPEND ON OTHERS. This is how I did it. However, you need to do the glitch. PLAY SOLO, playing multi is pain because there too much going on and yo have to depend on others. Go to FIVE. Right off, go buy the M14 for 500. Do the glitch where you break the window on the door, rebuild it, jump on them and then jump to the middle table. If you don't know this glitch, check utube. From here kill zombies with head shots, they can't touch you. Go to wave 5 and then leave ONE zombie alive. Just make sure leaving area 1, you have 2800+500(revive) but if you got to wave 5 like i told you to, you should have enough. Now, run and buy a revive (YOU CANNOT DO THIS WITHOUT REVIVE), AVOID the zombie use the elevator to get to war room.
    Go down to the other elevator and open it and go down to the basement. Turn on the power and get back to the war room. Wait for the zombie to come around and kill him. The alarm will sound, quickly cook a grenade and kill yourself. Because you bought a revive, you will have double shot which are so powerful, aim, shoot and kill the thief. Just a warning, sometime he does not show up even after round 4, 5 or 6. Most of the time he does. If this happens, do it all over again unless you are good at killing zombies by yourself on high waves.
    NO, THE GLITCH IS ONLY PATCHED ON MULTIPLAYER. I just bought this game last week and play solo and glitch worked fine.
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