In The Money achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops

In The Money

Finish 5 Wager Matches "in the money."

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How to unlock the In The Money achievement

  • lord verhlord verh169,757
    09 Nov 2010 09 Nov 2010 09 Nov 2010
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    this means that you have to select multiplayer>xbox live>wager matches, then the type you want to play:
    -one in the chamber (one bullet,knive when you make a kill you earn another bullet)
    -sticks and stones
    -gun game
    if you dont want to earn/lose much cp just select the first bid option ( it's called ANTE UP and costs 10 cp) once youre in a game make sure you finish on the first ( 300% bid return), second ( 180% bid return) or third place ( 120% bid return) all the other players lose their cp.

    So if you finish 5 times in the top 3 the achievement is yours.

    Easiest to do in 'one in the chamber', just learn how to shoot like a real cowboy with your pistol, keep searching and you will do just fine!

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    LostGamesIf anyone wants this I'm down, got a friend that would be game but he ain't an achievement hunter so he will most likely try to actually play. GT: LostGames#4189
    Posted by LostGames#4189 on 09 Jun at 05:58
    XoSPENCERoX*Session Deleted*
    Posted by XoSPENCERoX on 29 Aug at 08:18
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  • HamsterLVHamsterLV1,485,586
    29 Dec 2010 30 Dec 2010
    36 2 4
    I just like to add that you need some CP to be able to actually play wager matches. CP is like game currency, I am not sure what gives you the most CP, but what I did was this- I played 1 round in team deathmatch, I was average and got only 4 or 5 kills, but after the match I had over 1000 CP. After that I played sticks and stones and got my achievement in 7 matches, I was out of money just twice and I am no kick ass multiplayer player!

    I wanted to add this cuz noone explained that you actualy need some CP to play wager matches, maybe it is obvious to everyone except me...
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    HamsterLVNo probs man! Glad I could help! :)
    Posted by HamsterLV on 02 Jan 11 at 17:50
    DJ KOOLAIDEThis Hamster guy does not know of what he speaks
    Posted by DJ KOOLAIDE on 17 Jun 11 at 08:55
    TheHeightOfItAllol Chernobyly motherfucker.
    buy yes he is correct.
    stay in school kids
    Posted by TheHeightOfItAl on 11 Sep 11 at 04:58
  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
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    As the other solutions have said, being "In the Money" means finishing in 3rd place or higher. I for one only play One in the Chamber and I do have a few really good tips for that:

    - First, DONT HIDE LIKE A COWARD. You do get points when other players are eliminated (you get 3 lives), but nowhere near as much as you do if you go out and bank kills. I've NEVER (okay, once or twice) been the last man standing in OitC, but i'm always "in the money."

    - Dont shoot if someone shoots at you, at least not right away. If they shoot and miss, there's a 90% chance they'll charge you with the knife, thinking you have no ammo as well.

    - Try not to force yourself to shoot. If a guy is running in a straight line, BLOW HIS ASS AWAY. If he's swerving, wait until you get a clear shot. And DONT shoot from the hip. Your aim is crap unless you aim down the sights, trust me.

    - If you have Slight of Hand Pro, it makes a TON of difference. This lets you aim down your sights considerably faster, meaning you can pop off a more accurate shot than another guy who may be aiming down as soon as you fire.

    UPDATE - I've been informed that perks DO NOT come into play in Wager Matches. I swear I do have Slight of Hand Pro active during Wager Matches, but I might just be going crazy.

    - Watch the radar. If you see two close red blips but no kills made, that means two idiots completely missed each other and are probably charging head on with knives. If you can get there, kill one of them then get the other guy.

    (FYI, you get an extra bullet everytime you make a kill)

    - DONT do the "High Roller" wager matches. Unless you're really good, you'll be in debt in no time. The buy-in alone is 10000$ and the gametype is chosen at random. The other two matches are 10$ and 1000$, respectively.

    - Even if you get eliminated, don't bail out of the game yet. If you're in the top 3, there's a good chance you'll still come out with a profit. One time, I got killed twice within the first 20 seconds, but still won with a 30000$ profit!

    - When it's down to 2 or 3 people, then you can hide for a bit. After a period, the Spy Plane comes online and it's easy to end the game quick. It's up to you to decide if you should run to your enemies or if they should run to you. Either way, STAY MOBILE.

    - Lastly, good luck! You'll probably get in games with people that REALLY suck (0/3, anyone?) and people that are absurdly good.
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    Buxfan02There are no perks in "One in the Chamber" and the spyplane comes on when only two people remain. My advice, since you have infinite run, is to never stop moving, you're a harder target to hit and more often than not you'll get easy knife kills from players trying to sneak around or camp.
    Posted by Buxfan02 on 18 Nov 10 at 07:19
    I'm pretty sure you do have perks, but it doesn't show. But since you can't select a class for it, what you said does make sense. I'll have to look into that.

    And I think the spy plane goes on at a certain time, I think it was after 2:30 (7:30 remaining) has past. It's just most common for it to turn on when two people are left. I'll look into that as well, though.
    Posted on 18 Nov 10 at 15:47
    SwervinCurvinOne in the chamber is definitely hit or miss. First five games I got demolished with no kills, then it was like everyone else got slow. Took about 14-15 games to get 5 in the money. The other modes are much more competitive. As far as the spy plane, every game I played it came out when only two remained (i guess to speed up the game).
    Posted by SwervinCurvin on 11 Feb 11 at 15:12
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