Sacrificial Lamb achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops

Sacrificial Lamb

Shoot at or be shot by an ally with a Pack-a-Punch crossbow and kill six zombies with the explosion.

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How to unlock the Sacrificial Lamb achievement

  • XPhOeniXNIghtXXPhOeniXNIghtXThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    27 Nov 2010 06 Mar 2011
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    See if this video helps! :] Try and do this as soon as you can because in later rounds, zombies don't die the first time the shot is fired, some become crawlers. Oh and monkey bombs are also good while trying to do this.

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    The Joelstrnevermind...its with the random box which sucks cuz, well its random
    Posted by The Joelstr on 23 Apr 14 at 04:30
    xXUnKleSaMiAmXxWas wondering if maybe the knife lunge container glitch on Call of the Dead would be easiest way to do this.. It seems like best method if unpatched for the player that gets shot to be the one on the container where the zombies collect at you could simply get shot and walk off container instantly attracting zombie horde.. Even in higher levels would make creating crawlers easier..
    Posted by xXUnKleSaMiAmXx on 30 Nov 14 at 07:43
    Posted by TromboneGuy360 on 18 Apr 18 at 17:23
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    11 Nov 2010
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    This is not the easiest achievement in the game and will require you to probably have a few skilled players in the game.

    Firstly, this achievement requires at least two people playing in Zombie mode on map Kino der Toten. Next, you or the other player needs to obtain a crossbow, which can only be found in the Mystery Box which is randomly place on the map. You can either open up the areas randomly, or you can head towards the auditorium to turn the power ON. Turning the power ON allows you to view various blackboards that have a chalk outline of the map area with light bulbs attached. The light bulb which is lighted is the location of the Mystery Box on the map. Head towards there, and use the Mystery Box, which costs 950 points. The weapon you get from the Box is random, so you may have to try several times. After you have obtained the crossbow, you need to head to the 'Pack-a-Punch' machine, which can only be accessed by turning the power ON. The 'Pack-a-Punch' machine costs 5000 points. In 'Kino der Toten', the machine is located in the projector room. In order to get into the projector room, you will need to unlock the doors to the auditorium, and then step on the teleporter pad to activate the link by holding X. Then you need to run back to the main room foyer where you started in, and initiate the link there. Finally, you will need to head back to the auditorium back to the teleporter to get to the projector room. You only have a limited time in this room, so don't sit idle. Make sure you have your crossbow weapon as your main weapon, and make a purchase from the 'Pack-a-Punch' machine.
    After you have the 'Pack-a-Punch' Crossbow, the other player will need to be shot at with the weapon and the resulting explosion has to kill at least 6 zombies. The best way is to have the person with the crossbow shoot the other player, and have that player run into a group of 6 or more zombies.

    All credit for this solution goes to XCVii 007 at
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    UncouthTruthCan this be done on Der Riese?
    Posted by UncouthTruth on 16 Apr 11 at 21:35
    I COODAyes, it can be done on any map where you are able to upgrade the crossbow.
    Posted by I COODA on 17 Apr 11 at 04:04
    DjKillaBlastDAMN We tried 100 times!!! Really the bait need to stand perfectly still??? is this the way? If the bait go down before explosion, it counts???
    Posted by DjKillaBlast on 04 Jan 12 at 17:30
  • AmendocremAmendocrem29,542
    09 Aug 2011 08 Aug 2011 16 Sep 2011
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    First of all: my english isn't the best one,so try to read and put the words in context if you aren't understand what i'm saying.

    Second of all: THIS METHOD IS ONLY FOR THOSE THAT CAN'T ACHIEVE THIS IN ONLINE OR SPLIT SCREEN WITH A BUDDY.Yeah,i've done this solo.But how? SPLIT SCREEN OFFLINE,PLAYING ALONE WITH TWO CONTROLLERS.That's why i'm saying that this is the last resource.Here we go:

    You'll need to delete your BO update and clear you cache or remove and change your storage device.But why? Because you'll use the Table glitch on Five,and it has been patched.

    do not know how to climb the table? i'll post an video showing how to do it.

    GAME STARTS! And here comes the tips:
    -Choose one player to do the glitch and stay still in the table while the other one rack points¹.
    ¹shoot 5 times in the chest or 7 in the legs,then knife in starter rounds,then climb into the table and start doing headshots.M14 is required,Olimpia is optional.
    - After 7-10 rounds,you should have around 15,000 points.Now leave ake itsome zombies alive (2-4 just for safety) BUT DO NOT MAKE THEM ALL CRAWLERS! LEAVE AT LEAST ONE STAND UP OR THESE WILL FAIL!
    - Now jump off the table and run through the map until you reach the basement where the mistery box usually spawns.Open it until you get the crossbow (LUCK NEEDED,'CAUSE IT'S ITENS ARE RANDOM)²
    ²While you're doing all of this,do not forget your other character,start walking around in the table,because if you become idle the zombies will automatically die.BUT DO NOT GET NEAR THE EDGE! YOU CAN GET HIT!
    -After the crossbow is equipped,turn on the power (red lever in the basement) and run to the level with the defcon switches.
    -Turn on all defcon switches (there's 4 of them,two on the first floor and two on the second floor) and enter in any teleport,'cause they'll transport you to the Panic Room,where the Pack-a-Punch machine is.
    -Upgrade your crossbow for 5,000 points,leave the room and get back to the table where your other character is.
    -Kill the last zombie(s) and wait the new round start.³
    ³Maybe in the next round,the pentagon chief will spawn,but if you are in the table,he can't steal you.Just kill him.
    -Now that the normal round started,stay near the edge of the table(but not too close,'cause the zombies would hit you) WITH BOTH CHARACTERS! and wait for those undead bitches piling near the edges.
    -HERE'S THE BIG MOMENT: aim to your buddy,if the crosshair is white,go to the next step.If is not,go closer to the edge.
    -When the crosshair become white,shoot your pal,it will get stuck onto him,and if you're closer enough to the edge,it will blow the necessary amount of zombies. (IT'LL KILL WITH ONE SHOT UNTIL ROUND 12,SO BE ALERT!)

    I hope it helps you guys,'cause it were the only way to I achieve it.

    Now the video i said before: (remember,i do not own credits of this)
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    Seven ClipGreat idea, i'll attempt this later. Also the video on your solution has been deleted, might want to update it.
    Posted by Seven Clip on 06 Mar 13 at 21:52
    DarkDragonEye7Thank you so much for this! Managed to get it solo split screen.
    Posted by DarkDragonEye7 on 18 Feb 18 at 11:59
    SilverhellspawnThis is pure gold! Just got this supereasy!

    Here are some extra tips:
    - The glitch still works just make sure you delete the title update (go to memory settings) which most people seem to forget.
    - Get a reallife buddy to work on the 2nd controller. This means he/she should be running back and forth on top of the table keeping a few zombies alive when the main account is doing all the stuff. I got my wife to do this which gave me all the time in the world to set everything up perfectly. I usually went for it in round 9 having at least 20k points keeping 2-3 zombies alive. You need a lot of cash for doors and stuff (5k for the P&P-machine) so that means you got approx. 10 tries at the mystery box (costs 1k per try) per game.
    - SUPERTIP: I’ve noticed that in some rounds the glitched door remained untouched so no zombies would brake down the barriers. This is invaluable since rebuilding the door/barriers later on again could screw you. Why? Sometimes the bars stack in a weird order so you can’t get on top of the door anymore. Just check in the 2nd/3th wave the barriers are still up and it will stay that way for the rest of the game! If not then I would restart the game. It’s imperative you can get on top of the table again with the P&P-crosbow later on.
    - I got the other MP-achievements as well using this method (collector, kill the thief, revive with the knife). Solid!
    Posted by Silverhellspawn on 11 Nov 18 at 22:18
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