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Sacrificial Lamb

Shoot at or be shot by an ally with a Pack-a-Punch crossbow and kill six zombies with the explosion.

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  • XPhOeniXNIghtXXPhOeniXNIghtXThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    27 Nov 2010 06 Mar 2011
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    See if this video helps! :] Try and do this as soon as you can because in later rounds, zombies don't die the first time the shot is fired, some become crawlers. Oh and monkey bombs are also good while trying to do this.
    11 Nov 2010
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    This is not the easiest achievement in the game and will require you to probably have a few skilled players in the game.

    Firstly, this achievement requires at least two people playing in Zombie mode on map Kino der Toten. Next, you or the other player needs to obtain a crossbow, which can only be found in the Mystery Box which is randomly place on the map. You can either open up the areas randomly, or you can head towards the auditorium to turn the power ON. Turning the power ON allows you to view various blackboards that have a chalk outline of the map area with light bulbs attached. The light bulb which is lighted is the location of the Mystery Box on the map. Head towards there, and use the Mystery Box, which costs 950 points. The weapon you get from the Box is random, so you may have to try several times. After you have obtained the crossbow, you need to head to the 'Pack-a-Punch' machine, which can only be accessed by turning the power ON. The 'Pack-a-Punch' machine costs 5000 points. In 'Kino der Toten', the machine is located in the projector room. In order to get into the projector room, you will need to unlock the doors to the auditorium, and then step on the teleporter pad to activate the link by holding X. Then you need to run back to the main room foyer where you started in, and initiate the link there. Finally, you will need to head back to the auditorium back to the teleporter to get to the projector room. You only have a limited time in this room, so don't sit idle. Make sure you have your crossbow weapon as your main weapon, and make a purchase from the 'Pack-a-Punch' machine.
    After you have the 'Pack-a-Punch' Crossbow, the other player will need to be shot at with the weapon and the resulting explosion has to kill at least 6 zombies. The best way is to have the person with the crossbow shoot the other player, and have that player run into a group of 6 or more zombies.

    All credit for this solution goes to XCVii 007 at
  • AmendocremAmendocrem28,728
    09 Aug 2011 08 Aug 2011 16 Sep 2011
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    First of all: my english isn't the best one,so try to read and put the words in context if you aren't understand what i'm saying.

    Second of all: THIS METHOD IS ONLY FOR THOSE THAT CAN'T ACHIEVE THIS IN ONLINE OR SPLIT SCREEN WITH A BUDDY.Yeah,i've done this solo.But how? SPLIT SCREEN OFFLINE,PLAYING ALONE WITH TWO CONTROLLERS.That's why i'm saying that this is the last resource.Here we go:

    You'll need to delete your BO update and clear you cache or remove and change your storage device.But why? Because you'll use the Table glitch on Five,and it has been patched.

    do not know how to climb the table? i'll post an video showing how to do it.

    GAME STARTS! And here comes the tips:
    -Choose one player to do the glitch and stay still in the table while the other one rack points¹.
    ¹shoot 5 times in the chest or 7 in the legs,then knife in starter rounds,then climb into the table and start doing headshots.M14 is required,Olimpia is optional.
    - After 7-10 rounds,you should have around 15,000 points.Now leave ake itsome zombies alive (2-4 just for safety) BUT DO NOT MAKE THEM ALL CRAWLERS! LEAVE AT LEAST ONE STAND UP OR THESE WILL FAIL!
    - Now jump off the table and run through the map until you reach the basement where the mistery box usually spawns.Open it until you get the crossbow (LUCK NEEDED,'CAUSE IT'S ITENS ARE RANDOM)²
    ²While you're doing all of this,do not forget your other character,start walking around in the table,because if you become idle the zombies will automatically die.BUT DO NOT GET NEAR THE EDGE! YOU CAN GET HIT!
    -After the crossbow is equipped,turn on the power (red lever in the basement) and run to the level with the defcon switches.
    -Turn on all defcon switches (there's 4 of them,two on the first floor and two on the second floor) and enter in any teleport,'cause they'll transport you to the Panic Room,where the Pack-a-Punch machine is.
    -Upgrade your crossbow for 5,000 points,leave the room and get back to the table where your other character is.
    -Kill the last zombie(s) and wait the new round start.³
    ³Maybe in the next round,the pentagon chief will spawn,but if you are in the table,he can't steal you.Just kill him.
    -Now that the normal round started,stay near the edge of the table(but not too close,'cause the zombies would hit you) WITH BOTH CHARACTERS! and wait for those undead bitches piling near the edges.
    -HERE'S THE BIG MOMENT: aim to your buddy,if the crosshair is white,go to the next step.If is not,go closer to the edge.
    -When the crosshair become white,shoot your pal,it will get stuck onto him,and if you're closer enough to the edge,it will blow the necessary amount of zombies. (IT'LL KILL WITH ONE SHOT UNTIL ROUND 12,SO BE ALERT!)

    I hope it helps you guys,'cause it were the only way to I achieve it.

    Now the video i said before: (remember,i do not own credits of this)
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    All of the above guides are great. But they do not mention the China Lake. They mention the usefulness of the Monkey Bombs, but if you get a China Lake(noob tube) ((grenade launcher)) you are also very lucky. On Kino Der Toten, we had all the doors open on about wave 7. Btw there were 2 of us. We got the China Lake early on. What you do is run around the whole level, amassing a group of Zombies and then shooting them once with the China Lake to leave a great amount of Crawlers. Doing this will not only prevent more from spawning but will also help getting the Achievement SAFELY and INSURE that you get it! At the end of the Round(all of the initial running zombies downed or dead), go back and round up all the DOWNED Zombies into the theatre preferably. No matter how high of a Wave you are on, they will die from the PaP'd friendly Crossbow Bolt. This should help any of you who see the China Lake and just throw it away(thinking it of no use). If this does not help, please explain why. It worked for me and good luck!
    19 Feb 2011 19 Feb 2011 27 Apr 2011
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    solution is for Ascension with 2 people minimum. Just so you know incase you were wondering, you can get the achievement with a friend being the 2nd controller playing split screen, it is obviously also possible to get the achievement on this DLC map and in my opinion the easiest of the 3 maps to get it on.

    Here is what we did:

    at round 3 we ran to the stage (the first lunar lander that you will go to up the stairs next to frags and the flopper) and picked up the MPL or whatever smg is there. one player camps in the room with the window where they can turn around and see the stage while the other groups them all up. at the end of round 6-8 down some zombies and go open the mystery box. obviously all luck from here but once you get the crossbow, launch all 3 lunar landers, make sure you save 5,000 for yourself to pack a punch your cross bow.

    Once you pack a punch the cross bow have the person with the bow camp the room by the stage with one window and have them kill the zombies coming through the window while the other player runs circles on the stage.

    once no more zombies are coming through the windown have the person on the stage that is running in circles, preferably counter clock wise, have them stop right by the frag grenades for one second for you to shoot them, if they hit you with the arrow then run into the group of zombies, if they miss you then just keep running in circles and keep trying.

    * i found, that especially with 2 players it was easiest to get this achievement on Ascension.

    *listen to everybody above me, don't use nukes unless inbetween rounds, if you get max ammo and have your pistol on the stage, round up the zombies and unload every single bullet into them for a ton of points, etc.
  • DaradusDaradus94,534
    08 Dec 2010 09 Dec 2010
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    Just to add to what everyone else is saying, if you get past level 15 and they're not dying in 1 hit and you cant time an effective insta-kill just start doing laps of Kino Der Toten from the lobby to the stage, shooting zombies in the legs as you go. Kill the weird crawler ones as they're just a pain but when we did it it was round 18 and we had 8 crawlers at the end of the spawn, shoot, go prone and achievement unlocked!
  • Fr0zenNovaFr0zenNova184,089
    10 Jan 2011 04 Feb 2011
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    A good strategy i found while going for the achievement is after you have the upgraded crossbow, get a bunch of zombies shoot the floor a little away from them, the explosion wont kill them then stick your partner and have him run into the mob. If you dint know the upgraded crossbow acts as a monkey bomb.
  • Sku11ySn1p3rSku11ySn1p3r36,561
    13 Dec 2010
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    This isn't my video but I found that it really helped. All praise goes to ImmenseZ for the video and tips. The video also has tips for other BO achievements
  • Aura of HeroismAura of Heroism298,086
    18 Jan 2011 19 Jan 2011 29 Aug 2011
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    Note: If familiar with zombies, you can skip to the part below the line.
    Ok, now all these solutions on here are very informative and good, but they just werent working for me because I had only one person to try this with and she wasn't that great. So, if you, like me, are playing with someone who is not all that great and cannot do running and needs to have a steady hold down spot, here is my suggestion.
    Build up a few thousand points to start with in the first room (lobby.) Once you have those points go upstairs and open the door. Then continue on through that door to the next one (the room w/ speed cola) then you will continue to the next room (dressing room) then to the stage. Now the stage will be your first hold down area. IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT turn on power and DO NOT open the next door. (If you have not found the box by this point the MP40 located in the Speed Cola room will work for point harvesting.) Have your second person watch the window on the far end while you get towards the back of the stage behind where the mystery box is. This will allow you a good view of both the door and the window on that end. You will only wanna do this until about round 10, once there try to leave the last zombie alive either as a crawler or walker and work your way back from the stage to the alley. The alley is going to be your new best friend
    IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT open the door by Double Tap.
    At this point you should have a decent amount of points, so go find the box, get a good LMG or MG, get your claymores, turn on the power and get your perks but DONT KILL THE LAST ZOMBIE YET. After you've gotten all your gear head back to the alley.

    IF YOU KILL THE LAST ZOMBIE/DOG AFTER HE PASSES THE GATES ON THE FAR END OF THE ALLEY, NO GAS ZOMBIES WILL SPAWN NEXT ROUND. This makes it easy to point farm and get a ton of money to hit the box. Get monkeys, crossbow and upgrade the crossbow (second person should have a LMG and Ray gun or thundergun if possible but not critical.) Have your second watch the window in the back and you post up in front of the stairs so you can see the whole alley. Not the best spot for high levels, but with two people manageable until about 20.
    Just keep Killing, once you get an insta kill throw a monkey over the wooden fence, dont get the insta kill yet. Have your second stand right next to it, once your monkey explodes, fire a crossbow bolt into em, have them get the insta kill and run into the zombies which should be pouring into the alley.
    This is really long but I made it non zombie player friendly if you have any additional ideas comment, but remember this is a guide for two people, but the basic idea would work for more.

    Edit: 8/29/11
    Just thought I could add this into there; with the new maps released, it is actually quite easy now to get this achievement on Der Riese. This place is loaded with hold down points, but my personal favorite is a two person spot. That will get one person in particular a lot of points.
    As you start the level if you are looking at the pack a punch machine, the door to your right, DO NOT open it. Work your way through the level as you normally would, but do not open this door or the door just on the other side of it. ( The door leading to the kennels area and the left teleporter.) What your going to do is once you have enough money to have a decent machine gun and maybe your perks, go over to this area, you notice, there is only one window to guard. Have one guys guard that, and the her look down the alley. This has a long line of sight and an escape point if things get too crazy. Like I said before, you will get lots of points here and once your ready to try the actual achievement, just wait til theres a crowd, throw a grenade, and exit through the kennel door and run to the center teleporter in the back room to hold down the upstairs catwalk. Hope this helps.
  • Elk4rlit0Elk4rlit0275,115
    02 Dec 2010 03 Dec 2010
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    the easiest way i found was to go for this on "FIVE". i was with 2 others and we held off in the start room for 5 waves without buying a weapon. NOTE: make sure as others have said use pistol then knife to finish the zombies off, wave 6 open door to elevator/lift and buy machine gun off the wall hold out till you have around 6-7 thousand points then find the box and try your luck. if you run out of money then i suggest going back to first floor and hold out by the lift 2 guard the windows and 1 guard the hallway and switch so you all get decent points. make a crawler then try your luck again.if you get the crossbow activate the power and go back up to floor 2 and pull the switches to get to defcon 5, enter the room to pack the punch it and return to hallway on 1st floor where you shoot the person guarding the hallway with crossbow.NOTE: it will be around wave 11 and the thief comes, so take out your other weapon so he takes that instead of your crossbow.

    good luck
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    ===============If you vote negative TELL WHY!!!!!===========
    I see alot of long stories here about how and what and its actually quite easy. The hardest thing about this achievement is getting the crossbow itself. When i had it i upgraded it so it becomes a zombie magnet you'll probably all know. To keep this easy I did this with a 4 player game 4 friends online and we went camping in the Alley (outside) we kept the door on our right (from the spawn too the left where the box could be the door to outside) CLOSED!! We walked around the whole map passing the stage and going from there to outside. (this means your facing a stairs and the higher room where you came from) As soon as an INSTA KILL pops up you grap it shoot directly a teammate with the weapon and he runs straight into a group of zombies. We managed to do this in round 13.
  • ClaytThaGreatClaytThaGreat476,617
    24 Jun 2011 25 Jun 2011
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    Got this achievement on "Call of the Dead" by having my partner make six crawlers by using his crossbow, nades, etc. Ran around until the slow ones and crackhead ones were all in a group together, he fired at me, and ping! achievement unlocked. Such a relief, and a rather easy way to get this. Have been trying to get this pain in the arse achievement since November. Never felt happier...
  • Adz j74Adz j74141,924
    18 Aug 2011 18 Aug 2011
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    Jus got this after 3 proper attempts where i was stuck with a pap'd crossbow bolt,ran into a load of monkey bomb junkie zombies and no bleep-bloop,the reason,simply didnt kill enough,or any,and its cos the farther into the game ya get,the harder it is to kil them so what we did,there were only two of us:-
    Chose the better player out of us to try for the crossbow and get it pap'd,the weaker player(me)to concentrate on getting a desent gun and jugg.
    Then,when ya both ready,set the teleporter up for the next round,when the rnd starts,activate the teleporter and start spamming nades to make as many crawlers as poss,
    *Dont forget,you can buy more nades off the wall in the teleporter room just in case ya need more,
    When ya come back,run ya cicle to the right,not too fast though,and only killing the runners and walkers.
    When we were finished we had 9 crawlers so it was up to me to round them all up,remember,you only need 6 so if you have any really fast ones,just get rid,and beware of re-spawners that will pop up if one of your crawlers dies.
    Anyway,so i got them all rounded up,my friend stuck me with the bolt and all i had to do was stand in the middle of them,finaly got it.
    Hope my solution helps you in some way,i think the key is making crawlers.
  • Liam NeilLiam Neil179,401
    28 May 2011 02 Jun 2011 13 Jun 2011
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    This was my last achievement for Black Ops, and it took ages!!
    Here's what I did:

    This is a guide for Call Of The Dead.
    Firstly, if your lucky enough to have the Escalation Map Pack, then this will work for you.

    On Call Of The Dead, you can reach the lighthouse area by round 8, I suggest opening the door just above the vault room to get in. If you have made it this far, you will probably have the Jugger-Nog Perk, if not, your a lot better than me, but now's the time to get it. If your struggling for time always make a crawler.

    With Jugger-Nog and an average weapon e.g MP40 or M16, you can survive for ages by running in circles around the stairs and the zombies will gather up allowing you to turn every so often and spray at their heads. Your teammates should be using this technique on another floor of the lighthouse and out the bottom exit of the lighthouse on the snowy beach bit. With as many points as you like, keep trying on the box until the crossbow appears.

    When it's upgraded and ready to go, you'll want to keep running in circles until you have a large mass of zombies following. Now, I used Semtex but Frag's work too. Drop one as your running and they will run straight over it creating about 15-25 crawlers. Kill the fast ones!

    Once they stop spawning gather up the crawlers outside the lighthouse, shoot your teammate and shout down the headset for him/her to dive into the crawlers.

    Boom, Achievement Unlocked.

    Any questions, leave a comment. Thanks for reading.

    EDIT: This 'Crawler' techinique can also be used on the original maps e.g 'Kino Der Toten' and 'Five'.
  • CoMaestroCoMaestro89,448
    26 Feb 2011 30 Mar 2011 09 Jun 2013
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    Solution 1: If you have the pack-a-punched crossbow, you should also have a pack-a-punched ray gun, so you shoot all the zombies to crawling. If you have six of them, let somebody dolphin dive into them while he has an arrow on him, and BAM! the achievement is yours,
    Solution 2: Stick an arrow onto somebody during the instant-kill power-up (depends on luck of course, but if you just survive until you get the power-up its a lot easier than the first solution)
  • Removed Gamer
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    Just to add to the crazy list of solutions already, if you shoot a downed player with the pack a punched crossbow (named the "Awful Layton"), it does not count. I learned this the hard way.

    Also, the Awful Layton shots work like Monkey Bombs, if you didn't know. You shoot something (or someone) and they'll beeline towards the target. I can't tell for certain if they'll all attack your buddy though.
  • Sir LumboSir Lumbo329,842
    16 Mar 2012 16 Mar 2012
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    There are already some great guides here and I know I am a bit late in the day to be providing a guide, but having just completed this SOLO (using two controllers), I thought I would share my tips.

    Remove the patch and load up the 'Five' map. As one of your players, grab the M14 off the wall and do the table glitch. Move this player to the extreme opposite end of the table from the door you just glitched up. Repeat the process for the second controller (make sure to grab a M14).

    If at any point during this round you noticed a zombie behind the door you boarded up for the glitch, reset. Keep starting over and over until you get both players on the table and NO zombies behind that glitched/boarded up door.

    At this point you should now have both players with M14s at the direct opposite end of the table, and no zombies attacking the boarded up door you just climbed.

    Build up funds with one player. Don't listen to advice about going for this before round 11, just save up until you feel confident - about 20-30K should suffice.

    Please note: stay at the end of the table opposite to the door you used for the glitch. From my experiences, having both players tucked right at the end of the table away from the door will result in no zombies spawning and ruining the boards.

    Use the same method posted around -- have one controller attract the attention of the zombies while the other player runs down to the labs. Make sure no more zombies are going to spawn but leave at least 10-20 zombies running. As you make your way down to the labs, use the second controller and move along the length of the table to keep the zombies moving -- if the zombies are static for too long they die.

    Find the mystery box and hope you find that crossbow quick, if at all. As soon as you do, flip the power and get back upstairs - use the teleporters. The barriers on the door should be as you left them; climb back onto the table. Get both players back to the opposite end of the table again before killing the remaining zombies.

    Keep playing through the waves until the Thief appears. Only one player will be able to see him. Every single time for me this was the second controller. DO NOT KILL HIM. Hopefully you have at least 5k funds. (If not, kill the Theif, and keep playing until he appears again and you have enough cash).

    Head down to the middle floor and flip the four DEFCON switches. Use the teleporter and pack-a-punch the crossbow. After upgrading it, head back through the teleporter and you will be back in the labs.

    Keep running around using the different teleporters until you get back upstairs; this might take a while but trust me, you will eventually get back up to the top floor.

    Climb back up and kill the Theif.

    Nearly there. Wait for a decent number of zombies to spawn and have player two remain ON the table. Walk to the other end of the table (you need to have a bit of distance between the two players in order for the arrow to stick) and fire an arrow into him. Immediatley fire another arrow into him. Hopefully should pop!

    *Stay at the opposite end of the table from the door - it will preserve the barrier so you can climb back up

    *Make sure you keep moving the player on the table when you head to the labs otherwise the zombies will die from being 'stuck' on the sport

    *Make sure both players grab M14s at the start -- I never ran out of ammo this way (only kill zombies when they are close to the table - so you make sure you can reach the ammo)

    *Keep restarting the level if you see zombies behind the barrier when you are first doing the glitch.

    Hope this helps!
    06 Apr 2012 06 Apr 2012 08 Apr 2012
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    This achievement means that you need to shoot at a person or get shot with a Pack-a-Punch Crossbow (Awful Lawton) and kill 6 zombies in the explosion; the shooter and the person that gets shot, both get the achievement.

    I can confirm that crawlers (zombies without legs) DO COUNT, so if the wave is too high for the zombies to die then make at least 6 crawlers. I found this to be the easiest with just 2 people on Kino Der Toten. I tried to do this in Der Reise but it seems the Crossbow is rarer in the mystery box and the doors to get to it seem to be quite expensive, however the mystery box ALWAYS spawns in the power room so it’s up to you.

    Before I start the guide here are a few of notes:

    - Since the patch (the one I believe that added Mule Kick to all the other maps) the crawlers do BLEED OUT after a time and they will respawn as a walking zombie – be careful.

    - Moving when downed will make you bleed out QUICKER so when you get downed move as little as possible.

    - The game can only have so many zombies at one time; so say the limit is at 30 zombies and there are 90 Zombies in a particular wave, there will only be 30 zombies until you kill one and one will spawn and take its place.

    - The zombies at their top speed cannot exceed your top speed in walking, meaning that you don’t have to constantly sprint. Their top speed is the same as your top walking speed and therefore they will never catch up to you.


    Okay here is the guide (which was written for just two people playing in mind on Kino Der Toten):

    Start off by knifing the zombies (If you wish, you can shoot them up to five times, then knife), this will give you a 130 points when you kill them with a knife, rather than 50 (or 100 if it’s headshot). You need to defend two windows each; one person can take the south window and the window underneath the stairs and the other takes the two west windows that are at the bottom and top of the stairs on the left.

    By the end of wave 3 you need to start moving, open the door on the top right stairs to the north - you should have enough points to get to the speed cola room (I call the double stairs room) and if you find the mystery box along the way get to the double stairs room first then spin for it when it is safe - regardless of a crossbow, read on. The double stairs room is easy enough to hold and it has an MP40 and Stakeout these weapons are good against dogs if you haven’t got a decent weapon against them (the PM63 I find, eats ammo fast). There are 4 entry points that two people can defend; the two windows at the bottom floor and one window at the top in the west part of the room and the doorway you entered in the south.

    When you have about 2500 points, open the door to the dressing room (1250 points) and then open the door to the west (1250 points) onto the stage and turn the power on. If you haven’t found the box yet then with the power on you can see where on the various maps where it is. If it’s in a locked room open the room when you have enough points (even when it’s in the alley which will require to open two rooms) and spin the box when you have enough points again when it’s safe.

    When you get the Crossbow, the person with the Crossbow will need to save up points, at this point you need to make a crawler, so that you can link up the teleporter for when you need to Pack-a-Punch it (which will require 5000 points). The other person can use his points to buy Jugganog and if enough quick revive.

    To get points you will need to do the “Train Technique” meaning that you need to do laps in circles and gather zombies behind you turn around in a wide opened area briefly and shoot them all in the head with an automatic weapon (MP 40 if you have no automatic). What you need to do, is to walk at top speed only sprinting through the narrow areas, corridors and past the one or two zombies in front of you (or you can shoot them from the hip, I find that works), until they stop spawning. I go in an anti-clockwise direction starting from the theatre towards the lobby, in the lobby turn left up the stairs, keep right, turn left, down two flights of stairs through the costume room, turn left and you are back in the theatre and I repeat. You need to STICK TOGETHER with your partner to do this.

    Once you have enough points and enough zombies, teleport into the projector room, Pack-a-Punch your Crossbow into the Awful Lawton and the zombies should gather in the theatre, DO NOT attack them in anyway, this gathers them up for the most critical part.

    When you teleport out of the projection room into the lobby, the person that needs to be shot needs to keep a lookout for zombies coming from the theatre. There should be a desk directly in front of the door which he can use since the zombies have to go around it and he will be briefly on the lookout; this will require good timing, the person with the Crossbow needs to shoot the lookout and the lookout should run into the zombies that were gathered up when you were in the projector room.

    Alternatively you can do the train technique, turn around throw a grenade to make a bunch of crawlers and when no more zombies spawn, try it with the crawlers; just try to group them together, before you try.

    I pretty much did this and got the achievement on wave 9 (I think), I also did the alternative bit at the end with someone else in my session in a separate game and he got the achievement and we did this on wave 15 and the box first spawned in the alley.

    Good Luck on getting this achievement.
  • GH05T SN1P3R 92GH05T SN1P3R 92580,984
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    For this achievement you need to get a crossbow out of the mystery box which costs 950 a go or free if you get the fire sale. Once you obtain the crossbow you will need to get 5000 pointsso that you can pack a punch it. Thereafter is the hard bit tagging a teammate and killing six zombies with the crossbow tip which explodes but won't down your teammate but they will unlock the achievement as well.
  • Agent47BrownieAgent47Brownie337,107
    14 Jul 2012 15 Jul 2012
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  • TrueAnakin09TrueAnakin0994,544
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    Okay, so if you're looking at this solution it's either because no one else's was doing it for you, or you're looking for some more tips. Well here it goes. Keep in mind that this is how I got it, but I will include notes as to how others managed to pop this bad boy.

    Firstly, you need at least two people (duh) to play this. Now, I got it with four players but I also noticed that when trying it with just two, the crossbow seemed to show a lot sooner and more often while the box also tended to spawn closer. This may simply be the luck of the draw but the choice is yours. The only advantage of more than two player is that you have that it takes longer for the zombies to get you out of the game.

    I also recommend doing this on the Kino der Toten map, mainly because that's what my guide uses, but also because there's more space, more circuits (see "Training"), and Monkey Bombs seem to appear more often here than in other maps. It's also a lot easier to open up this map than "Five."

    Skills Needed:
    You need to be pretty skilled to do this achievement so I recommend you work on a few pro tricks to increase your life-span and point accumulation. The best way to practice is to play alone as it makes the stakes higher. Frequent XBL on occasion so that you can also get used to working in a group.

    1. Courage: Okay this isn't actually a skill but the zombies can be pretty intimidating. Learn to tame your fear and focus on surviving.

    2. Running: You'll be doing a lot of it. Those who camp, die. I don't care how good you are at locking down sections, or how far your friends got while in that one corner, if you camp, you will get trapped, overrun, and killed. It is extremely helpful to know how to find breaks in a zombie hoard and sprint through it, minimizing your chances of being cornered.

    3. Training: It's not enough just to run, you need to train. Training is a tactic by which a player, or the group runs around the map in a circuit (any circular path, or open room will do) and thus gathers the spawning zombies into a cluster running behind the player(s). What's really useful about this tactic is that after a few circuits, all the zombies will be in one spot... on your six. This makes gunning them down a lot easier. Also, in Kino, if you get a group to stand in a corner while one guy trains, they can pick off zombies from the herd as you pass them, and considering zombies are fixated on the player nearest them, only a few, if any, will stray towards the camping group.

    4. Knifing: Black Ops sucks when it comes to knifing as the default has you do a stupid stab animation which opens you up for attack. Instead you want to knife by pushing in the right thumbstick and simultaneously pulling back on the left thumbstick. Doing this right results in a quick and defensive slash animation which is much more practical.

    General Tips:

    On Pickups:
    Carpenter (The Hammer): Never pick this up if you can help it, as it repairs all barricades, making it impossible to get those last few desperate points for... whatever it is you need.

    H-Bomb (The Bomb): Avoid this like the plague as it will only net you 400 points. Zombies can accrue more than that. Only pick it up if 1)it is at the beginning of a later round and zombies can still spawn in, 2) It is between rounds and can't do anything but benefit, and 3) you need to revive a squadmate.

    Insta-Kill (Skull): I'd avoid picking this up unless you are getting overrun or don't have Juggernog in the later rounds. If this is the case, use the opportunity to cram as many knife kills in as possible.

    Max Ammo (Box and Bullets): Call out for people to reload and pause a few seconds before picking this up. Also, if someone is downed, avoid grabbing this as downed team members will NOT benefit.

    Double Points (X2 symbol): If you can grab it, go for it, but if you are worried you'll go down, don't bother. You're better off alive.

    Juggernog (Red Machine): Get this as soon as the theater is accessed, the power is on, and you have enough. It will boost your health to 200% and is literally a life-saver.

    Quick Revive (Blue Machine): This is in the lobby and will speed up your revive time, but it will not revive you. It's invaluable if your team is constantly getting downed, and can be well worth the 1500 it costs but only grab it if you don't have the crossbow and there is someone who doesn't have Jugg or skills.

    Speed Cola (Green Machine): This one is found in the third room just before the dressing room. It will boost your running speed, the time it takes for the mystery box to cycle weapons, and even your reload speed. If you have heavy weapons you absolutely need this. It's a rather steep 3000 so plan accordingly.

    Mule Kick (Green Machine): This is found just upstairs from the Speed Cola. It gives you the ability to carry a third weapon. It's 4000 to buy and frankly, not really worth it if you're going for the achievement.

    Weapons: Don't buy any weapons off the walls except the MP40. The box's weapons often trump anything on the map and is cheaper too. Yes, it's a gamble, but if you can't risk it, grab the decent MP40. Trust me.

    Right, now that you have all the skills, time for the actual achievement acquisition.

    Round 1: Your team should pick a window, (or a couple depending on players) and pop six rounds into the lower torso/legs of oncoming zombies. Doing this will net you points without killing the undead hordes. (Pro Tip: even pistol round penetrate multiple zombies. Conserve ammunition by hitting rows of zombies rather than singling them out.) After you've pegged every zombie, let them break down the barricades and saunter in. It's the first round, chill out. Once they are inside, knife them to finish them off. If you get downed here, you suck. This way zombies may drop pickups (max ammo) and you'll be able to farm points by rebuilding barricades.

    Round 2: Do the same as Round 1 only, drop a whole magazine into each zombie before knifing.

    Round 3: At the end of Round 2, have the second highest scoring player (2P) open the doors at the top of the balcony (750pts). If the box is in that small room you opened, hit it, but not before the highest scoring player (1P) opens the next set of doors (1000pts) leading into an open room with two sets of stairs. If the box was not in either of these rooms simply grab an MP40 (1000pts) off the wall and have two teams: one on the ground floor and one on the second/balcony area of this room. There are three windows here and the stairs that zombies will come from. Whoever has the stairs will also face the bulk majority of zombies, so make it a good player. You'll all want to stay here until after the dogs round.

    Dog Round (Randomized rounds 5-7): Camp down in the corner next to the Speed Cola machine and let them come to you.

    After the dogs, have 1P and 2P open up the next two doors (1250pts each) to the theater and turn on the power. (Pro Tip: If someone tells you not to turn on the power, they are idiots begging to die, as this WILL leave you trapped and surrounded.) Once the power is on, go to the far back corner of the theater and you'll find a Juggernog machine (2500pts). Grab this first, and then hit the box (950pts per use). If the box is nowhere to be seen, the board on the walls will show you where it is. If the box is in or around the alleyway and you are still on rounds 8-10, don't worry you're still in good shape. To access the alley and other areas around it, open the ground floor doors in the lobby, NOT the one on the stage. (Pro Tip: DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR ON THE STAGE!) Keep hitting the box through the rounds until you get the crossbow. Make sure to train zombies and create crawlers at the end of rounds so you can take your time boarding windows, hitting the box, buying perks, and deliberating strategy. These moments are crucial. Once you have the crossbow, have that player save up for a Pack-a-Punch (5000pts). Link the teleporter using the machine on the stage and the pad in the lobby. Once the crossbow wielder has 5000 go up the teleporter, PAP that badboy and then wait to get back to the lobby. It is best to to this at the end of a round. Once this is done, ready the teleporter again (you'll have to wait for it to cool down first) and run over your strategy.

    The way my group did it was to start a fresh round sitting in the teleporter, activating it once the zombies were spawned and coming after us. While in the projector room, fire a few shots to weaken some zombies while waiting to teleport to the lobby. Once in the lobby, a player ran forward to the rightmost panel of the desk (at the entrance of the theater) and told the crossbowman when to fire. My group did this on round 14. The first bolt missed me but the second hit and brought the achievement with the explosion. Another successful attempt later confirmed that past round 10, two bolts are needed to kill zombies, not just one. As such I recommend the crossbowman invest in Speed Cola (3000pts) if they can afford it, as it will help their reload be faster. Note that shooting downed allies does not count for this achievement. I noted this as a possibility and other confirmed. If things go wrong, run and keep trying.

    Another strategy I've heard is to use Monkey Bombs to get zombies in a distracted group so the "Lamb" can get in the center of them. However, this requires more box purchases, and possibly more waves of enemies. Still, they're helpful for reviving teammates.

    It has also been suggested that since zombies are non-responsive while the teleporter is in use, that the bolts could be fired from the balcony at the "Lamb" who would be able to situate himself amidst a gathering, despondent zombie horde. You're free to experiment, but I found this method to work just fine. So good luck.

    Please comment or critique if you did not approve of this guide.
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