Sally Likes Blood achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops

Sally Likes Blood

Demonstrate killer economic sensibilities by taking down 3 enemies with a single bullet.

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How to unlock the Sally Likes Blood achievement

  • Astaroth1337Astaroth1337503,136
    25 Nov 2010 25 Nov 2010 25 Nov 2010
    281 10 49
    I've found a great way to do this VERY easily on any difficulty. On the mission "Executive Order", while you are disguised as the Russians, just before you enter the building in which you have to clear the floors one by one, face the door, turn around and look left.
    You will see three enemies standing next to a building, simply walk up to them and equip your python (which you get given by default), line up your shot and fire.


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    FitzbonnamelJust got it today by playing Dead Ops Arcade, picking up the LMG powerup, and shooting multiple zombies and then it popped.
    Posted by Fitzbonnamel on 10 Feb 20 at 04:42
    ZBrosSpecI did it on Redemption when your going through a flooded hallway while I was using the Galil. I would 100% recommend doing this on zombies its super easy just grab an M14 and get 3 headshots.
    Posted by ZBrosSpec on 12 Feb 20 at 17:53
    CauseWorked like a charm.
    Posted by Cause on 20 Oct 20 at 00:55
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  • l2ed XIIIl2ed XIII45,442
    09 Nov 2010 09 Nov 2010
    122 36 73
    you can get this easy on first act. once the door opens and the police are outside just shoot to the right where the citizens are. i did this and got the achievement completely on accident
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    KardenalBTKWorked for me! Three tries!!! Thanks
    Posted by KardenalBTK on 19 May 16 at 11:53
    N3OANG3LWorked after a few tries. Go thhrough the cut scene and get the checkpoint. Get yourself killed or try shooting the civilians. After that you always start at the door And can try to shoot the civilians.
    Posted by N3OANG3L on 21 Oct 16 at 17:02
    EthigyGreat solution, got it second try. Definitely be sure to grab that checkpoint first.
    Posted by Ethigy on 10 Jul 19 at 04:13
  • Knucklehead923Knucklehead923570,725
    09 Nov 2010 09 Nov 2010 16 Nov 2010
    120 40 31
    let it be known that this achievement can also be won in the Dead Ops Arcade mode. i think that would be the easiest place to do it as you have unlimited ammo, some VERY powerful weapon upgrades, and the zombies are usually very bunched together. to get them in a line, just run in circles and avoid getting hit and they will gather up in a horde in no time. this tactic also helps for the "rhino" achievement, to dash through 20 zombies at once.

    side note: to access dead ops arcade, at the main menu hit the LT and RT back and forth until you break free and stand up from the chair. make your way to the computer in the back of that room and hold X to get on the computer. then type in DOA and then hit enter. that will unlock dead ops arcade, AND a couple more achievements along the way

    if you have success with this guide, PLEASE upvote it so that it can be the top solution and to inspire me to write more. thanks!
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    SwiftShifter78Got it in DOA took a while but finally managed to get the achievement. awesome solution
    Posted by SwiftShifter78 on 14 Jun 11 at 04:25
    StEvEY5036Not sure why this is getting so many downvotes.. Got this by accident in DOA after 5 minutes of playing. Absolutely the easiest way to obtain this achievement.
    Posted by StEvEY5036 on 22 Sep 14 at 00:07
    danwood11Still works on DOA - October 2014 :)
    Posted by danwood11 on 24 Oct 14 at 23:40
  • Nevster08Nevster08276,943
    29 Dec 2010 02 Jan 2011 03 Jan 2011
    56 2 5
    As shown in the video below, start on the first mission of the game on recruit. When the door is opened shoot right at the civilians running away from the police. If you are lucky enough to hit 3 you will get the achievement. This may take a few tries so good luck =)
  • Negat1veZer0Negat1veZer0249,213
    14 Nov 2010 14 Nov 2010 15 Nov 2010
    53 8 4
    I just got this on level 8 "Victor Charlie" As you proceed through the level there is a large machine gun/Turret on the water where after killing the gunner, the chopper comes in. To the left of the turret a boat will pull up and approach land with like 4 guys on it. I was using a WA2000 and lined up with the incoming boat and got this achievement.

    Watch out for enemies on foot. I took them all out but I think once the boat starts pulling in another wave of enemies begins.

    First Time I'm doing this so I hope it helps, let me know if you have questions.

    *UPDATE* Adding video for clarification as recommended by "o Smeds o"
  • RohypnoledRohypnoled50,457
    16 Nov 2010 25 Nov 2010 01 Dec 2010
    39 1 0
    Here's one that is also on Victor Charlie but with cometary

    Once you get to the docks after you detonate the c4, there will be a couple of small boat coming ashore. If everything goes right there will be three enemies on a boat and should be lined up perfectly to take the shot.
  • SaintedKarmaSaintedKarma438,336
    13 Nov 2010 13 Nov 2010 23 Jun 2017
    45 8 7
    I did this on the zombies map "five"

    There are a few ways you can do this:

    1- Get to the end of round 1 and have the M14; spare a group of around 4 then line them up and fire twice at the torso of the first one.

    2- Get to round 2 with an M14, then before lining up the zombies knife them once, after that the M14 can kill 3 or more of the "selected zombies" with a body shot.

    At least thats how i did it btw the easiest way to line them up is run around the table and at least three will line up just make sure you've knifed them before you try to line them up good luck : )

    Credit for option 1- mattclarkie
  • WearedeathWearedeath569,171
    08 Dec 2010 08 Dec 2010
    37 1 0
    The easiest way to get this achievement is in Zombie mode on level FIVE. In the first round buy the M14 then switch back to your pistol either do it at first or let three zombies live. Shoot each zombie twice in the chest with the pistol then run around the tables till you get them lined up and switch to the m14 and shot them once you then should have killed them and gotten your cookie
  • l 2Bad2Fast ll 2Bad2Fast l249,015
    14 Feb 2011 14 Feb 2011
    37 2 0
    Check my video with voice over on how to get this achievement in HD.

    give posatives and comment on how you found the video thx.

    © TheGreatGameMaster ©
    04 Dec 2010 04 Dec 2010
    37 2 0
    I got this one without trying on WMD, use the AUG (Default weapon) in the ambush at the start of the mission in the safehouse. A few enemies come in through both entrances and rush around together into the sight of your weapon, just stay where you are and shoot in their direction.
    30 Dec 2011 21 Nov 2010
    41 6 2
    Spiderbite from NextGenTactics walks you through how to get this achievement on the mission "Numbers". He shows you some of his failed tries and also the successful way to get it. You will have no problem if you watch this and attempt it.
  • MusicalPixels22MusicalPixels2244,786
    04 Jan 2011 08 Mar 2011
    34 1 0
    I got it on the mission "Rebirth" from Hudsons point of view when you are in that car with the Machine Gun/Grenade Launcher. after a while of that you will come to a bridge thingy and a bunch of Russian Soldiers/ Scientists will scatter onto the bridge in a massive group. from there just fire a single bullet from your MG into the group of people and you should get it! i got it accidently when i was trying to get the "No Leaks" achievement!
  • r0u9hneckr0u9hneck59,731
    07 Jan 2011 31 Jan 2011
    34 2 0
    Here's a german guide for Sally Likes Blood and Frag Master.
    Sally Likes Blood is the first achievement shown in this video.
    Of course everyone can just follow it.
    It's my first Guide, so please be gentle. :)
  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
    32 4 1
    I got this achievement on a zombie map. Just get a rifle and a bunch of zombies. I got it by chance, but it is do-able.
  • XxTytoNxXXxTytoNxX76,048
    02 Feb 2012 15 Feb 2012
    26 0 0
    I also got this completely by accident, while doing the Veteran run through on Vorkuta. At the point where you get the Gatling gun and have to walk down the steet (just before you get gassed) I just kept shooting the trucks and the guys, and it popped randomly.
  • jimmyclutchmanjimmyclutchman265,723
    07 Apr 2012 12 Apr 2012
    25 0 0
    Do this on zombies in kino ... get the python and round up a bunch of zombies on the stage shoot one shot back and you should get it.
    PS. Make sure you are under round 10 because the python. Is a two shot kill after that.
  • chihuahua91chihuahua91359,053
    29 Jan 2011 20 Jun 2012 20 Jun 2012
    25 2 3
    All you have to do is start a zombies game on kino. On round one let 3 zombies in, shoot each one a few times with the pistol, then buy and m-14 off the wall, line them up and take your shot.
  • Osmosis RoyalOsmosis Royal205,958
    04 Nov 2010 04 Nov 2010
    16 4 1
    Just as a note this can be done in zombies, which should make it significantly easier.

    I got mine from body shots with an upgraded weapon but I would just try lining up headshots.
  • Little 3vilLittle 3vil804,403
    11 Nov 2010 10 Nov 2010
    12 4 4
    Here is a video of someone getting the achievement on Dead On Arrival. Like explained earlier, just line up some zombies and it should pop.
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