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See Me, Stab Me, Heal Me

Fire a Pack-a-Punched Ballistic Knife at a downed ally to revive them from a distance.

See Me, Stab Me, Heal Me0
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  • SSJxWaterCoolerSSJxWaterCooler205,646
    14 Nov 2010 14 Nov 2010 18 May 2013
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    The achievement is:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Short Explanation;

    To get this play online with a couple of friends or just random people, for the map pick Kino Der Toten, "Five", Ascension, Call Of The Dead, Shangri-La, Moon, or Der Riese. Now play some online until you get in a game with good people (mics are good), open up doors and stuff until you find the random box. The random box randomly spawns your weapon so it will most likely take a couple tries to get the Ballistic Knife! After you've gotten the Knife you will want to save up 5k (5,000) for the Pack-A-Punch Machine. Once you've got 5k head over to the Pack-A-Punch and put in your Ballistic Knife. Wait a couple of seconds and then take it out! Now all you've got to do is shoot it at a teammate who is down from a short distance away and Bleep Bloop Achievement Unlocked!

    Finding The Pack-A-Punch;

    Kino Der Toten:
    Go to the teleporter in the stage room, hit the link button and run back to the spawn and link it with the one there. Then you just have to go back to the big teleporter and use it, the PaP will then be right in front of you. To reuse the teleporter you have to relink it.

    You have to first turn on the power in the basement. Afterwards head back up to the middle room and turn on each of the defcon switches. Then jump through any teleporter on the map and you will be right beside the PaP.

    Turn on the power and then use each of the landers on the map (the one in the spawn doesn't count) Afterwards head back to the power switch and look for the "launch rocket" button. The rocket will launch, he PaP is directly underneath that rocket.

    Call Of The Dead:
    Turn on the power on the top deck of the ship. The lighthouse will now point to where the PaP is. Note that every time lightning happens the PaP is moving.

    Turn on the power in the underground room. There will now be three switches around the areas surrounding the starting room, push them down all the way and head up the stairs in the starting room to find the Pap. (PaP will disappear if you have done the easter egg)

    Turn on the power in the pyramid room, from there head to the back of them map near the Bio-Dome, Everyone on the map must then jump into the giant teleporter. When you get teleported the PaP will be in the very center of the room.

    Der Riese:
    Turn on the power and then head to each of the teleporters, hit the link button and run back to the main frame and link there. You have to repeat this for each teleporter! The PaP will open up at the mainframe

    Note: You can not revive someone when you are down.
    EDIT; hyro62th3man claims you can, anyone else confirm?

    Note: You can see the Mystery Box's location by looking at the map behind the mystery box spawns (Kino Der Toten) Looking at the TV beside the box ("Five", Ascension) Or by going outside and looking at the sky for the light (Kino Der Toten, Ascension, Call Of The Dead, Shangri-La, Moon, Der Riese)

    Note: Kino Der Toten, "Five", Ascension, Call Of The Dead, Shangri-La, Moon and Der Riese are the ONLY maps this can be gotten on as they are the ONLY maps with Pack-A-Punch
    15 Nov 2010 19 Nov 2010
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    Achievement Name: See Me, Stab Me, Heal Me

    Where to get weapon: This achievement requires at least two people playing in Zombie mode on map Kino der Toten(You can play "Five" or but I think you will be easier for you on this map). Next, you need to obtain a Ballistic Knife, which can only be found in the Mystery Box which is randomly place on the map. You can either open up the areas randomly, or you can head towards the auditorium to turn the power ON. Turning the power ON allows you to view various blackboards that have a chalk outline of the map area with light bulbs attached. The light bulb which is lighted is the location of the Mystery Box on the map. Head towards there, and use the Mystery Box, which costs 950 points. The weapon you get from the Box is random, so you may have to try several times.

    After you get the Ballistic knife: After you have obtained the Ballistic Knife, you need to head to the 'Pack-a-Punch' machine, which can only be accessed by turning the power ON. The 'Pack-a-Punch' machine costs 5000 points. In 'Kino der Toten', the machine is located in the projector room. In order to get into the projector room, you will need to unlock the doors to the auditorium, and then step on the teleporter pad to activate the link by holding X. Then you need to run back to the main room foyer where you started in, and initiate the link there.

    Best spot to unlock the achievement: Finally, you will need to head back to the auditorium back to the teleporter to get to the projector room and bring the second player up to the room with you. You only have a limited time in this room, so don't sit idle. Make sure you have your Ballistic Knife as your main weapon, and make a purchase from the "Pack-a-Punch" machine. While you are doing this have the second player buy grenades off of the wall for 250 and have them go into a corner and hold one to down themselves. This needs to be done quick as soon as you get up there because you do not have forever. Then when you take you knife out of the "Pack-a-Punch" aim it at the second player and shoot it. Achievement will unlock immediately.

    Note: You can do this achievement on "Kino Der Toten", "Five", and "Der Riese. But I think you would have the most success doing this on "Kino Der Toten" because not a lot of people have the collectors edition and it is much easier to find where the box is.

    Any Questions,comments and ideas to improve this guide feel free to respond.
  • LukeyBaby93LukeyBaby93492,670
    16 Nov 2010 20 Nov 2010 03 Jan 2011
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    ok this is manly down to a bit of luck but me and my friend made a video that should show you how to do it :)

    good luck

    Thanks to IVIarrow for the video

    if you want any help getting this achievement send me a message over xbox live and i will see if i have any time to help :)

    also if there is any tips you have to help me make the next video better please tell me
  • r0u9hneckr0u9hneck57,139
    13 Jan 2011 26 Feb 2011 28 Feb 2011
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    There are a few ways to do "See Me, Stab Me, Heal Me".
    You can do it just on the usual way:
    Play with 3 Friends with you and make sure you're well organized on a map you want. I prefer "Five" cuz you can find the box in the lowest level of that map and get to the pack-a-punch station by just turning on defcon 5.
    Make sure you take out the zombies swiftly and focused and always give back up to those who've got problems.

    The other way im going to explain in my Vid is to use a glitch that allows you to get on the table on "Five".
    Some might say it's lame to not do the achievement on the legitimate way but it indeed will prevent you from rage throwing your controller around.
    - Delete the game update
    - Don't update when starting black ops (play a local match)
    - Play on "Five" and use the glitch to get on the table
    - stay there untill the one who needs the achievement got enough credits (i'd say at least 10k) to get all the way down to the basement and use the weapon box untill you get the balistic knife
    - the other player (you can just use a 2nd controller) should have a few zombies on him and move from side to side of the table so the zombies that remained have to move continuously! if they doesn't move they're going to die and a new round will start
    - the one with the bal. knife should get back on the table if he have less than 6k credits
    - as soon as you have 6k credtis, jump off the table (again the other one has to have a few zombies on him) and use the elevator to get in the middle level and turn on defcon 5, so you can use the teleporter to get in security room (dunno how its called) with the pack-a-punch station to upgrade your balistic knife
    - once thats done return to the starting room with your friend (or 2nd controller) on the table and kill the last few zombies
    - as soon as the round is over, your friend should immediately use a granade to kill himself (push and HOLD RB)
    - use the balistic knife to revive your friend
    and voilà, achievement unlocked!

    Btw: the video guide is in german language, but I guess with this description you can follow it.

    Good luck and have fun.

    - Greets, Roughneck
  • L1B3RTYorD34THL1B3RTYorD34TH224,972
    07 Mar 2011 08 Mar 2011 08 Mar 2011
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    In Ascension (DLC Map), the mystery box has a set initial spawn point adjacent to the power switch. Once the mystery box disappears, however, it will begin to spawn randomly throughout the map. The abridged version of the below solution is to hit up the initial mystery box repeatedly until a ballistic knife is given. Once the three lunar landers have been accessed, the Pack-A-Punch room will open. Upgrade, shoot, heal, the end.

    Begin the match by accumulating and and conserving credits through rounds four or five. Be sure to leave a crawler prior to completing the last round. Crawlers are easily created by tossing grenades as you near the end of the round. This will buy you time to open doors and launch the lunar landers to gain access to the Pack-A-Punch.

    Once each player has an appreciable amount of credits, proceed through the door on the first level. Head up the stairs and access the power switch. Adjacent to the power switch is the mystery box as it will always be here at the beginning of each match. Alternate using the mystery box until a ballistic knife is given. If nothing is granted, refer to the below strategy to collect credits or simply restart the map.

    Assuming you still have the crawler, head back to the stairs and ascend to the top. Here you will find the first lunar lander. Moreover, this area is a great location to dispatch Zombies. Assign one player to each door (left and right) with the remaining two dedicated to the hallway leading to the lander. The zombies are better managed in this area and it also has an escape route; the lunar lander.

    Ride the lunar lander back to the beginning area. Proceed up the stairs and unlock the doors. You will reach a point where you can either head left or right - each direction will take you to yet another lunar lander. Once the remaining landers have been accessed, head back to the power switch and launch the missile. This will open the room revealing the Pack-A-Punch machine.

    Assuming you have a crawler, again, upgrade the ballistic knife and have a teammate cook a grenade to death. Shoot him, heal him, the end. In summation, crawlers are of the utmost importance here. They will provide you with the time to open doors and what-have-you. If the initial mystery box fails to deliver, it will respawn near one of the three lunar landers or you can simply follow the spotlight in the night sky. I have tried various methods for each map and Ascension has been by far the easiest. A video solution can be provided upon request.
  • Sku11ySn1p3rSku11ySn1p3r36,559
    18 Jan 2011 13 Dec 2010
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    This isn't my video but I found that it really helped. All praise goes to ImmenseZ for the video and tips. The video also has tips for other BO achievements
  • coreymawfcoreymawf91,395
    17 Nov 2010 17 Nov 2010 17 Nov 2010
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    IN ADDITION ONLY to these great guides:
    Remember that the person who you are reviving can be downed by zombies OR by [almost]suicide and the cheevo will still work.

    This includes if your teammate is downed by one of the traps such as the fire barrier or electricity barrier and of course cooking a grenade in your hand until it explodes. Although u may feel that letting your teammate be downed by zombies is playing it safe its actually quite the opposite as when youre in the higher levels (which you most probably will be) its MUCH EASIER to revive them in a safe spot as soon as they DOWN THEMSELVES rather than letting the zombies do the deed and risk being overrun by them when youre already lucky enough to possess the magic pack a punch ballistic knife ~ I know this to be true as a result of my own misfortune.

    ALSO NOTE: The time in the pack-a-punch room on 'kino der toten' is extremely limited so dont waste it or you may end up putting your knife in the pack a punch machine for 5000 points and NOT having enough time to get it back. It has been scientifically proven that this causes you to rage for the rest of your natural life. Keep an eye on the clock and ask to use the pack a punch before any of your teammates :)

    This achievement is one of the two hardest in the game as it is completely luck based (as is the sacrificial lamb one) so dont give up and youll get it eventually! :)

    Hope this helps
    Happy Gaming!

    All credit for this youtube video demo goes to the guys over at NGT. Keep up the good work fellas!
  • GH05T SN1P3R 92GH05T SN1P3R 92578,861
    24 Aug 2011 26 Aug 2011
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    To get this achievement you must Fire a Pack-a-Punched Ballistic Knife at a downed ally to revive them from a distance. (Secret). First you will need to get the ballistic knife out of the mystery box which costs 950 each time you use it so save your money up I recommend and just keep trying. Once you get the ballistic knife you need to pack a punch it which costs 5000 points. I recommend playing with a friend or two so that they can open the doors also you will need to fire it from 15 feet away from the individual which has been downed. To get downed your friend or a random could be downed by a zombie but a safer way is if they hold a grenade and down themselves.
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