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The Collector

Buy every weapon off the walls in a single Zombies game.

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How to unlock the The Collector achievement

  • CraftyZach manCraftyZach man245,194
    11 Nov 2010 11 Nov 2010
    102 21 19
    If you got the Prestige edition or the hardend edition of Black Ops. It comes with a code for the 4 zombie maps from World at War. These maps are essentially easier to get the achievement on and i will show a guide for the easiest one. If you have the reguler edition i suggest playing "Kino Der Toten" as this map is easier to move around then "Five".

    Reguler Edition Guide -

    For the "Kino" map as ill call it its essential to play with a full party of 4 players since this map is very difficult to get to the higher rounds. They can be friends or randoms from searching. The "VIDEO AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE" shows exactly where each wepon is but do not try to do this on your own since the video is of a modder.

    Refer to Video at any time for exact locations of wepons

    Rounds 1-3
    For the first couple rounds if your playing with friends allow the zombies to come inside before shooting them in the chest 6 times and then knifeing them for points. If your not playing with friends pick a window and and shoot the zombies then knife when they get to the window. At round 3 keep the zombies behind the barricades for as long as possible till atleast round 4 starts. If you dont luck into a Max Ammo buy one of the wepons off the walls as your going to need it. Once round four starts do not knife anymore or you will die.

    Round 4-6
    Now once round 4 starts your going to want someone on the team to open the door to the left, under the balcony, at the end of the hallway, leading out to the courtyards first. There should be a Spectre sub machine gun on the wall right after opeing the door i suggest two players go into the courtyard and check if the random box is there if it is have everyone buy from it. If its not then buy the Spectre off the wall for a quick resupply spot. Continue trying to kill and milk a little bit of points on the way while staying around the courtyard section.

    Round 7-10
    For these round you will want to work with your teamates to open as many of the doors in "Kino" as you can. Essentially the map is a big circle that you can use to your advantage of leading the zombies behind you while you and your teamates work your way around the map. Turning around every so often to kill some zombies then continue running. If your running low on ammo ethier try and stop for the box fairly quick or buy a gun off the wall for ammo.

    Rounds 11-20
    Once you get the hang of running around and haveing them follow you. Continue to get as many points as you can and just continue buying every wepon off the walls that are easy to get to. Once you have all of those make sure you have enough for the last couple ones and quickly sprint to them and buy them for the achievement. If you check off every wepon from the video it will pop once you get the last one you need.

    All 4 players may be able to get it at the same time but it would be easyer to have one designated person getting it then to go down the list till everyone has it.

    Prestige/Hardend Edition Guides -

    The easiest way to obtain this achievement is on the "Nacht Der Untoten" Map. There is essencially 9 wepons on the walls of this map each i have marked exactly what rooms you can find them in and how much it costs to open each room. I found it easyer to do this with 4 people so you do not have to worry to much about the zombies overwhelming you while your getting points. But i will give a small guide of a easy way to do it solo and with 4 players.

    Guide - Solo

    Round 1 - you should start out by buying the Kar98k off the wall for 200 points then proceed to wait next to the help room. Wait for thee zombies to break the barricades on the windows and come into the room. Once they are inside use the pistol to shoot 6 bullets in the chests of each zombie then knife them for the kill. Repair the windows after to gain even more points. This will give you optimal points the first round.

    Round 2 - Replace the Kar98k with the M1A1 Carbine by buying the M1A1 off the wall for 600. After wait for the xombies to enter the room again and use the rest of your pistol ammo on the first zombie then knife him now do not knife anymore after this round. Then use the M1A1 to get head shots on the zombies. Most likely one will drop a Max Ammo crate if you did not kill any zombies outside. If one does pull the pistol out and shoot a clip of 8 shots into the zombies chest before switching for the headshot with the M1A1. Do not forget to repair the windows for a small bonus of points before the end of the round.

    Round 3 - If you have pistol ammo keep shooting a clip into the zombies before headshoting them. If not continue headshotting them as much as possible. If you happen to get a insta kill this round just knife the zombies to conserve ammo for later rounds. Repair the windows for a bonus then get ready for the next round.

    Round 4 - This round you will most likely want to open the upstairs for 1000. After that is unlocked you will want to run into the far back where the fire is and replace your pistol with the Trench Gun by buying it for 1500 off the wall. With the trench gun and M1A1 in hand use both to headshot or body shot for points. Repair the windows to obtain a bonus of points.

    Round 5 - 7 -
    These lvls may be the hardest ones to stay alive as the zombies will move fairly faster. Continue useing the Trench Gun and M1A1 to obtain kills. After you have 1000 points go upstairs and unlock the help from uptop. Run to the far back and replace the M1A1 with the Thompson for 1200. Use the Thompson for headshots and the Trench Gun when zombies get to close or theres multiple close together. When you have enough money on you to essentailly buy every wepon left for 5950 or close to it replace the Trench Gun with the wepons your buying. Make sure its safe or you know you will survive before buying all the remaining wepons. Continue gathering points as much as you can if you need ammo buy it for the guns you have off the walls.

    Round 8 - 12
    If you need to go this far continue farming as much points as you can keeping your distance from the zombies. If you need ammo buy it off the walls for the guns you have. Once you have enough points to either buy the remaining guns you have left or buy all of them for 5950. Make sure its safe and you can survive before you run around buying the wepons you need.

    After you get all the wepons the achievement will pop.

    Guide - 4 Players Xbox Live

    Round 1 - 3 -
    For the first couple round most likely your teamates will each pick a window and stay at that window till around round 4. Your first action is to buy the Kar98k for 200 off the wall and then choose a window that no ones at. Allow one zombie to get close enough to take the barricades off the window. Shoot the zombies in the chest 6 times then knife them when they get to the window. When the round is about over repair your window for extra points. Continue doing this untill your pistol is out of ammo once that happens switch your Kar98k with the M1A1 on the wall for 600. Use the M1A1 to get headshots as much as possible.

    Round 4 - 6
    For these couple rounds have a teamate open the help room or the upstairs.
    Help Room - If he opens the help room buy the thompson 1500 off the wall then switch the M1A1 with the Double Barrel shotgun for 1200. Continue farming points with headshots as much as possible.
    Upstairs - If he opens the Upstairs buy the Trench Gun off the wall for 1500 and switch the M1A1 for the Sniper for for 1500. Continue farming points with the Trench Gun.

    Round 7 - 10
    Now you should start buying the rest of the remaining wepons off the walls. Have a teamate open the remaing room to allow you to spend the points you have on each wepon. Once you have bought all the wepons off the walls the achievement will pop.

    Round 10 and beyond
    If you need to go further for any reason just save all the money you can and buy ammo off the walls for the Thompson and Trench Gun. Continue to gain points and buy the remaining wepons off the walls that you need.

    Start Room 0 -
    Kar98k sniper for 200
    M1A1 Carbine for 600

    Help Room 1000 -
    Thompson for 1200
    Double Barrel Shotgun for 1200

    Upstairs 1000 -
    Bar for 1800
    Trench Gun for 1500
    Grenades for 250
    Sawed off shotgun for 1200
    Sniper Cabinet for 1500

    You can Obtain this Achievement on any map in zombies. But this map will be the easiest since it has less wepons then any map. If you do not have the first maps from World at war i suggest finding a group of friends or searching for a group of 4 online for one of the new maps. Use some of the same tips i gave to obtain faster points in the first rounds. Then continue to mooch of teamates while they open the rooms and you spend all your point on the wepons you need.

    If there is essentially anything you do not like with the guide please comment before leaving Negative Feedback to allow me to see if thats a resonable complaint so i can fix it. Hope this helps as much as it can. You do not need to follow the guides exactly but useing a few tips from them will help you in the long run.

    Done by Amy =]

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    The JoelstrI dont have any of the map packs so is this possible on the kino map by myself? I know some of the people posting saying they did, but do you have to be extremely good at this game to get it by yourself
    Posted by The Joelstr on 06 Apr 14 at 00:58
    ZBrosSpecThis is a pretty bad guide
    Posted by ZBrosSpec on 20 Feb at 14:56
    ZBrosSpecI did this when I was trash at zombies on Kino on my first try
    Posted by ZBrosSpec on 20 Feb at 14:58
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  • jedimaster573jedimaster573308,265
    19 Nov 2010 19 Nov 2010 23 Nov 2010
    48 2 10
    This is for the "FIVE" map - it only has 11 wpns vs 13 on Kino
    First area: Olympia SG: 500; M14: 500; MPL 1000
    2nd area: "War Room" (w / computers): MP5 - 1000; sub MG (dont know name) 1000 (both on upper catwalks); Steakout SG: 1500 (by elevator to basement)
    Basement: M16 & AK47 - both on hallway walls (1200 each); claymores (1000 in pig room); bowie knife (3000 in room by #3); grenades (250 in other hallway room you must open)

    Prior to start ID 2 team members who will get ach - other 2 players will use $ for doors

    Fight waves 1-5 in starting conference room. @ wave 5 open 750 door & all should buy MPL. open elevator & fight waves 6-8 at evelvator in hallway - team must STAY together. if you get overwhelmed or teammate goes down, take elevator down & immediately back up, revive teammate & finish wave (use this technique anytime you are getting crushed).
    **Finish level but make sure you have crawler! - achievers should replace pistol with Olympia, M14 (KEEP MPL). with crawler alive, take both elevators down to basement. (non achievers should open doors - **open door 3 & have achievers buy bowie knife first! this will greatly help survival as it is in 1 hit kill to level 11 or 12. Go back upstairs. If achievers still have $ replace M14 with steakout shotgun! Go back to top floor and fight 2-3 more levels, achievers should have enough to buy weapons, non achievers open all remaining doors.
    ** Do not turn on power at all as this spawns Pentagon thief.

    Three people got this ach in 2 games with 4 average gamers. Sorry but i dont make videos. Please message me with any questions prior to negative votes.
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    AC1DGro0ve 3o3There's 12 on Kino, not 13
    Posted by AC1DGro0ve 3o3 on 06 Apr 11 at 19:09
    Crazy RumbleThe Sub machine gun you speak of is the PM63....
    Posted by Crazy Rumble on 14 Jul 12 at 07:28
    AradorBest solution
    Posted by Arador on 25 Mar 17 at 04:25
  • The Manic MooseThe Manic Moose773,529
    16 Nov 2010 19 Nov 2010
    37 1 0
    This achievement may seem to be hard but it isn't as hard as you think.

    1. Firstly you want to have 4 players, probably can be done with 2-3 but having 4 makes it a lot easier and communication is VITAL.
    2. Load up the Kino map and have each one of you stand at one of the 4 windows.
    3. Assign one player to be getting all the guns - should have 2 in the first room.
    4. The rest of the players must try and not be selfish as their job is to open the doors for the main player to buy all the guns. The only guns that the other players should buy are the stakeout and claymores and maybe a cheapish machine gun.
    5. I always stayed in this first room until stage 5 started.
    6. Once stage 5 starts, run to open the one at the top of the stairs and then get the main player to buy their third gun to the left as you go through the first door.
    7.The other players should have enough to run through and open the next door into the room with the double staircase which holds the Stakeout and the MP40.
    8. Have the main player buy these 2 weapons... and again assign yourselves to windows... if there are 4 of you, I would suggest having 2 players at the bottom windows and 2 around the stairs area... However, the main player buying all the weapons should stay at the top of the stairs as most zombies will come from here and therefore they will accumulate a large amount of points meaning less waves needed to get the achievement.
    9. By round 7/8 I would suggest people opening the next 2 doors, there is one gun in the next room - the MP5k... buy that and straight away have someone open the next door into the Theatre.
    11. There are 2 weapons (M16, Claymore) in this room, I always got everyone to buy the claymores as they are very useful and replenish every round.
    12. Camp around in this room and have the main player have between 7-8 thousand xp.
    13. Once the main player has enough, create a crawler by throwing a grenade and blowing the legs off.
    14. Now be quick, get the other players to open the remaning doors but DO NOT TURN THE POWER ON YET!
    15. There should be no weapons until you get outside, then open the next door into the room which is to the left of where you begin on this map.
    16. If someone has enough money to open the final door making a circle of the whole map, open it and stand near the teleporter bridge. (Circle on floor)
    17. have another person run back with the main player and turn the power on.
    18. Once the power is on, the main player needs to run and buy the bowie knife which is found under the balcony next to the jugganaut machine. (3000 xp)
    19. Run and use the teleporter, you should have at etleast 750 xp left...
    20. Buy the frag grenades on the wall and the achievement should pop...

    -In total you need around 13,500 xp.
    -The more zombies the main player can kill the better.
    -Stakeout and Claymores are a good combination with an automatic gun for when 2x multiplyers are obtained. I always kept the stakeout as it is a good gun until around round 11.
    -You shouldn't need to get much further than round 9 or 10 otherwise it gets too hard.

    I probably haven't worded this the best in the world but if you need more help just send me a message on xbox live and i'll talk to you.

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