With extreme prejudice achievement in Call of Duty Black Ops

With extreme prejudice

Get to the POW compound in the Hind using only rockets.

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How to unlock the With extreme prejudice achievement

  • Osmosis RoyalOsmosis Royal199,558
    05 Nov 2010 05 Nov 2010 05 Nov 2010
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    This is done on the mission 'Payback'. Once you escape from the cave in the beginning you will get in a helicopter or 'Hind'. Simply make your way though the level by only using your rockets (Left trigger).

    The achievement will pop once you land the helicopter and step out.

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    SemanticV0idIf you get right up next to the choppers and unload rockets into them, they have a hard time hitting you and you can make sure your rickets hit, just a tip if you're having trouble.
    Posted by SemanticV0id on 21 Nov 10 at 07:14
    darkavenger786Surprisingly, I got this achievement whilst I was on my veteran play through, died 3 times throughout the whole thing but got in the end.
    Posted by darkavenger786 on 19 Jun 12 at 09:13
    JohnnyGreenbackThis kinda sucks to do. Not to hard, but just sucky. I kept missing with the rockets when i was shooting down the 2 helicopters near the end.
    Posted by JohnnyGreenback on 20 Apr 14 at 23:11
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  • o Heres Jonny oo Heres Jonny o1,087,075
    10 Nov 2010 10 Nov 2010 31 May 2014
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    Mission: Payback
    Not that difficult to get really if you change the difficultly to recruit, you get out of the cave and into the Hind then only use LT to fire your rockets. Its worth noting that if you die you can carry on and still get this achievement. Also the rockets are really inaccurate, there are some static targets to hit and 3 Helicopters which can be a pain. the rest of the level you will be able to fly through pretty easily.
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    o Heres Jonny othey are what killed me, I was gutted as I didnt think the cheevo would pop but carried on anyway, fortunately it still did!
    Posted by o Heres Jonny o on 23 Nov 10 at 08:13
    SirLugashOk guys, there is no need to do this on recruit, really. I just got it ony my Veteran playthrough. And it also popped even though I died once, it just comes pretty late, a few seconds after leaving the Hind. The key to defeat the Hinds is to take them out one at a time. Therefore, progress slowly towards the Hinds and as soon as you have the markers on them pull back to the previous area with the rock in the middle of it. This is the perfect place as you can fly around it and avoid enemy fire. As I just did it, there was only the first Hind chasing me, after killing him I flew to the second one to attract him and pulled back again and killed him like the first one. A very effective method is to hold LT so all missiles are active and fire them when the Hind is striaight in front of you, a little higher than him maybe.

    After reading all the commenty here I feared that it would be tough, but it was pretty easy actually, even on veteran.
    Posted by SirLugash on 24 Nov 10 at 14:12
    NicolaM1985sirlugash - your a hardman for doing it on vet - NOT!! nobody likes a twat
    Posted by NicolaM1985 on 04 Dec 11 at 16:44
  • l 2Bad2Fast ll 2Bad2Fast l192,306
    14 Feb 2011 14 Feb 2011
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    Check my video with voice over on how to get this achievement in HD.

    give posatives and comment on how you found the video thx.

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