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This Is Forever in Motionsports

This Is Forever816 (40)

Win Diamond medals in every Hang Gliding challenge.

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Achievement won on 18 Jul 12
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Posted on 18 July 12 at 21:37, Edited on 23 July 12 at 22:27
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All Courses require 1,100 for Diamond score.

Courses score in the following: (Except Level 1, since it has no rings, those 500 pts are rolled into Time for a total of 800 pts)

Time = 300 pts
Rings = 300 pts
Perfect Bonus = 200 pts
Landing Accuracy = 100 pts
Landing Smoothness = 100 pts
Secrets = 100pts

Course 6 has
Perfect Bonus = 205 pts
Secrets = 110pts
A leeway for Diamond score of 15 pts...

Leaving the Nest (Course 1)
Time 02:56:84 ------ 800 pts

Course tips:

The best way to land is set up so that your char starts running on the 50 pts ring leading up to the 100 pts. Your character tends to do 3-5 steps before stopping depending the speed that you enter the landing zone.
Pray for dumb luck and not to twitch around too much while landing.

As the Crow Flies (Course 2)
Time 02:38:99

Pathing I used (from closest to farthest from spawn point) was Ring 1, Ring 2, Secret 3, Secret 2, Secret 1, Ring 3, Ring 4, Ring 5, Ring 6.

Course Tips:

When you fly through the rings, the Perfects count as long as you hear the the Perfect sound, even if the notification does not pop up. It is its own distinct sound from a Good sound.

Rising High (Course 3)
Time 02:28:47

Pathing I used (from closest to farthest from spawn point) was Ring 1, Ring 2, Ring 3, Ring 4, Ring 5, Ring 6. Ring 7, Secret 3, Secret 2, Secret 1 (since this goes top down, don't think it can be done the other way), Ring 8

Course Tips:

Have fun with this level now. Course 4-Course 7 are not fun). Course 8 is relaxing but very very long.

The Stone Labyrinth (Course 4 - aka Hardest course in the game)
Time ------ 03:19:91
(Special thanks to ChrisD0811. Without his sound advice, I probably would have struggled even more with this level)

Pathing I used (from closest to farthest from spawn point)(modified path of ChrisD0811) was

Ring 1, Ring 2, Ring 3, Ring 4, Ring 5
Ring 6 -> Lift upward so that you get catch the thermal elevated. Ride it up until you're off of it but before you lose speed
Ring 7
Ring 8 -> Dive bomb to Ring 9 - If you reach Ring 9 with 70+ you're in good shape, 65+ is pushing it, anything less and you might as well restart (Ring 9 to Secret 3 is the biggest time loss in the level and you have no time to spare)
Secret 3 -> Tilt right wing and drop only right wing into Thermal to pick up speed. Level out.
Secret 2 -> Lift upward so that you get catch the thermal elevated. Dive bomb when you reach the top. You won't pick up (much) speed after diving but the goal is to actually prevent speed loss. Fly onto next thermal and fly through it. (don't get yourself raised). Dive downward onto the top of the next Thermal to pick up massive needed speed. Take a left turn to avoid the ceiling.
Secret 1-> Lift upward so that you get catch the thermal elevated. Tilt Right on the way out. The goal is to hit the big Thermal you used to reach Ring 7. Dive Bomb to reach it, speed > height. Lift upward so that you get catch the thermal elevated. Ride it up until you're off of it but before you lose speed. Dive Bomb reaching speeds of 90+ preferable, 80+ is passable.
Ring 10
Ring 11 -> Ride the thermal after Ring 11 part way up.
Ring 12 (I prefer going right after Ring 12)
Ring 13 -> When flying toward Ring 14, fly in a way so that you go from down to up to get the perfect Ring 14
Ring 14 -> continuation from Ring 13, keep flying up until you stall once, should give you enough height loss to safely land.

Average par time of this path is +/- 3 seconds of score time 03:30:00.

Course Tips:

I recommend learning how to stay steady while divebombing. It takes getting used to and you won't be able to Diamond this until you do.

Only thing else I can suggest besides what is in the pathing above is to keep practicing and take many many breaks to keep yourself fresh and loosen frustrations.

Summer Skyline (Course 5)
Time ------ 03:22:32

Pathing I used (from closest to farthest from spawn point)
Ring 1, Secret 1, Secret 2, Secret 3, Ring 2, Ring 3, Ring 4, Ring 5, Ring 6. Ring 7, Ring 8, Ring 9, Ring 10, Ring 11, Ring 12, Ring 13, Ring 14

Course Tips: Stalling in the air multiple times before attempting to land does not count against you in Smoothness scoring. Still have to be smooth while landing though.

Cave Gliding (Course 6)
Time ------ 03:55:xx (I forgot to write it down)

Pathing I used (from closest to farthest from spawn point)

Ring 1, Ring 2, Ring 3, Ring 4, Ring 5, Ring 6, Ring 7, Ring 8, Ring 9, Ring 10, Ring 11, Ring 12, Ring 13, Secret 2, Secret 1, Secret 3, Ring 14, Ring 15, Ring 16, Ring 17, Ring 18

Basically follow the thermal all the way up, hit the far left secret ring, hit the right one next to it and turn back to the one closest to the path.

Course Tips:

This course is annoying or it would be if it wasn't the tamer lamer cousin of Course 4.

This is the first course that has a little bit of leeway for Diamond score that doesn't require perfection.

You can afford to miss one perfect ring or land non-perfectly. Time is not an issue, I had an upwards of 35-40 seconds to spare to lose all speed before landing and I used a good portion of that for good measure. Myself, I got 90 pts on Landing Smoothness instead of the full 100pts.

Rendezvous Point (Course 7)
Time ------ 03:59:57

Pathing I used (based on general straightness of the path)

Ring 1, Ring 2, Ring 3, Ring 4, Ring 5, Ring 6, Ring 7,
(notice how Ring 8 looks so ill-placed? its because you're going for that after the Secret rings)
Secret 1 -> ground floor after taking a left instead of a right for Ring 8
Secret 2 -> under the bridge. U-turn after taking the Thermal back up and you'll see Secret 3
Secret 3, Ring 8, Ring 9, Ring 10
Ring 11 -> rise up a tiny bit from the thermal aiming right at the same time and get out of the thermal quickly or you'll end up missing Ring 12.
Ring 12
Ring 13 -> Divebomb carefully to Ring 14 on the building. That'll be the make or break of the next few rings and/or the run.
Ring 14
Ring 15 -> The misplaced looking ring in the middle. You'll need to do a sharp right turn immediately out of Ring 14 while you still have 99 mph to line up with 15 or you won't have enough speed and height to reach Ring 16.
Ring 16, Ring 17, Ring 18, Ring 19, Ring 20, Ring 21, Ring 22, Ring 23
Ring 24 -> Dive out of the thermal as soon as possible to line up properly with Ring 24 and the rest. The higher you take it, the harder it gets.
Ring 25, Ring 26

Course Tips: Target time is at least over 4 mins, 5 seconds. Time is not much of an issue in this level but you don't have time to do extra double backs. The key to getting this level down is to be able to steadily divebomb so that you can adjust early for Ring 14 and finish strong

Freedom (Course 8 - Has no Secret Rings)

This level is really not hard to get Diamond in. You can score plenty from time and/or plenty from rings so as long as you complete the level with a good amount of rings, you'll have a good shot at Diamond.

Final Score: 1205pts (1095pts is platinum, Diamond is most likely 1100pts)
Time MemoriesofF ------ 50pts (can't even make this up. approx 11 min 30 sec was my time, 12 mins is the amount of time available until the course ends)
Checkpoints 49/50 ------ 730pts (50/50 is 745pts)
Land Accuracy 87% ------ 100pts
Landing Smoothness 99% ------ 100pts

Pathing: There is no way to type out a pathing for this level. The target for the level is 50 Rings. But there is actually 51 rings! What happens is that if you collect 50, the 51st ring disappears. Since by default, the 51st ring is really easy along the way to the exit, I decided to skip one of the slower out of the way rings. Here is the best explanation (that I can remember) of which way I went.

2 Rings down the middle at start point
10 Rings on the right side
Ridge Rings + rings afterwards leading up to the next thermal-> do a sharp right turn while taking the thermal up
2 Rings on the columns - sharp right back to that thermal
1 Ring on column on the way back to thermal
1 Ring column, 1 Ring Ridge, largest thermal of the level - take sharp left
1 Ring middle of mountain pass, 1 Ring to the left of the mountain pass -> take the middle thermals and try to maintain/gain speed
1 Ring middle end of mountain pass -> sharp right turn, 1 Ring right side of mountain pass (now your left side) -> Head back to largest thermal -> Head right
(Skip the ring on the left on the overpass by itself, it takes too long)
1 Ring on mountain
1 Ring leading down to Course 4's hole
1 Ring in Level 4's hole. I recommend flying up and losing 3/4th of that speed (to around 30 mph)
1 Ring in Level 4's Secret 2 Ring spot
1 Ring oddly pointed leading downward
1 Ring soon after in the tunnel
2 Rings in tunnel -> use thermals to maintain speed -> after 2nd ring, take next thermal up and take a sharp left
1 Ring on exit of Tunnel thermal -> take next thermal upward
1 Ring on pillar
1 Ring inbetween Course 6's Secret Rings Pillars
The rest of the rings are straightforward, follow the path.

How to score on this level: Don't worry too much about getting Perfect Rings, just make sure to get as many rings as possible. That is not to say don't get any Perfects but that 5-10 misses won't kill your run.

Landing is easy while taking the far right path with the rings so take advantage of it

Best of luck, Hang Gliding is not easy. Sorry I'm not able to provide any videos but I wish not to be seen on video.
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