Brave One achievement in Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom

Brave One

Raise Friendship level and Tepeu's level to max

Brave One+0.1
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How to unlock the Brave One achievement

  • FrozenImplosionFrozenImplosion816,637
    01 Jan 2011 01 Jan 2011 01 Jan 2011
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    So by the end of the game it's very unlikely that you will have either Tepeu or your friendship level maxed out. Tepeu can go up to LV. 31 and your friendship can go up to LV. 21, you'll likely be around LV. 25 for Tepeu or possibly lower if you didn't get all collectibles and such, and then about 15 or so for friendship.

    What you'll want to do is get all the way to the last save point, and beat the game. Then, go to your last save point and run back through Arkela Castle until you reach the room I believe to be called "Hall" or possible "Main Tower", it has two pillars that use to house two archers in the center of the room and there should now be about 9 soldiers there. This room is also where you had to turn off a large fountain.
    What you'll want to do is first take them all out. then go over to the save point between the hall and the courtyard.

    Now, what you'll want to do is save. After saving go to "Change Costume" and then leave that menu by pressing B. This respawns all enemies in the "Hall/Main Tower!"
    Make sure you have at least one bar of magic and then go about half way to the enemies making sure they can't see you. Then press RB and target the closest enemy with Majin and tell him to use "Purification" on this enemy. Walk alongside Majin until he reaches the enemy you targeted. Now after he turns a bunch of them into crystals with one blast, press B to do one combo attack, move to another crystal and do another combo attack, and then simply press b to do your finisher. This should effectively kill all enemies in the room.

    This should get you about 1000 shards for friendship per time you do it. And trust me, all you have to worry about is frienship cause Tepeu should be leveled far before friendship >_>

    Oh yeah, after you defeat all those enemies, simply go and save at the same save point and pretend like you're going to change clothes but then just leave that menu and repeat!

    To get more magic each time I would suggest going to the courtyard to kill the three soldiers, one is directly to the left and then two are off to the right and down the ledge.

    With this method it shouldn't take you too long, so good luck!

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    l3jmrGreat tip, working on it right now 2 levels away from cheevo thanks!
    Posted by l3jmr on 20 Dec 11 at 23:16
    AxGryndrIf you wear the Bandit 's Costume you get extra shards. Makes things go a little faster.
    Posted by AxGryndr on 16 Mar 13 at 07:28
    The GlobalizerChrist, I wish these comments re: the puddle were captured in the solution itself - I figured it out on my own and it makes the room super reliable and clearable in seconds. I was dicking around with getting my elemental powers up but with the puddle method, you just run up, spray, and usually have enough crystallized enemies to clear the room (the finisher does huge AoE).
    Posted by The Globalizer on 20 May 16 at 14:16
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  • D GrimD Grim282,447
    03 Dec 2010 03 Dec 2010
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    To max out Tepeu's level you'll need to reach level 31 & to max out the friendship between Tepeu & the Majin you'll need to reach level 21.

    It's really not a difficult thing to acomplish it will just take you a long time so find a place where the enemies respawn & settle in for a long haul.

    I personally just ran between the Arkela Castle - Hall which has 7 enemies & the Arkela Castle - Main Tower which has 6 enemies after i'd finished the game.

    And so that there's no confusion you have to go back & forth between these two areas so that the enemies will respawn.
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    UnilolMY GOD!
    I stopped at level 30 and 20 because I thought it was gonna be all the way up to 40 and 30. Well at least now I know, then I can get 100% now without that much grinding :)
    Posted by Unilol on 04 Dec 10 at 09:10
    nel e nelA note to ease the pain: equipping the complete Bandit costume enables extra Life and Friendship shards when defeating enemies.
    Posted by nel e nel on 06 Dec 10 at 17:19
    fbsartsAnother thing you should point out: the enemies you meet at night (the ones you can drive away using RT+LB -Majin scream) if hitted release RED experience only, so you can use them to rise friendship... ok, not so much, but it's better than nothing! ;-D
    Posted by fbsarts on 14 Jan 11 at 16:43
  • Metamania2313Metamania2313131,434
    22 Apr 2012 23 Apr 2012 23 Apr 2012
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    This is my solution to earning the Brave One achievement.

    To earn this achievement, the game asks you to have your hero max out his level to 31, while the friendship needs to be maxed out at level 21. By the time you are done with your initial playthrough, you won't earn this achievement. It is possible, however, to grind before meeting up with the final boss.

    First, let's begin with preparations, shall we?

    -First of all, you will need to find every fruit and treasure in the game, including the fruits that enhance his elemental powers. There are three fruits to find for each power, four powers in total. If you are having trouble finding either the fruits or the treasures, please use the link below to find the ones you are missing.

    -If you have followed the entire guide from the link I presented above, you should have every piece of clothing in the game. If you do, that means you have all the matching sets for each of them. You will need to find all the pieces for the Bandit outfit and have them equipped. They will give you extra Life and Friendship shards for each kill that you perform. You will need it.

    -Once you earned every treasure chest and fruit in the game (you don't necessarily need memory shards, unless you are a collector and wish to earn those), you need to make your way to Arkela Castle and find/fight your way to Arkela Castle - Hall and Arkela Castle - Main Tower. You will need to clear out the enemies in both rooms when you first go through them. Otherwise, this will not work. Once that is accomplished, make another save.

    Now that preparations are complete, this is what you will need to do.

    -Arkela Castle - Hall has seven enemies, with the Main Tower having six enemies on the left side of the room where the four fountains used to be. With that in mind, for the Hall, target the enemy that's either on the left or the right side that's nearby the foot of the staircase. For the Main Tower, target the one in the middle. Make sure, for either room, that you stay out of sight while attempting to target. Once you have found your target, go ahead and command the Majin to use Purification. If done correctly, he will go on ahead and the enemies will spot him. He will use Purification, crystalizing them.

    -You need to have at least up to four or five enemies become crystals for this work. Once that's done, DO NOT get onto either side of the Majin. If he does so, he will grab you and twirl you around, making you less successful. You need to be in front of him as you hit B, so that you can start striking the crystals, one at a time. If done right, get to another crystal nearby and hit B again. Tepeu will strike that crystal and from there, when you are nearby another crystal, hit B one more time (this is when the bar is full). If done right, both the hero and the Majin will unleash their finishing move, destroying all the enemies in that room. A lot of life and friendship shards should appear.

    -You will need to go back and forth to each room to earn these kills. Once they are gone, immediately head to the nearest save point, pretend like you are switching out your costume, then immediately back out. All the enemies that you've killed will respawn, allowing you to repeat the described method above as much as you want. If you need more magic power, I recommend heading to Arkela Castle - Courtyard and starting a fight with the shielded soldiers, hitting them as quick as possible to regain all three magic bars. If you killed one and the other is stunned, have the Majin wait until you alone attack with your weapon until all the bars are filled, then go ahead and kill him as well.

    If you follow the preparations I've laid out for you and do this correctly, you really won't have much to worry about. It is really all about grinding and it's very time-consuming, especially the friendship shards. If you have the Bandit outfit pieces all equipped, it should go a little faster. I found that if you clear the Main Tower room twice (you will need to respawn the second time), then the Hall area once, you will gain at least 3000 friendship shards at once. Then you will have to earn your magic power back and doing it all over again.

    This is what I used and it helped me a lot. To see what you need to do, check out the video I included in this solution of mine. All credit goes to Achievaholics for creating and posting this video for everyone to see.

    I hope my solution guide for this achievement helped out greatly and if given a negative vote, please tell me why and I will amend it as best as I can. Have fun and good luck!
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